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Ms. Cindy McCain, Executive Director of WFP, Visits Zambia to Strengthen Food Security Initiatives


Cindy McCain
President Hichilema welcomes Cindy McCain to State house

Ms. Cindy McCain, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), was hosted by President Hichilema for a courtesy call. Ms. McCain’s visit aims to observe and support WFP operations that reinforce the UPND government’s efforts toward food security, drought response, and recovery.

During the meeting, President Hakainde Hichilema expressed profound gratitude for the remarkable humanitarian work undertaken by WFP. Particularly noteworthy was the discussion surrounding the anticipated $3.3 million insurance payout from the African Risk Capacity, which serves as a critical response to Zambia’s declared drought emergency.

Acknowledging WFP’s unwavering support, President Hichilema emphasized the organization’s comprehensive assistance, spanning technical expertise, logistical support, and relief aid in the form of both cash and food. This support plays a vital role in assisting communities vulnerable to the adverse impacts of drought.

In the face of the pressing reality of climate change, President Hichilema urged solidarity and mutual support among nations. As Zambia and WFP continue their collaboration, they stand united in addressing the challenges posed by climate-related crises and striving to build resilient communities.

Ms. Cindy McCain’s visit underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing global challenges, with Zambia and WFP reaffirming their commitment to working together for the greater good of humanity.


  1. She’s come to urge the puppet to quicken the enactment of the law to protect french and Yankee seed producers. The cost of food production will continue to rise as farmers depend on engineered hybrid seeds and fertilizers. We’ll remember him as the man that outlawed indigenous seeds

  2. It is not good for WFP (World Food Programme) to be in your country. It shows that you are incompetent to feed yourselves. Climate-related crises or whatever, we should have worked out a food strategy by now. Muntu – 60 years old still has not learnt how to fend for himself, sure?!?

  3. Ms McCain is exposing Zambia’s archilles heel . You won’t see her in food secure nations like Japan , New Zealand or desert country of Israel.

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