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FJT ordered to see docs

Headlines FJT ordered to see docs

THE Lusaka Magistrates Court has ordered former President Frederick Chiluba to appear before the ad hoc committee of doctors to determine his fitness to stand trial.

The committee of doctors from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH)
recommended Chiluba’s evacuation to South Africa for specialist treatment last year when it noted that he was unable to stand trial at that time.

Acting deputy High Court Registrar Jones Chinyama, made the order yesterday following an application by Task Force on Corruption prosecutor Mutembo Nchito who wanted trial dates fixed in the matter in which Chiluba is jointly charged with Access Financial Services director, Aaron Chungu and Lusaka businessman, Faustin Kabwe.

The trio are charged with theft by public servant of about US$500,000.

“I therefore order that the medical condition of the first accused (Chiluba) should be reviewed by the same ad hoc committee of medical experts so that we are guided,” Mr Chinyama said.

“Of course the views of the prosecution will be taken into consideration.

The matter stands adjourned to May 31 (2007) for the presentation of the medical report and possible setting of trial dates,” he said.

Mr Nchito told the court that the State was anxious to fix trial dates.

He, however, said the State did not know what the defence’s instructions were.

Standing in for Chiluba’s defence lawyers, Diana Bunting of Simeza Sangwa Associates, told Mr Chinyama that Chiluba was still unwell and was not able to stand before the court.

Ms Bunting said the defence would be ready for fixing of the dates sometime in August because the former president was yet to undergo another medical review in South Africa in July.

But Mr Nchito said he had heard the defence but that there were issues of concern he had to raise.

“Your honour, there are two issues, one is that the first accused has been active in the public domain and engaged in strenuous activities than attending court,” he said.

The State was of the view that Chiluba was able to attend court.

“Your honour, if the first accused is unable to attend court in person, equipment can be made available for him to attend at the comfort of his home,” he said.

In a ruling, Mr Chinyama noted that just like the State had submitted, it was evident that the matter had been pending for sometime because of Chiluba’s poor health.

At this point, Chiluba’s lawyer Robert Simeza was in court and wondered if the two weeks to enable his client appear before the ad hoc committee at UTH was enough for the report to be presented before the court.

Mr Simeza said the local team of doctors still needed to get a report from doctors that have been attending to Chiluba in South Africa.

But Mr Nchito assured the court that everything was under control since the State was the one to organise and enable Chiluba appear before the committee.


  1. Coward,thief,counterfeit.Oh what a coward he is.Always hiding behind disease!The the coward come forward and defend himself before the Zambian people.

  2. 1. One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork
    2. If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.
    3. Vote early and vote often

  3. I feel pity for the man, he’s like the bibilical Job. unfortunately some of the his remaining symphathisers
    are just there to milk dead.

  4. Kayata and Kuku, thanks guy for standing in shoes (size-10)as care takers of this blog. Ma-guys, trip yapa stone yalifye yamu Jazzy na “cargo” naliposho nomba ama-half disappeared in unexplained circumstances.

    We need intellectual debate on this blog: that is a point te? Where is ZABABA? Zababa, dont behave like a rebel, expect to hammer or to be hammered, thats the nature of debate. I like your comment Zababa, pantu iwe you dont say “I agree with bluuuurr” Imaginne Zababa, we all start saying ” I agree with nsososo,” the debate will be boring te? Kanshi munyamata dont call yourself Chikopo but ZABABA. Come on young man be on the blog and face AM, and KUKU potential kaponyas.

    Appeal to “born rich” mwaice ngatawakwata ifyakuposapo pansaka better keep quiet. You and me are know to contribute comments NAFWO IFIBI te? Kanshi mwaice we go ku sports page and meet pipo like Chitalu-US, umukamba alikatika pa sport page. I think he can take over as Ba coach ba sipopola eleven.

  5. Ba Joze,you should now proceed to Chinsali,your children Pan na Tilye are arguing over ka ngelo kalya ka UNIPI.But before you proceed to Chinsali,what is your comment on the Govt increasing taxes for “bashi mungoti” mining companies? The debate on the economy has not received much contribution’s from the zambians,all they want is to crucify Mudala,but Mudala is saying Ba Joze started the disappearance ya ma half,and evidence has it that Ba Joze spent the money pa Monze as he found “imports” from ZimZim were cheaper than “cargo” yapa Zed.

