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Sondashi shows interest in MMD presidency


Fomer Works and Supply minister Ludwig Sondashi has said that the herbal remedy discovery work he is currently involved in will not keep him from seeking the MMD presidency in 2011.

Dr Sondashi dismissed suggestions he could be too busy with his HIV/AIDS work to make a run for the presidency of the MMD. He said this  during the ‘Hot Seat’ radio programme on Hot FM radio monitored in Lusaka.

“I can neither confirm nor deny my standing for the presidency in 2011. Of course I have an interest. Currently, I am still consulting because I have received encouragement from the area where I come from and other parts of the country,” he said.

Dr Sondashi who described himself as a mature politician with vast political experience said, he would not enter the campaign trail as of now. A Lusaka caller wanted to know if Dr Sondashi would support the candidature of Tourism Minister Kabinga Pande who was allegedly being groomed to take over from President Mwanawasa in 2011.

In response, Dr Sondashi said he had no intention of challenging the current president because the president was retiring after his second tenure ends in 2011.

He said the MMD presidency would be vacant then, hence his decision to show interest in standing as a presidential candidate because of his vast experience in the three governments since independence.

“President Mwanawasa’s MMD presidency ends after 2011, and he has made it clear he would not be the party president anymore contrary to what MMD spokesperson Benny Tetamashimba has said about letting the President continue after 2011, ” he said.

He said though he was old, Zambia needed mature leaders like him and he could not be barred from contesting the presidency when time came for him to do so.

Dr Sondashi was he was saddened by the ministry of Health and the National AIDS Council who were allegedly blocking the publication of the scientific and clinical proof of the effectiveness of his herbal HIV/AIDS remedies together with two others despite the medicines being non-toxic.

He maintained that his medicine, the Sondashi 2000 formula, had so far cured more than 65 patients who were positive but turned negative upon taking the medicine.

He said Dr Patrick Chikusu, principal investigator of the clinical trials of the three traditional herbal remedies confirmed the medicines were safe to use because they had shown evidence of reducing HIV viral loads and increasing the CD4 count among users.

He said his medicine could be used side-by-side with ARVs and warned he would take it to other countries because of the frustration he was going through in Zambia.

“My idea was to discover the cure after my first born son got AIDS, and leave it to the Government to take over because I am not a medical doctor.

I can not go to other countries, that would make Zambia lose revenue in foreign exchange,” he said.

He said he wrote a letter to President Mwanawasa who he said was supportive in sponsoring the clinical trials unlike the ministry of Health and the National Aids Council (NAC), which were frustrating his efforts even after clinical trials proved the medicine was harmless on human beings.


  1. what has he got to offer when he failed to register any success during his ministerial jobs? These are kind of jokers we dont want.Dr sondashi dont waste your resources on a game you have no chancing of winning,use your resources on the area where your passion is ,’sondashi formula’.Interms of politics you have peaked and deserve a good relaxe.If at all your are serious man , being a constitutional lawyer today Zambia would not have been where it is today interms legislation and governance.

  2. Sondashi is like Chakomboka,if they hear there are some elections, they want to contest from the ward level to the Presidency. Sondashi’s manifesto is that if he is elected as President he will show the people of Zambia, the cure of AIDS, just like Chama would have shown where Gold is hidden in Zambia.We donot need Old politician’s. Sondashi stop wasting the media’s ink and space in the newspaper’s,we already know who you are.You said Chiluba smoked together with you, why would we elect such a person.Time for Old Politician like you is long gone,we are just awaiting your cousin Mugabe to leave soon.Squandering the resources of the country and putting the blame on the whites. I would too suggest you continued with your formula of herb’s than wasting the little money you have on campaign’s or best you just opened an Orphanage home for AIDS victim’s children. Why should other people come to adopt these kids when we have old people like you.Leave politics to the Young Generation

  3. Dr. Sondashi is a Zambian who is just expressing his rights. Let him give the people his intentions and what he intends to archieve for the people. Let the Zambian judge him not the press.Why should you worry about Sondashi, When MMD will no longer be in power after 2011. PF is the party to rule Zambia starting in 2011.

  4. Dr Sondashi, please be sensible and do the right thing,keep quiet and stay that way. Zambia is not a circus and we definitely dont need clowns. Enough is enough.

  5. We have had enough of u bwana Sondashi. Could u just concentrate onfinding the cure for AIDS. Its time for the young ones to rule Zedi. U had yo time & proved to be a failure. We dont want people to lead us who are eager to be fighting at the Parly Buildings. If u r the to be the next rebuplican president, then Street Fighting would be legalised leading to tioal chaos in Zedi. Please sit back & enjoy the money u have had so far. later bwana.

