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Man, 24, defiles girl, 2.

Rural News Man, 24, defiles girl, 2.

A 24 year old man of Kakote village in Kaputa has defiled a two year  old girl of the same village.

Police in Kaputa confirmed the development to the National Agricultural Information
Services in an interview today.

According to a medical report obtained from the hospital, the defiled girl sustained
injuries  on her private parts.

The girl was defiled on March  29, this year when both parents were in Nchelenge
for medical attention.

The suspected defiler is expected to appear before Magistrate Muyambango at Kaputa
Magistrate Court today.



  1. Such societal misfits,hell-bound scientifically naked beings,biologically retarded higher organisms,mentally mutated human being with animal behavior should never be allowed to set foot on the path of freedom.How can such an older person put his dick in a 2 yr olds’s vagina?There are a lot of free gals around.Infact according to a mans’ jackpot,for every man ,there are 4-5 women.Apart from the jackport,we also have prostitutes,from whom we can get sex.
    Such skeletal biological diagrams should be put in jail,not for 5 yrs,but for life.They won’t change.”U can take a thug out of the hood,but u can neva take the hood out of the thug”.These punks should get life in jail,or the electric chair.Am not trying to be cruel,but it’s just what societ needs.Who knows,tomorrow,they might defile your daughter,when they get out of jail.
    Stinking biological,mutated,evil beings!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. I am so sick and tired o hearing about men old enough to be dead sticking their things into children. How in Gods name does a 2yr old turn u on?? is it the way she smiles, the hips on her body that call out to you? the way she wears those short skirts o hers?? I honestly n truely dont get it. sad thing is its happening in so many african countries. how have we become such animals/beasts? Hw do u take away the innocence of a child? children are the most vulnerable beings in society and we as adults were put here to protect them not hurt the little beings. There are prostitutes willing to be paid for u to perform ur fantasy. There’s women desperate enough to have sex with any man but why a 2 yr old?? As a human i feel I have failed all those children in such situations. God will deal with you perverts.

  3. Meeeeeeeeeee,hey u r ryt .This thing happens only in Africa.Am based in Europe ryt now,but in my 6 yrs of stay out here,I’ve neva heard of such an evil thing.These men r beasts,vultures & demonic.Shud I get into power,I’ll make sure the law is changed,so that we wipe them out.It’s that primitive inhumaness in them that drives them to do such things.They r totally unfit for ur lovely society………..

  4. The man if you are in Europe , have you ever heard of peadophiles? Its also there man, these evil chaps are all over, they need sharia law

  5. Men, you are sick sick, sick to dead. Brandishing your big rotten things in your flesh and blood. God help not bone men in this World, they are wild beasts this society. Women, this war is between us and Lucifer (whose man). In Christ’s name leave our sweet innocent children alone. Dogs despired having no sense, still wait until the puppies are mature enough for it to start sticking their rotten big things in them. My fellow women boycott sex with these disgusted bastards, who are out to tomernt and kill our children. We know his mission statement is steal, destroy and kill. Goooooooo and burn in hell.

  6. this is really terrible. How can an elderly person push himself on a baby. He must face the maximum penalty. He deserves it. “The Man”, I wonder why you have never heard some rubbish like this before in Europe. It might even be worse than there.

  7. Comment number 5 is somehow not clear. Yes, this is really disgusting. But it looks like this woman really thinks all men do this. Thats wrong. We think and act differently, just like not all ladies are/do the same things. Mind.

  8. These sick animals should all be castellated, so that after saving their jail sentence they can never be a danger anymore, law makers please consider removing these animals’ balls(Testacles).

  9. These men who do such things don’t deserve to have a dick a at all, there should have there dicks removed.They surely don’t know how to use their dicks, they do not deserve to have a dick at all.No one should own anything which is a danger to the society.To let these people live with their dicks is like, leting a mad man move woith a gun, the moron will use wherever he fills necessary.All these morons should come out of jail without dicks, Cut their Dicks. Cut thier Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. meeeeeeeee you are wrong its not just African countries where you see or hear about these crimes.iam in the usa and these stories are on the news almost every week.vindendeni as sister D sang.

  11. Guys,I can tell u that where am @,the most common thing is rape,and not child defilement.
    a)Kuku,u r ryt,maybe we need the Nigerian Sharia law.This thing is worse in Africa,than in Europe,and i think on of the contributing factors is unemployement.People have nothing to do,but just sit,day in,day out.Ofcourse primitivity also palys a major role.Another thing is that GRZ has lame laws about such issues.The man will sit in jail 2-5 yrs,and he’ll be back in the streets.It’s not like that in Europe.Their laws are stiff.
    b)Heeeeelp, am I Disgusted! says-boycott sex with who?U only have sex with us normal guys.It’s not like those child defilers gonna come to u and ask u for sex.If they did that,they wouldn’t defile kids.Sista,be clear on ya points.It’s not like ,all men are the same,so don’t let me come inside u………
    c)oj.beso -just as I wrote above,the situ in Africa is pathetic…..
    d)Cathy-There is this kind of primitivity in an African man.U r in the States,where ther are so man

  12. d)Cathy-There is this kind of primitivity in an African man.U r in the States,where ther are so many blacks(am not saying whites don’t do it,they do,tho not as much as blacks).Besides,u kow very well that there are also unemployement problems there,which happens to be a contributing factor for such behavior…….
    e)Kuku-it’s gat nothing to do with smoking cannabis.This situ is serious and emotional,so people are just being emotional.Lets understand eachother.And yeah,I agree with u,some of these guys shud elaborate on there points.

