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Seer 1 and the Explosion of President Hichilema: 2026 Kaya!


By Kapya Kaoma

I struggle to make sense of how the phenomenal Bally exploded so fast. Across the nation, Bally is considered a pariah by those who once held him as an angel. Is the underworld behind it all?

I have had countless hours of interviews with Seer 1. “No African President developed a country more than Lungu,” Seer 1 emphatically stated. “Are you Zambians so foolish to ask why he lost to HH?” He went on to explain: “When President Sata died, we did something in Parliament. That’s why Lungu became president.”

According to Seer 1, President Lungu sought to liberate himself from his spell with Pentecostal prophets. But they failed to break his spell–leading millions of Zambians to turn against him.

You may take Seer 1 as a lunatic, but based on my many interviews, the story is simple. After he was forcefully deported from Zambia, Chief Monze was sent to South Africa to seek Seer 1’s help; “If you can make HH win the Presidential elections, I will personally come to Nigeria and thank you.” After HH’s victory, Seer 1 said, Chief Monze went to Nigeria to express gratitude to him.

Seer 1 claims to had worked with the PF politicians too. After falling out of grace during the Lungu regime, he was forcefully deported on suspicion that he was working with HH. I asked him about “the rings” he demanded from the Lungu regime. “People misunderstood it. If you come to me, they are things I will give you. Those are the things I demanded,” he said. “I mean spiritual powers. I have given such powers to Zambian pastors and politicians alike.”

Seer 1 is a self-proclaimed traditionalist and businessman, who according to his own words, most Zambians perceive to be a Satanist. As a traditionalist, his powers come from the underworld. To him, Christianity is a hobby, thus he is very sarcastic to Christian “prophets.” Unlike so-called prophets, Seer 1 claims to levitate–he moves between the underworld and the future. In short, he can manipulate the spiritual world to do certain things–something he said, “shouting in Jesus name won’t.” After visiting with the underworld, Seer 1 asked HH to lie to win the elections. “I told HH that your problem is that you are a good Christian. If you want to win the elections, the underworld demands you lie to Zambians. People will believe what they hear, and not what they see. The underworld has declared that you will be the next President.”

Seer 1 knows that many Zambians view him as a Satanist; hence politicians hide their association with him. When asked about HH’s victory, his answer was, “I went into the underworld after Chief Monze came to see me in South Africa. When I returned, I told him that Lungu was struggling to get 40 percent of the vote.” Seer 1 further told me, “I declared that if HH doesn’t win the elections, I will drop my mic and never speak again.”

Seer 1 spoke at length to his role in disempowering Lungu and empowering HH. He repeatedly boasted of having HH’s personal mobile number. “President HH listens to me. I have his personal mobile number.” I asked him whether he spoke to President HH. “Of course,” he boasted. “In fact, I will be meeting with him very soon,” he said after his meeting with Chief Monze. Could this explain why Seer 1 insulted UPND leaders at will, while the President was deadly mute?

I asked Seer 1 why HH dressed like him, specifically about the similar RED shirt he wore during the campaign. “Maybe it is because he loves me so much,” he said. How about the ritual of kissing blood on the ground, and the white gloves HH wore when he first entered the State House? Was he behind the President’s decision not to move to the State House? Or could it be that Seer 1 is the link to HH’s downfall?

Seer 1 claims credit for the hardest episodes of the Lungu Presidency. From appearing confused to bad health–the underworld was in control. “Lungu thought Sunday Sianyangwe, Sumaili and other pastors could remove my spell, they all failed,” he said. According to Seer 1, some PF politicians begged him to reverse the decision of the underworld. Lungu didn’t agree with that suggestion–leading to his downfall.

Could it be that Seer 1 behind the current pariah status of President Hichilema? In my forthcoming book, I tell the story of how HH, Chief Monze and UPND politicians exploited Seer 1’s powers to win the elections. You may consider Seer 1 crazy. But my interviews prove that the man has more intricate knowledge of political and religious leaders than meets the eye.

Based on his words, spiritual powers were behind people’s views of HH as the national Savior. Sadly once one disagrees with Seer 1, he can easily withdraw his powers. And here we are–could it be that spiritual powers that made HH a celebrity are the same ones which have made him a pariah? Telling by Seer 1’s recent statements (especially his claim of returning from the underworld) and the President’s untold plight, I believe that he can’t be taken lightly. As he repeatedly told me, Seer 1 doesn’t let go of those who betray him. Just as he held a very big grudge against President Lungu, today, he has spoken very negatively about President HH–something he shunned from one year ago. So what has changed? Is the underworld the answer? Only Seer 1 and HH know the truth. In the meantime, I have a book to finish.



  2. What a load of c**p. LT you are scraping the barrel and ruining your reputation by publishing such nonsense!

  3. My word! If ever there was nonsense published by Kaoma! This is the most ridiculous article ever, and I doubt if anything from before or after will ever topple of idiocy of this article.

    • Unfortunately, you will get no answer from Kapya Kaoma on why Seer1 could not stop his deportation or why he gave his so-called powers to help people who would later turn against him win an election. I understand he’s an excommunicated Catholic clergyman who thinks homosexuality is no big deal.

