Thursday, June 13, 2024

Levy appoints Mulongoti as new Information minister.


President Mwanawasa has appointed Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Mike Mulongoti as the new Information and Broadcasting Minister, with imnmeadiate effect.

And Mr Mwanawasa has dropped Health minister Angela Cifire and has replaced her with
Science, Technology and Vocational Training Minister Dr Brian Chituwo.Comnmunications and Transport Minister Peter Daka takes over from Dr Chituwo.  

In State House statement to ZANIS signed by Special Assistant for Press and Public
Relations John Musukuma ,this evening, that Mr Mulongoti is among the two deputy
ministers promoted to full ministers while five other ministers have been transfered
to other ministers in a mini cabinate reshuffle.

Mr Mulongoti takes over from former Information and Broadcasting Minister Vernon
Mwaanga who was relieved of his duties recently.

Mr Mwanawasa has promoted Sports, Youth and Child Development Deputy Minister
Patricia Mulasikwanda is now full cabinate minister of at the ministry of Gender and
Women in Development while her predecessor Sarah Sayifwanda has been transfered to
the Ministry of Communicaztions and Transport in the same capacity.

Commerce, Trade and Industry minister Kenneth Konga is the new Energy and Water
Development minister taking over from Mr Felix Mutati who is the new Commerce , Trade and Industries Minister.

And in his letter of Appointment to Mr Mulongoti, President Mwanawasa said the
appointment underscores the great confidence he has in former Foreign Affairs Deputy
minister’s ability and leadership.

” This appointment underscore the tremendous confidence I have in your ability and
leadershp to guide this very importanbt ministry which I have assigned you,” Mr
Mwanawasa said in the statement.

Similary in his letter to Ms Mulasikwanda, Mr Mwanawasa reminided her and other
ministers of the importance of collective responsibilty.

He at the same time directed Ms Sayifwanda to speed up  the establishment of the
National Airline which he said the matter should be brought to cabinate. He also urged her to ensure that the Railway Systems of Zambia performs to expectations.

On Dr Chituwo’s new appointment, Mr Mwanawasa urged him to ensure the abolition of
the user fees in healh institutes in urban areas and the procurement of medicines
and other medical requisites which should be done efficiently and transperantly to
abate the critical shortage of critica drugs in most health centers in the country.

” Ensure that an  attractive reward package for core clinical staff, namely Doctors,
Nurses, Pharmacists and Labarotory technologists are put in place so that the said
staff are attracted to in rural areas,” the President said.

He also instructed Dr Chituwo, his deputy and the Permanent Secretary to immeaidiatly lead to lead three separate delegations to separate districts to study
the challenges faced by health institutions in the country.

And President Mwanawasa has directed new Energy Minister Konga to pay particular
attention to the Rural Electrification Prograame (REP) to ensure that it works
satisfactorily so that the whole country can access electrical power which in tuirn
promote industries.

The President urged Mr Konga to ensure that  the on going  expansion programmes of
enhancing power capacities of the country’s major hydro- stations are expidited.

The President also advised Mr Konga to ensure that the programmes to turn Indeni Oil
arefinary into a profitable and efficiently run company is workewd on as a m atter
of urgency.

On Mr Mutati’s new appointment, President Mwanawasa advised to ensure that internal
trade and citizens’s empowerment are given the utmost attention.

 ” This is not to say that issues of foreign trade are not important but we cannot make meaningful progress and create employment and wealth if we do not attend to internal matters and citizens empowerment, ” sai the President in the same statement.



  1. Honourable Mulongoti in my opinion is more of a party cadre. Like V.J before me, he is a nominated MP. If he is fired from his new position, he will definitely be relieved of his parliament position.

    Let us see how he is going to perform. My prayer is that he should demostrate quality leadership without the fear of being fired and losing everything.

    His being from Lufwanyama and thus a Lamba is definitely a non issue.

  2. Only consolation is that Mike Mulongoti is heading a non-productive (propaganda) ministry. But we do need some consistency at Health, whats going on with these changes every 6 months? Alot of the time, these reshuffles have proved meaningless.
    But I liked the emphasis on user-fee removal.

