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DEC told to arrest traditional rulers involved in drugs

Headlines DEC told to arrest traditional rulers involved in drugs

An opposition parliamentarian in Mufulira District on the Copperbelt Province has called on the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to arrest traditional rulers who were cultivating cannabis in their chiefdoms.

Kantanshi Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Yamfwa Mukanga says cases
involving chiefs growing cannabis which they have taken as part of their lifestyles was worrying adding that the trend should immediately be brought under scrutiny.

ZANIS reports from Mufulira that the opposition Parliamentarian said this during
a special Council meeting today.

Mr. Mukanga said this shortly after a representative from the DEC Handu Mwanakasale made a presentation to Councillors on the danger of drug abuse and money laundering.

And in response to Mr. Mukanga’s sentiments, the DEC official acknowledged that
cases involving chiefs peddling drugs were on the increase especially in Southern and Eastern Provinces.

The DEC officer however, said his institution had done tremendous educational awareness campaigns amongst traditional rulers and as such they were not at liberty to continue growing cannabis.

 He warned that any traditional ruler found growing prohibited drugs would face the wrath of the law.

Mr. Mwanakasale who is also DEC Copperbelt Head of Education Campaign said in
order for the war against drug abuse and money laundering to be won, there was
need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders including Councillors.

 Mr. Mwanakasale prodded the Councillors to educate and pass on information on
the effect of drug abuse to constituents in their respective wards.

 He lamented that it was unfortunate that cases of drug and alcohol abuse amongst youth and school going pupils were on the increase adding that this should come to an end.

And speaking earlier, Mufulira Town Clerk Charles Mwandila commended the DEC
for initiating an educational drug campaign targeted at public institutions.

Maina Soko PF Ward Councillor Rosemary Musanya called on the DEC to consider
opening up an office in Mufulira, if it was to be successful in the drug fight.



  1. Honourable Yafwa arresting people can assist but educating the people on the dangers and effects of drugs is more effective than arresting. DEC please educate the nation and this in the due course will yield good results.

  2. Ngaso, but surely the Hon is right. You need both a credible threat on the table and education. Education takes time, so the emphasis has to be on arresting first and then you can think about education,

  3. The question is why should the DEC be told to arrest people. Why cant these people just get their act together and start doing their job. They are paid a lot of money for them to stay aloof. They should be waiting for people or paliamentarians to call on them.
    Wake up and start doing some work you are paid for.

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