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Five candidates successfully file nominations for Kapoche by elections

Headlines Five candidates successfully file nominations for Kapoche by elections

Five candidates today successfully filled in their nominations for the Kapoche Constituency by- elections in Patauke district.

Returning officer, Andi Masenga told Zambia News and Information Services in Petauke that all the five nominations were valid.

Mr. Masenga said among those who filled in their nominations were Fashion Phiri from
the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD), Mark Tembo from Patriotic Front (PF), Charles Banda from (FDD), Sara Zulu from All People’s Congress Party (APC), and
Levison Mumba who is standing on United National Independence Party (UNIP).

And speaking shortly after filling in his nominations, Levison Mumba said he has
ditched the United Party for National Development (UPND) to join UNIP because he had
no position in the party.

Mr. Mumba said despite him working hard for UPND, that party decided to sideline him.

And former Kapoche Member of Parliament Nicholas Banda said he had accepted the high court ruling, adding that he would continue to support the MMD.

The Kapoche constituency fell vacant after the high court nullified the September 2006 general elections citing malpractice.

The Kapoche by-elections takes place on June 5, 2007.


  1. Can anybody out there give out some strengths of each of the candidates contesting in the by-elections? What are their abilities?

  2. Fizzy the only credible thing about these characters is that they are party cadres rushing to have a grip on $53,000 car loan

  3. Kuku thats some stupid thinking.Fizz, the only guys amongst these known well on the scene are levison mumba and charles banda.Levison mumba would be considered a political prostitute,if you look at his resume`, he has been in almost every party, but can be considered a good worker.If you remember his exit from MMD in early 2003 after being fired by levy for trying to spill the beans on what really happend during the 2001-2002 elections you would know he has some credibilty in him.Charles banda has always been in opposition and a strong advocate for the independence of the zambian media,aleviation of poverty, rejected LPM’ appointment to a ministerial position and considered a good debate paliamentarian.If i was to vote today my chice would be between these guys,as for the others i don’t no much they should be new guys testing the waters.

  4. I agree with Che that Levison Mumba has been moving from one political party to another. His traditional constituency has always been Msanzala in Petauke. He was a Unipist and his name was synonymous to Msanzala the way Reverend’s Ben Zulu’s name was to Kapoche Constituency which is also in Petauke District. In 1996, when UNIP boycotted the elections he defected to MMD and won the Msanzala seat on the MMD ticket. In 2001, he stood on the MMD ticket and retained his seat. His election was, however, nullified on the petition of Honourable Peter Daka, who had stood and lost those elections on an HP ticket. In the subsequent by-elections, Mumba at the last minute stood on the UPND ticket and lost to Honourable Daka, who this time around stood on the MMD ticket. He recontested the Msanzala seat last september and again lost to Honourable Daka.

    Apart from moving from one party to another, it seems Mumba is now shifting from constituency to constituency. Is it Petauke central in 2011.

  5. Daka, i strongly agree with you and thanks for bringing out facts.The major problem we have with our politicians is luck of discipline when it comes to serving their people, their hunger for power can never be satisfied.The main reason why they all do that is because they need jobs and service becomes less their agenda when they assume power.The Onus is ours the young people either out here in diaspora or at home, our duty is to work hard now, so we could have enough resources of our own as we try to assume public office in future,that way we would not be power hungry instead even maintain our party’ even at their toughest times , just like in the U.S or U.k, were politicians don,t crossover for nothing.

  6. If consideration for the best candidate would be based on intergrity and ability to perform then Charles Banda would be the best, however the reality on the ground is different due to the way Zambian politics is being practised. The winner in this case will be mostly certainly the person standing on the ruling party ticket whoever that is.

    I am sure by now the ruling party has already applied the usual swaying tactics of relief food, chitenjes,money and opaque beer. This is too much for the poverty stricken poeple of Kapoche to withstand. The picture is not encouraging

  7. Citizen, why Charles Banda? If u have other reasons than what Che stated, then u do not need to respond at the moment. Only if you have more points to add on. What about the the other candidates, do they have any strong sides?

  8. (9#)MJ
    I am trying to look at this from another perspective.Intellectual debate about the attributes of these candidates is a luxury available to you and me on this platform platform. It has no bearing on the way candidates are percieved in a rural constituence such as kapoche. There party politics is cardinal. It is fashionable to vote for MMD candidates in the Eastern province. What with the aid of Chitenjes, relief food and money

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