  3. Same song again. Recycling the same people in different positions. Do we have any youthful leaders in this country who can be appointed and deliver a message that we are not only future leaders, but leaders of today as well. Looks like these people really take youths in Zambia for a ride. What value will a cadre like Mulongoti add to our country. Why does Levy keep appointing tried and failed individuals? Levy, you are really shaming yourself. Look at Dr. Chituwo. You have sent him back to Health. Why did you remove him from there in the first place. Seems to me that even though you have been President for 6 years. you are still experimenting on leadership. I really pity you coz you’re mandate will soon come to an end and you will not have anything to show for it. As a matter of fact, I think you need to appoint a young Veep who should be in line to succeed you. How else do you think continuity will be achieved. I beleive your second in command should be a person who can take over the

  4. continued.

    mantle of being president. you have not groomed anybody for this purpose. Secondly, I urge you to deal with that rat- bag called Tetamashimba. He is tarnishing your reputation ( if you have one) by advocating for you to continue as party President. make it clear to this jackal that you will be done with politics ( national or party) once you vacate Plot 1. Your silence on this matter is just reflecting that of FTJ. You know what influence you would have in the Party if you remained party President. If the Reuplican President ( GOD forbid) comes from MMD, you would his/her work untenable because there would be divided loyalty. Leave a legacy at least, even though you will never improve the economy.

  5. KC aka Mudala wakatenzi,you have spoken sense,its true in Zambia we lack succession policy not just in politics even in business the reason being we have this unknown fear naturally emended in us , one might call it greedy,secondly Levy has limited choice of young guys cos people like you KC are not there to take up politics and you leave cadres like mulongoti at the realm.That is why there is need to change the way politics are done in Zambia, all the middle class plus intellectuals have assumed the role of spectators leaving the play ground to cadres.TO encourage the youth Levy tried, Kazala,Chulumanda,DJ Chela Katwishi and they all behaved the same,its difficult to get the bush out of these failures,so its time you people who are well versed with issues to stand up and be counted. If you cant join them beat them.The brilliant ideas that fly on this blog if put to good use can perform wonders.Let us move with change,let us emulate our collegues in developed nations not Mugabe and Co.

  6. LPM is am educated man aith a lot of educated advisors.They don’t just wake up in the morning and say”Leti ussy putty sommu wani inny thissy ministirryy…..mayyibeee takey backyyy Doccotorr Chituwo backyy to ze ministirry ovo Healothyy”.These guys sit,discuss,but ofcourse its so unfortunate that history has proved them to always come up with the wrong chaps.LPMs’ decision to take Dr. Chituwo has 2 sides.Firstly,it just shows that LPM has seen some potential in Chituwo,and he trusts him.Secondly,LPM has shown us how unrealiable he his in making decisions,coz moving a person back and forth is childish,especially in the politic scene.The development of our country depends on how well he makes’s really sad.
    LPM has to use the old horses coz he trusts them and they are his bootlickers.New blood may not want to bootlick(not booty lick) him,just like he decided not to bootlick FTJ..
    Another thing is that we have a leadership crisis in the country.We’ve had educated people

  7. asume leadership positions.Academicians head UNZA,doctors head UTH,ministry of Health etc.Wat are the results?Negative.Maybe its true that we need to try out new young leadership,people with a drive,vision,potential,not just with an ambition..This, tho will take us a long time to achieve coz we still have the likes of Old Sata,still trying to get to plot 1,with all the same old crooks still hunger for ministerial positions like the 50 Cent album “Get Rich or die Tryin”.Wat am trying to say is that the current leadership must be able to recognise talent and potential and make the right decisions..

  8. These government ministerial reshuffles have not proved to produce any results for us except for the fact that they are a means for buying time. The politicians use them to shift the blame from themselves to other people.
    If we were really serious with improving Zambia we should have started by things that do not even need foreign exchange, such as enforcing the old by-laws that kept Zambia alive. I am talking about no under 18, in bars or night clubs. No selling cigarettes to under 18. Tighten a road rules, by making the insurance companies pay more for accidents caused by vehicles they insure, and let the motorists also pay heavily for careless driving. These things do not need foreign currency. They need commitment. They do not need constant cabinet reshuffles.
    Many Zambians have paid the cost with their own blood for us who are alive to be able to learn and improve but, it seems nothing ever strikes us as a lesson. The Kawambwa school kids who died in that famous accident could have forced us to tighten the rules. The mine explosives on the copperbelt should have caused us to revisit our safety rules and penalize the culprits. Those politicians who steal from us day and night should not have been taking us for cheap rides. That game should be over by now. Let’s vote for reputable politicians. It never too late. Better late than never. When are we going to learn from the sacrifice Zambians have paid with their own blood?

  9. may someone tell me what has happenned to Angela. Has she been kicked out of the game or what ?? How do we kick out such competent people from the game ??

