VJ resigns from MMD NEC


Dismissed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Vernon Mwaanga, says he has with immediate effect resigned from the MMD National Executive Committee, NEC.

This follows President Mwanawasa’s decision to relieve him of his duties as minister
and chief government spokesperson.

President Mwanawasa also revoked Mr. Mwaanga’s nomination as Member of Parliament.

Mr Mwaanga, who confirmed having received the dismissal letter from President
Mwanawasa to ZANIS this evening, said he decided to resign from the NEC following
the President’s intention to recommend Mwaanga removal from NEC.

Mr. Mwaanga said he accepted President Mwanawasa’s decision and thanked him for
giving him chance to serve in his administration.

Mr Mwaanga has however, expressed happiness that the border problems which affected
the mining companies have now been resolved.

He has since thanked President Mwanawasa, Cabinets Ministers, NEC and Members of
Parliament from all parties for working closely with him during the time he saved as
MP and MMD chief Whip.



  1. Don’t worry VJ it’s déjà vu all over again. He has fired you before. Elections approached and they brought you in to engineer the successful re-election and you executed to perfection. LPM re-elected. Job well done. They don’t need you anymore. Take a vacation and come back in 2009 or 2010 and the job will be there for you. AM sure you know this and that is why u are going without a fight. You have been in this game for a long time indeed ..since you were 17 years old. No wonder you continue to outlive most politicians in Zambia. All the best man.

    Oh, one more thing. As a of value to Zambia, you are useless man. I wish we could find a way to trash the whole lot of your sort into some rubbish bin and give way to new crop of politicians. You have let the country down big time through your boot licking crap that you perpetuate.

  2. If i was VJ, I would never be taken for granted and being used only to propel Levy after that you are a peace of garbage.Grow up VJ and be a man of your own words and deeds. You have been used alot and now everything is back firing on you.I think it is high time you quited politics Mr. VJ.

  3. VJ got what he deserved. Taking Zambians for granted by feeding them with falsehoods even when truth abounds is not the way to run government on taxpayers’ expense. The world has changed and we now need truth to take us forward, propaganda days are long gone, and so is VJ’s usefulness.
    We hope now you retire and settle somewhere after many years of political involvement. NOTE: we no longer need elections-engineers, and it will be sad to see you brought back to influence the elections outcome. We want to vote for who we need, not packing ballots with pre-marked papers. Enjoy your rest in retirement!

  4. VJ, you are useless chap. You connived with DRC crook Katumbi to share the money he supplied maize to Zambia.That amount of money can be used to reduce malnutrition in rural areas. If you were my dad I would have spite into your face. How would Zambia start importing Maize from DRC while the Congolese are still smuggling mealie meal from Zambia? What a scandalous dad who only think about his pocket not the Zambian people he vowed to serve. The “Mbala mafias” labelled you as drug dealer, Sata calls you “Umungulu”, KK once called you “Kachepa”, Chiluba calls you “chameleon”. Whatever others may call you, there is one denomitor that you are a thief. Bye VJ, and waiting to come and attend your next wedding.

  5. At long last, someone with integrity has gotten rid of VJ. He should have been fired long time ago,besides it why was he even appointed all 3 govt’s from KK to Mwanawasa. We need a new generation of politician’s.
    Sam K, wedding’s for VJ are personal, they are not of importance to the country. But you could be correct, maybe Personality and Performance are required of a leader.

  6. What goes round always comes round, VJ has finally be caught up in the crooked web he helped create.VJ was a saint in the eyes of LPM during the FTJ saga and won kudos for this extraordinary work of exposing FJT matrix.Despite using him to devulge the required corrupt practices in the last regime nothing has yielded anything and am sure LPM was just waiting for an opportune time to start shedding off some of his dead wood in the likes of VJ.The next one to go must be Teta,who has become so big headed for nothing.If LPM has to leave any legacy, this is the right time to do so,honest and integrity are key elements for democratisation. LPM start cleaning up your house otherwise ,Sata is waiting to sort you out. Sam ,I very much doubt if this man will ever live to invite you to his 21st wedding cos the $7m deal has been exposed ,hence no cash my friend unless he goes the chombela nganda way.Aluta continua LPM

  7. Biongo…..Anything that goes up will always come down.VJ,too bad for u ,but man,u wanted to eat nuts on our heads…
    Think of it,u are a convicted formal drug dealer.U have been appointed into ministirial positions,dumped and again picked up.Man ,do u have any principles in ya life?I know u are going to say that u are older than me,and so u are wiser than me.Man,but u also know that come election year,they are gonna pick u up from the trash can.Dude u ain’t nothing but a bootlicker,thats why u always fold ya tail in between ya legs,and go back to GRZ.They don’t like u,and neither do I!
    U’ve broght more harm,than good coz u are greed,and love mony just too much.
    I feel good coz of ya sorrow now.Am gonna celebrate.
    Advise from the young generation-quit politics-coz I now that right now u are thinking of joing either PF(Sata) or UPND(HH) coz u really need some boots to lick…Time up,dude.I hope they will be wise enuf to reject u…

  8. VJ! You have finally been thrown into the trash can! I pity you but you deserverd it man. I know you are thinking that someone is being unfair to you but you are just getting punished for your gross unfairness on the Zambian people – you have engineered the “theft” of elections always and you seem not to find anything wrong with it. I pity you. May you get what you deserve and infact people like you do not even deserve to be still around here – we are tired of seeing your face man. Go settle in Sinazongwe, Gwembe or other far away places where we will not see you.

