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Stop building Chiluba a house – Women for Change

Headlines Stop building Chiluba a house - Women for Change

Women for Change has added its voice to calls for the discontinuation of the construction of second republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba’s house by the state.

This follows the judgement by the London High Court which found the former president liable of personalising billions of kwacha from the state treasury.

Last week, Judge Peter Smith of the London High Court ruled that Chiluba stole public funds amounting to 41 million US dollars.

Women for Change Executive Director, Emily Sikazwe said this today at a Newsmakers
Forum discussion organized by the press freedom committee of the Post newspaper.

Ms Sikazwe said even though it was constitutional that former heads of state should
be built a house, Dr. Chiluba should not benefit from the facility because he has been found guilty of plundering the country’s resources.

She said the money meant for the construction of Dr. Chiluba’s house should instead
be used to build basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and roads for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

Ms Sikazwe added that she would see to it that the second republican president is
not built a house because what he did by plundering taxpayers money was inhuman.

At the same forum, former University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) president
Antonio Mwanza said Dr Chiluba should not even get his salary from the government,
because he might use the same money to pay back what he allegedly stole from

Last week the London court ruled that Chiluba stole about $41million a property of
the from Zambian government.

However, Dr Chiluba at a press conference at his Kabulonga home in Lusaka, rejected
the judgement saying he does not recognise the jurisdiction of the London court as
Zambia was a sovereign state.

In his defence, Dr Chiluba dismissed judge Smith’s judgment saying it was racist and
corrupt and also accused British prime minister Tony Blair, and the entire British
political and judicial system of trying to impose imperialism on Zambia.



  1. Chiluba, as former head of state is entitled to a Government house, but we the tax payers are saying that it(Government) should instead rent a house fr him in either Ngombe or John Lainge township so that he understands what it means to be deprived off basic necessities like clean drinking water.

  2. shoti must be thrown into jail not john Lenge or ngombe because if I can meet him in one of the townships. I can hurt him.
    I mean seriously.

  3. The funds were approved by parliament to build Chiluba’s house. The parliament is the one which can determine the housing of Chiluba. I know Emily Sikazwe is right but let us not be so unkind to FTJ.His case is still gonna go in to the courts again.He has not been given enough chance to exculpate him self in the courts so just for time until all the cases are disposed off by the courts. He has countless charges on his shoulders. The london one is just one it.

  4. May be I am mistaken, but don’t these houses still remain a property of the GRZ anyway? If that’s the case then the money wont have been wasted. The property can still be used as a guest house to accomodate visiting VIPs until LPM retires and moves in instead. At that point Kafupi will probably be a guest of the GRZ in one of the prisons.

  5. Emily calm down , how many millions of dollars have you yourself plundered at that NGO?Dont be so harsh, the past president has exculputed himself let the case finish before you can start making you shallow assumptions.Emily you are brainwashed,you are one those heartless persons who suffer from serious amnesia and only wait for dark sides to justify their existence.And stop using UNZA students at your forums , these kids are the most vunerable to abuse by you NGO’s because they represent their own opinions not that of other students at a fee.FTJ will only be vindicated by the courts of law not individuals like you and LPM




    The country needs to move on and beyond this mess. FTJ has already been censored arguably enough- diplomatically.

  7. I dare remind my fellow Zambians about a few important facts that we can take for granted.

    a) FTJ led a national revolution that brought down a dictatorial, corrupt, disfunctinoal state under KK.
    b) FTJ gave back Zambians their dignity in liberalising the economy (those old enough will remember that even to bath with ebu soap became a luxury while women had to sleep with ZCBC/Mwaiseni store tenders to buy cooking oil or with a bus inspector to buy a ticket to Mbala).
    c) Chela above mentions the housing scheme that empowered poor retired and low income households.

    When time has moved on, the future generations of reasonable Zambians will remember that FTJ presided over a crucial history of our country. If we started to enlist KK’s misdeeds, he would arguably top the list. But a nation’s character shows in how it treats its (past) leaders.

    Whatever the value of $41 million, am prepared to forgive him.

  8. As long as people just want to persecute FTJ because they hate him we will continue to talk about this subject. I will reiterate the judgement passed by Peter. The whole case is about shoes, suites money for kids and ftj’s family. That is not theft regardless of how much was spent. If Teka Farms is that good how come there was no transport for Mama Mokola? or may be she wasnt even living there she just dumped some where in Ndola rural. FTJ was bold enough to take acre of his family according to the provisions of the Zambian constitution. Some of you could have loved to see the president’s son going to Chawama primary school.
    Chitapankwa… the house for the president belongs to the family and the government will continue maintaining the household for as long as
    A- the president is alive
    B- The first lady is alive
    C- His childresn are below the age of 21. There after the house still remains in the hands of the family but the government stops supporting the household.

  9. Then its simple, let them confisicate the shoes and sell salaula. Why is Katele not in the mention because he was minister at Finance. What about the 36 billion ($9 million) or trillion still missing at Finance?

  10. I really wonder if people like Emily actually think with their brains or are just plain emotional. What has gov. building FTJ a house got to do with Smith’s judgement. The man served his people and that is what entitles him to the house. Whether he stole or not has nothing to do with him enjoying his entitlement. He has been asked to pay back the money. So why should we tie in stupid and foolish conditions such as to stop him from owning a house as Second Republican President. Do not hate Emily. Please read Romans 3:23. If we investigated your deeds at the helm of the Women For Change, we would obviously find glaring financial irregularities. Let sleeping dogs lie. Who among you pointing a finger at FTJ has not coveted that which does not belong him/her? John 8:4-11. If he stole, at least he took what can be returned. Who among you has deeply questioned how all those people in UNIP died misteriously? Who is KK now to point a finger at FTJ? Let us learn to forgive.

  11. Chitapankwa and your fellow sadists,know to it that a President is not like a manager for Teka farm, A president occupies the biggest honour of the land and must be treated accordingly irrespective of the misdemeanour that come their way.You are not going to speak evil of FTJ over $41m and forget the good that the man did ,this is greedy,myopic and insensitive.You bear a name that is supposed to show wisdom above all but on the contrary you dont even have the remorse and humour befitting the bemba kings unless your id is by fluke.LPM it wont be long before he starts contradicting himself.This selective pursuit is what is the bigest mistake LPM has made in his fight against corruption, he has blocked all ways for FTJ to exonerate himself even during his lifting of his immunity.Alot has to be looked at critically, there is no cap to what the president spends if it was this should have been backed by law.so the $1.9m on suits is not an issue.Smith and his imperialists are are joke

  12. Emily did not think before she said the statement.I have learnt with sad experience that people are never appreciative or considerative of others while they enjoy certain positions in public office. Emily can you explain what have you done to change the life of a poor Zambian rural woman? You sit in the office in Lusaka and talk all day on the phone and trotting around embasys to beg for money for your NGO. You later use the same money to drive posh cars and sleep in expensive hotels.Wake up and let us face the realities of life.

  13. Any human being has his/her good and and bad attributes. Being a good or bad person is often relative and will depend on the person using the two words. People who are on the side of the person at hand will say that he is a good person. They will not look at the bad side. People against that person will say that he is a bad person and will not look at the good side. In life, I believe any character will have people for or against him/her; even if that person is an adulterer/adulteress caught pants down, a tin pot dictator, wizard, a thief, a triblist,a racist etc. All these will have people for or against them. The objective way of looking at the issue of character is not to “blindly” support of oppose him/her. As for FJT, one his positives was revamping of transport. sector. This however can not justify his stealing. As president he was not paying his children’s school fees from his pocket. The state was paying. Even for clothes. The man was just greedy and decided to steal. SHAME!

