Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mwaliteta Refutes Allegations Of Abducting ,Pointing Gun at Socialist Party Candidate


United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta has refuted allegations of abducting and pointing a gun at Socialist Party (SP) Candidate Maneya Mwale during nominations for Kaunga Ward bye elections in Luangwa District of Lusaka Province.

Addressing journalists at the UPND secretariat office in Lusaka, Mr Mwaliteta denied coming into contact with the victim at any point.

“ I didn’t come into contact with her at any point nor do I know the girl, ” he added.

Mr Mwaliteta said if the Socialist Party candidate does not render an apology by Wednesday, he will be left with no option but sue Maneya Mwale in her personal capacity.

Mr Mwaliteta has since advised the Socialist Party candidate to prove the allegations as soon as possible before court action is taken.

He said the UPND, which was ushered into office on the premise of restoring law and order and that it would be unwise for the ruling party to follow in the footsteps of the defunct PF.

He said despite hating President Hichilema to the core, SP leader, Mr Fred M’membe to swallow his hate against HH and prudently appreciate the many economic strides being undertaken by the New Dawn administration.

Commenting on the assertions that UPND was a failed project during a so-called virtual Press Briefing by UKA members yesterday, Mr Mwaliteta said it was fallacy for a group of disgruntled politicians to continue casting aspersions against the UPND.

He said it was President Hichilema’s good political will that has seen named tabloids including the Daily Nation and The Mast continue to freely operate despite churning hate against the ruling party.

Mwaliteta charged that it was wrong for the party that brought the country to its knees to go on the rooftop to accuse the UPND-led Government of failing to run the affairs of the country.


  1. President HH is the true bridegroom for our Zambian independence and this is why he cares so much for our national development as our independence was cared for so much that KK and others managed to fly to Lancaster House for the negotiations for our independence.

  2. Who doesn’t know that Mwaliteta is a ruffian and he is just trying to intimidate the young lady. Mwaliteta at one time assaulted and broke Gary Nkombo’s arm. He thinks we have forgotten.

  3. Even if he said he did it nothing will happen to him.
    Who’s a socialist party member in this country… just a common ant that should be crushed.
    Now special branch officers are sent to Catholic Churches to see and hear what the priest will do or say during mass.

  4. This is a Govt. of liars for liars. It has now become clear which political party was more violent. You will see in 2026. Our biggest problem is going to be to ask Hakainde to hand over power. Which he would have to do because the Zambian people are the ones with the power to decide who stays in state house and who does not. Dr Kenneth Kaunda had to leave at the peoples will who is Hakainde?


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