Lusaka Football Association (LFA) has urged football teams in the province to get affiliated with the association to  guard their players from unscrupulous soccer agents who exploit them

LFA Secretary General Godfrey Muleya said his association’s constitution demanded
that all clubs should get affiliated with the association.

Reacting to the recent fiasco between Edusport and National Assembly over teenage
sensation Fwayo Tembo, Muleya said by getting affiliated teams will benefit from the
association’s protection.

Muleya said it was unfortunate that Fwayo of Edusport football team was recently in
a transfer scum between his team and National Assembly through a named local soccer

LFA stepped in the saga and Convinced KCM Premier side National Assembly to release
the young striker back to his team, Edusport.

It is reported that the named soccer agent demanded a lot from National Assembly
claiming that Fwayo was originally a product of his named team.

The chairman said it was a matter of urgency for all teams get affiliated to his
association to develop soccer in the province as well.

He said that LFA had won kudos from FAZ as was the only provincial association that
contributed many players in the association’s leagues

Muleya called for unity among all the clubs in the province to exploit the hidden
talents in many of the soccer players.

And the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has commended the LFA for its efforts
on developing soccer in the province.

FAZ Finance Director Sam Phiri said at the same meeting that since LFA was a major
‘feeder of player’ to FAZ, it was important that the association leads by example
for other provincial associations to emulate.

Phiri, who said he emanated from the amateur circles, added that since the LFA was
the only active provincial Association, it was only of importance that more amateur
teams in various districts in Lusaka province are reached.

“Lusaka Football Association is the only association that seems to meet FAZ’s
mission of spreading football to the rural areas, “he said.

He said FAZ was proud that LFA had introduced Division three for amateur teams in
the province.

And the new LFA Executive committee has changed as follows :

Chairman – William     Mutale

Vice Chairman – Winford Chandalala

Secetary General – Peter Kabaso

Deputy Secretary General – Geofrey Muleya

Treasurer – Johnson Khumalo

Committee Members – Scholastic Chipungu

-         Godwin Chintu.

-         Peter Milanzi

-         Davison Lungu.

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