  6. Ba Joze is back, welcome back.Ba Joze we missed you please bring new theories not ifya football.But Born rich was saying you went to get the 9th wife? Jude will be very jealous Ba Joze bakaamba.Mutambe bwino Chelsea Vs Manchester pa Wembley Bakaamba.If you had not finished ama half kuli chibuku we could have gone to watch it live pa London.Next time Ba let us learn to save especially ku NATsave or post office pantu kwena takwaba iyaka book.Enjoy your weekend and pray for FTJ uwakayele

  7. kayata ba Joze nabesa na new theory ati tabalefwaya comments like’ I agree with…’ balefwaya fye straight talking like Daka/Ali baba does and then yamo ama topics nayakosa so balefwaya ukya ku football column.Kabili footballers dont need that much school.
    Ba Joze actually ebapwisha ama half yakwa mudala bacause polygamy and too many inkece

  8. What is wrong with the Zambian Embassy in China?What are these scholarships where the students have no say and are charged for every thing including electricity in their dormitories?Can someone tell us what is going on in Zambia today?
    People should not be threatening people about how they will sort them out.WE NEED NORMALITY TO RETURN TO THE ZAMBIAN EMBASSY IN CHINA.Twatinka are these diplomats there to shop or serve themselves?

  9. Kayata.The debate on the economy was not so intense, cause it seems like we all on the blog are commited so much to the political welfare, is this worring ? yes, cause we have future leaders on this blog who’s intentions has been to crucify others in their rhetoric,we need to develop a culture of worring about our economy, remember this is what politics should be based on , the welfare of the common man which is the economy.I therefore urge us all to contribute positively in information on how to enhance our future.

  10. Che,I’m equally worried.I’m surprised people do not want to contribute more on how to change the economy and initiating plans on how the govt can sustain the economy without loans from imf/wb.Though Politics and Money go together,money will always determine the political system.Everyone rose and complained about FTJ,Smith Judgement,Sata this,Mike that,etc now the topic of Sata and Malawi issue has generated more interest than the Tax increase proposal.
    Ideas shares,is Innovation created.
    Imagine if everyone went with their ideas to the grave,there would be no telephone.
    I wish FTJ a quick recovery and that he be treated in UTH by those doctors he is to appear before.
    Since he doesn’t believe in foreign involvement of domestic matters,his treatment and court sessions should then take place in Zambia. I see no fairness in him seeking treatment abroad,and wanting justice locally.

  11. FJT is at it again. The man was up and about in the last three weeks trying to defend himself against the London judgment which he should have done in court. He may have cheated others with his ‘engineering’ but he can not cheat every one. God knows how many reviews he will have. Mutembo Nchito is a good lawyer and has proved himself to be consistant in his quest to see justice done. He did it in the Bulaya nolle and when the good doctor booked himself at the UTH for physiotherapy. They say the wheels of justice grind slowly but surely. FTJ’s day in a Zambia court will come. After all this is what is has been crying for.

  12. Picture this scene pipo, Chiluba addressing the nation and he takes his little glassess of and says
    ” Ala mukwai eyi democracy tulanda po…”

    Master dribbler!

  13. If FTJ was trying to go in exile, he would have already followed Xaviour Chungu. But the man is sick and he has to go for treatment so that he can stand for trial in good health. Health is a his right and now one should deny that. Many times he has gone and he has alresdy come back.

  14. FJT’s conduct has led me to believe that he is fit to stand trial. The state has even be lenient to him by proposing the setting of of equipment so that he is tried from the comfort of his home.

  15. FTJ Kafupi is just trying to buy time fellow countrymen and women!the chap is very fit to stand trial if he could utter absolute nonsense for an hour that day!!for formality’s sake,let him see the docs and get to jail..

  16. Let the docs prove FTJ’s condition and then we move on from there. We cannot jugde his condtion by the way he looks or speaks.Let justice prevail. Jesus Christ bless the leaders and the readers of Lusaka Times.


    John 8:32
    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

  17. I want to let The Post News Paper know that, I live here in USA and I don`t think there is a newspaper or magazine being subscribed at $10.00 per month. Thant’s too much. You don`t know what it means to make that $10.00 here. Whats so special about your paper anyway?

  18. As someone has said, FTJ uses his “sickness” as an excuse not to appear before the courts of law in zambia and he used the issue of “sovereignity” as an excuse not to appear before judge smith. When will the people of zambia wake up to the reality that FTJ is not ready to defend himself before any court, be it local or foreign.
    The man is a shameless liar. He must be hanged! Period.

