Govt to arm the media to trigger public discussions on the United States of Africa


The Zambian Government has embarked on a series of meetings with media houses to sensitise media organisations on the concept of the United States of Africa.

Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Christina Lambart announced this during the initial consultative meeting held in Lusaka today with Media Heads on the establishment of the African Union government.

 In a speech read on her behalf by Ambassador Patrick Sinyinza, Ambassador Lambart said the move  is aimed at empowering the media to trigger discussions and debates which would assist the Zambian people in making an informed decision on the type of African government that the AU Heads of State and Government may adopt when time comes.

She pointed out that the African Union Government is bound to impact on the way of life on the African continent and on the perception the rest of the world has of Africa and its people. Ambassador Lambart said the political union of the continent is aimed at deriving maximum benefits from the World Order.

She added that the ultimate goal of the African Union is full political and economic integration leading to the United States of Africa.


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