  4. You are so much dull sir if you ever think seer1 has Powers. This man he is just stubborn for nothing, come in person he is nothing more than being a scammer. He uses sychology to influence and fooling Zambians. And many people now have seen that this man with his so called black magic of dark world are just for him . Am calling him to repent now than later coz no man has equal himself with the creator last for a long , now since that his days are numbered let him come to recall that there is only one almighty God who can give everything including the gift of life he is enjoying every days is coming from him. So repentance and being born again is only way.


  6. LT really!! Have some shame and sense of standards. If you won’t have then at least tell us that this is an “advertorial” of some kind and you were paid to publish this lunacy!! Oh my goodness!! Is this Kapya Kaoma an actual person or is it a pen name used by some semi- illiterate that is trying to draw attention.

  7. LT why do you publish such nonsense?
    This sort of article should NEVER be published far less as a headline.
    You must now be the worst newspaper in Zambia.

  8. ………

    I have been telling you people…….

    This chap went mad after HH won the elections…….

    On the other hand , it is reassuring, seeing the comments, most of you don’t belive in this witchcraft , underworld rubbish……….

  9. Nonsense. In any case whoever aspires for political office is already an evil person.. just look at the people being massacred around the world, Ukraine, Gaza, Mayanima, DRC, Sudan etc on the orders of these politicians.

  10. Kapya and Bill Kaping’a are two m@r0ns who abuse the space that LT gives them.Seer1 cannot claim to have influence on the last elections.People made up their mind owing to how useless PF became.They had no alternative but to go for UPND. So Seer1 should not claim credit and become a hero now. When time comes to kick out arrogant politicians, it is the citizenry to decide not any underworld spooks and devils. The most powerful person is a Zambian. He is the one to respect not devils and some other false prophet from somewhere.

  11. Ba Kaoma at your Age and education , you find it prudent to write and cause to publish such rubbish from Seer 1. This Seer 0 fellow should focus his energy on his native Nigeria where killings are done by the minute and day.

  12. And this is Kapya Kaoma, the man who’s supposed to be a Catholic clergyman? Oh my goodness me, why can’t Seer1 help his own country, Nigeria, if he has any supernatural powers? Anyway, thank you Kapya Kaoma for revealing to readers that you’re a superstitious person.

  13. This Kapya Kaoma is ONE of those people that SEER1 made into “ZOMBIE ” !!!!
    What an insult to the 2.8 Million people who VOTED for HH and UPND !!! What an insult to Zambians in General.
    This is what SEER1 wants, for him to be relevant in ZAMBIAN politics, its because of such !d!ots like Kapya Kaoma, the guy is even writing a book about SEER1? And he is here promoting in FRONT of LT. A free AD.
    And this is a WIN-WIN for Seer1 who wants popularity and Kapya Kaoma who is up for bucks, he knows VERY well of GULLIBLE Zambias who follow SEER1, they will do everything to buy the book.

  14. Freedom of expression, Kapya has just reported what Seer1 said. I did not know about Seer1 until someone spoke about him and that he had a large following in Zambia. If he has interacted with our highest man in the Land Bally and chief Monze went to visit him in Nigeria, then it is perfectly right for Kapya to find out about the man so popular in Zambia. You may or may not like him but he is popular , he is known by many people than you may think. That is why intelligent people don’t ignore certain realities.

    • …..”You may or may not like him but he is popular , he is known by many people than you may think.”,,,,,

      The same people that SEER1 claims he turned into “ZOMBIES”.

      The crazy thing is craving for someone who clears wants someone as President that he can manipulate, someone who will be taking orders from SEER1. That is CRAZY!!! But that is what SEER1 wants. This nonsense of saying “I talk on behalf of the people….” that is garbage, used even people like TAYALI.
      I`d rather have TAYALI and his followers, do what he does because he is a Zambian, but not have a Nigerian influence the political landscape.

  15. Any body who listens to this fraud of a chap, na correct mumu! Mugu! The guy is just a clever fraud! How can grown educated people take the chap seriously c’mon!

  16. Both Kapya and Kaping’a are cadres at a higher level, but they are not like other cowardly authors I have seen on LT. They don’t hide in a veil. One is a PF staunch PF the while the other is a die-hard UPND since 2000. They bothe serve the same purpose: foot soldiers. Praise on LT also know which pole to lean on. But there will always be a backlash. I am not a Seer1 fan. UPND are. Kapya thought he will score on this one. Didn’t Seer1 lie that he has given ‘active’ fingerrings to PF officials?

  17. any way it’s your right to believe in a conman but is foolishness of highest degree . It is the same conman who swindled thousands of money from residents of solwezi after being manipulated and made to believe that he was s true Christian prophet. They came to regret after his open confession that he was not actually a christian but a satanist

  18. It is time to understand that great nations were developed by great minds. There is nothing like spirituality, ask USA, China, South Korea. It takes leadership with strategic thinking to transform a nation. Fortunate for Zambia, it has HH who is a strategic thinker who is transforming Zambia into a great nation. Those that talk about Seer 1 having powers, are misguided because in this world, there is nothing spiritual about success other than thorough planning and forward looking.

  19. LT after TB Joshua,nyou ve learnt nothing? This is very annoying. Dont be taken in by false prophets. The gift of prophesy in this day and age is to prophesy to the church which is supposed to diescern and examine whether a prophesy is from Gid or a persons own head. Real prophets do not make predictions. Buloshi ubo. Its playing God, the bible is very clear ALL leaders are appointed by God. That’s why we are supposed to pray for them so that we may live in peace.

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