MMD urges police to institute stringent measures against taxi operators


The ruling MMD in Kabwe has appealed to the Zambia Police Services and the local authority to work out immediate stringent measures to curb the rising lawlessness among motorists especially illegal taxi operators in the district.

Bwacha MMD Constituency Chairman, Gibson Kunda said in Kabwe today that the council, the police and the Road Traffic Commission should work hand in hand in finding a
lasting solution to the problem of pirate taxi drivers and operators.

Commenting on Kabwe Bus Drivers Association Organizing Committee Chairman, Boniface Suntile’s complaints about the unruly pirate taxi  drivers, Mr. Kunda said the
situation on Kabwe roads was chaotic.

“I agree with Mr. Suntile that the situation in Kabwe is chaotic as these drivers, mostly youths driving unregistered taxis and without driving licenses are behaving as if there is no law in this country, hence our appeal to authorities in this field for help,” he said.

Mr. Kunda pointed out that the unlicensed taxi operators and drivers have had
illegally illegally created taxi ranks in all streets in the town centre and were not paying anything to the council.

He said residents were happy that government was working on some of the roads in the
district and it was important that relevant authorities helped to bring sanity on roads.

Government through RAUBEX Construction was rehabilitating some of the major roads at the town centre and already some sections of independence and Freedom Ways and
Chilufya Katebe, Marshall and Machile streets have been resurfaced.

Early this week, Mr. Suntile welcomed the introduction of bus station and market
boards to run stations and markets, with a call on authorities to check on the increasing lawlessness especially among pirate taxi drivers.



  1. Zambia has adequate laws to address such anarchy but the problem lies with high number of corrupt police officers who mingle with these erring drivers.The council is gazetted to deal with such situations, the best solution is to impound and crush these cars with little remorse and a lesson will be learnt not only in Kabwe but the country as a whole.Charging them wont help in anyway becoz they keep on breaking the law but if you crush the car your problems will have been reduced by far.We lack serious reinforcers in our country that is why I wonder what the local authority’s work is.If corruption is rooted out of the police service ,Zambia will be a paradise to live in.
    Anarchy must not be tolerated at the expense and comfort of the citizens.

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