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The Zambia national team gathered in Lusaka this afternoon to begin preparations for their 2008 Africa Cup Group 11 qualifier against Congo-Brazzaville to be played on June 2 at Konkola stadium in Chililabombwe.

Coach Patrick Phiri called on his men to give their all in this crucial match Zambia must win to stay in the hunt for a place at next years Africa Cup.

“It’s important that we as a team be focused and if we work as a team we will succeed,” Phiri said in Kitwe as he prepared to head down to Lusaka to join his team.

“That’s only way we can emerge victorious over Congo-Brazzaville; If we concentrate 100 per cent during our preparations.”

Zambia is 3rd in the four-team group on 4 points, one behind 2nd placed Congo while leaders South Africa are three paces ahead after three games played with another three coming up.

Zambia meanwhile are also scheduled to play Namibia in a friendly international in Windhoek on May 26.

Prior to that, Zambia will hold a training camp in South Africa starting this weekend.

And in Kitwe, the Zambia Under 23 also went into camp to begin preparations for their 2008 Olympic Games Group B qualifier against Cote d’Ivoire to be played at Nchanga stadium in Chingola on June 3.

The Under 23 will train from Buchi stadium and not from their regular Arthur Davies venue, home of Power Dynamos due to a tight training schedule there by the landlord club.


  1. Good efforts Faz.Camping ChipolopoLO boys in South Africa and Under- 20 in Europe will help our boys so much.But let Phiri be careful when selecting professional players because most guys playing abroad are just sitting on benches or playing very bad.Mbesuma is an example.I’ve been watching him via the dich on RTPi.His performance isn’t attractive at all.I never watched him in Zed or when he was in SA.The press made him a hero.However,what I see now has given me negative feeling towards his mode of play.May be he’ll improve.But I don’t see him returning to Portmouth this summer.He has failed at Maritimo.I’m wishing P.Phiri and F.Simukonda good luck and hope Congo Brazaville will be beaten at Konkola stadium come June 2.FAZ,please motivate Under -20 and Under -23 players.These are the guys who’ll make much of the 2010 Chipolopolo team.And do not rush talented players to countries like Norway.There is no football there,but only money.
    GO Z GO!!!!

  2. FAZ should have by this time organised two or three friendlies. I feel the under 23 has been vastly ignored.
    KM about Mbesuma, tell us how many times you have watched him. The guy is good, may be the time you were watching him, he had an injury.

  3. I am a scout for a SA professianal team who id rather not mention-Ive been in Zambia looking extebnivley for the past 2-3 months and there is immense talents at some of the clubs,the streets and the townships.Your government must do something quickly to develope this talent because if they were serious,your country eould have been African champion by now.Take SA for example,the talent isnt as much as Zambia but just a little investemnt by clubs and govmt goes a long way.Listen to my words closesly.

  4. Its saddens me to see even a South African seen that our government and FAZ has lost it in not investing the youths. Halewra Mokoena man I totally agree with you. Why can’t GRZ and FAZ workout a way to keep talent follow? I’m talking about the 1999 under 20 national team. The all 1999 under 20 team was so hot in that Zambia was said to bounce back in the winning ways in about 3-5 years because of a good foundation we had. To me the only solution is to invest in these youths. If you looked at the KK 11 national team it was strong because the UNIP government then had invested well in soccer. Also FAZ should protect these youths from being exploited by foreign clubs. When you look at the 1999 under team only 2 guys went to European clubs and the rest ended up in RSA or Zambia and most of them are not known by now (they are history). 2007 under 20 is equally talented and I hope histoy won’t repeat itself this time around.

  5. Coach Patrick Phiri is one of best in Zambia its a pity that he is not given enough time by his boss (FAZ) to prepare well in time. FAZ should have set up friendly match with one of them countries from north or west Africa to play Zambia in South Africa then going there just train. I would want to see Zambia play Senegal, Ivory Coast or Tunisia in friendly NOT Namibia, please! Is it because we have a Ben Bamfuchile there? Imwe….are FAZ for real? Zambians pay a lot tax and we need to see our tax money being used well.

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