  14. On the construction of FJT’s house, that is his entitlement and my view is that it should not be aborted. If even the value of his properties and bank accounts both local and foreign is less than the Judgment debt,halting construction of his house will not do. Besides the house while under construction belongs to the state not to FJT. It will formerly belong to him when it is handed over to him upon completion. If by the time he would have not paid what he owes us (Zambians) then his house can be seised to satisfy the Judgment debt.
    I believe even payment of his salary should not be stopped. That is his entitlement. What could be done is to attach it to the Judgment. Technically he can paid and his payslip prepared but the money would be going to satisfy the Judgment debt.

    On Ms. Sikazwe, people should not ‘stone’ her for expressing her views or is the views of her NGO. Those on the otherside, they are also entitled to express view. WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF OPPOSITES.

  15. One other thing, my view is that the issue of Mama Mokola is be dealt with out of context. The story we are commenting on relates to FJT’s house. Whether the government should go ahead and construct it or not? In the same way, it could out of context to say that FJT denied publicly his own biological father. It could further be out of context to say as a comment to this story that in fact FJT refused to undergo a DNA on the basis that he had immunity and the court could not compel him to do so.

  16. chiluba did not fight anyway war of liberation..the burger was just a chancer.. read the history of chiluba and the ZCTU and how he was invited in MMD. kafupi was a mistake of zambia.

  17. I think people are forgetting that Chiluba did some things for Zambians. I know a lot of guys abroad who got those Cheap ZCCM houses for 10 pin and the Rent from those houses is feeding their Families and educating their brothers and sisters. Please don’t overlook the good things FTJ did. Just build him a house please.

  18. M.Daka, you have a point in your contribution in line 13. However, we as human beings still have the capacity and capability to reason. We can also critically look at an issue and make an informed decision. We do not need to make emotional outbursts. Without any prejudice as to whether FTJ stole or not, it would be wise for people to acquaint themselves with the Word of the LORD our GOD. We live in very tempting times. And only those with Jesus in their hearts are clean. We have crucified this man. Called him all kinds of invectives. Remember, he is still the same guy that made free speech possible in Zambia. You and I can talk now so freely coz of this guy. We lived in a dictatorship where kamuchekas lived among us. We had fear to criticize our own leaders for wrong doing. I ask again, has anybody held KK responsible for those deaths in his era? NO. Some people just need to be observers rather than major contributors. Let’s learn to forgive.

  19. I believe that all national leaders all over the world are prone to mistakes. George Bush and Blair on Iraq,Mugabe and the land in Zim,Thabo Mbeki on Aids,Kagame and the genocide,KK and the Tunnels,LPM and his one sided fight on corruption where some people like Mabanga,Katele,and the rest are sacred cows.The list is endless.I urge Emily to go back in History and see how many people errored. so Chiluba is the Father of the democracy in southern Africa and Peace ambssadar to Angola and DRC. Why should he be left homeless?

  20. Looking at this debate going around, it only goes to show how we Zambians miss the point and focus only on trivial matters.There are more serious issues than a house for former presidents.A house should be an individual’s responsibility and not for the state. Where were these presidents staying before they became leaders? still why did they not build houses while in power? they were getting a salary like every one else so they should have planned for their reirement.It is such oversights in our way of life that has led to many veterans ending up as paupers.Leaders must lead by example and show the followers that preparing for retirement is of utmost importance.While in power they should make use of their salaries and build their own houses (legally). Zambia is too power to be spending so much money on Houses when developmental issues are neglected. what happened to it is not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country.

  21. My view is that govt should continue with the construction of the house, BUT the house should only be handed over to chiluba if he pays back the money the store form the zambian people in full.

    Otherwise there is no justification in giviing a thief a house to live in. Thieves live in prisons.

  22. Why shoulkd we sympathise with Kafupi FTJ?let the boy get into prison.he denied our relatives and fellow Zambians alot of privileges.Pliz govt,stop building his house coz he won’t even sleep in it.Let him rent a ka house in Kabwe(chowa or Makululu compounds).

  23. SAGE (#8),One thing u must understand is that NOT all people who are calling for chiluba to bring back the money he stole are MMD Cardres.To look at it that way is to be shallow in analysis of issues.

    We are well meaning people who want justice to be done. The issue at hand is not about chiluba’s personal effects. Its is about the money that Chiluba stole from us Zambians.

    And i do not understand how Mama Mokola (MHSRIP) is connected to the london Court Judgement. This issue is not between mwanawasa and chiluba’s families. it is about chiluba and the zambian people.

    Concerning chiluba’s house, see sensible comments (#14)and (#21). It seems you are out of touch with today’s topic.

    If you do not understand the issue at hand PLEASE spare us on this blog and keep quiet, atleast on this issue.

  24. It is FTJ statutory entitlement as a past president to be bought or built a house according to the value of his entitlement. No one can take that away from him.

    FTJ was also was entitled to the state paying for school for his fees and living expenses including clothes for the President. But like any entitlement there is a limit it never open ended. He spent $1.2 to pay for suits quivalent to approx K 5 BILLION.
    Only less than half of this amount was worth of suits were actually delevered. What happened to the other cash.

    As ordinary citizen we are only asking FTJ to account for the monies he took above his entitlement.

    The Short man stole from the public(Citizens)

  25. With all the evidence at hand, i find it hard to believe that there are people among us (SAGE #8) who think Chiluba is being persecuted!!

    SAGE, you must come to terms with the fact that Chiluba really stole becoz that is the truth. Even a lunatic knows that chiluba stole during his tenure of office.

    Don’t mislead innocent souls by confusing chiluba’s issue with that of mama mokola (MHSRIP). To think that you can even take pride in Chiluba taking good care of his family using STOLEN mooney makes me wonder what kind of person you are!!

    Taking care of your family using stolen money is NOT Boldness. It is not anywhere near Caurage, either. IT IS THEFT. Period!

    Chiluba stole with impunity. His hour has come. The only time to avoid evil is before you embrace it. Once you emnrace it, there is no going back. the consequencies are there to teach you wisdom. that is what is happening to chiluba.

    And i advise that you, SAGE come to terms with this simple wisdom, no the crap you are talking about!!

  26. Dear Patriots, we have the debate of the constitution and i believe most people even on this blog do not understand what the constitution is and why it is there.If Zambia is governed by the constitution, then according to the constitution,the Benefits of Former Presidents Act 1998 says there shall be assigned to a former President within a period of not more than 2 years from the date of ceasing to hold office,a furnished executive house built or bought in Zambia by the State at a place of the former President’s choice,provided by the State to a former President within a period of not more than 6 months from the date of ceasing to hold office,3 drivers,3 motor vehicles with free maintenance and entitlement to fuel to the extent determined by the Cabinet,where a former President who is entitled to the benefits conferred dies while in or after having left office,the spouse and children of the family who have not attained the age of 21 years shall still be entitled.ctd

  27. Fellow Zambians,The case of Chiluba is still in the hands of the our courts,hence we should not start building pyramids out it.I do not support thievery no!!! yet rejoicing at one`s misfortune will not build our nation .Lets wait for the verdict of the courts ,in the meantime we concentrate on poverty reduction other countries are moving on. As for Emily she is not a saint atall ,she is just a talking shop as bad as chiluba , please examnie your house EMILY ,ITS FULL OF MAGGOTS.

