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ZCSA seizes non-compliant fruit flavoured drinks, bottled drinking water valued at K12, 780


The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has seized and withdrawn from the market over 132 cases of non-compliant fruit flavored drinks and bottled drinking water in Lusaka valued at K12,780.
The beverages were illegally supplied on the market contrary to the provisions of sections 15 and 21 of the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017.

The drinks and bottled drinking water were seized from Kamwala Trading area in Lusaka during a market surveillance inspection to assess the compliance levels of beverages being supplied on market.

ZCSA is warning of punitive measures against entities which are manufacturing, importing and supplying products on the market without complying with the laws of Zambia. This is because such products may pose a risk to public safety and health.

ZCSA will continue conducting enforcement and public education activities across Zambia in a bid to ensure that only safe products are supplied to consumers.

The Agency is further urging consumers to only buy beverages from reputable suppliers and avoid consuming beverages whose source is questionable.This is because beverages whose safety has not been ascertained can pose a risk to their health and

ZCSA is encouraging consumers to alert the Agency of suspicious or suspected illegal production and supply of beverages on the market so that enforcement actions are implemented.

ZCSA, a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI), is mandated by the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017 to administer, maintain and enforce compulsory standards for the purpose of public safety and health, consumer and environmental protection.

Issued by:
Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency


  1. What did they do that was non-compliant. Let people know what chemicals to avoid, what tastes are a red flag and so on and so forth. Not this non.sense of just saying non-compliant. Next muzamvela ati contrary to Cap cakuti read together with section catile… and people will just continue to suffer.

  2. Go to the markets and those little groceries in the komboni. 90% of the things you will find there are non compliant.

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