Report on developmental activities in rural areas, media prodded


The deputy minister of information and broadcasting services has called for enhanced coverage of development activities in rural areas.

David Phiri says the media have a critical role to play in gathering information from remote parts of the country for the information of the public. He says this is necessary in stimulating development across the country.

Mr Phiri said this during a conducted tour of Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, ZNBC,  studios at the Mass Media Complex in Lusaka today.

The deputy minister noted that since ZNBC does not have offices in many parts of the
country, Zambia News and Information Services, ZANIS, should use its presence in the
districts to service the national broadcaster and other media organisations with news from remote parts of the country for the information of the public.

And ZNBC Director of Programmes Ben Kangwa told Mr Phiri that ZANIS was doing a
commendable job by providing the national broadcaster news from rural parts of the country.

Mr Kangwa also disclosed that ZNBC has started refocusing its attention from political to developmental reporting.

The Director of Programmes noted that his institution has for a long time emphasised
political issues in its news coverage at the expense of developmental ones.
He pointed out that developmental projects like those unfolding in North-Western
province and other parts of the country deserve coverage.

Meanwhile, ZNBC  acting Director of Technical Services Frank Mushota  told the information deputy minister that it was not possible for the corporation  to broadcast  news bulletins on television on hourly basis due to lack of equipment.



  1. Lets know if there is an intelligence alert about the anticipated situation during polls
    Let weight that against possible intimidation of the electorate
    Why not look at another country that has a better record in policing pols, for sure not Zimbabwe.
    What collaboration in IG Kabonde talking about or should I ask, to what extent
    Please forget about Zimbabwe and security in Zambia because of the poor record they have in handling their own affairs

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