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Church leader calls on ACC, Taskforce to probe the K3 trillion scandal

Headlines Church leader calls on ACC, Taskforce to probe the K3 trillion scandal

A Lusaka based clergyman has called on the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Taskforce on Corruption to launch investigations into the K 3 trillion reported to have been stolen by some civil servants.

Christ Impact Ministries Leader, Prophet Hastings Mzumara told ZANIS in an interview
in Lusaka today that the culprits should be accountable for stealing taxpayer’s

Prophet Mzumara said the money involved is a lot saying it can be used to help
improve the living standards in the county.

He said the money could have been invested in the health, education, agriculture
sectors and improving the poor road network in the country.

Prophet Mzumara has since commended President Mwanawasa and the new deal government
for its position in the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile Prophet Hastings mzumara has welcomed the move by the Chinse government to
invest in the country and help boost the economy.

The Clergyman however called on the Chinese investors to cooperate with the local
people for them to work smoothly in the country.

He further called on government to regulate firm labour laws that will protect the
local people from being exploited by foreign investors.

The prophet also appealed to investors to venture into big projects worth being
called investment.


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  1. The government knows what needs to be done to curb this recurrent, rampant embezzlement of public funds by people in public service, Politicians included. The Auditor-General’s Findings of their financial investigations and their recommendations to cure the mischief should not end with a casual, and mock debate in the National Assembly. A Law must be enacted to empower the Auditor-General to institute mandatory criminal prosecution against any public service employee connected to misappropriation of public funds as per the investigations and findings of the AG. There is no need, in fact it’s superfluous, for the Police, ACC, DEC, or Task Force, to start fresh investigations into any such cases because the investigations and findings of the AG provide ample evidence to satisfy the requisite incredients of various offences/criminal acts which hinge on Fraud and related offences of abuse of public office and official graft. The Law must thus provide for the sufficiency of the AG’s findings as evidence before a court of law on the basis of which the DPP’s Chambers, or other Public Prosecutors acting for and on behalf of the AG, can thenceforth proceed with criminal prosecution. Other Countries. e.g. Rwanda, are doing just that and the results are exceptionally astounding! In Zambia, our Leaders pay lip-service to a lot of things (talking the talk?) and this always at the expense of ordinary, poor Zambians’ lives. The other obvious consequence is, of course, the appauling state of underdevelopment in the Country. Do we need another Political Revolution? May be, after all, we are not evolving enough as a people!

  2. The theft involving K3 trillion as proudly announced by his exellency Levy Patrick Mwanawasa is tottally unacceptable for a fragile economy like ours.It is just recently when the deputy minister of finance was announcing another theft of K100 bilion. Are the poor tax payers just going to watch these irresponse goverment let the money meant to benefit the citizen go to drain just like that?

    I wonder how much confidence does Mwanawasa has in Magande who has, at this point , prooved to be incopetent in his duties as minister of finance. I expect that Mwanasa should fire Magande or Magande should resign on moral grounds. Mr Mwanawasa should also now understand that Sata’s claims of changing the Zambian economy in 90 day is not a mere joke because this country has a capacity to do so.

    The loss of K3 trillion is a national disaster and the culprit should face the consequences because this is the money which can pay all the retirees, buy medecine in hospital, build schools and improve many social infrastracures. I find it so ironic for Magande to even say that this years budget was easy to prepare regarding the economical difficulties our country is going through. This shows how insesitive this goverment is to the many econocal challenges our country is facing. May someone please take this unprecedented wave of theft seriously and rescue us from evil and naive characters.

    Francis Ng’andwe
    Canada, Edmonton

  3. No sacred cows, now and in future

    Comments passed by Chilufya and Ng’andwe cannot be ignored by any serious Zambian citizen, who would want the country to develop.

    Surely, we need prosecutions to be started since the Auditor General’s report has highlighted that K3 trillion has been stolen. This K3 trillion amounts to one third of the national budget announced by Magande. I support the idea of empowering the AG’s office to initiate prosecution of individuals involved in such scams now and in future. We demand the autonomy of the AG’s office with the power to prosecute any individual or politician found wanting with regard to our national resources.

    Further, the AG’s office should be up to date with the governments expenditure, rather than present audits of expenses which are a year or two behind the running budget. They need to move from this trend to have a spot on audits of the running budgets so that more of such thefts can be curbed in government and corrective measures put in place to avoid a recccurence.

    I agree with the fact that Zambia can be changed within a space of 90 days, as much of the national cake is only enjoyed by few selfish individuals. Levy where have you been when such colosal amounts of money where being stolen from our government coffers? You think we will be satisfied with your announcement that K3 trillion has been stolen. To me it shows that, Levy Mwanawasa, you are out of touch with the day to day running of government. Tell me who approved the withdrawal of these monies from the government coffers without you noticing and your henchman Magande?

    This is not different from what you are persecuting your predecessor FTJ, its only that you are announcing the crimes your government is committing under your leadership, will the other (FTJ) did not want to wash dirty linen in public. Wait, 5 years is not far from now, we shall make you account for every deed your government is doing. We cannot stomach announcents, think of the number of people lacking the basic needs which can be provided from the same K3 trillion stolen by your government. Just as your FTJ supposedly had no direct hands on the money he is accused of, the same is with you Levy, you have lost grip on the affairs of government as you are busy on the tour of duty to the great of China. Soon or later we shall ask parliament to strip you off the immunity so that we investigate the crimes committed during your leadership. After all you set the precedent.

    Viva positive thinking, abash empty announcements.

    Mutale – DR Congo Kolwezi

  4. A warmly advice to the task force.

    You guys are entrusted with bigger resonbility of recovering the stolen national wealth but at this point I feel not to say much but Just to remind you to pull your socks Kneel high, girdle your belts tight and cast you nets wide. MY IMPRESSION IS THAT YOU ARE EARNING MORE THAN YOU ARE RECOVERING and there is enough eveidence to proof my point so do the job guys and do not be part of them just because you can’t beat them.

    Francis Ng’andwe
    Canada, Edmonton

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