The department of Veterinary and Livestock development in Lundazi will soon start shooting unvaccinated and stray dogs in an effort to reduce dog bite cases.

Lundazi District Veterinary Officer Dr Christopher Njenje disclosed this during a
consultative meeting, attended by all stakeholders in the district and organised by
the department of Livestock and Development.

Dr Njenje told the meeting that there had been a sudden and unprecedented rise in
the number of suspected rabid stray dogs, coupled with increased cases of dog bites
in the district.

He disclosed that from December last year,  his department recorded 90 cases of dog
bites, mostly by unvaccinated stray dogs.

During the shooting exercise, he said dog owners should co-operate and tie-up
vaccinated dogs.

Dr Njenje told the meeting that the successful control of rabies required a
multi-sectoral approach by all key players as stipulated under control of Dog Act
cap 381, health cap 295 of the laws of Zambia.

And members of consultative meeting heard that Lundazi District hospital has run out
of anti-rabies drugs and victims of dog bites are forced to buy drugs from
uncertified drug stores at an exorbitant prices.

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