  19. #20, the thing that is speacial about the POST is the very thing that you have been looking for on their website.
    A monthly US$10 translates to not more than ZMK1,500 which is almost half the price that people buy the POST in zambia. What you must understand that the production and labour costs are with reference to the prevailing zambian economic situation NOT what is happening in the USA!!

    If you did not know, there is something very special about the POST. I will not tell you what it is. i will just ask you to SEEK and FIND what that something is. That way you will learn to appreciate the work of other people.

  20. #20,the post paper is the only news paper in the world which is expensive and they dont have even news to tell the public. Post paper has lost direction and want to got steal money from the poor. The other thing, I also observed to be expensive are hotel accommodation rates. Nowhere in Africa a four star hotel can charge $300 accommodation per nite. Thats, why tourists shy away from Zed. Zed, plz take advantage of the Zim Zim stituation and reduce the rates. Who’s the minister of tourism in Zed? Bwana minister do something plz.

  21. #22, are u a beneficiary of the post paper? even Zim Zim papers on the websites are not for subscibbers. Anyway, its free will, you take it or you leave it. YOUR COMMENTS CAN BE GOOD AT POST’S PAGE

  22. In the recent past Tutus Mpunda alias FTJ has made public appearances at the airports whenever he is returning from his medical reviews abroad and during his press. He has spoken with a lot of verve, zeal and zest.But when it has to do with his courst cases he feigns illness.

    In any case if he is innocent as he claims why doesnt he expedite his apperance in court so that he clears himself.

    This dilly dallying by the short man is eroding our citezens patience.

  23. I wouldnt say The post is expensive.Becuase there certain things that are to be put into consideration.the people working on the site have to be paid as you know the site has to be update.And They also have to pay the site to be online.Look at it in this perspective if you were buying a news paper everyday where you are it would be far more than a $10 a month.Look at how much you get paid the other person mentioned his in USA and i would say even for other guys in the western countries.If you are paid weekly or fortnightly even monthly,look at how much you work an hour or a day during the period you are paid for.Personally i dont think you get paid less than 80 dollars a day.(anyhow it also depnds on what job you are doing).Its something worth to ponder about.Remember also that when we pay less for things even the people getting paid they get less.Also think of if you are to go back to zambia to work if the salary is low do you think you will go back at all.Lets talk about chiluba here

  24. Assuming FTJ is really sick and dies say in the next month and am not wishing him dead but assuming. what next?
    It would be better to forgive FTJ, incourage him to start buisnesses and bring the money into the country and then maybe sieze hes assets, at the rate we are going its like the mobutu case, the money has never seen the daylight of congo!!!! instead the lawyers who were lucky enough to investigate him are millionares,one wonders how?we need to pay 20 million pounds to look for 40 million dollars!

  25. Fellow countrymen, I tend to feel pity on Chiluba. Do those millions of dollars really exist, are they stashed away somewhere in Switzerland or not? If they exist, let the Zambian government get them, fund the consititution making process, and quietly settle Chiluba on the basic entiltements of an ex-president. We already lost our opportunities because of the blind good will we accorded Chiluba. What we now need is to look into the future, with hope and determination. To this end we must hold the current government accountable and committed to our collective popular will as Zambians. To be honest, constant talk about Chiluba leaves Zambia leaking past wounds instead of moving on.

  26. #22 Born rich, your sums are very iffy! R U telling me the exchange rate is $1.00 to ZMK150.00???
    The post is indeed VERY EXPENSIVE!

    FTJ is lucky to have the condition he has, can always use it to his advantage, Doctors will tell you STRESS is not a very good thing for a poorly performing heart – & with that, no one is willing to put their careers on the firing line just for a court case, & for as long as he doesn’t have a “new heart”, the circus continues, the prosecution will have to drag him to court against the doctor’s advice! For all those clamouring to see him behind bars, you may indeed have to wait for quite some time.

    #23 U R right when you talk about how expensive hotel accomodation is. The problem is lack of understanding economics! The reason currency is devalued, is to encourage stronger currencies to be brought in for the economy to have cash influx. Bypassing devaluation by quoting prices in forex, simply defeats the purpose, LOOK @ THE JAPANESE YEN!!

