Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ZESCO Implements Staggered Load Shedding Schedule in Lusaka


In response to stakeholder concerns,ZESCO Limited on 1st April implemented a staggered 8 hour daily load shedding program for residential areas in Lusaka.This means each area will experience two power outages of four hours each,spread throughout the day with the aim of minimizing disruption.

This is according to a statement issued by Matongo Maumbi, company spokesperson.

ZESCO acknowledged the unique needs of industrial and farming operations.These sectors will continue to experience a single, uninterrupted 8 hour block of loadshedding,with 16 hours of full power supply.This allows for better production planning.

The ongoing loadshedding program implemented on March 11,2024, is a necessary measure to address the national power deficit caused by low genereation capacity.Staggering residential outages aims to minimize disruptions while ensuring grid stability.

ZESCO encouraged customers and the public to practice energy efficiency during load shedding periods. ZESCO appologized for any inconvenience caused and urged all customers to treat all power lines as live,as power could be restored unexpectedly.


  1. You reporters need to go to school. What is the meaning of: “This means each area will experience two power outages of four hours each,spread throughout the day with the aim of minimizing disruption.”
    Its nonsense but you still pass it for publication

    • Good point you have raised and lapses you have identified. Let Field Ruwe start his own media outlet. Print, radio, television or indeed Web based. Let him implement the standards we all wish for.

    • @ sleepyjoe. Zambia does not need words and critics. We have excess numbers of crooked critics such as Tayali, Mmembe, Kambwili, Nawakwi, Clive, Ruwe etc. What we lack are action men and women. How I wish zambia could have a Moise katumbi, a Dangote, a Patrice Motsepe.

  2. Staggered loadshedding whatever. After we were presented with footage of our president boasting about having ended loadshedding in two years!

  3. Yeah Neh, i hope Zambians learn from this & not to be misled again by cheap pro-paganda when voting!!!!!!! Zambians wake up mwebantu. The country is put on pause like that…… No infrastructure developments…. Zambians are lamenting, my GOD!!!!! They are really fixing it ( you ) for sure. They promised you heaven on earth but look now, you have bitter, backward people in leadership… shame on you their praise singers. NEVER TRUST ANY POLITICIAN… the WORST ENEMY to an African child is their political leaders period !!!! Ufimbenuma Iweee !!!!

  4. How do you implement staggered loadshedding only in Lusaka and the other major towns are left out? Is Lusaka so
    special than the rest of the other Towns? This is not leadership at all.

  5. Let the payment for restructured debt go towards load shedding crisis.use that money
    To build solar farms.

  6. The two days we have had two load management is a total disaster. They either forget switching On or Off. Madness.
    It is not sensible to export when the local market is hungry for power. The 24-hour production remains a pipe dream. The buy-Zambian campaign has failed too. Zesco is a public enterprise and providing electricity to Zambians is their prime mandate. Not feeding other foreign industries across the borders.

  7. Talk is cheap…..and they continue fooling gullible Zambians….”staggered” as if there’s any difference….Chipante pante Government indeed….and Musokotwane already has started shifting goal posts about debt restructuring….he knows that they didn’t do anything just postponing kaloba

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