Central Province Minister, Sydney Chisanga, is concerned that most Railway Systems of Zambia passenger trains lack proper maintenance and are a deplorable state.

Mr. Chisanga observed that most of the trains lack proper seats and lighting
systems, a situation that subject passengers to unconducive conditions.

Mr. Chisanga said government is saddened by complaints from passengers over the poor
conditions of the trains and that it will soon intervene in the matter.

The minister said this in Kabwe yesterday when communications and transport deputy
minister Mubika Mubika paid a courtesy call on him at his Office.

Mr. Chisanga said despite several complaints to RSZ, nothing has been done to
improve the situation.

And Communications and Transport Deputy Minister Mubika Mubika revealed that
government will not allow a situation where public Operators are dehumanising the
travelling public.

Mr. Mubika disclosed that Government will next year set up a Railway Regulatory
Agency of Zambia that will the audit and monitor the performances of RSZ.

The Deputy Minister said the commissioning of the former Zambia Railways to RSZ is
meant to benefit Zambians because government is in a hurry to transform the
transport sector.

He said after budget approval, the Ministry of Communications and Transport will
embark on an on-the-spot check on Railway Systems of Zambia infrastructure and also
address issues of vandalism and low wages in the RSZ.

The Deputy Minister however, tasked the Central Province Administration to write a
comprehensive report that in turn will be handed over to President Levy Mwanawasa.


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  1. Privitization is good for certain economic sectors and not for all. Zambia Railways was a indeed a back bone to the growth and development of line of rail but with the coming of RSZ,things were anticipated to change and improve the delivery and conditions of both the transport of goods and smooth flow of passangers.We call upon govt and the ministry of transport to help rekindle the rail sector by ensuring the services people are seekig are improved.



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