  10. The Circus still continues,we are still recycling the same people . when will the new blood ever get a chance to contribute new ideas to the system? Peter Daka lacks vision, how on earth can he lead a portfolio on Technology? Look at the mess on VoIP? Then there is Dr Chituwo? He failed the MoH before why is he back? Sarah Siyafwanda , we hope you have some sense to sort out the stone age Telecommunications situation Zambia is in today. Zambia is 50 years behind South Africa , please fasttrack the sector, the country’s development hinges on modern Technology.
    Levy please get rid of people who dont deliver ,politics of reshuffling ended along time ago. if one cant deliver in a particular portfolio how do you expect him to do so in another one.Ministers need to have perfomance appraisals if they cant perform, they should be booted out not transfered. we are sick and tired of failures who get rewarded for failling.

  11. LPM, pls inform the nation what Cifire has done to deserve the booting out or its a state secret or has Maureen got to do with it, with her jealous over our dear sister Cifire, who was doing very well at MoH. LPM pls be your own man and the nation the truth. We will continue to speculate until the truth is told. So tell us the truth and it will set u free.

  12. Mr President,if your Government had policies in place such as establishing a national airline,attract and maintain clinical staff,enhance power capacities etc, Why is it then that the people who were running ministries with such mandates failed to deliver but are instead reshuffled? LPM,Zambia does not have time to test leadership.If you cant deliver in one ministry then someone else should be given chance.The instructions were simple,why did these ministers fail to deliver?Take mulongoti for instance , foreign affairs is a total mess, LPM himself acknowledged the shortfalls at the ministry, so it is buffling to find him taking the same dead wood to another position.Mutati has failed to sort out Indeni,what is he going to do with the commerce portfolio. No wonder we are taking forever to exit the stone age.Chituwo goes and comes ,if he could not deliver at first why should he be given another chance?Peter Daka is a disgrace to modern day thinking.Him at Technology,what a joke.

  13. So all VJ’s friend will be booted out!!! Good. Is Teta also VJ’s friend or is just another LPM’s bootlickers, I wonder. Because is acting like VJ. When is talking he never finishes the sentence without mentioning LPM’s name, he is so obsessted with LPM’s that he dreams him night after night. Am I sure the wife should be complaining of this obsesstion. Yesterday’s interview on MUVI Teta admitted that, he has nothing for people in NW province except sponsoring 10 children to school, which I, as ordinary citizen also do and I dont consider it as an chievement and can never be proud about it. Teta are not ashamed of yourself to even mention 10 children in the entire province. SHAME ON TETA.

  14. LPM you have outdone yourself , you keep dead wood and fire competent people. What is the story? UTH Mgnt and AM seem to be on to something. Guys elaborate.It is either she was connected to VJ or Maureen is involved. LPM explain your reasoning .this is not a soapie but a country you are running

  15. UTH Management, now if she was a friend to VJ. what has her position to do with VJ-Ministry of Health. LPM can you please tell the nation the reasons why you left Cifire hanging. People would like to see transparency in ministry changes as well not only in issues affecting funds.

  16. KC ka Mudala Wakatenzi for the first time you have talked sense.Recycling same exhausted foxes won’t solve anything at all. The best Levy you can do is to show them the door and replace then with young vibrant Zambians who are enthusiastic to deliver and work for the country. Levy, so far you have booted out two ladies and one man who have been replaced by men and entails your insensitive to gender or may be AM is right about Maureen being jealous.
    To you Dr Chituwo, why do you accept being tossed and used like a rug? Come on man, the era of ‘yes sir’ ceased long time ago and its time to work with bosses not for your bosses Dr Chituwo. In my own view Dr Chituwo, get some guts and tell Levy to take you back to the ministry of ed where you tried to perform.

  17. There is no need to cry over Cfire.She was just a non performer.How can she allow a situation where by K23bn worth of drugs is rendered useless? To start with she didnt even know what health means and what it takes to be Health Minister.Its one of the biggest ministries which does not reuire inept or novices,you need someone with acumen, stamina and energy to articulate issues.She was just a misplaced element.she could have done well at Gender or community development where you dont need to use yoyr grey matter.LPM continue with your house cleaning.

  18. People, we should be mindful of the fact that Levy does not make decisions to improve the wellbeing of Zambians he does so to strengthen his power. How else do explain the current reshuffles? Shuffling dead wood will take Zambia nowhere.

    Zambia needs a fresh start. Levy Mwanawasa has been in power for almost 6 years and what has he got to show for it? Are we waiting for his last day in office to judge him?

