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Kitwe Boys Secondary School in need of K150 million

Economy Kitwe Boys Secondary School in need of K150 million

Kitwe Boys Secondary School says it needs about  K150million  to rebuild Classroom Blocks  made of  asbestos  which were posing a health risk to the pupils at the School.

And Government says a Nation that neglects its education system can not achieve any
meaningful development and sustainable economic growth.

Kitwe District Administrative Officer Stephen Lindunda  said the country has seen a
lot of developments under the New Deal Government especially with the resuscitation
of the Mining Industry which has lead to high demand in the Labour Market.

Mr Linduda said the increased investment in the various sectors of the economy and
other programmes such as the Copperbelt Diversification programme needed fresh
graduates to fill Jobs  that were being created.

He added that there was need for better  education facilities so that students could
be prepared adequately to take up jobs being created in these industries.

Mr Lindunda said this in Kitwe today during the official Launch of Preparations for
the Golden Jubilee of Kitwe Boys High School to be held in September.

He further said Government was delighted to note that Kitwe Boys High School had
clocked 50 years adding that the School had made a tremendous contribution to the
development of the country.

And Speaking earlier at the same function, Kitwe Boys Golden Jubilee Interim
Committee Chairman Father Frank  Bwalya  said his committee as part of the main
celebrations wanted to replace with bricks  the famous World Bank Classrooms  made
of asbestos.

He said asbestos were harmful to human health hence the need to rebuild the walls of
the school and construct extra two class  room blocks.

He added that the Committee was also going to sink a borehole at the school to
improve water supply and sanitation in general.

Father Bwalya said the Committee has  planned to hold a Dinner Dance, Soccer
Tournament and Golf Tournament to raise the K150 million which was needed to carry
out these activities.

And Kitwe District Education Board Secretary Sacks Mwansa appealed to the Corporate
World to support the School in its efforts to rehabilitate infrastructure as part of
the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Mr Mwansa added that Kitwe Boys High School has contributed enormously to the
development of this country hence the need for all the former students and every one
who had passed through the school to contribute towards this noble cause.

Kitwe Boys was established in 1957 and clocks 50 years of existence in September
this year.


  1. Another example of poor planning. This golden Jubile is in September and this committee should have been in place at least two years ago and by this year we would have been officially opening these classrooms, At least that’s how I see things.

    By the way I was in the class of 1977 in the days of Mr. Samuels for those that went to Kitwe Boys.

  2. I wish they could organise two of such functions, one for those based on the copperbelt and the for those of us that are based in Lusaka. Since leaving Kitwe Boys a lot of us have aquired knowledge in various areas which i bealive can contribute towards the improvement of our former school,mean while i was in the 1995 class.

  3. Mr Samuels…I got some serious beatings from that man…But it set me up for a great life..!!!..As a former KBSS student..class of 80..I will definately be contributing…

  4. Good to note that Kitwe Boys is now 50 years old but sad to see that the school looks 100 years older now.Its was once a very good school.Former Kibosec pupil,1997

  5. Sweetinuk

    Your post#3 refers.

    When Samuels first came to Kitwe Boys the deputy was a guy called Mr.Miles who was equally tough. What I like about Samuels was the fact that he instilled a sense of discipline and self belief in the whole school. Here was a guy who wasn’t afraid to stop his car if he saw you along Freedom Park walking with a girl and you had your hands in your pockets. His famous statement was “How can you walk with a girl with your hands in your pockets. Leave it alone it’s for other purposes.”

    But judging from the few comments so far, I think my earlier comment was correct in saying if this 50 year celebration was started two years ago it would have gathered momentum by now. I really hate this last minute dot com thinking that is very prevalent in Zambia.

    Anyone out there from the class of 1977 ??????

  6. kibosec! never knew u were clocking 50! hands up to u. i concur with the gentleman who was talkin about the poor organization. this reminds me of the unza thing, people contributed monies, but to this day nothing tangible has been done at our beloved university. sincerly speaking, am not undermining the efforts. But i think 150 million ain’t enough for all the projects led down by the father.
    and about the asbestos being a health harzard, how come thats when talk of it hav surfaced? it has been a well known fact for a long time now. up here in europe, the actually ceased them over a 3 decades ago! so in short the lives of the ova 10thousand pupils who used those classes through the years were meaningless in to say the least! finally, i think it is the job of government to repair public school, offcoz with texpayers money!
    so instead of puttin double pressure on the x-kitwe boys texpayers, ask the government! it double taxing !
    kibo 98!

  7. I was amazed to come across a plea by my formate head boy now Father Frank Bwalya regarding the Jubilee celebrations and donations for renovations. My six brothers and I went thru Kitwe Boys Secondary.

    It was at this school where I was taught English by an Englishman Mr Cooper, Mathematic by a Russian Mr Ignatenko, Biology by an Indian Mr Mattews, Chemistry by Mr Varghese, French by the congolese Mr Kalenga, Geography by the Born again Mr Mwale.

    I think of great thinkers in my stream like
    Dr George Mangwende, Dr Chileshe Chisela, Dr Anthony Mutiti, Engeneer Chilikwazi Mudenda, Engeneer Clement Saasa, Engeneer Daniel Kilembe,Engeneer Sachinyama, Aviation Instructor Dominic Mangani and Accountant Chembe Mukunshya(MC Wabwino),Economist Vincent Singandu,M Kalenga…….

    We shall definatly contribute

    Class of 84 lef 88

  8. I attended KBSS way back in 1975 and have been trying hard to get in touch with good friend Dave ‘the knave’ Mulenga. If anyone knows him please get in touch with me at [email protected] Many thanks. Mick ‘the brick’ in the UK

  9. Kitwe boys’ Secondary school – the best on the copperbelt as DC Samuels wold say. Its been hard to organise an old boys association not sure where the guys from our time are.

    Would like to get in touch with guys from the 80s particularly 5K of 84.

  10. Go Kibo go!!!.Class of 2000.about time we mowed those asbetos class rooms down,did 2 grades in those asbestos room(Grade 8 & 10) & it really gets hot in those hellholes.

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