  28. We have find ourselves asking each other what to do to Mr Chiluba with regard to his british court verdict and the building of his house.Well a few of you my brothers and sisters you have come up with targeable and costructive points in your own rights based on the principles of your understanding.In my own understanding, they are two sides of the story. Fighting this rotten disease called corruption in a selective way and the ill feeling for Mr Chiluba.At this point in time we are moving away from important issues at our midst the constitution making process which will in future make every citizen accountable for their own actions whether in office or they leave office.Lets not forget how people in higher positions in the Government such as PS, ministers, foreign missions, senior accountants in all ministries just to mention afew have acquired their richies.If we ask them to declare their assets. God is the only judge and witness. Mama Sikazwe hold your heart your fingers maybe oiled

  29. Whether FTJ stole or not, there is no provision in the constitution on what happens when the former President loses his immunity or not, and when he is facing civil and criminal charges. But the fact still remains that he still hold the titlte of former president and can not and will never be erased. Emily Sikazwe has too been campaigning for the amendment of the constitution, i believe such statements from learned leaders like Emily are the one that confuse and misdirect the public. I would advise Emily and all people to debate thoughtfully and intellectually.

  30. It is a waste of time discussing Chiluba and his presidetial house. Focus should be on cleaning the mess that has been brought by the MMD’s fifteen year rule.

    Zambians deserve better leadership.

  31. Comment25,you rekon that there is alot to learn from this case and above all, distateful attacks on one another must be the thing of the past.Today the AG and his group are still working out ways and means of enforcing that Smith’s judgement on the Zambian judicial system,meaning the structure is not yet in place to handle this judgement.Dont forget that this was a predetermined case from onset which has ended up making FTJ to be out of tune with the Zambian populace.Informed decisions would have been much better arrived at had this case been handled by our local systems.There are alot of flaws in the facts, the AG sued for $2,9m ,Smith is saying $46m,and then besides this the account was duly audited by PWC,BOZ,Granthorton,there are issues of ‘Oath’which LPM obviously overlooked.Until we see the execution of the judgement shall we be at peace to express our emotions.We are human beings because of dignity of others.As for FTJ’s entitlement these are conditions which came later

  32. I personally believe Chiluba was just DRANK with POWER like most of our African leaders,(includes Ministers, MP, Directors of big institutions etc), once they are in power or big positions they completely forget that they are accountable for their actions (not only speaking about stolen$49m), but in most of these so called top positions leaders(in this case I refer to Men), majority of them mess their marriages, make wrong decisions thinking that the Positions they hold will last forever. Look at Kafupi, he’s just an example, marrying someone’s else wife(a woman with 3kids)not even giving a damn about the children who are involved, and just thinking that money can fix everything. To me personally I think its PAYBACK TIME- AND THIS PUNISHMENT(NOT TALKING ABOUT JAIL) BUT WHAT KAFUPI HAS GONE THROUGH HAS REVEALED THAT-GOD WANT TO SHOW HIM-THAT HE’OUR LORD’ IS INCHARGE-YOU DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE OR DO THINGS AS YOU WISH JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE POSITION/MONEY STATUS IS OF ADVANTAGE.PAYBACK TIME!!

  33. and will obviously have a different dimension in relation to fraudulent activities sorrounding the presidency.Unitl you see the progression of this case it will be difficult for all of us to make informed decisions.Of course Emily’s emotional outbursts are uncalled for.

  34. Chilumba Francis Ngosa (#31)
    I agree that thare is alot to learn from the judgement. There are issues whether or not, the London Judgement will Interfere with the Cases in Zambian Courts of law.

    But i have a problem with people (#8) who want to justify chiluba’s thefts saying that he was a bold person who was just trying to take good care of his family.

    We all need to take good care of our families, but not using stolen public funds! And i do not see how LPM and his aledged failure to take care of his family comes into this. If LPM has neglected his family, that is his problem. It has nothing to do with chiluba’s case.

    lets be objective!!

  35. only in Zed…steal millions…escape jail..and still get looked after by the state!!!!…only in Zed can this happen!!!..The only house “4foot” should be living in sponsored by the state is a 6′ x 12′ cell!!!!!WAKE UP ZAMBIANS!!!!!!!

  36. comment34, you reaction is exactly what we are seeing in the political fora.People’s temperaments are unquestionably high to support their stances and their beliefs.Today you are I want to see that we form a platform from these experiences that will be of great use to all.My dear friend this issue sorrounding plunderers has taken most of the time and the govt has deleiberately been swayed from their core business to just make positive of this fight.6 years today nothing much to talk home about has been achieved,now we have the constitution crisis, we are still under the totalitarian type of govt.People today need clean water,food, education,better health facilities etc than just throwing money to set up Task forces which are as inept as anything one would think of.In as much as they were looking to fight corruption they should have been working on means and ways of preventing it.But if you consider PAC revelations where does it leave us ‘common men and women’ FTJ and cohorts included?

  37. I urge this girl Emily to consetrating on NGO which to my understanding is taking care the vulnerable women in our society, (if she not just taking care of herself – by driving posh cars & building mansions for herself) not champanioning the formers’ presidents house building. Madame building a house for presidents is constitutional unless u Emily want to change now 4fore the national assembly decided to changes it (or is it Muwelewele). Girl, if you want to heard came and join this blog. Besides FTJ was so kind the people, that he sold Council & GRZ houses at a give away prizes, so much that even his fellow thefts benefited – so why cant he? Which other president has ever done that in this country. Oooh pls give a guy a brake. He is short not that he applied to be short, some of you calling FTJ short, look like munshilumbulwa.

  38. I have just observed how most Zambians think about issues and being just too forgetiful.To my memorie I retreive most of things said.Our current president resigned form goverment and only remained the member to the party which measn politiaclly he was out of sight and out mind,1. thing is that we should know where he got the money to campaign his presidency when he was just an ordinary Jehova´s witnesses associet,2 when he came into power the first thing he condemmed was the constitution that it was a very bad one such that he was not prepared to rule the goverment on such crooked and corrupt constitution, therefore he will take it as the first priority to change it so that his leadership would clean,but why is it that a corrupt constitution has still kept him power up to almost the end his term is that what is cold transparency is Zambia? I also wonder what prompted our president to increase the saleries of the judges imidietely he came into office,

  39. Chilumba Francis Ngosa (#36),
    Do you suggest that we set up a reconciation commission? Forget about the past and start on a new slate?

  40. I have just observed how most Zambians think about issues and being just too forgetiful.To my memorie I retreive most of things said.Our current president resigned form goverment and only remained the member to the party which measn politiaclly he was out of sight and outof mind,1. thing is that we should know where he got the money to campaign his presidency when he was just an ordinary Jehova´s witnesses associet,2 when he came into power the first thing he condemmed was the constitution that it was a very bad one such that he was not prepared to rule the goverment on such crooked and corrupt constitution, therefore he will take it as the first priority to change it so that his leadership would be clean,but why is it that a corrupt constitution has still kept him in power up to almost the end of his term is that what is cold transparency in Zambia? I also wonder what prompted our president to increase the saleries of the judges imidietely he came into office,

  41. Chacine Nine–Northpole #38,


  42. Born Rich wake up, Do think if a person fail to look after his only family can give a dame for the suffering pipo in the nation. He is not even fit the lead the country. Remember “take out the log in your eyes for u to see properly the log in your friend’ eyes”. This issue is connected whether u like it or not, because we are talking about the head of state, who is suppose to take care of the whole nation and has not shown kindness to his own family, more especialy his own biological mother.

