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Levy calls for revival and diversification of the mining sector

Headlines Levy calls for revival and diversification of the mining sector

President Mwanawasa has called for the revival and diversification of the mining sector in a bid to enhance the growth of the national economy and employment creation in the country.

Mr Mwanawasa says his administration will remain committed to creating a conducive
environment which will attract increased investment in the mining sector.

He was speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the Munali
Nickel mine in Mazabuka today.

Mr Mwanawasa said the conducive mining environment created by his administration
since 2002 has resulted in increased foreign investment in Zambia and has also helped in employment creation for the local people.

He noted that his government has put the mining sector on its development agenda because of the role it plays in the economic development of the country.

President Mwanawasa pointed out that his government will strive to put in place prudent policies which will translate into increased investment in all the key sectors of the national economy.

He called on Mines and Minerals Development Minister Dr Kalombo Mwansa to step up
the ministry’s mining and gas geological exploration to attract more mining investors into the country.

Earlier, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Dr Kalombo Mwansa said the opening
up of the Munali Nickel Mining plant in Mazabuka district was a clear demonstration of the great importance the MMD government attaches to the mining sector.

Dr Mwansa said his ministry will continue putting in place policies that will attract increased investment in the mining sector and also contribute significantly to oil and gas exploration in Zambia.

Speaking at the same function, Southern Province Minister Joseph Mulyata commended
government for putting in place policies, which have translated into economic development of the province.

Mr Mulyata said the development projects initiated by the new deal administration
have helped to raise the people of southern province from the shackles of poverty.

And Albidon Zambia Limited Managing Director Dale Rodgers said his company will
invest US$100 million in the development of the Munali Nickel Mining Plant.

Rodgers pointed out that the US$100 million investment into the Munali Nickel Mining
Plant will result in employment creation as well as contribute positively to
sustainable development of Zambia.



  1. I agree and congratulate the president on his drive to get mines revived or new ones opened. My only gripe with the government is the “slave” wages they allow investors to pay our local workers! people who work daily from as early as 06h00 to 18h00 take home less than K500pin a month, while their expart colleagues get home with basketfuls of kwachas for working the same shifts and under the same conditions.
    It is a sad development that employment creation is matched by what local people benefit from the said mining revival programme. The government can certainly do better in the area of remuneration of locals, of course they do not expect to paid the same salaries. The cry from our people is that they also get paid living wages just like their colleagues, after all the ore from which every cent is generated belongs to the Zambians. The investors can brag about bringing in their money to invest, but even such loans are ultimately repaid by tapping of our natural resources.

  2. Indeed we appreciate all the efforts by the president in awakening the sleeping giant – the mining sector considered to be the lifeline of Zambia. However, there is more to it than just facilitating for the foreign investors to take up the mining business. The scale should be balanced. We would also like to see the Zambian workers to get a good share of the cake. Slave wages should not be entertained. Mining is a cruel but profitable business. It it is cruel to both the workers and the enviroment, therefore, the mine owners should serious consider reinvesting in to the social welfare and infrastracture like housing. Sponsoring sports activities should be on the agender as the goverment considrs to revisit the agreement previously signed by the investors.I am optimistic that with all these viable mines coming to life, we are not going to rely on a donor funded budget. Zambia is on the right track to economical growth but we need to put our house in order.Let us also benefit.

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