  9. Do we not have any young blood to bring into politics instead of using has-beens from former governments and political parties???..how are we to progress using politicians with the same ideas but different alliegence when it suits them????

  10. VJ is the epitome of the crop of politicians in Zed. The are bootlickers, Shamelessly corrupt, unprincipled, feed on lies and take Zambian people for granted. When I say Zambian politicians, I include LPM and all politicians that descended on Zambia after 1991.

    They all think Zambians owe them a living. I can guarantee you that had the post newspapers not been on VJ’s case, LPM would not have fired him and they would have continued lying to us as if we are so stupid.

    Zambia needs a political revolution that can usher in new leaders with fresh minds and a bit of civility towards governance.

    God save us from these Kabengas

  11. I have said it once and i’ll say it over and over again.Why? coz it’s true. They say a good name is better than riches.However true this may be,one can just as well dent it within seconds.V.J. is a good man who has now become a laughing stock coz of his mistake.You don’t betray your own people,never!! And credit must go to LPM who is working tirelessly just to rid the country of corruption.Let this be a warning to all politicians who want to take the Zambian people for granted.In this world,there are certain mistakes that one should never make especially betrayal.Judas betrayed Jesus and we all know what the outcome was.It’s high time Zambians started to appreciate what LPM is doing for the nation.Let us not be in the habit of politicizing even what we know is in the interest of our nation.When all other African presidents were quiet,only LPM had the courage to voice out and coz of him almost every president is in and Zimbabwe is on the road map to peace, order etc.LPM you’re the man!!

  12. VJ please save yourself some dignity , retire this time around once and for all from politics. you have had your chance to contribute your political experience to the country and every time you do good you always end up doing bad.you cant serve in every Government that rules the country something must be wrong with you . Different leaders have different ways of running the country if you fit in all of their style of Governance then you need a head examination.

  13. Sorry, I have to shout here.



    Sorry I had to get that off my chest and I feel good now.

  14. Too pity for you VJ. No one who knows what you are seem to appreciate your services.What a shame!! spit You have been a tricker all your years. When you saw a man with integrity Nervous Mumba, you made sure he goes out quickly. Instead of providing advice Mumba, you were busy sending emails to Levy tanishing his name. This was done to perpetuate your stealing. You could not manipulate his stand. No wonder you staged a celebration soon after NM got fired. Now things have lies have caught up with you.!

    Retire and look after all those wives. You have gone the same way…thrown in the trash.

  15. Mr Bwana VJ sir, God has a interesting way of punishing unprincipled traitors such as yourself, you deserted your close ally FTJ after 2001 to seek employment from LPM, you even publically rediculed FTJ over his illness and you behaved as if he was your arch-enemy, you did all this to please your paymaster, your attitude was not pleasing in our eyes and god our creator. You only have yourself to thank for what has now happend to you

    I for one could never understand how LPM found it expedient to appoint a self confessed drug dealer as Cabinet Minister, Chief Government spokesman and Parly Chief Whip. Perhaps LPM has suddenly realised his grave mistake.

    Consider the title of your next book ” An Unprincipled life” !

  16. Once upon a time in a faraway place, I asked my father to join MMD, and he told me, My child its better to be poor and live in dignity, because my dear child one day you’ll remember me, you have sold this land to a bunch of mafias who will do anything to maintain themselves,they will steal, embarass you to all our neighbours and if you the young dont wake up am scarred for zambia he said,
    in todays world I have to tell my children how the leaders are stealing and embaracing us day by day,
    I knew VJ was lying but I wanted him to have been misquoted just so that as zambians our heads can be held high up,but no he had to sell hes soul,did LPM just hand him a letter with no verbal instructions, I think he was told to calm things down which In MMD lanuage means kiss a***, this is a big shame to all of us zambians because how will they open and talk about the so called katumbi when hes buying them and selling them like trash, Katumbi knows that theres a list that can be bought.

  17. I agree with Chanda Phiri when he says Levy can not fool us with the firing of VJ. LPM knows that Mwanga is a dirty rigger of elections and this is why he hired him and found it very easy to dispose him off. He is of no use therefore, he can not be protected.

    Wait a minute. Those of you who are heaping praises on LPM’s leadership should think twice because if you consider LPM’s term, it is difficult to put out what he has improved on from the Kafupi times. When he finally goes in 2011, he will be remembered as a president who came to power dubiously and promised to route out corruption but since it was a loopsided exercise, he ended up being swallowed by the corruption he came to fight and he become an accomplice.

    How can a man driven by the need to rid the country of corruption get people like Katele Kalumba, VJ, Michael Mabenga and others as assocites. Zambia needs leadership change

  18. The reason why VJ seems to accept appointments regardless of how he gets dismissed so often is that he needs government protection on his dirty deals.I pray that this is the last time we are hearing of this man.When will the young serve if the grandfathers are still holding-on to positions?My appeal to the likes of Mwaanga is that,retire before your good names are tarnished in this mudslingung career.

  19. Chanda Phiri, you are right. Why praise Levy for acting on this one simple issue. He is still harboring Mabenga and Kalumba. Let Levy be serious with his fight. He needs to rid his government of these imbeciles. How can you share the same platform with people who the courts of law have condemned. Kalumba is still going to court and yet he holds office in the Party. Yes, we say you are innocent until proven guilty. But it is the integrity of government at stake. Why can’t he lay him off party functions for the time being until his cases are disposed of in court. Why does Levy have to maintain double standards? Regarding VJ, I think he has had his time. African politicians need to know when to call it quits. Why should an illustrious political career end up in the trash. Where is your dignity? I cannot wait to see what will happen to that cruel sycophant called Mugabe. He needs to be fed to the lions.

