Tuesday, May 28, 2024

UKA Boss Lucky Mulusa and Dora Siliya Disavow Alleged Support for Defamatory Statements by Zumani Zimba


In a recent development surrounding the defamation case involving Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba, a series of purported statements have surfaced, allegedly originating from key figures associated with the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA). The statements, which have been circulating widely, suggest support for Dr. Zimba’s defamatory remarks against undisclosed parties.

Among those falsely implicated in these statements are Lucky Mulusa, the Secretary General for UKA, and Dora Siliya, a prominent political figure. According to the fake statements, Mulusa purportedly offered himself as a witness against unnamed individuals in the pending case. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that both Mulusa and Siliya vehemently denied any involvement in or knowledge of the statements.

Addressing the matter directly, Mulusa clarified his stance, expressing frustration over the unauthorized use of his name in what he described as a “mud-slinging scheme.” He categorically distanced himself from both the authorship and content of the statements. Similarly, Siliya emphasized her complete ignorance of the purported statement, asserting that it was crafted without her consent or awareness.

In response to the fabricated statements, Dr.Nevers Mumba urged the public to disregard them entirely, emphasizing the need to treat them with the contempt they deserve. He reaffirmed his commitment to pursuing the defamation case to its conclusion, highlighting his dedication to upholding principles of integrity and honesty in political discourse.

Furthermore, Dr.Mumba emphasized that the case transcends individual reputations, framing it as a broader effort to cleanse Zambian politics of misinformation, slander, and unethical behavior. The focus, he stated, should be on fostering a more constructive and issue-based political environment that aligns with democratic values and national interests.


  1. These young hotheads like zumani and Tukuta are just learning this politics of slander and insults from older politicians. We have similar slander from the likes of nawakwi, mmembe and even Dora herself. At this stage I can see Sangwa as the only hope. Not these self centred politicians jumping from one branch to the next like monkeys

  2. These fake statements are coming from zumani himself in the hope that after hearing one or two bigwigs supporting him mumba will withdraw his case. Unfortunately it has backfired.

  3. Check Sangwa’s mental stability. When he talks of issues, you see ignorance of the happenings in our country. I personally would not go for a lawyer for a President. You need somebody to undo poverty in this country. A master economist who is able to speak on first name basis with renowned world leaders of countries of big economies. Fancy your Sangwa taking on debt restructuring. Isn’t it a joke!

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