A senior government official in Choma has urged women in chief Macha's area to report to traditional authorities husbands who will sell
off all their harvested maize.

Addressing villagers at chief Macha's palace, acting Choma district commissioner Mungoni Simulilika said only surplus food must be sold. 

Simulilika said the tendency by villagers to sell all their produce and expect government to provide relief food was unacceptable. 

The acting Choma DC told the gathering that included chiefs Macha and Singani, that husbands who sell food meant for home consumption to raise money for beer must be
dealt with as they were causing unnecessary hardships to their families. 

Mr Simulilika said government has done its part by providing subsidized farming inputs to farmers whose appreciation for the gesture can best be shown through
enhanced household food security. 

And, Mr Simulilika has urged cooperative societies intending to benefit from the government sponsored fertilizer support programme, FSP, to avoid submitting lists of
ghost members. 

He said government was concerned that some of the cooperative societies were abusing the well intended programme by presenting names of beneficiaries who did not exist.

Mr Simulilika said the vice was frustrating government's efforts as the subsidised farm inputs ended up in undeserving hands.
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