  20. VJ, you should have known that LMP is not to be trusted. He does not appreciate friends who does good to him. Look how treated Kafupi who gave him the presidence on the silve platter, because he was protecting his interest. VJ you engineered the last two elections for LPM, look what you got from him, the chap will go out his ways to protect his position. Where his interest is concern he does value friends or favours, one does for him. VJ you crooked the Zambian people by engineering the elections, now you paying for it. It does pay to be crooked, remember wages sin dead.

  21. I agree with all who have called on LPM to remove corrupt elements from his party and Government but it would be expecting too much of him because the man lacks consistancy in governance issues especially his so-called zero tolerance on corruption. In the case of Mabenga and Katele, LPM says he cannot remove them because they are elected party officials. In the case of VJM ( not that I sympathise with him ) LPM has expelled him subject to ratification by the NEC. This is a clear show of inconsistancy and application of double standards.
    It will be interesting to see if the whole saga will not implicate the highest office in the land and prove the 2001 Presidential election petitioners correct, after all.

  22. Its the beginning of the end for MMD and its dirty hands,Its evident that we can not trust Levy anymore, firstly he shields Kashiwa Bulaya(nolle),Attan Shasonga the fugitive,then he shouts that civil servants have stolen K3trillion which is further reduced to £30billion,then comes the family tree which to him is honourable(nepotism),again the Disciple Gladys Nyirongo land saga,where the LPM’s daughter is exempt,and the Vulture Fund saga where he has put a deaf ear like he is not listening, Levy your hands are not clean , the honourable thing you could have done is to resign,had you been Japanese PM this time you could have been history.LPM was quick to expose FTJ and thought he was going to win hearts but this is far fetched because the people he lied on like VJ are full of nothing but crookedness.Even his cabinet appointments if we were to dig deeper are all based on family tree.Why arewe beeing deceived like this?

  23. What came out in Congo from VJ’s mouth is the general picture of the government we have in office. VJ is a well known spin doctor who can lie with a straight face. He’s built himself a dangerous character of great deception and dishonesty. What VJ has done equals what Levy and one George Kunda did over a criminal called Kashiwa Bulaya when they wanted to pull fast one through a Nolle but the Sokoni letter (still a mystery) became to hot for them. The MMD government is a criminal government.

  24. The post newspaper, the paper that digs ever much deeper is as usual of great service to the Zambian people. Your revelation has again added to creation of sanity. We need the Freedom of Information Bill now! VJ for goodness sake always plays games of survival at the expense of the majority Zambians. Thank God, our player has been heard. This man’s door for exit has finally been opened.

  25. If NEPOTISM is a form of corruption, I doubt if LPM will not have his immunity stripped by parliament, then charged and prosecuted by the same task force he created. If he thought the task force will end on Chiluba, big mistake, he created a ‘monster which will also swallow him’. Zambians should not be surprised about VJ and LPM’s DRC saga. These chaps have the ability to lead us into confrontations with other conuntries that we may not even understand. Just think of the careless talk about Zim. They even forget the routes the country uses for most of its imports.

    Shameless governemnt!!

  26. Very interesting to read of Levy’s decision to axe one of his main bootlickers/cronies. VJ strikes me as a rather arrogant man, I can’t honestly say I will be sad to see him go. Perhaps he ought to call it quits on his political career. I’d like to remember him as the brave young freedom fighter, and not the filthy lying poltical stereotype he has become.

  27. based on my anylisis, moses spoke to the post about what was going to happen, they readilly equipped themselves with all the DVD evidence ready for the slaughter, how
    Post editor was having a cool time in kasumbalesa taking cool pictures of the life style of this rich man who had just hosted the monaco princes at his house.
    katumbi says i have mates in high places, and they ask him who they are, at the time its like all big talk so he goes ok VJ will be in town ill propose for him to receive some money from the maize deal and hell say yeah it never happened moise is safe in zed,then moise calls the man from the post, deal done you print now, and call me in a months time ill let you know who will be in my office, ba vj unkown to him theres more to the congo-zambino mafia clan

  28. based on my anylisis, moses spoke to the post about what was going to happen, they readilly equipped themselves with all the DVD evidence ready for the slaughter, how
    Post editor was having a cool time in kasumbalesa taking cool pictures of the life style of this rich man who had just hosted the monaco princes at his house.
    katumbi says i have mates in high places, and they ask him who they are, at the time its like all big talk so he goes ok VJ will be in town ill propose for him to receive some money from the maize deal and hell say yeah it never happened moise is safe in zed,then moise calls the man from the post, deal done you print now, and call me in a months time ill let you know who will be in my office, ba vj unkown to him theres more to the congo-zambino mafia clan.

  29. Most Zambians as ever seem to love missing the point. Was VJ fired for stating that the government owes Katumbi money or for denying that he ever said that or for both?
    Most of you will remember that the MMD govt stole public cash to purchase automobiles that they have been using to campaign. This and the Katumbi issue were brought up in the last major presidential litigation.
    For some reason, Zambians always allow themselves to be used by obscurantists who relish obfuscating plain issues. Until real actions are brought to bear upon the known individuals who have stolen bundles of cash from the Zambian poor while still enjoying the benefits of running the country under the MMD auspices, all this rejoicing over Mwaanga’s purpoted dismissal over a lie is pure smoke-screen.