  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, Sondashi is not worthy discussing, we have enough problems in this country to deal with, like corruption, theft, constitution, polical appointment Cadres & Maids and sick president in state house (we dont need another sick person at plot 1). He is just another joker with nothing to talk about who is making us laugh aloud. Let the old man consetrate in cheating poor, sick people with money in Bunshi ng’anga. God will deal with him. Why cant he try his medicines on those well to do, who are sick and travelling to SA and UK. But he is trying on poor people, who are desparating want to heal and has no enough money (and there is no medicines in our hospitals) to go to SA or UK.

  7. Dr Sondashi you have been in politics for so long and you have nothing to offer the Zambian people and of late you have reduced yourself to a comedian who can mistaken claim STDs muti for AIDS cure. Levy please take your fellow counterpart to UK were you went for brain scanning before things get worse and dont forget to carry his AIDS concoction.

  8. Country men and learnable women, We need to bring out real important issues pertaining to our lovely country.Looking at some of the issues that other people are contributing to this debate leave much to be desired. In our beloved country Zambia, we are suffering from leadership disease you like it or not. You would remember 2001 chiluba had to woke up mwanawasa from asleep to take up that position of presidency,to me i understand that there was no one who could be trusted with the presidency position at that time in 2001. To day could someone tell me who would be trusted with the position of the presidency in MMD party.To my own analysis and looking at the MMD leadership as at now, no one can be trusted to be the president of this country.If only HH would not be a tribalist man, i can support his candidature to the president of this country.

  9. Dr Maswahu wherever you,please people are itching for your contribution. I sometimes get surprise to read stuff that is not wealth to read. Please Dr, I beg you to start contributing and educate these young men who think this blog is for fun or say things from without.
    To my fellow friends, lets contribute positvely and debate on issues we can elaborate clearly. I hope people like Kayata Kataya will start doing so.

  10. I am the only Jew – what is comment 8 talking about? And what has it got to do with the issue at hand. And You no. 10 who says this blog is just for old people only. It’s people like you who resist change.

  11. AM, dont be “mubauba musa” you could have agreed with me on elaboration as you pointed out comment10.This blog is for mature contributions and not for childish contributions.

  12. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong between HH and Nawakwi? These true Zambians would have taken Zambia to the promise land but the way they differed leaves a big question mark. In chitonga twamba kuti ‘muhubahuba cilyo cabasongwe’ that what these crooks in MMD see us. Dont get surprise one morning to hear that Sondashi linso lyakoko is the Head of state just like you were not amused with Levy.



  14. I rate Dr. Sondashi as a political comedian. He is just like the late Chama Chakomboka.

    Let people like Wila D. Mung’omba try their luck.

  15. nomenclature if you have no time to read lengthy scripts please just hang up.The periodic table is still haunting you.Are you polonium 210?

  16. Mudala wakatenzi, i know you miss your Dr…, unfortunately i can not make further comments on you. i’d rather contribute to the forum, and my comment’s are misunderstood, than comment you.

  17. Zambia need to adopt a ‘clean hand’ policy for would presidents.People who have failed in business must not be entertained at all,we need clarity about their leadership values and must tell us what they want to do for resucitation of mother Zambia.we need corporate leadership that will bring value added effects to the normal citizens, this allegiance to chinese wealth will not take us anywhere , there is serious need for global positioning.

  18. Chama Chakomboka was not crazy,at least he mentioned of those minerals you now hear and read on news and those so called investor coming to Zambia in the mining industry.It was just unfortunate that the guy didn’t know how to source funds.
    About Dr Sondashi, i don’t think he is capable citizen,he doesn’t even understand the mechanism of action of his own drugs ooops.
    Lets be realistic sir.
    Just get to the lab and understand the contents of your herbs then analyse their target cells and enzymes.
    You might even win a nobel prize for discovering a good herb.
    Not a leader sir.
    If SATA was not so radicle, i think he would be the president.Let him just iron out his ratio remarks.I know his manifesto is very excellent and he has done alot in whichever the fields he has worked.
    We youths really need to get into politics.
    Zambia is going down really down..
    At least i do admire and adore the Chinese leadership.
    Purification means purification.They dont fight corruption for decades ”’

  19. Bo Lubasi, i guess you are enjoying the benefits of foreign investors from USA and UK who have come to China.
    I too, like Sata’s style of working, he has managed to change things around where he has worked. Long, if i recall, he came from his office as Governor, and went to be a Bus Conductor, for a day, to show people that the public buses,can operate without govt’s assistance, but i think his time is gone. When the stock market plunged last month in China, the whole world was affected. That showed that it has something to offer to the world. Every person’s electronic device is now made in China. GM in USA have moved their operations to China. It is a good country to associate with monentary, but we’ve a situation where the zambian govt allow their bad side’s to come with them to zambia. In all these happening’s in Zambia, i totally condemn the Govt for not protecting it’s citizen’s. The Namibian govt closed the chinese factory for illtreatment of workers. why can’t we be like that?

