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Zambia holds Congo Brazzaville to remain in contention for Ghana 2008 Africa Cup of

Sports Zambia holds Congo Brazzaville to remain in contention for Ghana 2008 Africa...

Zambia has remained in contention for the Ghana 2008 Africa Cup of Nations after holding second placed Congo Brazzaville 0-0 at in Brazzaville this afternoon.

The senior Chipolopolo boys have gained a point more to four points while Congo
Brazzaville still maintain their second slot with seven points in-group 11 of the Ghana 2008 Africa Cup of Nations.

South Africa’s Bafana Bafana lead the group with nine points after edging Chad 3-0
yesterday at home.

Chad is still bottom of the table with no point at all.

Playing before a capacity crowd at Masamba- Debat Stadium Zambia contended attacks by the home team whose front line led by Christ Malonga, Destine Makita and Armel Momouna in the first half.

Zambia’s dependable striker Collins Mbesuma was tightly marked by three Congolese
defenders and this was not an opportunity enough for scoring machine Christopher
Katongo of .to score.

Zambia’s goal minder Kennedy Mweene was on the alert to wade off strikes at goal by
the home team. 

Defence pillars Elijah Tana, perhaps man of the match, coordinated well with Clive
Hachilensa, Billy Mwanza and Joseph Mwanza to prevent Congo Brazzaville from winning.

The second half saw Zambia almost scoring in the 47 th minute through Christopher
Katongo but his strike was off target.

The senior Chipolopolo boys are expected back in the country on Tuesday, 14: 00.

And on the local front, Green Eagles football club edged Lusaka City Council (LCC)
football 2-0 at home ground , Nationalist Stadium, in a  week four FAZ/KCM division
one MATCH. 

Green Eagles scored in the 17th minute through their dependable striker, Kauseni

In the second half, Kauseni repeated his scoring tricks with a spectacular goal, in
the 54th minute leaving the LCC fans haplessly.  

LCC who were looking for an outright win to have seven points after 3 games of a
win, a draw and loss, in today’s match. However, to their dismay they remained at 4

And Green Eagles have risen to 8 points after punishing LCC who failed to utilise
their chances.

Green Eagle’s new coach, Jimmy Mwale told ZANIS in a post match interview that he
still had a lot of work to do with his team.

Mwale congratulated his boys on their good performance and that they played
according to his game plan.

 And the host coach, Christopher Silungwe complained that six of his players played
below par and that they failed to convert their chances into a


  1. A draw was good but not the very best for Zambia in Congo. Zambia lways wait towards the end of the qualifiers to impress but that always turns up to be a disappointment.So here Some tips for coach Phiri. Make sure you beat Congo and chad at home that will give us 10 pts South Africa is beatable at home too. But drwa will be fine.South Africa Might lose in Congo.So if we dont nay points from now on, we stil have a chance but another draw will make the chances even slimmer.FAZ make sure that you arrange more friendlies for the national teams and good to hear that Tana is back in Zambian defence the onus is to continue to sharpen the front line and coordination in the mid-field. Good job boys and continue until the sweet end of Ghana 2008.

  2. We should not caculate mathematics on football games. Zambia is already out whether someone likes it or not.Yes we have two games at home and South Africa also have two games at their home ground so in my own analysis South Africa has already qualified looking at the points they have.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we drew in Congo just because we again featured the same team we played against the South Africans.If we featured the team that beat Angola during the COSAFA CUP,we could have won the game in Congo by a big magin.Now since we want to play games by name, hence we lost it out and we will not recover that its imposible.In my own observation, these local players are even much, much better than the so called professionals.A good example is the guy who plays in portugal Mbesuma, this guy is finished completely. That steam he had in South Africa is all gone and to day is just a history.We should look at real issues. You soccer analyst what do you say am sure you will agree with me.

  3. Mathias, mathematic is for CALCULATION and football sometimes goes with luck. Mathias, if angle A is equal to angle B and B equal to C then A is not equal to C. This is soccer. When did you start watching soccer? Recently Zambia lifted East and Central Africa Cup after losing the first match, so you better keep quiet and watch games like bowling.

  4. Mathias, I do agree with that you have little knowledge about soccer and I wouldn’t wait to see you watching bowling.

  5. We drew in Congo becuase we had no preparetions at all. FAZ and GRZ are to blame for this. We were not told that we play Congo in 2 weeks but we knew about this important game a long time ago. Look at South Africa, they had most of european based players for Chad. Why is it that how now so called professionals only want to come 2 or 3 days berfore the game? Yes I’m talking about Mbesuma. This is a guy who is always lingering around 3,4,5 day after playing for the national team, wassup with that? Mbesuma we love you but please be little bit professional. Go back to your club in time becuase you are not just painting a bad picture about yourself but rather the all Zambian footballers and that’s not fair. Why are you people close to the guy not encourage him to go back to his club everytime his national duty is done, is it because he buys yoy a lot of beer and then you don’t want him to go back? Please Zambians let us help these guys to be real professionals in and out of the

  6. Mbesuma likes talking great before the games and becomes a shadow of himself in games. Action speaks louder than words. Next time Mbesuma don’t talk too much, we are tired of unfulfilled words. I do agree with Chitalu that you should portray a good picture for the Zambians if really you are a humanist BUT if you are “a don’t care attitude type”, then continue with your behavior and see how it will ruin you. We love you Mbesuma but change you attitude and report for duties on time.

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