  30. Are you guys laughing at VJ? Am sure he is rubbing his hands with glee, his latest chapter installment in maybe his next book, probably entitled “How to piss on Zadians!” Well, at long last he’s been smoked out! LPM seems to be the darling here, am persuaded to concur, though not for the latter, but for being a “smart” opportunuist, whose bedtime favorite read is The Post. Cometh pursuit of plunder, LPM jumps onto the bandwagon, hailing it his favorite pastime;Kunda’s nolle prosequi of “England”(bulaya); now Mwaanga’s pumbafu saga in Kinshasa,& he is at it again!! Originality! he purely lacks, he seems to be led on all the time, BUT, don’t be deceived, he is like a duck that looks calm on the surface but paddling hard below, trying to cleanse the rot that lies within, portraying himself as the good guy, well let’s hear it from the boys – “england” & VJ about how clean LPM is! Oh, by the way, please leave kalaki alone, muntuwesu!!

  31. VJ,zambia is giving you a last chance. Tell the nation what happened during the last elections.atleast you won,t go down alone.the trust vj.

  32. I hope this is the last time we will ever hear about VJ on the zambian political scene! ….the end of the extraordinary life of VJ. I pray to God that sata should be the next one to go!….we need to start infusing new blood into the political arena! Muhabi Lungu where are you!.. a superb young man with priniciple…. that is what i call true leadership material? not the mwaanga’s and the sata’s…. men without principle! to heal with you mwaanga and i hope you die peacefully… cause man you look sick! i have no regard for greedy people like VJ… to hell with you….i hope you die poor!

  33. Lord have mercy… Mwaanga has been in government for too long! It is high time levy did something sensible …. i do not even understand why he had to appoint mwaanga in the first place, and i gues i will never know? anyway who gives a damn?.

  34. Its suprising that some people are praising LPM for dismissing VJ. Ladies and gentlemen, the man(LPM) had no option but to bow to the pressure of the-awekening-Zambians. VJ, as chief Government spokesman you are not suppose to eat with both hands as Sata would put it!!. In any case, this is good ridance!Half a century in politics, full of lies, for one man is not just fair to the would-be Zambian politicians. The man always told lies with a blatant face!!!!!!

  35. Kayata ,you and me we have a bone to chew , read this article Chapt 6 and let me have your views about globalisation in Africa

    This will make you understand that the time to think about privatisation is long gone,home grown policies must take centre stage cos you understand your environments better than somebody who lives in washington coming to teach you how to live

  36. Whom can we trust,the only thing i prais of this newdeal goverment is that, there are no politician that has been assasinated since LPM came into power.But maybe the shooting of civilians by the police and many road accidents has been the replacement.For VJ,he new that that incident would come.But I wonder if he knows the saying that goes as” ukanyela mumutanda ukalala”,some are saying he is a lier, he is not a lier, but an experienced politician because all politicians are liers,because the reality is that they are not politics but “politricks” which means a decition of many.Any sensible person should now find out what lies below the goverment,if I was vj this could have been my oppotuninty to reveal more serious scandles that are there.Please my country man vj take this chance to spil the bean, we are waiting ,we know there is more.I am afraid LPM`s immunity will stripped off.Talk now man, people will restal the respect they had for you if you tell them what you know, dont sufer alon

  37. Phiri Chanda (or the other way round), I don’t agree with you. Lets give credit where its due. LPM, is not stupid as you see him, the man is sorrounded by vultures and political chameleons.At first he wanted to use Katele Kalumba to divulge scandalous MMD chaps of which Katele was proved be hard core but when he approached VJ all the information was obtained.Hence, VJ became a door swinger and foolishly “uwakalema takaleka” he started underrating PLM and indulging in shoddy deals. I do wish Levy was the second Zambian President, may be things would have changed for better. Phiri Chanda or Chanda Phiri, it’s dangerous to put your mind in a fixed gear and say whatevr MMD will do is bad. Give credit where its due.

    Dr Mukupa, I don’t know what shxt you were talking about. No one is interesting in ‘lalaby songs’.Just say your piece of mind rather than going round and round the ant hill.

    The medication LPM got in UK is now working. He would have gone there during his first term.

  38. Sam what do you expect from a man who resides at the no man’s land – Chanda ( Bemba) Phiri(Eastern)all he knows is the the Muchinga escapement where is home is hence non appreciation of what MMD has done.
    Chanda Phiri ,in Kaunda era you used take 20 hrs from Lusaka to Kitwe on those Tata buses with bent chasis ,and on roads with craters almost your height.
    God forbid.Sam and Chanda have a lovely weekend. I have just listened to Radio Yatsani where people are now calling for LPM’s resignation,umungulu wafula

  39. Howard calls for HIV migrant ban

    Australia has seen a rise in the number of HIV cases in recent years
    Australia should refuse to allow migrants or refugees with HIV to enter the country, Prime Minister John Howard has said.
    Mr Howard said there may be special cases when an exemption could be considered but as a rule HIV-positive people should be denied entry.

    Mr Howard was asked about the issue during a visit to Victoria state, which has seen a sharp rise in HIV cases.

    Any ban for migrants with HIV/Aids would need a change in the federal law.

    Mr Howard, on a visit to Melbourne, told a local radio station he wanted to seek more advice on the issue, but said his gut feeling was that HIV sufferers should not be allowed in to the country.