  27. what about the 3 tririon guys??
    why are we so forgetful??
    will you talk about it after Mwanawasa is gone?

    zambians talk too much but little or no actionsat all.
    where is sokoni’s letter?
    where is paul tembo and penza?
    what about our constitution? this is where we should be investing our energy bcoz.the current one allows this stincking subject of theft.

    No Zambians it is a matter of time all this will be history.

  28. M’kulupe #24, i do not need to be a “beneficiary” of something to be objective about it. Tell u what, the Post is a very respected paper in Zambia. Even those people who publicly say bad things about the paper make good of the paper in night watches.

    The people at the POST are not perfect but they have shown high levels of objectivity relative to what we get from the public media. No wonder they have no permanent friends. They are on the side of truth.

    The times they have made mistakes in their reporting, they have publicly apoligised, you rarely see such kind of integrity in the public media. I will give you an example, the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail tried to justify VJ’s Lies when he went to DRC. To this day they have not opologized for misleading people. Not even after LPM sacked VJ.Do you remember the issue of sata and some forged letter. The post appologised over that. To this day i am yet to see sata’s appology.

    The kind of cadre mentality where you think one has to be a beneficiary to say something positive about something is what fuels corruption and hinders development in this country.

    M’kulupe #24, ‘grow up’ and start working for the Truth. “We must not do anything against the Truth but for the Truth”.

    I am not a beneficiary of the Post. I am the beneficiary of truth which the post have proved to champion, atleast so far!!

  29. Born Rich #31, One thing you’ve to understand with M’kulupe #24 is that he speaks from without,the “loud-mouthed” type of people. He just accuses people without knowing what he is talking about. He behaves like a zambian politician whom when you oppose their views, they think you are against the govt,and if you support them you are a beneficiary of their “brown envelopes”. I think you need to get him out of that poverty with some of your change.A Beneficiary is someone who receives benefits or favors. How can a person complain of the Post been expensive and condemn their subscription fees and be a beneficiary too.

  30. Bauze #29, What i meant to say is this:

    if the Post is charging a monthly subscription of US$10, it means the daily charge is US$10/30 which when translated to ZMK at the rate of ZMK4,250 comes to less than K1,500 per day.

    This, when compared to the price of the Post in Zambia and indeed any other newspaper is a very fair price!!
    The best way to look at this issue is to look at it from the view point that things in zambia are generally very expensive (a typical example is airtime). And it so happens that the POST operates under this environment.

    Anyway, iam sure the price should be able to come down as the number of subscribers increase. what you must not forget is that the Post has employed staff to specifically manage their site, and these people must get paid!!

    33 cents per day is surely not alot of money for a paper that has to take care of high production costs in a sub-saharan country.

  31. Hey guys
    Just help Mukulepe to understand what it means.
    Just tell him the value of the so called expensive post.
    he has no idea what it means for us.
    b4 the post we were being blinded by times and daily/znbc,zis etc.
    now we can see,know,and judge.
    the gvt has nowhere to hide at least they did manage to hide sokon’s letter but it will come out some day days are numbered

  32. 20#
    The post is an independent Newspaper which runs without any subsidies from Government.For it to survive and continue providing a quality service it must operate on sound business principles in any case we get our value for money when we access the post.

    Good quality and value costs money.

  33. #34,Mwaice “born fyakubantu” waisa nemipoto. kanshi iwe wekamuntu niani wakupamya? M’kulupe just hammered the nail on the head that you must go ku post page te? Nomba iwe you have twisted the topic to suit your area of specialisation to blind pipo ati naimwe mwalinue ink te? Mwaice, lets go ku sport page and support Malito alete nkana mu super league. Iyi column ulipo, uleibikilishapofwe coz you have nothing to say sensible te?

    Kuku,Am and Kayata you will be care takers again of this blog. I have a trip yapa TZ mukuyamo consignment iyilefika chakuma next week.

    You guys, you have wrong impression about “call boys” most of them are GRADE 12 with good results and its unfortunate that they cant go to UNZA or any other collge coz of finacial support and most of chaps at UNZA are there coz of money. Kanshi guys you should bring intellectual debate on this blog pakuti MMDs kelenkas see the bad things they are doing. That’s a point te? born rich I shoow u red card.

  34. #37,Ba Joze,
    I thought you Squandered all the money at “Tooters” in Monze. So you still have some money left.

