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Confusion, death threats reigns maamba hospital

Rural News Confusion, death threats reigns maamba hospital

By Tovin Ngombe:-
Confusion is reigning at Maamba hospital in Sinazongwe district and the community has called for the immediate transfer of the Hospital Administrator alleged to be issuing death threats and frustrating the entire hospital staff.

Speaking at an emergent meeting to save the hospital from total collapse most workers said the Hospital Administrator Cosmas Michelo has taken the operation of the hospital as personal to holder and he fails to consult when making decisions.

Sinazongwe Health Director Dr Kebby Musokwane who took Michelo to Maamba police for threatening his life said he was not ready to work with him.

Dr Musokwatane told the meeting that MMichelo called him on phone after he wrote a warning letter to him for failing to come for work four days without any proper explanation that he was hurt and disappointed with the letter.

“Dr Musokwatane I am hurt with your warning letter, now it’s either your life or my life at stake here,” Michelo warned the doctor.

The doctor said in another incident Michelo warned him that he was not surprised because Tokaleyas are known to fight Tongas.

“I have a problem with the office of the Hospital Administration manager since I joined the hospital he has never allowed me to do my work and my colleague who is an environmental officer,” one Health Inspector told the meeting.

Another worker from the x-lay department said the hospital was divided because of Michello’s poor workmanship with other staff members.

“In his eyes we are all fools, he does not pick people on merit, and this is frustrating us,” One officer said.

Sinazongwe District Administrator (DC) Laiven Apuleni who was present at the meeting said no individual could claim to be the sore owner of the government institution.

He said the hospital personnel should provide a service to the community and if problems were created it would deprive them the much needed help.
He said the institution has key personnel and support personnel that need to core exist.

“As an individual if you fail to save its better to resign and to leave things running smoothly than creating confusion and some of you have decided to take this hospital as a chicken run,” the DC said.
In his response to the allegations leveled against him, Michelo failed to give a concrete answer to his members of staff who kept on murmuring at any word to he uttered.
He said the members of staff wanted to betray him of things he has not done and that problems were arising because positions.

The meeting pointed out that Michelo handpicked some body to replace him when he went on leave without consulting the health Director or the Hospital Superintendent.

The workers also complained of the poor funding to the hospital and the inadequate essential drugs.
Maamba hospital has about 250 and it was supposed to have 20 to 30 doctors but presently there are only two doctors running it.

Maamba ward Councilor Peter Siavuulwa said women were planning to march half naked to the hospital to seek for the removal of the Hospital Administrator if the situation was not addressed.
The meetimg has since given Michelo a leave as management consults with the provincial office to decide the fate of his position.


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