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Ndola soccer fans express mixed feelings over Zambia – Congo match, tomorrow.

Sports Ndola soccer fans express mixed feelings over Zambia - Congo match, tomorrow.

Soccer fans in Ndola have expressed mixed feelings over the Zambian National Soccer Team’s encounter with Congo Brazzaville.

Most fans told ZANIS in separate interviews were not sure of the outcome saying there were a number of factors to considere on the part of the Chipolopolo boys.

Michael Chipokoloma of Skyways residential area said Zambia has un uphill battle to defeat the hosts at home ground.

Chipokoloma urged the Patrick Phiri coaching bench to strengthen the front line saying, that if not worked on, the Chipolopolo boys might lose.

” The team did not have enough time to coordinate with each other as some players were joining camp at the last minute,”he said.

However his colleague Lawrence Lwendo expressed optimism that the senior team would carry the day.

Lwendo said the Zambia National Football team often pull surprises in away matches

“Beating Congo Brazzaville at their home ground would be one surprise that the teammight pull up for the Country,
” said the fan.

Lwendo said the national team is has a record of always playing better when the ‘ chips’ are down when people lose confidence as the situation currently was.

He was however quick to say that anything could happen tomorrow adding that people needed to be ready for any result.
Zambia this Sunday takes on Congo Brazzaville in a crucial Ghana 2008 Africa Cup
qualifier match to be played in that country.

Government yesterday urged the senior team to go for early goals when they meet the ‘red devils’ in tomorrow’s Ghana 2008 African Cup qualifier.


  1. Solution to Zambia’s football woes
    1 Get rid of Teddy Mulonga
    2 Get a Foreign coach; Italian or Brazillian
    3 Send Junior team coaches for training abroad
    4 Build modern stadia in Ndola Lusaka and perhaps Chipata
    5 Get a professional League working
    6 Get the Mining companies interested in sponsoring clubs
    7 Revive the 60s 70s 80s soccer fanaticism

    Do these things and we could reach the final of the 2010 World Cup. Its not a joke….

  2. Soccer fan number 1, you can have the best coach in the world and if the foundation is fragile then everything will be in vain. FAZ must concentrate on the grassroot rather than on finished product. Do you agree with me? Then your points listed above are useless. Teddy is not an issue nor sending coaches abroad is sheer waste of resources as been the case with Ben Pamfuchile but sending the entire team for a month in Brazil can make a difference. You see the point? Now let me tell you, FAZ croaks worked hard to intimedate Kalu for he was sealing their loopholes and now they want to get ride off Phiri who is just getting less then 10% of the foreign coach’s salary.

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