A traditional leader in Kasama district has appealed to the government to consider releasing funds  for the rehabilitation of the Kasama general hospital.

Mulenga Hill village head person Regina Kayula said currently the hospital was in a
deplorable state due to lack of maintenance and needed urgent attention.

Ms. Kayula noted that past contractors engaged to carry out repair works at the
hospital have done shoddy works resulting in the falling health standards at the

She also said  it is disappointing that although government provides grants to the
health institution, certain sections of the hospital were still not operational due
to their poor state.

She has since urged the government to immediately deal firmly with individuals who
are frustrating its efforts of improving health care delivery to the community by
misapplying funds meant for developmental projects.

Ms. Kayula also called on the ministry of health to consider sending more medical
doctors to the Kasama general hospital to beef up the current staff  shortage.

Last year, Kasama general hospital was flooded after heavy rains, a situation which
resulted in damage to infrastructure at the institution.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kayula has urged the Roads Development Agency to urgently repair the
road leading to the hospital, which she said was in a bad state.

She observed that it was unfair to inconvenience residents to ferry their sick
relatives to the health institution by using a road full of potholes.


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  1. Maybe coming from a traditional healer, this advice would be heeded. The indiffrence towards important services and infrastructure in Zambia is shocking. Some day i hope somebody will tell us how much it costs to run a decent government. At the moment the old story-“there’s no money for this or that”- is being used as an excuse to perpetrate an incompetent and dysfunctional state. If some govt depts have no money to deliver barely any services how come they are justified to exist and grow! Some people should start earnign their money.


  2. Why should this come from a traditional leader and not the area MP. Please release the funds, the budget has already been announced. what the hold up?



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