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Prunning Tips


Good garden maintenance is essential- that doesn’t mean simply watering regularly. You need the right products and tools to get the most out of your garden. Here are some handy pruning tips.

Why should you prune?

Careful pruning results in healthier and stronger plants, sturdier growth, more abundant fruits and larger blooms. Pruning controls the shape, size and symmetry of plantings.
Healthier Plants – It is a drain on the energy reserves of any plant to support dead, broken or diseased branches. Dead wood gives insects and plant diseases an easy place to attack, endangering the entire plant. They should be cut off as soon as noticed.

Control Growth – Pruning gives a young plant a good basic structure and helps you manipulate the plant to grow into certain shape to fit the landscape design.

Bloom and Fruit
– Blossoms that increase in size and quantity are usually the result of proper balance between the foliage and the roots. Bare woody stems, where blooms are sparse can be removed safely with proper handling.

When to prune?

Its better not to prune than to prune incorrectly! In general the best time to prune most plants is late winter or early spring just before the first growth appears.


Quality implements that have been well maintained will last a lifetime. Store them in a dry place to prevent rust. Ensure they are pest free by disinfecting them with bleach or Jeyes Fluid after pruning.

How to prune

Cuts must be smooth. Ensure pruning sheers are sharp so they do not rip the bark. Auxillary buds must be o the outside of the branch once you have completed the pruning. Prune branches at an angle so water runs down them.

courtesy by Carmen Cilliers

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