    He came to power with the promise of riding Zambia of corruption but he ended up being the main threat to the eradication of corruption in the country.

    Ministrial financial misapplication are being exposed everyday by the parliamentary accounts committee and the question is: where was he during his six years in office? The corrupt officers have been identified but that will never bring back billions of public funds they misapplied. If the exercise was prioritised and early, we could have saved the money.

    We need a political and economic revolution in Zambia.


  19. What a joke? And what a combination with the Loud Mouthed Teta in one Ministry.
    this is the joke of the year, surely what has gone into LPM`s Head and soul in appointing Mulongoti as Information Minister, what qualities and credentials does the man has? We are really disappointed with LPM, for sure your Government is now full of party cadres, it is like you want people to be pleasing and dancing for you always like Mulongoti. During the labour Day celebrations you were addressing the youths and assuring them that they are the future leaders of tomorrow which is today, why not get one from the university and be appointed as minister, than going on the street and get one who even fails to express himself in public .we need educated people in government,LPM your appointments are making us think that we don’t have educated people in Zambia. You have disappointed us as though you never went to School.
    LPM has also blunded on the change on Mutati,the guy understood the Energy sector very well, this is a great mistake and what has the Tumbuku Lady Angela done now with her beauty, LPM it’s bad in life that one today is in Cabinet and in two days later a backbencher, it is disappointing. LPM we want to know the wrong doings of people in public offices. We have not heard about the VJ saga and now we have another unexplained Mulongoti saga, why are you doing this, is it because you have nothing to lose, May God deliver you and Maureen.
    Another Cadre Mulongoti joining Teta who is aired in lime light, these two will be making noise and the Information Ministry will lose directions, what a good combination.

  20. what a joke of the year, Mulongoti and Teta in one Ministry,lets wait and see,these two Party Cadres who carry LPM briefcases will do and i will be the first one to star dancing or anything happens to these two God deliver you.bye

  21. Kuku, what you should understanding is that LPM is so confused with power, that he just appoints people who are not qualified or fit for the job. Can you tell me that he was justified by appointing the former MAID, who turn HOUSEWIFE, turn FIRST LADY, turn FORMER FIRST LADY ,turn CADRE, turn MP, now DEPUTY MINISTER. you know who? At least Cifire went to School.

  22. AM my Dear we are heading for a circus in Zambia,sure LPM cant see the potential of educated guys and ladies from school who can do a better job,no wonder we are failing to account for resources.Please Levy drop your appointments no Mulongoti of this world, notable circus is that Teta will be making noise in the MMD high portfolio and Mike will be making noise as chief governrmt spokesperosn,it will be fyun very soon.God bless it true that Maureen is running the Country,if not that let Levy tell us the truth about VJ,and Angela,the shortages of drugs was caused by Miti , who to me was supposed to be hanged and thrown to his farm.

  23. The President, this time is very busy in trying to put his relatives, friends and party cadres in government positions in order for him to be appreciated before he leaves office in 2011.Ladies and gentle men you will agree with me that 90% of his cabinat ministers are his relatives, friends and few party cadres. Just have a look at the Cabinat chat you will believe my words. Very few ministers who are dedicated to work and help this country develop and not those who are related to the president.

    You will agree with me that those ministers who are related to the president are very RUDE to fellow ministers and where does that power come from definately from the president himself.To me Cifire was a good minister more than Daka, masebo and Mr chancer man rupia banda.Look at the level of Permanent Secretaries.Most of them are his relatives thats why he is finding problems in dismissing them. Honest can you dismiss your own Doctor, its impossible.

  24. AM, sure you know that LPM is not fit for purpose,he is making one step in front and fifty two steps back ward.Where LPM is today is equivalent to being in 1972 where KK assumed that he was the only one who knew about managing a country.LPM is a Mr know it all.I agree with Kellyan,LPM is the most corrupt person in the world and has been caught in the same web.Most of these appointments are full of his relatives.Ministerial jobs are for people with extra intelligence who can read between lines.You dont need to have a degree to be a Minister as per comment24, Sata is not a degree holder,KK was not a degree holder,Kapwepwe wasnot a degree holder and many more politics is a science and calls for people with super natural intelligence, a pure people management philosophy.Cifire too bad for you as an upstart in politics but you should have expected it to come anytime.

  25. What a pity Government has not used this reshuffle to give a chance to “younger fresher minds”…same old politicians shuffling jobs amoungst themselves..!!!
    I congratulate LPM for actually doing stuff but urge him to be more proactive with his last term in office..WE NEED NEW BLOOD…..

