Thursday, June 20, 2024

Roan MP Joel Chibuye Emphasizes Importance of Caring for Elderly


Independent Roan Constituency Member of Parliament Joel Chibuye says it is cardinal to take care of elderly people in the community as they are a wealth source of knowledge and wisdom.

Mr Chibuye said this when his office provided wheelchairs and walking sticks to the aged with disabilities in his Constituency.

“As the Member of Parliament for Roan Constituency, I’m committed to ensuring inclusivity in serving all members of our constituency including the elderly,remember the elderly are the foundation of our community, carrying a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. We need them as a constituency,” Mr Chibuye said.

The Roan lawmaker further called upon those who wish to help the aged in Constituency to reach out to his office.

And a concerned resident Gilbert Mwape commended Mr Chibuye for his gesture to the aged ,orphans and disabled in Roan Constituency

Mr Mwape said the gesture by Mr Chibuye was timely adding that the Roan Member of Parliament has demonstrated that he has the heart for people.

He urged Mr Chibuye to continue caring for the less privileged people in the area.

“Mr Chibuye is doing great works, he has really shown that he is a leader for the people. Among other things he has done is advocating for the reopening of 28 shaft this is great, he is committed to improving the lives of people in Roan,” he said.

He added that Parliamentarians especially those from opposition should not just wait for Government to provide everything for the citizenry saying that Members of Parliament should be able to supplement Government efforts in bettering the lives of people.


  1. We don’t look after the elderly because they are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. We do because we must. We are obliged to.


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