  43. Chacine Nine–Northpole #38,


  44. AM (#42)
    Do you support a president taking good care of his family using money stolen from the people? I want a YES or No answer.

  45. The constitution making process is wealth fighting for. It is my dream that we will be at the centre of our government which will be for the people,to the people and by the people. I have got a dream that the government will provide good governance, openess and a just society where democracy will flourish.No man, woman or child will be subjected to inhumane treatment such as lack of essential basic needs ( shelter, clean water, healthcare, education and food. It’s ashame. What we see today is a divided society for the poor, no medication in hospitals, no teachers or a demoralised workforce driven by those out of touch with the mainstream. The government is responsible and accountable to provide its’citizens with all these.People will have more choices, rights and their aspirations will be met,if we have to enact the new constitution driven by the people. Today what we are seeing is dreadful and uncalled for situation delaying the process by those in government.

  46. Can somebody please tell me what made our president increase his gratuity than any other former president after retirement.and what has happened to Mr katele kalumba the person i read that he was leaving in the bush without clothes like the former Zambian reble Mushala,? to me that revealed that he was guilty of what hapened.
    As to Emily I thought mothers in Africa are the most reliable and compasinate people but i now just see something else in you.
    I have not heard anything that has worked for the Zambians after all other money that has been recovered from other things.And Mr.Born Rich if we have to forget about the past then I don`t understand why we should cry for spilled milk that FTJ did.

  47. I agree with u (#40), why did he accept the presidency from a corrupt and crooked leader, because it was the same govn, the people that he resigned from due to corruption practices according him. In fact the corruption practices are still there even now why doesnt he resign, govn offices are all corrupt, like passport, customs, zra, councils, police, name just a few. Why is he still leading corrupt govn. The truth is Feathers of the same fly together. He is no different from FJT, he has not changed anything in this country at all, because he is for it.

  48. #39 if LPM was a rational leader and had things to clear he should have instituted a truth commission which could have been a much more independent unit than the Task force he formed which had no legal backing whatsoever and had a time frame lasting only 10years.But this today now water under the bridge,the world keeps changing , and as a leader your priorities must change accordingly.When you get something right its good to build on it but when you fall short the best way is to involve,listen,learn and engage people based on one’s experience and judgement of recognition.I have never seen this from LPM, all his approaches are confrontational.The man is a celebrity President.Too bad to whoever hand picked this man.Zambia is a nice country with nice people let no one fragment our unity for personal glory

  49. Chacine Nine–Northpole # 46
    I am in no way condoning LPM’s selective justice when it comes to people like mabenga and katele. These must be prosecuted and it is our duty to pressure govt to do so.

    As for LPM i do not expect him to take himself to court, but his time will come if at all he has anything to answer to the zambian people who are his bosses.

    Having said that, i still maintain that chiluba should be treated as a thief. we should not at any time say to ourselves that just because others are not prosecuted then chiluba ceases to be a thief. Atleast going by the courts judgement, chiluba is a thief and should be treated as such.

    As for the ones who are being protected by LPM, it is your duty and mine to ensure that the law visits them as well.

  50. No I dont (#40) surely LPM had little money of his own even before he became president to take care his family. How do we, poor pipo do.

  51. (#40),I am glad you dont. now listen to me!

    If LPM has neglected his family, he is surely giving a BAD example to the rest of the populace. He must therefore be seen (atleast) to take good care of his family.

    But he is NOT allowed to do so using public funds. That would be a bad example. Not so?

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what chiluba was doing.He was using taxpayers money to spoil his kids. And that is what SAGE (#8) is praising chiluba for!!

  52. (#50),I am glad you dont. now listen to me!

    If LPM has neglected his family, he is surely giving a BAD example to the rest of the populace. He must therefore be seen (atleast) to take good care of his family.

    But he is NOT allowed to do so using public funds. That would be a bad example. Not so?

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what chiluba was doing.He was using taxpayers money to spoil his kids. And that is what SAGE (#8) is praising chiluba for!!

  53. my dearest Ms Sikazwe, i would advise that womwn like you saving in NGOS’ DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS ISSUE.We have seen in Zambia how people have misused funds in NGOS’.So plase get a life nad stop cheating us!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Probabily your house needs some claen up befor task force pays you a visit!

  54. Chana yebo, Joze, you have been use bemba and you think its english? This blog is not for bemba only.

  55. Wakatenzi you are back its not yet june?What has happened you managed to borrow some browsing cash?Anyway welcome and enjoy your blog but avoid that venacular Wakatenzi cos if we all resort to using our 73 tribes we wont be able to communicate

  56. that woman for change woman should just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else she will be investigated as well.

  57. Wakatenzi and Ba Joze look we have women on this fora dont scare them , they have come to join Daka,so sound professional to retain them (#55&#62).Just hammer this Emily girl , moreover she is not zambian to be commenting on Zambian matters.She hails from TZ.
    Emily just go back to Kikwete and coment on Hassam who sold the national park.

  58. Chinga Joze, wazwakuli? this pre-mature wine you have been drinking has distroyed your grey matter. You need to see Dr sooner. Dont reply chinga Joze

  59. Iwe chi Kuku, who are you to tell me what to say? Are you supprting Chi M’dala walubana te? Ok, in ucle obe kashi, no wonder wakwatila impala. I thot walitwamwa ukubeya potato-cut kashi limpala ufisa. Learn to respect citizens

  60. Ba Joze please contribute positively on Emily.Iam not bald I just have ring worms that is why I shave potato cut.You should sympathise with me , I have no money to pay for user fees at UTH.

  61. I love Emily that all, and you Kuku, you should use ulusonga to get rid of those parasites (free)otherwise kuti wayabukisha abanobe makama inkece shobe.

  62. I can some plz tell me what going on btn Kuku na chinga Joze? Born Rich, plz interpreting to me what going on? I know you have a distinction in bemba.

  63. We should sent immigration to Emily, if she is from TZ to investigate her and she got no right at all to comment on this issue. Investigate her for donors money before she take off TZ. Also advice her to SHOUT UP!!!

  64. Mudala Wakatenzi (#69),
    Ba Joze sees a wife in Emily, nowonder he cannot bring out any meaningful contributions on the matter. His love (#68) for emily has blinded him.

    Anyway lets not be too hard on emily, she seems not to like men, chiluba is no exception.

  65. Mudala Walubana, I think aka mwaice aka “born wapama” tofwile ama-insults you shoewred him. Mwaice, this man insulted you from head to toes and you’re with him? Be on my side and get max-protection. Dont behave ngechinagwe.
    I said I love Emily to a mockery way to tease chi Kuku ichakwata ama parasites na mwaume. You mwaice, how much do you make per day from that ilombe. Mwaice niwe shetani.

  66. Ba Joze seems to have nothing important to say. Contribute sensible “stuff” to the current debate. Please.

  67. Here we go again. Thinking like bigots. Chiluba is entiled to everything the consititution says a former president should have. Now whether Emily likes that or not is irrelevant to the Judgements found against FTJ (Which I dont support). Let the man have a house, let us forgive and forget otherwise when LPM gets our of office we will question him about stuff as well and we know that he wont Eh Eh survive.

