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President Hichilema Committs to Ensuring Prudent Utilization Of Resources


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the successful completion of debt restructuring processes, marking a crucial step towards stabilizing the country’s financial landscape. The President, speaking in a press statement, highlighted the administration’s commitment to prudent resource management and combating corruption in the post-restructuring era.

Under the leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND), the government engaged in rigorous negotiations with both official and private creditors over the past two and a half years. These negotiations, including discussions with bondholders, have resulted in a restructuring agreement that will see the country’s debt burden reduced over an extended period, saving billions of dollars in the process.

President Hichilema emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating that it fulfills a major promise made to the Zambian people by his administration. He attributed the unsustainable debt situation to excessive spending, mismanagement of resources, maladministration, and corruption under the previous government. The President vowed that such practices would not be tolerated under his leadership.

With the completion of the debt restructuring, President Hichilema sees an opportunity to shift the collective mindset towards more responsible governance. He stressed the importance of fostering investor confidence and ensuring efficient resource management across all government sectors.

Addressing concerns about corruption, President Hichilema issued a stern warning to potential wrongdoers. Regardless of political affiliation or status, he made it clear that those who engage in corrupt practices will face swift and decisive action from law enforcement and prosecution authorities. As part of the government’s anti-corruption efforts, the judiciary’s capacity to prosecute cases will be enhanced, with a target of resolving cases within a five-month timeframe.

Looking ahead, President Hichilema expressed optimism about Zambia’s future, pledging his administration’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of all Zambians. He assured the public that better days are on the horizon as the government focuses on economic growth and development.

The successful debt restructuring and renewed commitment to fighting corruption signal a new chapter for Zambia under President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership, with hopes for a more stable and prosperous future.


  1. ……..

    We trust zambia is now in competent hands………….

    We also trust that this administration will be proven to be one of the most remarkable GRZs ever………..

    Forwadee 2031……….

  2. He is now just a motivational speaker after promising Zambians heaven on earth…HH is on course to become the worst President ever to have ruled Zambia….in opposition everything was as simple as 1.2.3. but now he is in Government and its speeches and promises 24/7…..exactly what his gullible followers like Spaka wants to hear

  3. Lusaka Times…the debt restructuring is not yet complete….Musokotwane and HH are not on the same page….and Musokotwane said Debt restructuring won’t do anything for Zambia and his boss the Supreme leader Almighty Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is saying the exact opposite….just compare statements from HH and Musokotwane…and so for now the only thing HH will be talking about is the delayed payment of kaloba…like seriously

    • ……..

      Musokotwane said that to dampen expectations for you people who are used of PF free handouts……..

      There are no free handouts you are expecting with this admin……..

      Just work hard……..

  4. People are happy for this govt to forward the debt to another govt who will come into power…that’s how low we have been made to believe.. shame!!!

  5. Finally, people can walk around in our cities with a free mind not what we saw under ECL with 7 years of rule where if the commanders hear that your surname starts with Ha or Mwiya then you have committed a crime already. We may go through economic hardship but at least we have total freedom.

  6. “Yangu aka koni ye”. Hakainde is amazing, he has continued to lie 2 and years into presidency and he still has followers who believe in him. The imperialists will keep pouring praises on him for doing nothing for the Zambians. He used the same financial advisers that Lungu engaged but now wants to claim glory. He is reaping where he did not sow. Motivational speaker he is, but without results Kaya.

  7. Zambia is in worse hands than ever before. It is a tribalist nation run and fueled by nepotism and what language one speaks. Zambia has lost its tracks and the ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION slogan is dying in the hands of the most hopeless and less competent people.
    HH must first explain if Mopani Mine was sold or is in partnership, which also means they sold part of it. And if so, through what constitution? We don’t want a president who thinks he alone is the law of Zambia. If he cannot explain, he MUST BE IMPEACHED. We cannot allow lawlessness from the people who swore to uphold the constitution.

  8. You know the most pitiful thing about you crap writers, is the catch all phrase you all use of calling the President a liar, yet not one of you can detail in a cohesive and discernible manner what those so called lies are.
    You all are pathetic

    • Ben

      They tried the privatisation lie , until……

      HH told them he will give a 3 bed fully furnished house to anyone who could show were he stole………

      Now they are looking at campain promises to find another angle to attack him………..

      Unfortunately for them the majority of Zambians know what is good for them……….

  9. …….


    You are quiet……..

    Did you also think the debt restructuring meant free handouts and brown
    envelopes ??

    Forwardee 2031………

  10. Prudent with resources after having 10 PS at state house alone, creating new posts like communications director, special assistants to the president on every little thing etc etc…

  11. Let’s abolish two term presidents. Why not stand and contest infinitely????. In 20 years time Zambia will be like UAE with HH at the helm….kikiki

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