  26. I totally disagree with 24. You know in life the most important thing is determination and focus and to have a personal vision and above all make your dream come true in your life. I like Vera Tembo because she has good determination, she does not look to herself to be a low calibre in education but she does understand things and she is able to aticulate issues very well more than those learnable ministers e.g, Peter Daka and himself LPM.

    Very is very much fit to be the minister of Gender and she can do wonders there. I know someone who was a cleaner but now through limping education he is Director and he is heading people of high education.So dont have that in mind if someone has a low education cant perform infact they perform better than those with high education. A good example is our former President and his education back ground very poor but he was able to run this country for a good 10 years. Can you compare LPM to FTJ. Even this time KK is able to aticulate issues that LPM.

  27. Dr. Miti will never be droped how, he is LPM doctor. If you dont know let me tell you the truth now. Maureen Mwanawasa is currently runing this country and LPM is just a remote control.

  28. u voted for LPM yourself. Zambians need someone who has a different approach and vision for the country. no wonder u keep trailing 50 years to RSA, and 30 years to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe even as today.

  29. Kellyan education is the means through which people get to understand their environment and life better.

    So are you saying that education is useless and that determination and focus are the only avenues to success. This is too shallow an analysis.

    To support youranalysis, can you inform us of the developments that have taken place at the Ministry of Energy as a result of Vera’s initiative?

    To be blunt, Vera was appointed to have a go at Chiluba and Regina at national expense. She is being used simply as a pawn or sacricial lamb. What kind of leadership is that?

    Thats Zambia for you

  30. Kuku, lets be realistic you can not just wake and pick any body in street to be the minister, just because one is determinated. I was not talking about appointing only degree holders, but people with knowledge and determination. You very well that this days degree holders are just as good as Form 2 of those days (like our two former presidents). Our two formers presidents are able to articulate issues than any degree holders of these day. What I am saying is that grade 9 of these days can not be a minister, he is just as good as grade 2 of KK’s time. Determination and knowldge go together. LPM is appointing ministers based on what comment 28 says.

  31. You are right Bwalya, LPM is Maureen’s remote control, which she uses, any time she wants. Thats why she cannot affort to have beatiful ladies surrounding LPM, because of her possesstion with Jealous. Cifire is intellegent young women, who should have been given more time. Maureen your days are numbered in plot 1. Ask the former MAID.

  32. I am not a pimp Jude but I have two ladies in mind, one is former and the other one seems to busy with natioal issues. So Jude whom do you want?

  33. That’s a piece of cake, I will bring her at your door step when she will distributing chitenge material. So when do you need her? She has also be denied due to someone sickness.

  34. Jude and Wadala wakatenzi (WAWA), lady & gentleman, stop being childish. The issue here LPM appointing MAIDs and likes. Pls stick the issue. I think Teta is LPM’s pimp minister. Thats why LPM’s name is part of Teta’s vocaburary.

  35. AM, the lady has been denied and she needs to be loved not to be replaced PB, fatigue and Teta’s lies. AM, let Jude take her. May be that’s why she’s so jealous of Angela.

  36. Too bad for Angela, now what about Simon Miti. Miti is being speared by Levy.

    Corruption culprits should be all treated equally.

    Levy fire all the thieves including sturborn Miti

  37. How come LPM is quiet about Dr Miti who openly claims to spend K21 million on Christmas cards!! sic. He really has a great nerve to even say it publicly. The reshulfle could not touch him. Levy’s doctor I suppose.
    Every month I see my bank statement a cut towards hospital/health so that more Christmas cards can be bought. LPM shame on you

  38. KC aka wakatenzi,you amuse me alot, I have been enjoying the analysis by honourable men and women until you and Jude from Mars just spoiled everything.Gentlemen its interesting to know that everyone contributing above have a burning desire to change Zambia.Alot has to be done in Zambia starting from education, health and entire management of both political and economic spheres of our country.the three areas of change needed are The task of managing change, An area of professional practice,and A body of knowledge.LPM has just failed in all these areas,One thing is certain in his life he never he even managed a club of some sort its the first time in his life he is doing such a demanding job.the man lacks political skills,analytical skills,people management skills,systems skills and finally business skills.People around you can actually fail you and this happened to KK, FTJ so LPM is no exception and is final fail is yet to come.He is been a gumbler rather too long,very inconsistent etc

