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Government to Recall 100 Megawatts from Export Market Amidst Power Crisis


In a proactive move to address the ongoing electricity challenges, the UPND government has announced its decision to recall at least 100 megawatts (MW) of power currently being exported. This decision was revealed during a media engagement held by the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, alongside the Minister of Energy, Hon. Peter Kapala.

Key Highlights:

Power Recall: The government has resolved that ZESCO, the national electricity supplier, will reclaim 100 MW from the export market to bolster local electricity supply. Negotiations are ongoing to recall an additional 195 MW, considering contractual obligations and the severe drought impacting the region.

Import and Private Sector Collaboration:
Zambia is currently importing 165 MW of power to mitigate the shortage. The government is also mobilizing resources, in collaboration with the private sector, to open a second plant at Maamba Collieries, expected to produce around 300 MW. This project, requiring approximately $80 million, has reached the final stages of financial closure.

Ndola Energy and Solar Initiatives: Ndola Energy will soon rejoin the grid, contributing 105 MW. Additionally, the government plans to install solar energy systems in public universities and colleges to free up energy for other uses.

Exemptions from Load-Shedding: Public institutions such as universities, hospitals, and water processing plants, along with essential service providers like police stations, will not be subject to load-shedding. The farming community is encouraged to coordinate with ZESCO for uninterrupted irrigation.

Agricultural Support Amidst Drought:

Maize Import:
The government has finalized plans to import 500 metric tons of non-genetically modified maize from Tanzania to alleviate food shortages.

Agriculture Credit Window: With favorable rainfall expected, the Agriculture Credit Window will soon open, offering loans for fertilizers, seeds, irrigation equipment, and other agricultural necessities. Farmers are advised to contact their local Agriculture Coordinating Officers for more details.

Response to Political Statements:

Addressing recent comments by former President Edgar Lungu, Hon. Mweetwa emphasized that the current power shortage is due to drought and not mismanagement. He urged the media to focus on constructive reporting that unites rather than divides the nation.

The government remains committed to finding sustainable solutions to the power crisis while supporting the agricultural sector during these challenging times.


  1. Promises, promises. A practical person would have waited for the recall to be effected before making the announcement.
    During campaigns they told us that they would end loadshedding.
    On his first press briefing he told us that loadshedding was a thing of the past.
    The following day a representative from Zesco apologized for “misleading” the president over the issue.
    Early this year Mr Kapala told the nation that there would be no loadshedding. But it is even more intensive than ever before.

    • A parent who fails to provide for his own children in his house but is more interested in feeding those outside his house is not fit to be a parent.

    • For the first time I see Mweetwa doing the job he gets paid for. Explaining government actions to the citizens. He should issue policy statements on various government developments like why police are arresting opposition members and trespassing on radio stations like Breeze.
      However, Most of the time he is engaged in political quarrels against opposition as if he is paid to be a UPND vuvuzela

  2. Government of lies… is drought or exports which is causing electricity shortage…..all UPND members need to be jailed…what they’re committing is crime of humanity

  3. This mweetwa freak, so arrogant… ZWAAAAAAAA. Pipo are crying of hunger, muzalila wait!!!! You sell off electricity while your pipo cry. If there are politicians who will be put in jail big time are these hooligans

  4. No wonder you take Plot Number 1 to your own outdated so-called mansion, but kwena!!!! Pride of a villager!!!!

  5. Government has decided to recall, no time frame, no nothing, is it in 2 months, is it immediate. What type of pressers are these, with journalists not even quizzing these open ended loose feedbacks

  6. but in the first place why did you start selling what you don’t have. How did the whole government system including ZEASCO fail to see that your initial decision was going to create a crisis in the economy, so don’t think you are heroes in reversing this decision, rather you have exposed your incompetence, in case there are those who did not realize this, you are now helping them to clearly see your inability to govern. CHIPANTE PANTE RELOADED.

  7. Didnt you sign contracts to supply electricity ? See TZ they have too much power so they are switching off some of it go and learn how they did it instead of going to give lectures in the UK on zambia at 60!

  8. It is well known fact that ZESCO used to put some politicians on its pay roll and used to employ children of big people. These are some of the consequences of not offering jobs to competent people. New Dawn also made a terrible mistake of not conducting a human resources audit of Government institution. Now they are shouldering the blame for crimes committed by others.

    • Oh everything bad is PF and everything good is Upnd including the Kazungula Bridge which was completed two years before the Upnd came into government. As for the audit of Zesco manpower, my friend this was Already done starting with the MD ( whose first task was to employ his daughter)….all government institutions have been purged so I don’t see any reason in your post.

  9. They export food reserves and electricity ad now they are importing the same things at a higher price. Chimbwi No Plan

  10. HH was making promises like he will be a magician when he was in opposition and he is still making promises even while in office. I look at the 2.8 million as insane people. What sane person will believe some one who tells you that “I will be sworn in at 10hrs and 14hrs the dollar will appreciate. What sane person will believe that “I have ended loadshedding one year in office” without building a single power plant. None GMO Mealie meal is now at K350, fertilizer is at k1500, fuel is at k30 still going up every monthend, white people are raping our resources in broad day light. Zambians are gullible people.

    • Zambia is now tragically being led by an American puppet, HH. When they tell him “jump” he says “how high, master.” By the time HH’s puppeteers are done with the country, Zambia will have been stripped of all its mineral resources, with nothing to show for it expect gaping holes, polluted rivers and damaged land from toxic waste. Evidently, this puppet is not working for the interests of the Zambian people, but for his mzungu masters. No African country ever developed that aligned itself with Western institutions, as they tend to undermine development, keep the country poor to make it easy to exploit. That has ALWAYS been their modus operandi. Vote this puppet out in 2026.

  11. Apart from more promises and lies, they’ve introduced another narrative. If you criticize HH then you’re dividing the nation and you risk being arrested for hate speech. Awe mwandi

  12. What people want to hear is “Government has recalled 100MW of electricity and we have reduced loadshedding from 15 hours to whatever hours”. Not another promise. People want to see and not to anticipate any more. Mind you the power deficit is in excess of 750MW with Kariba water levels still going down in June. By the time we reach October some turbines at Kariba will need be shut down. That is when the 2.8million will understand the sins they have committed by bringing in this incompetent government.

  13. What is the cost of this recall? Obviously some contracts are being breached. That is where your tariff increases come in, ba kapala. This is a very interesting government. After touting all they would do different they have indeed done different in a worse way imaginable.

  14. These UPND id1ots don’t seem to realize how much damage they’re causing to the Zambian economy with their poor management of energy. Never seen such mediocre planning before. No country can have any meaningful sustainable development, or economic growth, without a steady supply of electricity in the country. Whatever revenue that has been realized from exporting electricity is nothing compared to the damage the economy is undergoing right now. Zambia is currently retrogressing in development. Vote these clowns out in 2026 to save the country. And no I’m not PF.

  15. This is not a proactive move rather a reactive one following people’s outcry. Clearly very disappointing. Proactive action would have been initiated on anticipating the crusis as a contingency plan not otherwise.

    • This is true. More than half the solutions they have put on the table are long term and will not end load shedding now! This govt simply are not team players and they want to work alone without engaging Zambians

  16. It is pointless to say you have recalled 100MW without stating how much you are sending out. This is just PR. This is abuse of the Zambian people. Selling their food, their electricity, their mineral wealth and their freedom

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