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Multi-choice Zambia unshaken by Free-to Air providers

Economy Multi-choice Zambia unshaken by Free-to Air providers

Multi-choice Zambia says it is unshaken by the competition arising from Free-to-Air facilities that have come on the scene.

Multi-choice Zambia Public Relations Officer Kamiza Chikula says the firm has witnessed a rise in subscribers amid the competition from Free-to-Air providers.

He told ZANIS in an interview that any well-meaning competition is welcome as it helps to better service delivery.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chikula has announced that the firm has increased the subscriptionfor Dstv free by 3 percent, translating into US..2.

He said the increase, which is effective April 1, 2007, is aimed at covering the procurement of new programming and technology to improve service delivery.

Mr. Chikula said the fee increase on Dstv subscribers applies to all global clients.

He added that following the fee hike, the company has added more channels to its bouquet.



  1. Multi choice does deserve some competition and I am 100% behind the Free-to air companies that have given many Zambian a chance to watch more channels at a very reduced price.
    Multi Choice only caters for the rich and that is not fair!!!! I do hope they go out of business.

  2. The front desk staff desk officers are rude and not business minded.Let you company face competition and when you are done you will be back in the streets!

  3. Multi Choice your days are numbered more providers are coming you will be out of business. Product and pricing must take into consideration the income of the people.
    Alas Zambia has leadership in the village,church and parliament sleeping at the switch

  4. MultiChoice is a Business , and like every business, it’s aim is to make a PROFIT.But Quality comes at a PRICE. And for those who want to watch Quality TV, please TUNE IN TO MULTICHOICE, and for those that what Free-To-Air TV, the choice is yours. MultiChoice has to pay Right’s and several expenses to show Quality show’s.We had CASAT,i hope it is still around, as it’s long i last heard of it, and if it has closed, it means some people become UNEMPLOYED, but for MULTICHOICE who have been around for more than 10 years, it means more people are been EMPLOYED. We need Employers like MultiChoice to reduce the Unemployment levels in the country. Remember, if you pray for Multichoice to close,it’s not the Shareholders at a LOSS, they will easily transfer their money to other countries where they are welcome, it’s OURSELVES who will be JOB-LESS.

  5. Pricing of a service of course is based on the cost of producing that service.Competition is the key thing to remove the monopolistic features Multi choice have been enjoying, they must run for their money.It makes me wonder why Multi choice services are so overpriced compared to Namibia and the source SA.You will agree with me that those who live in Mongu alot of people cross over to katima mulilo to subscribe and pay alot lesser with so many channels to watch than those in Lusaka. There should be no fear of closure , Multi choice must just reposition themselves and face this competition, its the only healthy thing to do. What is happening in the telephone business is what Multi choice must brace itself for, it should not even seek symphathy from anywhere, it just take the bull by its horns and come out of the comfort zone it has enjoyed in the last 10 years.

  6. Eish, this forum is interesting, people please, widen your scope of thinking, Kayata, you should have put your contributions to the house in board for Chilumba and Mike Banda, surely guys the difference in the pricing are detaimined by not only the marginal loss in the exchange rate but by tax implications of different countries coupled by economic drivers. Talking of competition, whats the credability of Free to Air and will they be able to swallow Multi choice employees when it shuts down. Got a point on job creation. Quality does not come cheap. Let Free to Air get into the system not with the view to compete but to put service first then people will decide. Yaba!

  7. Real Zedian,suppose SKy,Virgin Media,and so many other companies that are in this industry came to invest in Zambia? What will be your reaction concerning your much tresured Multi Choice?If you have an answer to this then you must shut you mouth and engage your brain to go beyond reasoning? Who tells you when a company is faced with competition the ultimate goal is to close the company? ever jead of SWOT? Read about it and it will guide you as to what Multi Choice must start preparing for in the future.Free to Air is just one component , they will come a time when more will come in ,Multi Choice doesnot generate that beam to charge those exhobitant prices, they get the beam straight from RSA, ineffect they are just an end user with little cost implication. Tax or no Tax they are just expensive for nothing,go back to Zambia and see how the mobile phone industry has developed, cos of competition the quality of service is superb and that is what we want not depriving the innocent Zambian

  8. I hope the Government is charging higher taxes on entertainment services like this as this is a luxury.
    Reduce PAYE for hard working people and slump it on such services. If the minimum wage in Zambia is low let the people with money pay the taxes.

    I don’t understand how Multi Choice can be thriving when all I hear about are the high unemployment rates in Zambia.

  9. DSTV is very expensive, it is unfair we pay all that money to watch satellite channels, I heard that there is a bouquet called MyTV which is affordable and contains good channels.

  10. I was told that DSTV smart card will be married off with the Strong Technology decorders. But if you research properly most Zambians would prefer buy Strong decorders and use DSTV smart cards because this way its cheaper. So if you marry the dual off you will lose market share!!!

  11. Hey mult choice.I hope u r not running out of choices when it comes to competing with free to air decorders.The idea of using the DSTV card on a strong decorder was good.Why dont u come out in the open and tell us why u cut us off.dont u think u will b losing more on ur revenue or probably u dont care, all u want is us to buy ur decorders!!!!

  12. Why the hell is DSTV so damn expensive?I would rather buy a free to air with good free channels than pay for DSTV for my maid to watch while iam at work and my children are at school!
    I mean,who actualyy watches tv 24/7?Plus with the zesco loadshedding..it hurts less when you have a free to air.

  13. multi choice, do have any plans on the table of introducing cable instead dish. Cable would be better considering the amount of money yr customers are paying. Zambians pay more yet the service does not include internet and phone line which is provided in other countries where only about $100 is paid for the three services.

  14. I have been trying to talk to your Call Center personnel from Friday and all I get are rude hung ups!
    What is going on there on 261616 ???? The attendants that were working on Friday – 4th Dec, were damn right rude! If you try to ask anything, they hung up on you! It is really irritating!

  15. Multi-Choice, can you please tell the people what is happening?! We can’t spend the whole day phoning you for service, when you are just within Lusaka here! Why isn’t anyone picking the phone when it rings!

  16. I delight in, lead to I found just what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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