Levy fires VJ


President Levy Mwanawasa has fired Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Vernon Mwaanga.

President Mwanawasa has also revoked Mr. Mwaanga’s nomination as ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, Member of Parliament and parliamentary Chief Whip.

Mr. Mwaanga also ceases to be chief government spokesperson.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, John Musukuma, today.

“His execellency the President, Mr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, SC has relieved Honourable, Vernon J. Mwaanga, of his duties as Minister of Information and
Broadcasting Services, revoked his nomination as Member of Parliament and removed
him as Chief Government spokesperson and Parliamentary Chief Whip with immediate
effect,” read the statement.

Mr. Mwanawasa further revoked Mr. Mwaanga’s nomination as member of the MMD’s
National Executive Committee, subject to ratification by NEC.

Mr. Mwanawasa said the manner in which Mr. Mwaanga handled his recent assignment to the neigbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, over the closure of the Kasumbalesa border, makes his position not tenable in government and the party.

“It is certain that your handling of this assignment makes your position in Cabinet
or any public or party office in this administration untenable,” President Mwanawasa

According to a letter, dated April 11, sent to Mr. Mwaanga, President Mwanawasa
indicated his displeasure at the manner Mr. Mwaanga handled the assignment in that
country where he met DRC President, Joseph Kabila.

Mr. Mwanawasa said Mr. Mwaanga’s alleged irresponsible handling of the assignment,
as indicated by media reports, has been confirmed by a DVD which recorded one of the
press conferences held in that country.

“Initial Press reports coming from that country and reported in the Post Newspaper
indicated that your handling of thia assignment was extremely irresponsible and
substantially departs from my expectation on you as my Special Envoy,” read part of
Mr. Mwanawasa’s letter to Mr. Mwaanga.

“My fears were unfortunately confirmed when I received a DVD which recorded one of
the atleast 2 press conferences that you addressed while there,” read the letter in

The president, however, wished Mr. Mwaanga the best in his future endevours.



  1. One down , many more still at large.Mr President now turn your attention to the Vulture Fund culprits.We need to see justice in the interest of the nation
    Bravo Levy.


    It is the hottest season of the year
    Old VJ is in the kitchen
    He is cooking
    So that he can eat with his one clean hand

    Suddenly there was fire
    Yes, fire!
    somebody is shouting
    Fire! Fire! Fire!

    Poor old VJ couldn’t sneak out
    To escape the fire
    It is not the first time that he is on fire
    But this time the fire caught up with him
    And he is gattered to ashes

    He shouts for help
    But no one came to his aid
    Because everyone know that, He eats with two dirt hands

    Oh! poor Old VJ
    Didn’t you know the the the forest is on fire
    You have always escaped
    But this one has engulfed you
    And it has engulfed you indeed

    It is the hottest season of the year
    And let the fire keep on burnig
    Hoping that only those who eat with clean hands
    Will survive the fire

    It is the hotest season of the year
    And let the fire keep burning
    Because the forest has to be cleared
    For the shrubs to grow

  3. Publish the Ministry of Lands corruption findings as well Levy.
    We are waiting to see which big fish stole how much land and how much was given to their respective sibblings, girl friends , concubines,wives,husbands,reverends, bishops, pastors and many other plunderers at the expense of a poor man.

  4. Why should it always have to take the President to enact the law, when we have ACC,the Courts, and the Police.

  5. Are you guys laughing at VJ? Am sure he is rubbing his hands with glee, his latest chapter installment in maybe his next book, probably entitled “How to piss on Zadians!” Well, at long last he’s been smoked out! LPM seems to be the darling here, am persuaded to concur, though not for the latter, but for being a “smart” opportunuist, whose bedtime favorite read is The Post. Cometh pursuit of plunder, LPM jumps onto the bandwagon, hailing it his favorite pastime;Kunda’s nolle prosequi of “England”(bulaya); now Mwaanga’s pumbafu saga in Kinshasa,& he is at it again!! Originality! he purely lacks, he seems to be led on all the time, BUT, don’t be deceived, he is like a duck that looks calm on the surface but paddling hard below, trying to cleanse the rot that lies within, portraying himself as the good guy, well let’s hear it from the boys – “england” & VJ about how clean LPM is! Oh, by the way, please leave kalaki alone, muntuwesu!!

