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FLS worried over political party funding, leadership selection

Headlines FLS worried over political party funding, leadership selection

The Forum for Leadership Search, FLS, has described as disastrous the current trend of funding and leadership selection in political parties in the country.

FLS Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo regretted most political parties have
resorted to selecting leaders on the basis of wealth as apposed to leadership qualities.

Mr. Lifwekelo attributed this to the move by political parties to entirely rely on individuals for funding of party operations.

He told ZANIS in Lusaka that the trend by parties to depend on individual politicians to fund parties has to a greater extent compromised the quality of political leadership and democracy in the country.

Mr Lifwekelo said the state of affairs has made politicians, who assume leadership
on the basis of wealth, to become reluctant to be challenged at national party

Meanwhile , Mr Lifwekelo challenged the Bankers Association of Zambia, BAZ, to publicly condemn the move by some banking institutions to compromise the client
confidentiality principle, through revelation of personal bank documents to the public.

 Mr. Lifwekelo made the challenge in apparent reference to recent revelations of
President Mwanawasa’s bank account details to the public by Finance Bank.

He urged BAZ to censure financial institutions that breach banking ethics by
undermining the confidentiality of individual clients.

“We wonder how confidential information regarding a private account was availed to
third party if not for the purposes of embarrassing the president” he said.



  1. We have far too many lazy people hopping from one party to another. I cant see how public funding is gonna solve this if that what Edwin is advocating. Political parties worth their name have to depend largely on individual contributions.
    Public funding is just not justifiable in the current scheme of things.

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