    In the US, everyone arriving at Ellis Island was given a health exam and if you were found to be a carrier of certain diseases, you were sent back

    Gerald, Chicago, USA

    Send us your comments
    “My initial reaction is no,” he said. “There may be some humanitarian considerations that could temper that in certain cases, but, prime facie – no.”

    Victoria’s public health officials have blamed the rise in HIV cases partly on overseas immigrants, but also on Australian residents relocating from other parts of the country.

    Tuberculosis ban

    Mr Howard, who has been in power for 11 years, is known for his tough stance on immigration.

    He likened his proposed ban to the ban already imposed on people suffering from tuberculosis.

    John Howard has a reputation for being tough on immigration
    “I think we should have the most stringent possible conditions in relation to that nationwide, and I know the health minister is concerned about that and is examining ways of tightening things up,” he said.

    Solicitor David Puls of the New South Wales HIV/Aids Legal Centre said the law allowed immigrants to be denied access where there are public safety concerns.

    “The Medical Officer of the Commonwealth does not consider HIV to be a public safety concern,” he was quoted by the Australian newspaper as saying.

    He added that HIV should not be compared with tuberculosis as the latter is airborne and contagious, while HIV is transmissible but not contagious.

    Australia has been alarmed by the country’s rise in HIV cases. Infection rates rose by 41% between 2000 and 2005.

    There is particular concern about the rapid spread of HIV and Aids in neighbouring Pacific countries, such as Papua New Guinea.

  40. Kalonda Kazana, what on earth has your contribution got to do with VJ being fired. Uli chikopo sana. Mwikala states but your mind is that of a rat in a wet hole. Know when and where to raise issues. People are making pertinent contributions to a worthwhile debate. Anyway, it shows where you and your kin grew up

  41. Bushe nani wacipela uyu Kalonda so much space for wasting? He is totally irrelevant to the equation.Were you halucinating or do you have Malaria to be so forgetful , come on go to the clinic you need a medical check up.You have just shown how disorganised you are ,who tells you people contributing to this fora have interest in going to Australlia?Why do you want to be changing continents like shirts ?

  42. bullying in persona or in cyber space is a crime, and people who ascribe to such are usually weak, the point is that vj was sacked everything else is what we feel about the issue, theres no need in trying to be too clever for nothing, Sam if you feel I went round the bush then skip the reading go to what you can understand,insisting on such is crazy and manic
    just like vj who knows.The vile tongue, how do you sleep at night?
    Manic symptoms may include:

    overly inflated self-esteem
    distractibility and irritability
    increased physical agitation
    activities that may result in painful consequence; this may include provocative, aggressive, or destructive behavior
    increased talkativeness
    increased energy level
    poor judgment
    increased denial

  43. Dr Mukupa you are equally bullying,your medical jargon is demeaning and uncalled for.I thot Doctors are the most tolerant and level headed people in the world?They are trained and gifted to handle all cases-Malaria, Mental etc unless you want to be like Kalonda who is off tangent to start reminding yourself about what has been lost in your medical vocabulary.Otherwise tone down you language, get on to the syphgynomanometer I can see your BP is 180/150Hg.Take some Amlodipine 5mg to bring it down and after recovering continue with VJ debate.If at all VJ is reading this blog, he will very soon be a born again christian at Dunamis centre.

  44. Dr Mukupa, its good that you got Something from Chilumba that there is no space for peoms. “once upon a time …” that is shxx. Just talk about VJ.

  45. Leave the Dr. out of this. He cannot discern between political debates and lecturing about medicine. Save the medical jargon for the operating theaters. We realise you are a Dr. but please this is not the right fora to preach medicine bashi n’ganga

  46. Bravo,pres mwanawasa.
    Once again u just continue to make us proud zambians.VJ u are surely no worth my comments period.

  47. VJ you are a punk! crap and a peace of shit!!! You deserve worse!!! I hope you have paid your debts man, else your ass is on the line and am coming for my penny tomorrow!!!!

  48. Francis, that is a very nice report on Global economy,but you have just picked out on chapter 6.
    We have Economist’s at MoFNP,BOZ,MCTI and State House. The theories they use, is the same applied worldwide.The theories you are using at your workplace in Business Administration in England, is the same you would use in Zambia.But our organisational culture’s, extreme patriotism and lack of analysis to apply the theories into practice, are the reason’s our economies have been stagnant or have declined.The lack of separation of political power has made our corporate organisation’s not to record growth in their books of account’s.
    We have seen Politician’s use the financial resources from Zanaco,Zamtel,Zesco and the Local Authorities for political gain. Look at the council, now they are left with no resources for operational purposes due to political greediness. We saw Zanaco reserve funds been transported in director’s cars to state house,used at the MMD convention.etc.

  49. Kayata,hope you started your day by praising the lord.Africans must learn to govern themselves. Its not that I singled out Ch 6,all the other scripts are relevent by Ch6 was most striking and hence my appeal to you.In all enerst if we Africans have demostrated our great appetite for greedy then whoever comes to run those firms just operate on an incremental basis and this is why we are saying let us learn from past mistakes,our good friends in Cameroon recently rejected calls by IMF to privatise their lifeline business Sodecoton(similar to ZCCM) and provided a strategy on how to revamp that entity and today after a turn around of things this company has recorded growth which has shamed IMF in general because they just capitalise on desperation which we africans are good at.Kayata in 2004 , the fund managers had K900bn cash lying idle they could have bought out the govt share at once in a more fairer and transparent way.Desperate situations call for desperate measures.

