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Embracing the Room 18 Policy: A Zero Tolerance Step Towards Infidelity, Adultery, Fornication, and Divorce


The moral fabric of our society is under siege or relentless attack, with videos depicting unfaithfulness and adultery circulating widely on social media. The “Room 18” saga has captivated Zambia, eliciting a mixture of excitement instead of concern, as it often seems that adultery and fornication are only recognized once someone is caught. This phenomenon highlights a disturbing trend: we have become a society with eroded values, lacking a sense of family and the strength of the family unit.

The Decline of Family Values

The drivers of divorce and other family-related conflicts are numerous and valid. Factors such as alcohol, financial strain, and even job pressures contribute significantly to these issues. What was once viewed as shameful behavior has become the new normal. Married individuals engaging in illicit affairs often receive praise from their colleagues, further normalizing infidelity. Gender-based violence is at an all-time high, with the Victim Support Unit overwhelmed by cases. Tragically, some of these cases result in death, often stemming from infidelity-related conflicts.

The “Single Mother Pandemic

Another alarming trend in our society is the surge in the number of single mothers, which can be described as a “single mother pandemic.” The increase is driven by factors such as infidelity, divorce, and economic challenges. Single mothers often form support groups that, rather than fostering positive behavior, sometimes engage in promiscuous activities. Many single mothers have multiple sexual partners, turning their homes into de facto brothels. In this Christian nation, we have a lot of Kingdom Halls and religious dynamics. Despite Zambia being a Christian nation, the country faces a proliferation of Kingdom Halls, and there are many instances of promiscuity among both women and men within church communities hiding behind the veneer of religious respectability, further complicating the moral landscape.

A Call to Action

Given these societal challenges, I call upon our Republican President to address these issues head-on and restore sanity and respect to the fundamental unit of society—the family. To this end, I propose the adoption of the Room 18 Policy, a zero-tolerance stance against infidelity, divorce, and gender-based violence within both private and public sectors. This policy should specifically target workplace-related promiscuity, which is often fueled by salaries and allowances provided by the government.

Implementing the Room 18 Policy

The Room 18 Policy would entail strict measures to curtail infidelity and its associated consequences. Any employee found engaging in disgraceful acts that promote gender-based violence or divorce should be dismissed from service without hesitation. This decisive action would not only bring a level of sanity to our society but also send a clear message to the rest of the country: unethical behavior will not be tolerated.

Moreover, individuals with records of infidelity should be barred from holding high office positions. This measure would ensure that those in leadership roles uphold ethical conduct, thereby enhancing national values and principles in a practical manner.

Promoting Ethical Conduct

To foster a culture of ethical behavior, it is crucial to integrate these values into all aspects of public and private life. Schools, religious institutions, and workplaces should all play a role in promoting integrity, respect, and responsibility. Public awareness campaigns could also be instrumental in shifting societal attitudes towards a zero-tolerance approach to infidelity and related issues.

The adoption of the Room 18 Policy represents a significant step towards rebuilding the moral fiber of our society. By taking a firm stance against infidelity, divorce, and gender-based violence, we can restore respect and integrity to the family unit. It is time for us to embrace this policy and work together to create a society that values and upholds the principles of fidelity, ethical conduct, and strong family bonds.

Learning from Other Cultures

Our Muslim brothers are serious enough not to tolerate vices that compromise the family unit, why are Christians reluctantly embracing the kingdom halls downfall? Muslim communities often demonstrate a stringent adherence to moral codes that protect the sanctity of marriage and family. This rigorous approach ensures that behaviors leading to infidelity and family breakdown are minimized. Christians can learn from this example by reinforcing the importance of family values and ethical conduct within their communities.

The Consequences of Moral Decline

When God wants to punish a dog, he removes its sense of smell; when He wants to punish a human being, He removes their sense of shame. This profound adage encapsulates the dire consequences of our current path. The lack of shame associated with infidelity and moral decay is a clear indicator of a society in decline. By reinstating a sense of shame associated with unethical behaviors, we can begin to mend the moral fabric of our community.

A Plea for National Reflection

Dear Zambians, where is our shame? This poignant question should resonate with each of us. It is a call to reflect on our values, our actions, and the kind of society we are building for future generations. Embracing the Room 18 Policy is not just about implementing strict measures; it is about initiating a broader cultural shift towards integrity, respect, and responsibility. Together, we can rebuild a society that cherishes and upholds the sanctity of the family unit.

By Chaliafya Katungula


    • After Covid 19 vaccines. Check if our room 18 lady was vaccinated with that ASTRAZENECA….. The effects are just beginning t show. All those who got that jab……drama is just begining.

  1. Quoting Islam saying our Muslim brothers have zero tolerance for such vices is sign that on this issue the writer is ignorant on Islam. Do a bit of research on Islam on these matters and mostly the life of there prophet Muhammad. First he had so many wives and concubines the how he married them matters as well. His first wife Kadjah was Half his age. He the married Aisha when she was 6yrs old and only had sex (Consummated his marriage) with he when she was 9 yrs old, Then he married his own step son’s wife etc.

  2. And remember he’s the standard of how life should be lived and up to date Muslims follow that. Allowed 5 wives and allowed to have side ones and none Muslim women’s can be used for sex as slaves. This is all in the Quran I’m not making it up and this writer is telling us that his Muslim brothers have failed well? There’s more promiscuity among Muslim men and in many ways justified in the Quran.
    So do a bit research then write again.
    And lastly how does your suggestions fit in with our constitution? May I suggest morality teaching should start in our homes and churches and start teaching when they’re young.

  3. You can not bring the behaviors of individuals into govt business. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies as long as it is legal and does not offend others. Leave the govt to sort out the economy and let pastors do their work with individual sexual behavior.

  4. I just don’t understand why in this country people glorify the President so much, this has nothing to do with that mere mortal called the President. And who tells you that the President is infallible. Let the President preoccupy himself with sorting out the economic crisis created by both the PF and the UPND combined

  5. The State must keep away from private bedroom matters FULL STOP. Morality is not legislated. There are many heathen countries in the world where people are more morally upright than the so called ‘Christian nations.’ The problem is simply that we are hypocritical about sin. One man is covetous, another is a gossiper, but they will not think they are sinners. Instead we have a morbid preoccupation with s!_e!_x!. Infidelities have always happened in the world and the biggest cause of single motherhood is monogamy. Blame it on imported religion.

  6. The writer must understand that morality cannot be regulated. There is no law in developed countries, such as South Africa, that allows me to sue someone for marital interference. Iyo ni nkhani ya bedroom

  7. Hey Chaliafya you’re so wrong. Muslim societies aren’t the moral exemplars you’re making them to be.Mohamed married a 9yr old girl fyi …so go deprogram yourself 1st then come preach morals to us.

  8. A government is a system of order for a nation, state, or another political unit. A government is responsible for creating and enforcing the rules of a society, defense, foreign affairs, the economy, and public services.

    Who determines what issues to be governed? LGBTQ – not issue of individuals?


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