Sinazongwe District Commissioner (DC) has warned motorists coming to the district for the first time to travel during the day because the road is in a deplorable state.

Mr. Lavain Apuleni told ZANIS that the Maamba-Batooka road has no signs and heavy rains have washed away part of the road.He advised all motorists to drive slowly and those coming for first time at night should sleep in Batooka or Choma.

Last week a truck carrying mealie meal to Maamba collapsed in a culvert that was washed away by heavy rains.
The DC pointed out that JJLow did shoddy job on the Maamba-Batooka road and as a result  culverts were collapsing.

He said that he has been vindicated because he told them last year that the work they did was poor.

Mr. Apuleni expressed sadness for Malima people who have been cut of from the rest of the district that he could not walk to the area as a free man because he had been assuring them that the road would be worked on.

“I can not walk to that area. I have been assuring them not to worry since last year that the washed away bridges will be worked on,I sympathise with them ,” the Dc said.

The Dc said he hopes the bridges would be worked on during the dry season.

He said Malima is a strong hold of agriculture in the district adding that in an event of a referral to the Maamba Hospital life may be lost because the road was impassable.

And Chief Sinazongwe disclosed that there will be hunger in the district because people that planted their crops along the banks of the streams have been washed away by heavy rains.

The Chief said fertilizer has also not worked because it was swept away immediately people applied it.

He said that 10 bridges have been washed away along Sinzaze-Chiyabi roads which also connect Malima people.

“People can not move to Chiyabi and Malima area and about 10 bridges have been swept,” the Chief said.

Even Chief Sinazongwe’s Maliko Palace has been cut of and it has become an island.

“I am at an Island now no visitors are coming here you are the first visitors since I was cut off,” Chief Sinazongwe said

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