Thursday, July 25, 2024

Chembe Commences Distribution Of Relief Maize


Chembe District in Luapula Province has received over 1,700 by 50 Kilograms bags of relief white maize for distribution to vulnerable households.

Chembe District Commissioner, Christopher Mwansa has since flagged off the distribution exercise of the relief food that will be distributed to all the 8 wards in the district through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

Speaking when he flagged the distribution exercise Mr Mwansa cautioned the beneficiaries against selling the commodity, saying that the maize is meant to cushion the hunger situation in vulnerable houses in the district.
The District Commissioner said the government is working hard to ensure that no one starves to death as a result of hunger.

“This consignment is from President Hakainde Hichilema who loves you so much and has emphasized that no one will die as a result of hunger, for us here in Chembe we are also privileged to commence the distribution of relief food to the most vulnerable people in communities,” he said.

And Mushingwa Ward Councilor, Micheal Chisenga has commended the government for sending relief food in the district.

Mr Chisenga disclosed that 20 percent of the relief food will be given for free while 80 percent will be distributed using the food for work model.

“We are grateful to the government for providing relief food, we have received 1,740 bags of maize to cushion the hunger situation in the district. Out of that number 20 percent is relief food while 80 percent will be used as food for work, we are privileged to have this food and our people have started receiving the bags of maize,” Mr Chisenga stated.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries have commended the government for the timely intervention saying the relief food will go a long way in improving food security in their households.

One of the residents, Esther Mashonga disclosed that the people in the area are suffering and that the coming of the relief food will help people to have food in their houses.

“We are thankful to the President for this relief food, and we urge him and the government to continue helping us the vulnerable,” says Esther Mashonga.

Chembe District has received the food following the 2023 vulnerability needs assessment


  1. Cheembe had very good rains and a good crop should have been harvested. What is the relief maize about? i thought and I am well informed that drought was only in Southern, Central and part of Lusaka provinces. Where is the hunger coming from in Luapula province? Why are you feeding lazy people? Or is that just another campaign gimmick?

    • I think your observation is sound. That part of Zambia has had no drought as far as I know. What has happened to the harvest from last season? Even auditors are going to ask the same question.

    • @ Blue Tonga, who told you that Tongas in Southern province need help with maize? Those people have maize in barns. Besides, they drink milk and amabisi. Cows are not dying from drought.

  2. ” the consignment is from president hh who loves you so much….” NO! The consignment is from the people of Zambia who work so hard and pay their taxes so that government can use the money to buy relief food.

  3. Was this consignment from his ranch or homestead?? No it was from the peasant farmer who broke his back only to have the maize bought at a song and then have it handout for free….under the guise of ‘love’ awe….if Fashion S has done a better job because it is from his pocket…

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