  39. what is surprising is the loud call for new blood,if I may ask where is this new blood? When all of you are either in diaspora or just not anywhere near the play ground.I sypmathise with LPM much as he would have loved to mingle with new blood the only new blood he has are party cadres until all of you men and women above rise to the occassion otherwise your feelings will just end up as an acdemic exercise.Mudala Wakatenzi and Jude give yourself up instead of just thinking about your sexual orientations


    Recycle all your rubbish
    Fat and thin
    Recycle all your ribbish
    Torn and dirty

    Recycle is like a bicycle
    Because the more you do
    The more you want to do
    We should recycle
    To keep the earth clean
    Not to keep ourselves in power

    LPM need a dump
    For there is to much litre in the house

    Tenta rags that stinks hanging
    Vera rusty holed tins that cant hold water
    Mpomb worn out blooms that cant sweep
    In the back yard are Rupi lame goose laying golden

    Recycle not LPM
    You need a dump site
    and you need to create one even for you self
    Soon will be spent
    and you will need to be dumped

    Recycle no more LPM
    Because you will not get Ca$sh from ash

    Recycle no more LPM
    For there is an idle pool of intellect
    waiting to be used
    For the benefit of mother Zambia

  41. Whose says our two former presidents are not degrees holders? They both have Doctorate degrees. They are even more educated that LPM who only has a first degree. How they aquired those Doctorate degrees, especially the immediate past President, is our food for thought.

  42. Who says our two former presidents are not degree holders? They both have Doctorate degrees. They are ven more educated than LPM who only has a first degree. How they acquired those Doctorate degrees, especially the immediate past President, is our food for thought.

  43. The Webmaster needs to approve comment’s when they are submitted, people like KC are of no use on the forum.

  44. It seems so interesting and intoxicating to read all the people’s view about Mulongoti and the recent cabinet reshaffle. I think Zambian need leaders not puppets and cadres. I think that is what is lacking in the Zambia today.We seem to have recycled leaders without leadership skills. It high time we had a leadership practicum to grrom future leaders. Be fair in your language and how you make criticism on a public forum like this one.

  45. Gentlemen, Mudala Wakatenzi is a completely different person. Please read his analyses and compare them to mine. You obviously see that I am more analytical than him/her.

  46. you are just a cameoleon, you have forgotten that you indicated your id on one of the discussions.Be genuine.Why do want to be elusive? What has happened to your Dr friend?Have you abandoned him? We miss his contributions.What would prefer wafimofimo or KC?

  47. KC these were your comments:,”
    Mudala wakatenzi says:

    If I were Levy, I would have not sent a congratulatory message to that dunderhead Mugabe who has reduced his people to nothing.Indeed, independence celebrations are meanless when people don’t have free piece of mind and are scared of one another. Yes, they will sing joyful songs but in low tune once they focus on blood that was shed during their struggle being just in vain. Mugabe deserves a bullet in a head.

    I still consider Levy as a coward and not courageous enough to tell that dunderhead Mugabe about the sinking Titanic story. Levy, you were the first African president to criticize Mugabe and it will be great for you to go to Zimbabwe and tell that dunderhead about sinking Titanic. Definitely, you will be a hero to the Zimbabeans. It does pay to talk under the armpit about the coughing economy of Zimbabwe to unconcern people,Levy get some guts and face Bob.

    Kayata, my bru, have a nice day ID KC.

    April 17, 2007 @ 8:18 pm

  48. Zambia has got potential leaders that are passionate about its development as evidenced from the positive contributions that flow on this forum, you guys have a good goal and just wish or hope this forum is accessed by some of the leaders that are in power, revolution does not come in a day unless you keep crying for the love of your country, New blood is all Zambia needs right now and not recycled as most of you have pointed out. i give praise to whoever came up with this blog, but unless this platform is heard by the leaders, all these valid points will pass like water under the bridge.

  49. Mdu, if we had leaders and people who understood the benefits of ICT, Zambia was going to be a lovely place. If the govt,established such a forum on the state house or ministry of information website, views would have been considered. By the way, does the Ministry of Information have a website? That Ministry has become a ministry for MMD affairs.

  50. Developed nations such as the U.S. or UK are not self sufficient with medical staff. They still rely heavily on foreign trained. Zambia has only one medical school and college that train clinical officers. Similarly, we have few schools that train nurses. Even if these schools were to increase their intakes by 100% today, several decades from now would not make Zambia self sufficient! Yet our never-learning politicians conceded to pressure to pruning of medical staff in large numbers, a thing I have never heard of anywhere in the world! The result? More patients’ suffering. Any lessons? Plan and think before you bow to external pressure.

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