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Catherine,Princess Of Wales Reveals Cancer Diagnosis


Catherine ,Princess o wales

In a poignant and unexpected announcement, Catherine, Princess of Wales, disclosed on Friday that she has been diagnosed with cancer and has commenced treatment. The revelation follows a period of intense public interest in her health after undergoing major abdominal surgery earlier this year.

In a heartfelt video statement shared on social media, Catherine, 42, revealed that what was initially thought to be a non-cancerous condition was later confirmed to involve cancerous cells. Subsequent tests prompted her medical team to recommend a preventive course of chemotherapy, which she has now embarked upon in its early stages.

Describing the diagnosis as “a huge shock” for herself and her family, Catherine emphasized that she and her husband, Prince William, have been focused on managing the situation privately, especially for the sake of their children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The news of Catherine’s cancer diagnosis comes amid ongoing health concerns within the royal family, with her father-in-law, King Charles, also undergoing treatment for cancer. King Charles, 75, recently suspended his public duties to prioritize his health but has not disclosed the specific type of cancer he is facing.

The disclosure from Princess Catherine garnered an outpouring of support from various quarters, including British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and opposition Labour party leader Keir Starmer. Both expressed their well-wishes for the princess’s recovery and condemned the speculation surrounding her health in recent weeks.

The White House also extended its sympathies to the royal family, with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasizing the importance of respecting their privacy during this challenging time.


  1. I doubt whether Britons would be interested in Chitimukulu’s sister’s X-ray results, or the Litunga’s Cousin’s admission to hospital, even HH’s wife’s ill health or Chief Nkana’s admission to hospital yet he presided over Roan Antelope Mines owned by Britons. But us mental slaves are so interested in our Master’s little cough or hangover. Malcolm X used to remind us about the house negro. When the master is sick he would say “Whats wrong Master we ‘re sick?”
    And when the master’s house caught fire he would shout “Our house is on fire!”

  2. When you have already been diagnosed with cancer, what preventative measures are there to undertake? There is no sane doctor who prescribes chemotherapy as a prophylactic measure for cancer. Matter of fact, there are no approved prophylaxis drugs for cancer. By the way, chemotherapy drugs are so toxic that not every doctor or nurse is allowed to handle these drugs without extensive training/certification.

  3. We are just a stup!d country. What is the relevance of this news to Zambians. This is why white people finds it easy to enslave us because we start dancing when they are just passing. Look at how much we danced when the US vice president Kamala Harris visited Zambia. To now I have not seen the benefits from those dances.

    • Don’t be surprised if a bunch of so-called African presidents organize a trip to visit her majest the ailing Princess of Wales.

    • What the relevance is that people are speaking out that they have cancer not keeping it secret like in Zambia where you dont tell people about your medical issues as you are black listed by society, Cancer is increasing in Zambia as well and its western and Bristish aid money thats being sent to Zambia, I would not wish someone get cancer ever. We must work together to conquer this terrible killer that know’s no colour, rich or poor.

    • @Cosmos Zambians often have done what you are praising some Colonial monarch about. But you dont see it because you are only interested in reading what comes from London. The fact still remains that illness is a private matter unless one chooses to reveal it. Why dont you tell us about the mole on your ……?

  4. And honestly why is this news in Zambia….what is this going to do with our misery and corruption and selling our mines

    • Stop Corruption and that stops Misery , Nothing stopping Zambians buying mines. Cancer can’t be stopped, destroys people and Families


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