Government  has donated  mediacl equipment and a laboratory worth K63 m to Kakwiya Rural Health Centre in Petauke.

District Director of Health, Kennedy Kabuswe, confirmed the development to ZANIS in
Petauke today.

Dr. Kabuswe said the centre, which was more than 25 kilometres away from the Boma,
did not have laboratory equipment for a long time now.

He said due to lack of equipment, most patients were traveling to the District
Hospital to acquire laboratory services and that caused congestion at the health

Dr. Kabuswe appealed to management at Kakwiya Rural Health Centre to guard the
equipment jealously.

He said  the community at Kakwiya had suffered for a long time hence the need for
them to utilize to the fullest the services that were available.

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  1. I hope am not going crazy, but i cannot believe what am reading about Zambia. How can a govt “donate” to a rural health centre. So, whose primarily responsible for doing that job? Or, what’s the primary job of this govt?
    If tax payers’ money is used to purchase public goods and a politician who is paid to deliver those services delivers them, does that make it a donation? There are many ways of making political gains but this is a cheap, dastardly one.



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