    Anyway, I wish you well on your next trip to TZ.Just make sure that you pass through the border post, declare your goods and pay customs duty to ZRA. I know you are used to using the bush path, trying to avoid the ZRA officials at the border post. You may not be lucky this time around.

  35. Dr Mukupa #27,the former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Markos was in coma for almost a year before his actual death of heart attack and Doctors tried hard to sustain him on borrowed time while sucking the money he stole. In case of FTJ, the Doctors are in RSA who seem to be benefiting by prolonging his stay in that country. Why can’t the Zambian govt stop him going abroad for medication and find another ways of getting the money from this man and besides FTJ has no trust in anything foreign. So Dr Mukupa, here’s a client and be rich like those Mabuto lawyers.

  36. BaJoze, please contribute on mining tax, that is your area of specialisation.You didnt go to cambridge university to waste time please before you go to TZ put up something.your Dr Maswau has started contributing so you are the only one left.I have been monitoring ‘Born rich’ever since Mukulupe warned him he has become knowlegeable and makes credit contributions which brought people back i.e Chilumba, Samk and our beloved lady Daka.But Jude was no where to be seen, since she was on trip with you ku Monze.Have you brought my ‘Lunsonga’? BaJoze whilst in TZ sleep at ubungo market the rooms are cheap and its secured,its about 18,000 shillings per nite.I want you to make enough profit by spending less on the trip but as ‘born Rich’ says dont evade tax like you did in stone, Magande wants every ngwee from you inorder to sponsor TDAU at Unza.
    Otherwise travel well and say Hi to Jude

  37. #40 kUKU, the increase of tax for mining is welcome but will it be able to make Zambia reach the 15 goals of MDGs? No!!!, much of the MDGs emphasis is base on sanition, clean water, shelter and education. Is there any change in the mining townships in regards to the four pts above? No !!! coz the govt is still sleeping and it will only wake in 2015 the targerted year for MDGs. We have the resource and man power te? kanshi no need for them to say “mali kawena” (boers saying, “its our money”)

    Kuku, who’s Jude kanshi mwaice? Where is Zababa? Chinyamata, navaya pa TZ. Dont drink beer yama strill, iyaleta spinning head na bad hung over. Oh may be nomba mwatenwe for my rich contribution te?. Ifisenseya ifi wakwata kuku you must use sulphur if you no ulusonga uko waba. Waba ubulaya naiwa kwati bena kayas te? Its like we are only two bashala pa Zed pano pa blog Mme Daka naine.

  38. #40 kUKU, the increase of tax for mining is welcome but will it be able to make Zambia reach the 15 goals of MDGs? No!!!, much of the MDGs emphasis is base on sanition, clean water, shelter and education. Is there any change in the mining townships in regards to the four pts above? No !!! coz the govt is still sleeping and it will only wake in 2015 the targerted year for MDGs. We have the resource and man power te? kanshi no need for them to say “mali kawena” (boers saying, “its our money”)

    Kuku, who’s Jude kanshi mwaice? Where is Zababa? Chinyamata, navaya pa TZ. Dont drink beer yama strill, iyaleta spinning head na bad hung over. Oh may be nomba mwatenwe for my rich contribution te?. Ifisenseya ifi wakwata kuku you must use sulphur if you no ulusonga uko waba. Waba ubulaya naiwa kwati bena kayas te? Its like we are only two bashala pa Zed pano pa blog Mme Daka naine.

  39. Polygamy ba Joze,kuti mwalaba sani Jude? Anyway atleast you have said something pali MDGs na Tax but Magande wants to know how you dealt with De beers when you were in Bots ba Joze mwalabashani?.ine Bajoze nabapaZed pa ndoligan.Zababa(Chikopo)alingila icani.Keep in touch pa TZ internet yaliba cipi, so dont forget to log in once in while.Declare all your goods to customs pa Nakonde, the lions are up in arms in the bush ,otherwise you will be mouled.

  40. Newsweek 54 issues is $20
    Time magazine 56 issues is $38.97/year
    Ebony Magazine 12 issues $16.97/year
    New York Times delivered to your home $3.15 a week (online you can read it free)
    USA Today Newspaper $14.00 for 8 weeks (Electronic version is $0.56 a day)
    From Europe
    New African Soccer Magazine 12 issues £15
    New African Magazine 11 issues/12 months $120.91 with shipping

    Post Newspaper subscription is $10 a month online ($120.00 a year!)
    Poor ethics, poor judgment, poor tabloid manager! Normal and ethical reporting seen mostly on the sports page! Did Mmembe go to Evelyn Hone College as well like other credible reporters that we have in Zambia?