  20. I don’t know about Dr Sondashi being president but what I do know is that the issue of HIV/AIDS cannot be left to the western pharmaceutical companies. First there is no will power from the western governments to eradicate HIV. Those of us who read history know that in the days of Polio FDR who was the president of USA at the time decided to deal with Polio and the citizens of the US and the world as a whole realized that polio was not only a danger to the very existence which must be eradicated by any means necessary. We do not have the same will power and determination today, because HIV is considered an “African” disease. Less than 1% American leaves with HIV or are affected by HIV/AIDS. In Africa either you are infected or you are affected. Today in Zambia not even one person can stand up and say I have not been affected by HIV/AIDS. The Pharmaceuticals will always pacify us by coming up with drugs that only guarantee their income by putting people on drugs for life. We should encourage more people like Dr Sondashi to keep trying, who knows where the cure might come from. Why pay Billions to the Pharmaceuticals for ARV’s if Sondashi 2000 has the same benefits as the ARV’s. For Dr Sondashi keep trying but don’t mix sondashi 2000 with politics. Do you know that over $500Billion has been spent on finding a cure for HIV and guess what all got is ARV’s because there income is guaranteed. There is no incentive for Pharmaceuticals to find the cure for HIV.

  21. Gentlemen I see that we are Busy comparing Dr Sondashi
    to Late Chakomboka.I would Like to differ with your comments. As a scientist I do not condemn this man .Why don’t you condemn ARV but because you hear the word herbal you conclude that it cannot work. Remember that quinine was discovered by primitive people using the cinchona tree and upto now it is the last resort in the treatment of malaria. Let us stop thinking that as Africans we are not capable of contributing to the cure of AIDS.
    Viva sondashi formula.
    For argument sake who is more learnt between Mr Sata and Sondashi?
    In the Last elections Mr Sata was almost becoming President.

  22. I am glad that everyone is burning for positive and constructive contributions. Many Zambians abroad I have talked to tell me of the new experiences that they have learned and wished could be of great help to our mother Zambia if ever they were in any position of influence. My first time to travel to Europe and U.S.A. made me sick to see the wide gap that is there between our nation and the developed world. Not that I expected us to be at par but coming from Zambia, which strictly speaking is not a poor country could have faired much better, at least by African standards. The most painful thought was that our leaders made several tours abroad but could not zealously pursue to develop our land. Some of them have even lived abroad for years. There is no excuse to fail to construct new road networks to every corner of Zambia. This will be base for development. Let the new leaders zealously implement this. Zambia will never be the same.

  23. CK.. i agree with you. The corner stone of any product development is a sound distribution network. If we have no roads then we can not effectivelly improve agricalture, tourism etc. you can produce fertilizer but how do you get it to the small scale farmers with out a road network? and by the way Small scale farmers produce more tha 80% of the Maize we consume in the country. The problem is in the thinking of my people. I have leave pretty much all my adult life abroad. The most terrifying thing when you step out of “Z” is the difference in how we think,talk and operate compaired to the Americans for example. thats where the problem is. We have a serious garbage problem in Lusaka mostly because its acceptable for someone to eact a banana and just throw the cover on the streets. if you did that in singapore that would a life sentence in jail. Untill we change our thinking and realise that we are responsible for our well being nothing will change.

  24. provide current news as it breaks,
    especially Times & daily you must wakeup
    who wants to read old news for weeks on running
    improve instead of just condeming levy play
    your part

  25. People whose bodies cant tolerate ARVs because of serious side effects have an alternative in the Sondashi formular, Mayeyayin or the Mailacin anti HIV/AIDS herbal medicines. These herbs like ARVs have the ability to reduce the viral load and also increase the CD4 cells in an HIV/AIDS infected person. However the advantage with the the 3 tested Zambian herbs is that they have no side effects of any kind. Please, Zambians we now have an alternative to ARVs. Build Zambia buy Zambian.