  13. Cathy-There is this kind of primitivity in an African man.U r in the States,where ther are so many blacks(am not saying whites don’t do it,they do,tho not as much as blacks).Besides,u kow very well that there are also unemployement problems there,which happens to be a contributing factor for such behavior…….
    e)Kuku-it’s gat nothing to do with smoking cannabis.This situ is serious and emotional,so people are just being emotional.Lets understand eachother.And yeah,I agree with u,some of these guys shud elaborate more on their points.

  14. Dont be silly..Its called peodophilia..and it is a curse all around this world..white/black..does’nt matter..at the end of the day they should all be shot

  15. The Man are you in Saudi Arabia? To me you appear not to be in Europe, Europe is the worst culprit when it comes to child molestation and the like, the peodophiles are all over europe and have formed a cartel just to abuse the children.In African its not as rampant as it is Europe, the only problem is that defiling children has been taken as remedial cure for people with AIds and this belief has taken root especially in southern africa, if you went to Namibia cases like this happen on more recurrent time than any where in the region.But Europe leads in such cases, may be you are based these cases are done under cover and not exposed to the public like elsewhere but it is there my bro

  16. Where are the mothers when the little girls fall victims to sexual abusers??? In residential areas where homes are not fenced almost everyday little girls and boys go missing from their homes wandering around alone in shanty compounds, ghettos or villages, mostly because the mothers too busy tending to other chores than to supervise and care for their kids.
    Seems these days, many women have got more nerves to make babies than to tend for them after they are born.

  17. ‘The man’ please try to spend time to watch the news or Oprah, contraly to what you said that the blacks are the worst defilers of kid, on Oprah’s show all the Morons that where caught by Oprah’s viewers were white.

    The only solution for this is to have anybody who commits this kind of claim be castrated or have his dicks cut off, if at all that is possible.

    I would advise you(The Man) to start watching the Oprah Winfrey show.Vitendeni is the only solution.

  18. Okay,now the discussion has moved from an improtant issue to finger pointing.I agree with u guyz that this this thing is everywhere and anywhere,but wat matters is the degree or extent to which such a thing has risen.For ya own info,in case of future needs,am based in Switzerland.
    Child defilement is rampant in Africa,basically coz of the facts I mentioned above.It’s in Europe too,but ,only to a lesser extent as the laws here are stiff.
    So,i hope u guyz understand my point.I don’t have time to watch the O.W. show,unfortunately.Otherwise,as they say,there is no such a thing as white or black collar crime.Crime is crime…..I don’t disagree with none of u guyz.All am stating is my opinion.I hope we can now be intellectual,and relevant…………….

  19. The Man dont be emotional,people were just trying to bring you to the open world, Switzerland could be an exceptional but in general ‘the man’ Europe is worse than Africa for one obvious reason tradition has somehow down played this vice its not rampant as you say, it only gets over orchestrated when an event happens like this but generally like in Zambia they are not that common,not even exceeding 15 per year but in Europe you talking of thousands of kids being abused sexually.Dont take things personal otherwise we value your contribution

  20. The Man, you shud really be embarrassed that you are based in Europe and seem very ignorant about paedophilia – look it up in the Dictionary, for you, probably a french one too becoz you are in a french speaking country.

    Coming back to the issue in point, simply the fact that it has come to light doesn’t mean it hasn’t been happening before. it is a question of looking for something, that you will be confronted with the magnititude of the problem. You may wonder why it happens, well you will probably come up with a myriad of reasons. What we tend to forget is that we are animals at the core, but what differentiates us is the “apparent” higher ability to think and rationalise,moralise and maintain self control(don’t get me wrong,animals have those abilities too, but different to a degree). This person needs help, becoz his problem could be anything stretching from desparation to mental illness as we know it. For the information of ladies, women are just as capable and actually do it.

  21. Such an act by those animals( men- Culprits) is barbaric.May the Almighty God protect our children. It is only HIM who can pump wisdom in these criminals.AM really disappointed with such men of evil intentions.

    Michael Kalumbu Nsefu

  22. Surely I really fail to understand such men. Some have even gone to an extent to defile their own blood daughters.The only solution is for us to turn to ALL Amight God to intervene.This is really the lastdays. The Bible clearly states that all sorts of evils will be noticed and witnessed in the lastdays. Please God help these sick minded men to repeat and confess with their tongues that they have sinned against your holy name.

  23. am in the us right now, i really feel bad about what is going on in africa and all over the world. such things also happen right here. i think the best thing to do with such people is to kill them when caught.

  24. This is terrible, a tiny 2 year old sure. This guy needs life in prison. What kind of a man would THINK of doing something terrible like that? He make us men look disgusting, I would have been at least less happy if he did it to a 16 year old but 2. If I was him I could have just masterbated myself, you know thats it end of story, Because you cant get that desperate he is sick

  25. This animal behaviour must come to an end.Stiff punishment should be encouraged to arrest this problem in Zambia,almost every month we are reading about defilement.

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