  50. continued…. Francis, from the report,you’ll observe that the economies in China and India grew in the past 5 years. I think you’ll agree with me that in China, investor’s have been trying to influence the change in the rule’s but have not been successful.We know that foreign investors in India and China have been behind the success in the growth. You know what happened in UK concerning the Black Wednesday years ago during John Major’s time,and how unemployment was the aftermath,till investor’s returned and we have seen the entire economy been managed by foreign companies eg.Asda,sanisbury,Centrica,Netto,Lidh’s,E-On, Powergen, Scottish Power etc. I believe the Govt’s role should be left to collect Taxes i.e corporate tax on companies, VAT, sales,customs etc.and use the same taxes to provide a service to the public of education,health and community improvements. If govt subsidised business,how will employment be created.We need Innovation,which creates competition and employment.Cheers

  51. Atleast, you are agreeing with me that Innovation is the key to success.A look at Botswana, one of our neighbouring countries,it has numerously rejected IMF and WB proposals, i think the only reason IMF and WB comes in,is when the Govt is trying to get loan’s from them. Recently, we have read, Shoprite going to Nigeria,opening a shopping mall there and been managed by a Zambian,a Mr Andrew Mweemba, and the shopping mall been the first mall in Nigeria. The growth of young middle class returning from London and New York,many of whom returning to work in the banking financial services industry.Most of those returning have brought with them international partner’s onto their board to make sure everything is done in accordance with international business practice. Francis,would you bring an international partner on your board,since you do not believe theories and practice do not mix in Zambia.That to me tells me of some CORRUPTION.

  52. ctd if you ask me , MoFNP,BOZ,MCTI and State House operate on different figures one wonders why?There has never been a time where the figures about our economy corelate and they show great disparities to me ,it all boils to one thing ,people are not serious in Zambia, that is why some controlling offciers have guts to tell us that K23m was spent on Xmas cards, where on earth can one do this and later on some stupid minister will be telling us that there is budget overun? ,Its Zambia was closed for stock taking and start afresh.It hurts to see how the rural poor are sufferring as a result of these poor policies being adopted.Forty three years is long time to still continue walloping in abject poverty.KK once said “political independence without economic independence is meaningless” and our sovereignity has been eroded,where a zambian today appears to be a second class citizen.Did you read about Vera’s visit to some company in L/stone? a rethink strategy is needed asap

  53. I totally agree with you Kataya, theories and practice in Zambia are always pararell, its true to any business, innovation and excellence are key to prosperity.Our gvt totally ignored advice by Luse on the sale of Zanaco,now they want to build silos on cairo rd what a shame ignoring ECZ advice what sort of leaders do we have? Brain recouping and going back is the key thing but we must also penetrate the leadership bracket in addition to bringing back the much sought after experience.Privatisation initself is good but only when it is done right.Yes UK has passed that black phase and now are the strongest in the world ,in as much as they have allowed private particaption the govt still regulate these investors they dont just dance anyhow,the people of Uk come first,e.recently Tesco wanted to build some more malls and the people just refused, took them to court their plans to expand were thwarted and this what democracy is all about, it should not be another form of slavery ctd

  54. Francis, we had Zambian owned companies,Century Holdings, Wood Processing, Swap Spinning ,these companies were in Ndola,we had successful zambian enterpreneurs.You know how active the Ndola industrial area was,but what is left of today?
    I would be happy to start a business with you in Zambia (joking),we are the NEXT Generation,who have innovation and creativity, but look what happens when you are successful,you are accused by the govt of trying to overthrow it, and they send their boys(ZRA) on your books, eg.Capital Bank(Mung’omba),Finance Bank(Mahtanni)etc.If u r an innovative minister,like Never Mumba,you are accused of many things. u know what i mean.
    Aren’t the minibuses too small for us to travel in?
    Francis, what do you think of the failed talks between Barclays and ABN, and if not successful,Barclays will becoming a take-over too.
    Royal Bank of Scotland is planning a hostile take-over of ABN as it did with Natwest? And CitiBank is retrenching off some of it’s staff

  55. had it been in our country,people would have been liking the boots of tesco Masters to even build Tesco at State house for the sake of collecting taxes, come on we need dignity and fiscal benefit must be for the people not for building empires else where.Already the Uk govt is renationalising the railnetwork company because it has put its citizen a priority before looking at collecting tax,Privatisation is not a simple policy which people with limited abilities must embrace.Todate the IMF/World bank have not come out to tell us where it has failed but have continued to advocate for it.When Thatcher took up the policy in 1976 thru Adam Smith memoirs(1774) us we were told to use ESAP or SAP,this must have acted as stepping stone to further country policies but we decided to go to sleep under the wamuyaya cartel,today any jobs wiped out have remained a permanent feature with no proper social safety nets in place.I still dont agree to the sale of Zanaco,more could have been done to save it

  56. Kataya , you see Barclays firstly is dancing to the tunes of refunding the UK chaps billions of pounds it illegally collected thru bank charges,have you seen democracy must entail an investor must not bring misery to the citizens it must be a win win situation.
    Yes Ndola is a sorry sight, we used to have Viatfoam as well as a football team but now its history but again Kataya dont forget these same entreneurs were living on borrowed money and forgot to service their loans which soured and ended up to where they are today- Kasonde and group.What killed most of these companies were bank loans and that is why these foreign banks are sceptical to lend to zambians because of history.Sichinga borrows 2bn from DBZ to start timber industry but ends up buying sofas ,houses and now he is in court over non servacibility of the loans.We need serious change management in Zambia.You never know one day we shall put our resources together and start our own business,Zambia has all the climate for busi