  26. just to ratify what my collegue alludes to in posting 22. Is’nt it no wonder these civil organisations and other so called humanitarian NGOs are so antagonistic about the notion of having the CURE for AIDS? In my opinion, it’s plain clear that these groups have vested interest in this matter. They are simply protecting their JOBs. If the cure is established and disclosed to all, what will be left of these pharmacitical organisations. Read between the lines, it’s all BIG BUSINESS ladies and Gentlemen.
    Coming back to the issue at hand, when Sondashi was works and supply minister(i stand to be corrected), he attributed the collapsed bridge that took away human lives in eastern province to being an act of God, remember? He didn’t take responsibility for something wholly under his control. Nah… He is not presidential material.
    The distribution network, posting 25, well, the issue spirrals beyond the construction of roads. We need to tackle the central issue of communication.

  27. SAGE #25 has hit the nail on the head – It is all DOWN TO THE WAY WE THINK, more so about our selves, our self esteem, etc ,etc. For example, LPM, stands on a pulpit, & calls all zambians abroad COWARDS. Well, if these people were cowards, then they have over-achieved to be able to settle & do well in foreign environments – but again ,it highlights the thinking of a president who has no inkling of what precious assets these people could be if he put in place the right incentives! Believe me, zambians have the capacity & will, to turn things around if led from the top, but as things are-things are not changing right under their noses, so they just carry on in despair & hopelessness, becoz there is so much rhetoric with no real will by the people who bark the loudest!!

    I like Wampata’s #28 quote, Instead of accepting it was a structural problem, blames God, this man doesn’t deserve a look into plot1, shows he can’t shoulder responsibility. Would be like Gambian president on AIDS.

  28. ” Cure for AIDS found?
    An American HIV/AIDS activist who claims to have found the cure for AIDS will be arriving in Zambia next week.
    Dr. Dave Graves who was HIV/AIDS positive but has since been tested negative is reported to have the formula for the pandemic which has claimed hundreds of lives in Zambia and the rest of the world.

    Weekly Angel newspaper executive director, Edgar Ngoma has confirmed Dr. Graves visit to Zambia.

    Dr. Ngoma said Dr. Graves has evidence to the effect that the HIV virus was manufactured in a laboratory in a named country.

    He insisted that the visiting doctor will also explain the origins of the virus and how it has reached unprecedented levels”

    This is an extract from ZNBC. The reason it makes interesting reading is becoz of 2 things: 1) The sensational claim of a cure, 2) The evidence of Lab manufacture BY A NAMED COUNTRY! How very interesting!

    I’ll try to speculate on the latter, leaving the former to when we get more info.

  29. It is true HTLV viruses, later renamed HIV viruses, were 1st isolated from specimen collected in central africa in the early 70’s, notably however,there were no reports of an endemic disease ravaging any part of Africa with the likeness of HIV/AIDS. Coincidentally, that was also the height of the cold war. Nuclear weapons were breaming on both sides – this meant mutual annihilation. Efforts were then turned to fighting conventional wars and trying to win these, but thsi called for a different type of weaponary – enter BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL warfare! Again both sides embarked in this race, experimented with both bacteria and viruses. The problem with biological weapons is that they don’t produce an instant kill & non-selective. Chemical weapons do provide an instant kill but again non-selective.

    Now how does HIV come into the picture? Well the next step in trying to develop these armaments was to develop MORE VIRULENT organisms(i.e. more vicious) effective killers ..cont

  30. This meant a disease that was INCURABLE! Theory is HTLV viruses were engineered to their deadly form. Next stage in development is testing them, best way is to test them on the target they are designed for. In medical history a number of infamous experiments have been carried on human beings, notably by Hitler & co, but also by others, such as the Tuskegee experiment or study(Google it). Pres Clinton offered an apology in 1997. Thus with this background, & some things I’ve read in the past, I apply conjecture from here on up till when HIV was 1st reported in San Francisco.

    Thru reading, way back in 80’s, came across some article which said prisoners on Death Row were sometimes experimented on, not sure whether with their knowledge or not. Some of them went on to die before their execution dates, the rest were eventually executed. However, prisons are known for the type of sexual conduct that carries on. The possibility that D/Row & non D/Row mixed is very real..cont

  31. Thus if when the non D/Row prisoners contracted HIV & subsequently released into the community, the long incubation allowed for the disease to propagate itself in the gay community – in whom it was exclusive in the early 80’s when 1st recognised. It continued in this population for a while, b4 reports started appearing on the East coast of Africa, then central Africa. What is notable in E. africa was the prevalence of western tourists, some with biexual interests. When you then follow the progress of the disease, initially limited to lines of transportation, & certain occupations, such as prostitutes, Long distance drivers, Soldiers etc b4 spreading to the rest of the population enmass. In the west heterosexual spread has been slow , but hastened in IV drug user population. In africa, sexual practices such as dry-sex, and the high prevalence of the older STD’s disadvantaged our predominantly heterosexual population.

    I’ll wait for our visitor next week to shed some light.

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