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Suspected bogus maize dealers invade Mazabuka


Suspected bogus maize dealers are reported to have invaded Mazabuka district cheating farmers by buying maize at give away prices.

Zambia National Farmers Union, Mazabuka branch, Agri- business manager, Clement
Phiri who disclosed this to ZANIS in Mazabuka today said his union is worried at the high influx of brief case maize traders going round cheating farmers.

Mr Phiri said the unscrupulous maize dealers are now buying a 50kg bag of maize at K
20,000 lower than the government recommended floor price for the 2005/2006 maize
marketing season.

He has since asked farmers to be patient and wait for government to announce the
floor price.

Mr Phiri has however advised farmers to be warry of conmen who last year swindled
farmers out of millions of kwacha after they supplied maize to traders who later  abandoned them without paying for the produce.


  1. this is the problem in Tonga land nowdays when they harvest they sale everything at give away prices and by September they will start crying for relief food.this should end,the government must re introduce back the Namboards so that this trend comes to an end,and to farmers please you spent alot dont just sale your maize at cheap pricres,this Government has failed us in everything.
    they have failed in drugs in Hopsital, failed to address the agriculture sector, the road network in most agriculture areas is patheic and the water and sanitation is bad,the markets are worse,our towns are dirty,wake up Levy,for mother zambia.

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