  57. Francis, you do not agree to the sale of Zanaco.
    Do you agree to the Politician’s using organisation’s like Zanaco for their political benefit?
    Wouldn’t you like to see the Cash-for-Honour’s Inquiry in Uk in a Zambian version ?
    We can not take our politician’s to face the wrath of the rule of law, as the examples you have given previously. How long is the Task Force going to take to finish it’s investigation?
    In Hong Kong,Taiwan,etc, it only takes a few days before a Politician is prosecuted, and a few months before he/she is sent to prison.
    How different is the Enron scandal in USA, from Privatisation in Zambia? In USA, they call it dubious business transaction,and in poor countries, it’s called CORRUPTION.
    I also do not agree to the sale of Zanaco,but because it is used by politician’s for self gain, i’m happy over it’s sale.
    Why should we be having utility problem’s when desert countries like Namibia and Botswana don’t?
    We need Accountability

  58. Kataya, docility amongst the Zambians is what has led to where we are, again To over emphasize the ‘legality’ of things at the expense of ‘moral considerations’, is plain wrong.LPM was quick to remove FTJ’s immunity with no facts at hand.President’s position is a delicate one, they have failed to find a distinction whether the president is a civil servant or not and the circus starts from there.If really facts of abuse were there , why has it taken this long? Vengence doesnot pay,and LPM relied so much on VJ & Katele just to realise that they actually used LPM to clear their debts thru lies just to remain on the payroll, VJ’s exit is more worse than death and this man must go gnashing his teeth in the dark.Corruption is a bad disease, my worry is what purpose does ACC serve in Zambia, why dont we see these vices in the developed countries because we all the same in the eyes of God, its a curse really.Iam anxiously waiting to read the Lands Ministry investigation.Have you had a chance

  59. Actually a probe into privatisation will be the best thing to do, its equivalent to cash for honours but you see our friends because of a good independent judicial system things flow nicely,We can actually put a stop to politicians abusing facilities like Zanaco only if the MD were not political appointees,all political appointees are a nuisance Paul Wolf of World Bank is an example in question had he not been a civil servant or political appointee he would not have done what he did.We are not actually far from sitting, the current revelations with the post spearheading transparency one day it will dawn.
    The problem we have us in Africa we want to enrich ourselves quickly, if you dont have a car you can even lose your wife to your neighbor who has car, petty issues have led to high financial indispline every where in our environments.Have you read the vulture judgement? give me your email and you will have fun

  60. Didn’t read about Vera’s visit to L/stone. What happened? See the culture in zambian’s of not servicing loans, they believe it is our money from the copper… Hey, the bank charges case is still in court and has not been resolved. Barclays makes it money from investment’s and i believe you read of the profit they made in their last financial year.You know Barclays is a mutual investor and has shares in many companies including Microsoft etc.
    On DBZ, remember the equation
    Assets = Liabilities+Capital, if it’s correct,longtime i did my accounting, but if DBZ is sold, and it writes off that debt, it’s devalueing itself. Remember how Zanaco wrote off the bad debts for Ramcoz and other fallen companies, and it used it’s assets as security for getting addittional capital from other financier’s.
    Now,look at how much is left of Zanaco US$7m.
    Zambia has all the climate,but we need to correct the Political climate first. Worst of them all.

  61. my email is [email protected]
    Paul Wolf is like Bill C, and also like the Chairman of Sirius Hotels. I don’t know what’s wrong with these US bosses. Is this where personality and performance clashes.Chiluba said,Power’s so sweet cos the people of zambia are docile and a leader can rule for long. You are correct Francis, Zambian’s are docile, KK promised us light at the end of the tunnel, and Mwanawasa is also promising us light,and still to continue sacrificing. 42 years of sacrificing. I’ve not yet read the lands report or the vulture judgement. You are correct again,greediness in ourselves.Look at slavery as an example. Why did our ancestors sell their brother’s and sister’s and at one time there was high supply and short demand.Greediness.

  62. Ye ma the Barclays chaps actually defended themselves that their money comes from foreign investments like Zambia but again they made £4.7bn from bank charges alone out of those profits,I love the way the consumer is protected here,now in Zambia you have Zam brew producing soft drinks as well , where is your Fair Trade commision? very soon they will be allowed to make cooking oil and soap in the name of liberalisation.Your accounting is correct ,its just stupid how did the bank advance that kind of money/But like you said Penza was a collegue to this chap again political interference, If I were to be a judge I will lock up the MD at the time, like Musonda because he should have used his ethics to know the credit worthiness of that chap with his left hand drive jeep.And that is the strategy china used to reorient the parastatals before privatisation such that even when you are selling the firm you are assured of savings.Alot of people must follow Kashiwa Bulaya before 2011,

  63. Paul wolf must join hands with VJ to console each other , they are die hard crooks if anything they should start an institution called Manipulators Den University,where most of their students will come from Africa since that trade or qualification is in demand.Check you mail box and provide a feed back.
    Paul Wolf will be sorted out, since they are the ones who preach about good governance practices,you see when people are fed up with bad habits all what comes out is leakage, no wonder Levy’s accounts at finance bank were leaked and exposed,when it gets to such levels just know that something unpalatable is in stock for you, shaming and naming are the only way out for correcting corrupion.