  6. While most of you celebrate the firing of VJ perhaps we should consider what this says about the maturity of our political leaders. First of all, I think the president overeacted. In fact he usually overeacts.There are savy ways of dealing with such problems like the one VJ caused. This could have been dealt with internaly.
    This decision makes zambian politcs and politicians look very imature. It shows that we are more lead by emotion and public opinion rather than objectivity.
    The president should protect his cabinet. Yes, even though they make public misakes. What this does is show unity and strength within cabinet. I dont think this situation posed any threat to the security of our nation and honestly it wouldn’t suprise me if the zambian government owes Katumbi $7m. We al know that the previous adminstration did business with about anyone.
    Now am not saying the president shouldn’t fire people or put his house in order. But am saying not every mistake warrants a day at the stakes

  7. Its sad that people live and work in fear. You can never speak your minds out. shame. You dont just fire people anyhow.

  8. Campbell Lumbila amazes me with his ridiculous though implicit defence of Mwaanga. I dont think Mwaanga has anything useful to offer Zambians; i just hope he doesnt get recycled again, this man is wasted and finished. Moses Katumbi was the business face of a corrupt scam FTJ and others including Mwaanga perpetrated in this country. Maybe FTJ owes him. Those criminals have to one day answer for those crimes.
    Further, if Moses were owed any amount of money, he cant use that as an excuse to close off a national border. Where’s the diplomacy? Is he going to settle scores with our nation through sabotage? ‘Chimp’ type thinking from the Ituri.

  9. Well done Levy. But what about George Kunda with his Nolle Prosqui? By the way, you also tried to protect him; what about Katele, and your MMD Chairman? Levy, how do you define “double standards”?
    This country needs a broom that sweeps clean; not one that selectively sweeps in order to hide more sinister motives.

  10. Mr. Francis I think you misunderstood my point. Let me draw from the most mature democracy in the world, USA. As we speak, President Bush is under pressre really to fire his attorney general. Now he can give in to public pressure or stand by his attorney general. Right now, he defends the man’s decision to fire 8 USA attorneys.
    It might turn out that he is wrong about his man but its a matter of principle. You do not present a divided front. Rather you let the rule of law take its course. This promotes the crediblity and strength of our law and constitution. It also brings confidence to the people.

    Right now our president seems not to be settled at all. How many ministers has he fired in his 2 terms in office? Now the ministers could have been wrong or misrepresented the president or even corrupt; but what does that say about his ability to gather the right people around him. It seems he doesn’t do his homework well before appointing these people. This ultimately is his flaw.

  11. Well done, vernon, for being a soo careless TRAITOR in your stupid foolishness … This man has had TOO MANY jobs too many times and has done TOO MUCH DANAGE to Zambia. His probable “connections” in this matter must be investigated.

  12. i very well think that th president shoul have not fired Mr.Mwaanga..you need help….Mr.Levy is simply doig it for personal reasns, and by doing so he is wrong…let us not worry about the issue that the have together but care about our fellow Zambians..look at the children homeless, motherless, fatherless living in bad conditions and we are celebrating Mr. Levy’s personal issue with is employees..we have to remember tat before Levy was president, he indeed worked with Mr.Mwaanga, in the ral world you dont fire someone that has failed to do an assingment..what has Mr.Levy NEVER failed in his life! rest my case.lets focus on help our motherland.one zambia foreerthats the biggest challenge.

  13. lets us work together to help our land….Mr.Levy and Mr.Mwaanga..keep your personal life out of the public eye.

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