  68. Chiluba does nt deserve the house neither does LPM.There is no excuse for buying houses for people who have been presidents for 10 years. The constitution must be amended, it should not be used to perpetuate laziness and irresponsibilitness. A clear example is one before us, because of a weak constitution we are now building a house for a convicted criminal.

  69. Ms Daka my sister i brought up Mama Mokola’s issue because part of the money being considered stollen by Chiluba is the money he spent on shoes,clothes and money he gave to his kids. in the first place we shouldnt even be talking about suites and shoes of Ex El Presidente. In Zambia people dont know what the president is entitled to. Thats why we are talking about suites. wether FTJ spent $1.2M or $10M its irrelevant its his entitlement and there is no cup on what a president can spend on clothes. This same ignorance made Kaunda was exploring the possibility of biodiesel (oil from grass) a loughing stoke because we luck knowledge. If people know what FTJ was entitled to the whole case of stealing would be accorded a very diffrent meaning. but the few people who know the truth manipulate the truth to persecute their political detractors. The question of the house shouldnt even come up at this point its too early in the process. First we have to look at the appeal proces…..

  70. How does a citizen living in country appeal to a forein court? The government will have to pay for FTJ’s air tickets for him to go to UK and appeal. because as things stand he can not appeal in the high court because they did not pass the judgement. Before you guys even start talking about the FTJ house , i think we should seek judicial review to determin the jurisdiction issues. when you look at the whole proses. There is alot of thing that dont add up.

  71. what sage is saying is wishfull thinking, Chiluba has reached a dead end. Dont even try to shut emily with tugging her with TZ label. She is Zambian. Read your constitution and know who a Zambia is. By the way, most of you here who have taken foreign Citizenship automatically forfeited Zed Citizenship..
    Viva Emily, Abash, thieves and supporters of thieves

  72. I really dont regret what i said in comment number 2, as long as shoti remains unwilling to ask for forgiveness from the tax zambian citizens, I will remain unwilling to forgive him and i will continue attacking him.
    beg for mercy N*gga

  73. It’s the prerogative of the govt to do the following to the ex-Head of state:

    1.build a house anywhere within Zambia.
    2.entitled to get 80% monthly salary of that of the
    incumbent president.
    3. 24hrs security
    4. two servants
    5. A secretary
    6. once in a year to go to London for medical check up
    7. etc

    Thus, its not Emily Sikazwe who seems to have a gimmick to solicit for funds and trying to appease the people funding her organization that she working but the issue has to be tabled before parliament. Of course, Levy would like that to happen for has already asking the govt to building a house for him either in Lusaka or Ndola.

  74. comment 80! judicial review of a court,s decision? wc law school did u go to or wc one are you attending. takwaba. leave the legal issues to the experts.and since when did the london high ct become an admin body or inferior tribunal?check the scope of judicial review

  75. Paprika, i think you need to go finish back to mombai and finish your abc’s if you can not even read. This is what i said “i think we should seek judicial review to determin the jurisdiction issues” Not at any point did i say we need judicial review for the judgement.

  76. $46 Million whoa, but where the money that Zambia has benefited from Debt cancellation? Do you all think we will benefit anything if Chiluba and his friends had to pay that Money back? Come on, remember we have corrupt people in Govt and Levy confessed few days ago. The money will just go into the pockets of these politicians. We need an open system in Zambia where we can see how the government operates and who is accountable for what. Look at the Secretary to the Cabinet, openly defending Simon Miti just because he is the President’s Doctor. Come on Zambians let us see to it that no one will ever still from us. Now they are stealing money in the name of constitution road map, indaba where they will be paid allowances and many ….. Mulongoti is paid to just bicker in the press. There is no voice of reason in Zambia with Politicians

  77. The languege, i think zambians must now understand that English is not our language, it is an imposed language by the colonizers,and zambia officially has only 7 languages the rest has been fused in others.In zambia we call everybody who cant speak a foreign la nguage as an irriterate, why?Look at Kenya even Computers are programed in Swahili can you call them as irriterates?Do you know that even swahili is part of the 73 languages in Zambia?If you pregnant a very inteligent girl in zambia she was always out of school even if she was better than you in school, would that be termed as irritaracy? let people use the language they are comfortable with.If some can`t understand others will. Most of us in this blog don`t even write what is called english, but that is not a problem because if T.Blair can`t even write the word “tomorrow”then why should I bother?

  78. Chacine Nine–Northpole #87, Can you please tell me why people dislike the “colonizers” you have called them? Selfish kills my colleague,and i urge you that you distance yourself from such thinking. The most and widely spoken language in the world is Chinese,but the people of China are learning to write and speak in English, hence we have seen most learn the skills in foreign countries and apply them in China. Another reason why China is progressing. Strong Culture is a big hindrance. For easy communication,we have the English language, and the US$ for currency for exchange of goods. You should ask yourself,instead of 7 languages,why dont we have 1 language as in most parts of the world except for Africa? Continue ignoring the English language and you will continue to fail in your social,acaddemic and professional life.

  79. Mr SAGE #78, Personality and Performance is very important to assess an individual’s character. Other’s say, “Charity begins at home.” What would you expect from a person who has neglected the mother/parents when that person is capable of doing so. Therefore to know whether a leader is capable of bringing positive change to the economy,an analysis of their family life always comes into play.I agree with you on the views on LPM’s mother and the neglect he offered, and then later offer a wonderful send off, which i think is unfair.

  80. For those that have been following the discusion in on the London rulling i copied this from Zamnet website “The law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has since urged Government to register the London court judgment on Dr Chiluba in the Zambian High Court for the ruling to be enforced.

    LAZ vice-president, Stephen Lungu, said the judgment became a legal document when it was passed in London, but had to be registered in the High Court of Zambia for the execution of the ruling”.
    I have been talking about how cumbersome the legal process will be and it has already started.

  81. Comment 79, what I meant was that FJT has not been found guilty by a criminal court. Only then is he going to be a convict. Judge Smith’s judgment is a civil and not a criminal judgment. His criminal case is pending in Zambia. This does not mean that judge Smith’s judgment is not a good judgment. I am in support of it.

  82. Mr Kayata. on the language issue, We have 73 languages on paper but in reality we have 1 language (english). On China. there is no language called chinese, when people say chinese they are actually refering to mandarin which is one of the 12 major languages. Mandarin is only spoken in beijing. China is just as diverse culturally and language wise as Zambia. The point is as a human being in this global economy, if you want to make the most of it. you have to adjust to the language of business where ever you are. if you are based in france for your sake learn french. its safe to say 90% of the websites are in english. This fact puts english speaking (Zambians included) at an advantage. Forget Bemba and Tonga , if you wana do business learn English from a business pespective.

  83. Ms Daka is right you can only be convicted in a criminal court. In a civil court you are only found liable

  84. It appears the whole issue is now diverted from Emily the lover.English or no english the way forward is to try to have some degree of literacy.Even the so called english children some cant even write what they speak so who are you tell Chachine -South pole that his got problems with literacy.As long as we can assume what one is trying to write otherwise no vundu.
    See how Ba Joze communicates after Kulima Tower sips or even Wakatenzi after taking some medicines,its a wonderful isn’t Kayata.Back on the front this case for FTJ is not going anywhere,once the system is installed there will be some difficult to interpret what Smith meant by certain clauses and this will just bring us to square one, FTJ you are still an innocent man until Smith and conglomerate justify what they mean to shoot your debt from $2.9m to $46m,all this is done to incite the Zambian people so that they rise against you.Levy contuinue being a celebrity President.