  64. You should read Bill clinton’s book My life its a nice book where he has talked about his affair and just his road from youth to fame,its quite inspiring not that an extraordinary life by that crook VJ.
    Am sure he is working on one ‘disgruntled Manipulator turned politician’

  65. DEC nabs RDA engineer

    THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested a Road Development Agency (RDA) principal engineer for allegedly attempting to obtain over K3 billion by false pretences.

    Stephen Mwewa Petwe, 45, of 890 New Avondale, a road and bridges engineer, was arrested through the DEC anti-money laundering investigations unit for allegedly attempting to obtain money by false pretences.

    DEC spokesperson, Rosten Chulu, said in a statement yesterday that Petwe allegedly instructed the National Road Fund Agency to pay contractors, Turner Construction Limited/Bicon Zambia limited and GM International Limited/Rankin Engineering Associates for the projects they are undertaking in Chingola, Ndola, Choma and Mazabuka, respectively.
    It is alleged that Petwe re-submitted copies of the already made advance payments to contractors claiming for another advance payment thereby creating double payment, which amounted to K3, 595,577,355.
    He will appear in court

  66. Clerk nabbed over K1bn.


    AN ACCOUNTS clerk at Police Service Headquarters in Lusaka has been arrested for allegedly stealing over K1 billion.

    This allegedly happened between January 2005 and August 2006.

    Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Peter Mumba, revealed this yesterday when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) sitting at Parliament.

    Mr Mumba said the officer allegedly failed to account for K215,695, 400 million between June 2005 and August 2006.

    He also said the accounts clerk further failed to deposit an amount totalling K976, 661,400 into Control 99 between January 2005 and August 2006.

    “The officer who failed to account for the K225, 695,400 has been arrested. He is the same officer who failed to credit an amount totalling K976, 661,400 into Control 99 as the credit slips relating to this amount had a fake stamp purporting that it was from the Bank of Zambia,” Mr Mumba said.

  67. People like VJ have greatly contributed to such sinful acts.If a cabinet Minster has guts to justify his plans to steal $7m,what do you expect from their followers ? Birds of the same feathers flock together.
    This situation must come to an end.No wonder we are always looking for donnor help, when we have alot of resources which end up in people’s pockets.These culprits including VJ must be jailed for life under espionage charges not corruption or anything lighter.A person who steals from the nation is as good as mecernary

  68. Chilumba and Kataya, we appreciate your limited knowledge on various issues. However, could you kindly exchange email addresses so you can continue cheating each other in private. You are completely steering the debate about VJ and Katumbi saga in a wrong direction. In case you are not aware, the headline on this subject is “VJ Resigns from MMD NEC. Grow up young men and show some sense.

  69. zambia abroad sorry we tresspassed the blog being a sunday we overlooked the obvious, Many thanks youngman for your reminder.But VJ’s news is stale contribute something on the constitution dont just yap.

  70. Zambian Abroad, million apologies, we forgot that we have Zambians like you who just focus on the subject. For how long will you complain about VJ been fired? Wasn’t he fired by KK,Chiluba and now Mwanawasa. Grow up and think of issues that are affecting your relatives in zambia. Explains why your contributions are limited to feeding politician’s to lion’s instead of analysing the contributing problems and offer your suggestions.
    Let me not forget and divert the subject.
    Have a Profitable week ahead.

  71. Seems you have missed the point. We want to see you and Francis make the right contributions about the right subject. Frankly, I read your contributions alot and see alot of sense, however, that does not mean you can never misplace your points. Of course VJ is no longer an issue, but I would rather you follow the course of the debate on an appropriate subject. Tawa le belenga jelita and Mulenga. ya. Isukulu lya shi bukeni mwa sambilile has not helped you at all. data mudala is important.

  72. Zambian Abroad, you are behaving like a watch dog. Exactly like a rat in a wet hole scared to come out of the past. Who told you that you’re the prefect? Don’t be stiff necked chap. You are still barking, soon you will start barking at your shadow. Your manners are equivalent to Tetamashimba and Mugabe. The VJ issue is no longer news. Its over. I mean it is OVER.


  74. Kayata and Francis forgive that Zambian Abroad chap,he must be one of those “by air” chaps KK produced. His body is Abroad but the mind is still somewhere else in Nabwalya.

  75. Sam , you are very right about this Chap Zambian Abroad, no wonder he has identified himself like that, even where there is light ,he only sees dark, he needs to reconcile his body and mind at the earliest before he finds himself in Darfur in the name of Zambian Abroad

  76. Francis & Sam K, are you simply parasites of the web, can’t you simply start a blogg appropriate to your discussion, you sound smart with your theories but are damn parasites, it is amazing you have been able to hijack this blogg with your apparent IT saviness, smells shaky to me, ta ra blogg away!!

  77. Muntuwesu be progressive ,Are you the only Jew who didnt see our profound appology if you have nothing to offer then back out.That issue is history just add your thots and continue if you have anything to say about VJ otherwise the VJ saga is very very stale.period.

  78. Muntuwesu, continue complaining about the past, as we focus on new and relevant topics. I understand why 200 years after slavery was abolished, till today you are still complaining about it. Let History be History.

  79. You parasites who said the Vj saga was new? Well you seem to be the only hangers on in this stale spot, I can sort of see what you are inclined to, boleni!!

  80. ba chewe ba mudala, vj has blew it!!! you must be the only person suppositing him, and you are wrong!!!

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