A 35-year-old woman of Mukankamana village in Mkushi district is nursing injuries after falling from a Musuku tree she had climbed in search of a mobile communication network.

Astridah Phiri climbed the tree in an effort to capture the network to enable her communicate to her spouse who was on a business venture in Lusaka.

Ms. Phiri told ZANIS that people in the area could only clearly communicate through
mobile phones once they climbed trees or hills.

Kamimbya Ward C Councilor, Dennis Mwansa appealed to mobile communications service
providers to extend better services to rural areas.

Mr. Mwansa challenged MTN, CELTEL and CEL Z to connect the area to avoid such
incidences in future.


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  1. The story of the woman climbing a tree in an effort to communicate sounds a bit over the top, perhaps that is what makes it news. This story however is a statement about how much the Zambian people hunger for communication-the need to reach out. Its a statement of poor communications infrustracture, and poor governement planning. The failure to allude to the fast pased ICT revolution and the failure to realise that significance of the knowledge ecomomy.


  2. there is really nothing OTT about Ms Banda going to such an extint to to try speak to her spouse away on business trip.She may not have the privilage of an emal of course its poor communiction infrustracture to blame, but lets give the goverment time as rome was not built in one day.Even in the uk there are parts you don,t get reception



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