  85. Emily! Cool. Every entitlement has conditions for sure. Doesnt make sense to continue paying someone so irresponsible.
    give it a go civil society!

  86. kuku, i like the way people express their thoughts on this blog, but i dislike those who bully their colleagues for their thoughts and written language. your points have been noted.
    Back to the issue at hand, i think Emily should consult her colleagues from the Women for Change before making statements, and she should have refered to the Benefits of the former President Act 1998.

  87. Why are Zambians such appologists for mediocrity? I disagree with Emily’s sentiments because they are premature. However, I also feel that too many people have been giving too many excuses for Chiluba’s short coming (no pun intended). Yes, the man led a revolution against the corrupt Kaunda regime. However, like most politicians he soon forgot that he was supposed to be serving the people. Soon he started looting state assets and the presidential slush fund, in the Mobutu tradition, was born. He started dressing like a dandy – actually looking like a pimp! The fact is all politicians need to be kept in check. If LPM had his way, he would lock up the entire opposition. We need to be less tolerant of theft, corruption and tyrany. Nigeria and DRC both have the potential to be the richest countries in Africa and yet you will be had pushed to even find a water tap with running water in either country. Stop making excuses!

  88. Why Africa is so important to the rest of the world:It makes the rest of the world realise how rich they are.

  89. I am happy that kayata has now ralised how important we are in Africa to the world,point of correction to Kayata, China does not take English as a first language as we do.Chinise have the same accidents in there country just as they are happening in Zambia.If you think I have a problem with iliteracy you have a problem.I can`t tell you how far I have gone academicaly because it will be a waist of time.All I need is to put good idears together with people like Kuku!Sage and the alike. Remember that most of what you call developed countries have never done it in a borrowed language.
    What is wrong with colony, because they still rule you.You have no right to do your own things you still have to consult or rely on them.

  90. I know how everyone Feels about FTJ but we must remember that he holds office of second republican president which is entitled to benefits such us a house and GRZ cars..denying him such will be a breach of our new founded values.therefore i urge government to handle this issue with caution and also remember levy that our concern is with the constitution so remember all eyes on you not FTJ.

  91. Chiluba should be entiled to a house unless he returns what he stole? When did we ever start rewarding criminals? Chiluba needs to be stripped of whatever he stole from the zambian people? Imagine chiluba owes each of us about 3 million dollars.. he left us without anything and we still want to build him a house… for christ sake… when are the people of zambia ever going to wake Up.. ! hello people… let us stop this madness>

  92. Beloved,Ihave taken time to read thru the contribution that are coming out.Indeed its so wonderfull to see and sample peoples brains.My trouble seems to be that we are giving much credit to the people that do not deserve it.The prosecuting of chiluba was not initiated by MMD or by Levy.It was the people that demanded that we should check the chiluba adm because we smelt a rat.Lets not reduyce this descussion to chiluba and levy.Lets broad minded and look at this in the context it suppose to be looked.The issue of the house must be left the law makers who should decide whether somebody who has that kind of record againist the pipo of zambia must be allowed to benefit from that provission for ex presidents.

  93. Ladies & Gentlemen, the only way Zambia can recover from the filth that has gripped our polticians and many others entrusted with public funds is for us (as a nation) to act and be seen to act when we see wrong: regardless of who is involved. While politicians have their own battles, their commitment will always be half-hearted. That being so, what has happened to Mr Chiluba is good news to the extent that the big fishes in govt begin to realise that they may hide for 5 or 10 years but not forever. Listening to Mr Chiluba’s press conference, there is little doubt that he ran and left us a very corrupt govt. Hence the current levels of theft in govt. I feel insulted to hear Mr Chiluba complaining about not being given his day in court when he is always “too sick” to attend court in Zambia, yet he is fit enough to address political gatherings and press conferences.

  94. I totally agree with Kambilombilo (#102). Let law makers (actually the courts) decide what needs to be done about Mr Chiluba’s benefits. And let’s not fall into the trap of thinking this is between MMD/Levy and Chiluba. When you can reduce a whole nation to the levels Zambia has reached and hold your head high claiming you were receiving donations (read bribes) from well wishers, then know we are in trouble. Were these donations for favors to sell off national assets (mines, parastatals) at give away prices to unsuitable bidders (Binani etal) without paying off terminal benefits in most cases?

  95. Sam K(#83)You can say FTJ deserves everything you have listed because the constitution says so, but the same constitution says if you are a law breaker you dont deserve any of that and you actually belong in jail. FTJ broke the law,so he does not deserve those benefits.

  96. Chimwemwe, I can yes at the moment and any alternation has to be done thru parliament and that can also affect Levy.

  97. Let the short man have his entitlements
    1.A house from Government.It is his entitlement and he justly deserves it.

    2.A Jail cell. He is entitled to it because he stole from the public purse.He justly deserves a Jail Sentence

  98. I hate ka FTJ .Pliz 4give me if it is a sin to hate someone.Levy should take him to the Hague and be tried there.Otherwise some of us will plant a roadside bomb at his house.ka kwindi.

  99. Chacine(#99),have you ever heard the sayings,”The first cut is the deepest”, “First impressions make one.” Well what’s the point of getting educated when @ the end of the day all we settle for is mediocrity? So I suppose the current state of education in zambia is okay for you – enough said!

    Tonga- bull(#101), your sums sound a bit iffy!

    I have to agree with kambilombilo, if we harping on about observing the rule of law, then lets not fall in to the same trap of ignoring it and calling for the guillotine!

    Mpundu(#103) is right to say we should act(To be seen to act is only cosmetic -political jargon 4 ignore!), however we can only act once the law has taken its course – WHEN that fails, can we then take to demonstrations for the publics’ will to be respected and enforced. It’s like the current constitutional process being long drawn out – reason being, it’s the ONLY INSTRUMENT OF THE PEOPLE THAT LOOKS TO CURTAIL THE FLAGGRANT EXCESSES AND ABUSES OF THOSE IN POWER!

  100. Chachine(#99), please read my comment #88 again. I did not say you have illiteracy, what i have written in there is that do not despise English for it is the language we use for communication worldwide. I also said the Chinese people are learning to write and speak in English so they can be at par with the rest of the world, and not that they use English as their official language.
    On Colonisation,i thought Zambia was independent,so why should we rely on foreign countries for support especially funds.IMF,WB and Donor states do not come to Zambia, Zambia goes to them. If everytime someone is coming to borrow money from you, and they are misappropriating it, next time they return, you’ll give conditions to it.44 yrs after Zambia got it’s independence, are you still blaming the colonisers? The problem with politician’s is that they put blame on colonisers for alot of things.Think of it 44 yrs after independence, you are still talking about colonisation.What is Independency then?

  101. Has the fight against corruption been selective? I think it has been positively selective! There is need to prioritise. By and large, the ultimate question should be, where will more ‘meat’ come from to ‘satisfy’ the hungry Zambians – by frying small fish first ( Richard Sakala, Mabenga, Katele) or going for the kingpin himself – the master-dribbler Chiluba? Knock the head, and your battle is almost won!

