Friday, April 19, 2024

DMMU Provides Relief to 2.4 Million Amid Drought Crisis-Vice President Nalumango


The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has extended support to approximately 2.4 million individuals with relief food from October 2023 to March 2024, according to Vice President Mutale Nalumango. The aid comes amidst a significant drought affecting agriculture households across Zambia, with an estimated six million people grappling with its impacts as of February 15, 2024.

Vice President Nalumango addressed the dire situation in a Ministerial statement delivered in the National Assembly, responding to concerns raised by Kasenengwa Member of Parliament, Philimon Twasa, regarding the hunger crisis in his constituency. Prompted by Twasa’s urgent appeal, the Speaker requested the Vice President to provide an official statement on the hunger situation in the country.

In her address, Vice President Nalumango reiterated the government’s commitment to providing relief to those affected by the drought. The DMMU will continue to distribute relief food to impacted communities, prioritizing the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Furthermore, Vice President Nalumango assured that social protection measures administered by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services will be sustained to support vulnerable individuals and households. These measures aim to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of the drought and ensure that the most marginalized members of society receive the necessary assistance.

As Zambia confronts the challenges posed by climate-related disasters, Vice President Nalumango reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to providing relief and support to those in need, ensuring that no one is left behind during these challenging times.


  1. Great news VP. These systems need to be effective and sustainable.
    The childrens school meals should be another effective tool to curb malnutrition and vunerable children. This can be tied into the CDF program wherein the community provides the food(input is produced and bought from the community), cooked by another group in the community and served to the school.
    CDF as a capacity building tool will enhence the economic base of society and lead to growth if wealth within that community.
    But for success to prevail. There has to be unision and strength in community purpose.

    • Nalumango is lying!!! Charities and NGO’s were bemoaning the lack of effort/action by GRZ and DMMU in some of the most severely affected areas as recently as last week. This is despite the alarm bells being sounded ages ago with govt turning a blind eye to an unfolding disaster…and now this empty suit wants to peddle more lies, just as she has been doing recently.

      @Jata Bulenge. You make very valid and important points regarding CDF. But these chaps would rather buy 4 x4’s for ZP, something which should not be the case.

    • Where is Kasengwa, is it in Zambia or Barotseland? Hunger is in Barotseland, Zambia has not reached level of aid from that coloured at Disaster fimo fimo. There is no Disaster in Zambia. Disaster is in Barotseland and Internet.

  2. Opportunity was there for this Govt to have learnt from their predecessors but pure rudeness and egocentrism of Hakainde has landed us in this mess. You cannot sell everything and hope for the best. The FRA sheds were meant for food storage for times like these. But Hakainde saw Dollars when he saw the sheds full of grain, in his usual style of know it all he ordered the sell of the grain as though he controls the climate. This bitterness by Hakainde is not good for national development.

  3. The follishness of UPND leadership is beyond remedial. Zambians just have to wait for them to dig their graves. By 2026 every Zambia will be looking for shovel.

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