    Is Mr. Chiluba entitled to a house built at tax payers expense or not? When he took office he swore to protect and defend the constitution and the presidency. Did he? No. So to the extent that he did not, he forfeits any entitlement accruing to him because he disgraced the presidency.

    Emily is just concerned, as any concerned Zambian would be! Have we forgetten the role pressure groups played to have Zambia’s dedt written off! Try to see her point of view.

  102. Corruption fight is it selective.The answer is no.

    As FTJ himself would say it a sitaution of one desease killing some and leaving orthers alive.

    What better way to set an example to orthers than by caging Don Kafupi of the Chiluba and Chungu crime family syndicates

  103. Citizen(#112) I don’t agree with you on this one. It seems selective in the sense that LPM seems to choose what he deems to be corrupt practices, for example he has chosen to keep very quiet on the funds availed him by FTJ first to clear his loan, then secondly, funds from min of Health(hence Levison Mumba’s gagging by firing)that were availed for his campaign. He could for instance come out clean for once and claim he accepted them for a greater cause, that being his current crusade – that @ least might make him sound a bit credible!! Thus my friend, try to look @ the whole picture, no one denies FTJ exploits!

  104. You guys 110 and 109,I am sorry if we are overunderstanding each other and not misunderstanding or understanding each other.I have not said anything concerning education in Zambia if it is bad or good.I just said speaking english doesn`t really imply being educated.Even our own president like mixing english and other languages.I beg you people on this blog to stop talking about what is that or this, we have some serrious issues to discuss, because for me this tells me that “an hungry man,is an angry man” and also like “where the elephants fight is the grass that suffers”
    The quetion I am still asking is “why is our president still using a crooked constitution in his clean governance”? Power has a way of undermining of planting delusions of grandeur in the minds of otherwise sensible people and otherwise sensible nation.Today people in Zambia are called neusense if they talk about the constitution. I wonder why.

  105. Mr Kayata dont be apologetic. Where on earth except Zambia does it take students 10 years to graduate from university? Its not the education standards that are low. Its the fact that our education system is run by politicians who are not even form 3s. For example in the US educators run the schools while politicians fund the schools. Politicians help formulate bench marks for checks and balances only. The school districts which comprise parents and educators decide the curriculum. The difference between US and Zed is that in Zed students are very serious and they want to learn and graduate even though they face an uncertain future interms of finding employment. While in the US kids dont care much about school, even with a promise of employment and a better life after graduation.

  106. Even criminals are entitled to better conditions. If not building of the house is part of getting back the money, thats a different approach or of another issue.

  107. Chacine, I concur with Kayata(#115).

    SAGE, as #114 has made his position known, for the sake of blog-peace, we hope we can educate each other.

    Your comments #116 can’t be better enumerated!

  108. I do agree with Chikumbuso ,Building a house should be apersonal responsibility from the money they recieve whilst in power or they can build it after getting there retirement package.How many house will the government build in the next hundred years if this continue? why a waste of money when the money can be used for better things?I do not disagree that they should have house but they should do it themselves.But as for now what has been done let it be but not continue with the same.Finish Chiluba house for the mean time.After Mwanawasa we stop that thing. In fact the two should be the last and just be considered as a prevaledge for the first two presidents.

  109. Mr SAGE #116,i agree with you,you see my bro,another problem we have is,our brothers and sisters are too patriotic,ok patriotism is fine, but we have extreme patriotism and that has negative effects. People talk about Independence and Sovereignity, but can we achieve those things when we are still dependent on foreigners. The donors have told the Zambians that their Govt need to priotise the education and health sector. Zambian’s react that they still want to rule us, and look at how uneducated the population is. People still do not know the value of education……

  110. Kayata until we have honest people in power, nothing good will ever be achieved.LPM is busy electrifying Teka farm which is personal and leaves the entire Lufwanyama without power?Where are the priorities?We need selfless leaders.The change of idealogies has just worked out negatively in our country and yet it should have been the other way round.I wonder what would happened had Penza not be sent early to rest.MHSRIP.Because this is the man who taught FTJ how manouvre economically on how to siphon dough.

  111. Kuku i agree with you, but the truth is there is no honest politician. I hear in Zimbabwe and maybe in Zambia, Electricity will be rationed, yet these are 2 countries with the potential to create massive energy outputs.What we need is a realistic population who knows why we have a govt in power, and that there is nothing for free in this world. If Penza was around, i think they would have differed with FTJ over money, you know a fool and his money are soon separated. Kuku,i think the reason why the ideaologies have not worked out correctly is because they have been misapplied incorrectly.Greed, Selfishness and Divertion of funds realised. Idea’s were given but the politician’s did not plan what to do thereafter.

  112. Kayata you are one of the most honest politicians in waiting?Just relocate and start practising,Daka is another brilliant lady ear marked for politics but of late together with Chilumba they have shyed away because of people like Ba Joze,Wakatenzi from DRC/Zimbabwe and Born Rich whose contributions are found wanting.
    But Zambia has a big going concern problem and we need to outlaw some of these NGOs like the one Emily is running, if I may ask what does it serve?Becoz we have our gender ministry which only deals with women as opposed to the correct meaning of ‘gender’
    LPM’s days are slowly depleting into the black hole.

  113. Hi Everyone… I have been following the post editorial comments regarding FTJ’s case. Do you guys think the post can be objective in this matter or they are just too biased in my opinion. They are not even providing the necessary info we need. for example the judgement has been passed we cane chose to agree to disagree. but is the next step? what are the legal challenges of enforcing the judgement. I expected the Post and all the media outlets to shade some light on this instead what they have engaged themselves into.

  114. Hello Mr.SAGE, how are you bro? You know what i think about the Post Newspaper. They over criticise,they want always to be in the opposite of any govt that is in power,so they can create more sale’s and stories since thats what the people would like to read. News is about scandals and thats what people would like to read than trying to know what the next step would be for the judgements. Zambians are more interested in knowing how much FTJ stole, than knowing how and what we will do with him since he’s stolen.Zambian’s believe in “fika solva,ie.it will sort itself out”. i agree with you on the view of the media,we are supposed to be seeing some analysis on the outcome,but that is africa my friend. Discussion panel are supposed to be created to alert the people of what they would expect,but as you’ve always mentioned, everyone is inept,lazy and scared of nothing.

  115. SAGE, I agree with you. I know The Post has to sell stories to stay afloat. However, media bodies need to be very careful in their reporting. They have the potential of sowing seeds of discontent. I have said it before and I will it right here and now. I think The Post has to tone down on their language. There is a difference between providing information and pure insolence. After all, who says those guys are clean. Get one of them and give them a position in Gov. you will see the worst chameleon you have ever seen. Keep reporting objectively without insulting current and former leaders. We are out here to assimilate the info. you provide. You do not need to stoop so low just to sell your newspaper. As a matter of fact, you have made us pay to read your paper online but you do not care to provide new articles in your inside issue. Give us news worthy of our money. As it is, you are just another group of disgruntled bafoons. Yeah, now what? You thought you were invincible?

  116. (113#) Bauze you have got a point there, may be I have just been too incensed with FTJ’S actions(Press conference) instead of showing remorse, he is still glowing in his glory. Levy has issues on corruption which affect him. The bells tolling for his friend will also toll for him.

  117. Citizen, I agree with you, FTJ lacks remorse. The problem is actually a LACK of INSIGHT – failure to stand back and analyse one’s actions & sort of determine whether these have been good or bad;& also to try & look @ these actions from other peoples perpective. This is not unique to FTJ, but I think to all our leaders, simple reason, our society is PATERNALISTIC, so for someone to rise to such office, they have this belief of being INFALLIBLE. However for FTJ there is an extra dimension of ARROGANCE & MANIPULATION which his former Trade Union pals can vouch for.

    However, the linchpin in this saga, lies in The FINANCIAL CHARTER & the ENTITLEMENTS of the President whilst in office. If the entitlements are a “Blank Cheque”, it will be difficult to nail him in a criminal court, even though logic & common sense dictate that the expenditure was beyond reason in terms of clothes & shoes. Further, to nail him, you have to find an unexplained stash & acquisitions, & prove they are illegal.

  118. The POST is indeed independent & tries to report its stories accurately, BUT unfortunately it also tries to take on the role of JUDGE & JURY. They have a right to their opinions, however, there is some relationship that seems to cloud this independence.It is a platform that benefits both parties mutually. There is a zeal with some religiousity about it. Analyse this: some Editor & some high-flying prosecutor!

  119. People, people where does the government find funds to build that CONMAN a house!! Some people like students havent yet got paid!! Take for instant in Russia, students have been writing exams on empty tummies!
    The new embassy’s administration is so incompetant and have no heart for student! When sending people like miss Ndlovu what kind of criteria was used? The woman handles issues like a makertier! Today she tells you this, tomorrow that!! Please help us get rid of this people!!

  120. Charater is a summation of repetitive habits and deeds in ones life over time. Here are some pointers to why FTJ will go down denying that he stole- ARROGANTLY & MANIPULATIVELY for that matter(#128 above):

    a)Someone accused him that he stole a Form 2 certificate, changed names into his and got employment with Atlas copco in Ndola long before such vices were known. He denies it but cannot give credible defence-eg-the school where he was awarded the certificate.

    b)Someone accussed him that he was dating a married woman in the name of Regina Mwanza. He denied it but later both divorced and got married.

    c)Someone claimed that Chiluba was his own son. He denied it but refused to go for a DNA profiling to dispprove the claim.

    So what do you expect from FTJ now, denials of course because that’s his CHARACTER!

  121. Kc,Kayata i’m glad we are on the same page regarding the POST. and Bauze you are damn right these chaps at the post behave like they are in a court house and they are the Judges. But they are not entitled to their opinion. People dont believe in ZNBC because we think it speaks for the government. The POST should learn that a lot of people like myself depend on them to keep abreast on whats is happening back home. I’m even contempleting to close my online account. Honestly with the introduction of LusakaTimes, i dont think i need to be feeding myself with POST PROPAGANDA. As much as we appreciate effeort to dig deeper. On FTJ and most polically inclined issues they lack objectivity. And one more thing why hasnt the post published the names of the 19 stooges.


  123. There is a background to ba Emily’s rantings, she was almost deported to her native country (Malawi)during Kafupi’s reign. So you can understand the emotions. But of course she should keep emotions to herself we know how bitter she is. It is painful to be deported especially if just merely for being a foreigner like the King Cobra was and now he is fighting it in the courts in Malawi.

  124. Imwe a thief is a thief whether he did anything good besides stealing. Yes we should acknowledge that its not evrything that messed up, but he should pay for the wrongs he did, PERIOD

  125. I have more sorrow than happiness in my heart because i see a lot of blinded and brainwashed minds like a Zambian people.You’re not different from the Israelites in the book of Moses in the Bible.In other ways,you’re not appreciative of anything.The laws of Moses”Eye for eye,head for head,killing for a killing” were fulfilled by Christ”Love you neighbour as you love yourselves”.Love does not hate,therefore do not repay evil with evil.It won’t solve anything.Leave Chiluba alone,he’s done more good than bad.KK made several mistakes and so is Mwanawasa Still making them.But if you prosecute everyone and judge them,where is development going to come from?What example are showing to the younger ones? Francis has good reasoning and i earge all of you to think rationally.

  126. (136#) Zaclimo
    I agree when you say KK made mistakes. LEVY, we cant tell whether his are mistakes or theft we shall only know when he leaves office.

    As for Titus Mpunda alias Fredrick Chiluba his were not mistakes.His actions to steal were deliberate and calculated. Thats why he employed sophiscated methord to plunder and launder the proceeds from the zambian people.

    Even when Christ preached love and forgiveness, he still whipped the dishonest traders who were swindling people at the temple and had turned his Father’s house ( Temple) into a market place.

  127. Please spare FTJ what has been spilled can never be picked, he already skill of a heart,you will just drop to dead. Emily you have stollen so much money from the poor so shut your mouth.

  128. Please spare FTJ what has been spilled can never be picked, he already skill of a heart,you will just drop to dead. Emily you have stollen so much money from the poor so shut your mouth.

  129. Does the Zambian constitution provide that a former president shall be entitled to a house irrespective of whether he evidently stole huge sums from government during his tenure of office or not? Well, I dont think so. The act by our former president to award sitting tenants their housing units at almost give away prices should also speak volumes. He may have used that scheme to blind fold the masses from seeing the doctored plunder matrix, the same way some(some I said) of our clergy hide their underworld inclinations. To the benefactors, it may have been a collateral gain.
    Let’s wait and see how far this case will go because in Zambia, anything goes.


  131. Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba is one of the greatest statesmen that Zambia has ever produced. He is an eloquent, intelligent and great leader that made Zambia proud. When a time of rebellion against another formidable senior African statesman, His Excellence, the President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda came, all the organizers of a popular revolt of the 1990s fell short of glory to be the people to challenge an invincible Dr. Kaunda. This was so, either because they lacked the charisma that President Chiluba possessed, or they could not stand the wisdom of the former President even though he was in his twilight years of leadership and a popular revolt was underway. Chiluba, a sacrificial lamb they chose, while they cared less about how risk it was at that time to fight a well established political system of our former great president Dr. Kaunda. Like a Moses of the Bible, he chose to tread the path not trodden before and led in the ushering in of new political dispensation that makes every Jim and Jack cough or say anything without fear of retribution. Unfortunately, leading of a people is not as easy as it appears. Moses would testify to that effect of how forgetfulness sinful man could become. Our Lord Jesus would testify as well. For a people that had said, “Hosanna! Hosanna! Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” three days later were shouting, “Crucify him, crucify him!” Surely, the heart of man is desperately wicked beyond cure, who can fathom? Thanks be to the Lord who cleanses hearts.

  132. 143#
    Chiluba is not fit to stand in the Shadow of great statesmen….Kaunda,Mandela,Mwalimu, Nyerere,Mugabe, Sekou Toure and Samora Machel to name but a few.

    He falls in the same category as Mobutu,Kamuzu Banda and Sony Abacha full of vanity.

    Do not equate him with Moses equate him with Judas escariot.

    Thank God Kaunda has lived long enough to see his words come true regarding Chiluba

  133. Its true Chiluba is not fit to be considered among great leaders.But I would surely remove KK from the list.I dont see what he did for mother Zambia for 27 years.All he did was putting up a great image for himself on the continent by helping out african “rebels” fighting for independence.

  134. I like the valuable info you supply on your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test again here regularly. I’m fairly certain I’ll be informed plenty of new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

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