  41. Government should not exhaust all its energy in the so-called fight against corruption that I predict will take 10 years to dispose of certain cases, (the equivalent time that LM will be in power). All the effort though worth it has unfortunately taken all the focus off developmental issues birthing bickering, finger pointing and witch hunting at the expense of developmental issues and hunger alleviation. We need more roads constructed, more bridges made and more employment created. Mongu and Zambezi require bridges across the Zambezi and a tarred road west of the Zambezi River. Luangwa River deserves another if not two bridges up north to be accessed from the Mchinga Escarpment and a tarred road from Chama to Northern Province. Kalulushi needs a highway and gateway to the new “Copperbelt” of North-western Province. The whole Copperbet should have dual carriage ways that should be extended to other provinces. This will reduce all those accidents we hear about daily. No need for commissions of inquiries on the Kitwe-Chingola road traffic accidents, it is self explanatory. Northern, Southern and Luapula need tree planting and educating of our people on the issue. All of our land is a sleeping giant in agriculture, tourism and mining. Wake up and stop bickering and go back to work, real work!

  42. The post is charging people for rubbish. Everyday they publish the same thing just “cut and paste” we need the news but these chaps have gone astray in a bid to fulfil their “greed” and hatred. They should let Chiluba alone to be taken through the court process. He has not yet given his side of the story. Does it mean that contempt of court can no longer be involked by the courts. This case has been highly prejudiced. Evidence of prejudice is all over, how does someone expect a fair judgement. These chaps are so excited about a small piece of information that appears to be new and yet it is info that we have always heard about. They have contributed to spoiling the cases if there was anything to be spoiled that is.

  43. This case is simply a waste of time. The people involved are simply there to eat. people are being cheated to keep them busy thinking something is being done. These guys know that they have siphoned to much to justify if FTJ will not be convicted. LPM, the so called proscutors or is it persuctors, the post it self etc, they know if FTJ wont be convicted they will see the wrath of Zambians for pretending. So they will do everything to keep people thinking they are doing something. They are also dead scared because pipo will start recovering from them instead. That is why they even end up recovering what is already government property and insist it is Chiluba’s. They have a lot at stake. They are in hot soup! Lets wait and see. the case has just started!

  44. Anonymous, Baluchi and Joe thanks for seeing sense and learning to think outside the box that our Zambian current politics and news has taken us in. Even with my Form V (grade 12) Literature in English and English lessons, (Not taking away from some good well-trained journalists with the Post), I could think, analyze and write better news and editorial comments objectively than what I see in Zambia’s worst tabloid to hit the streets. Arguably, lest I am misunderstood that I am trying to advocate for the paper to be burying issues under the carpet, on the contrary, the paper with its editor lack credibility, objectivity and morality. Whereas the paper is free to report and analyze on any news, it is grossly myopic, in my opinion, in balanced reporting, critical thinking and self-regulating. Sensational opinions at all cost, vendettas, hatred, misinformation and shifting of public opinion and not putting your love for the country first and not money and ego is what we do not expect in our journalists. Although the paper has contributed positively in some isolated incidents, its agenda as far as many progressive people of Zambia are concerned, is in most cases injurious and destructive to our mother Zambia. Influencing of public opinion is the order of the day, not all of it positive, unfortunately, at our Zambia’s independent newspaper. If we cannot create our own heroes, who will create them for us?

  45. Guys lets be serious. The Post has no shame. It goes on to unsuspecting people to soliciting for their comments and later report as though there is any authenticity. And for the poor souls who are being used, it is unfortunate because most of them are are not even worthy to comment. There is suddenly this “hyena like” mentality where even pipo who were sleeping have awaken and they dont want to be left behind in “feasting” on Chiluba lest the Post sees them to be supporting him.They are so scared of this bunch of lumpens at this newspaper. Chiluba should be allowed space to give his side. The British court is not the best of the places ti dispense justice in the case of Chiluba because they are interest parties.
    Problem with “donors” is that the developt prescriptions on LCDs have not worked as they have always wanted to maintain status quo, so after a country agrees to all their prescriptions and they dont work,they want to look for escape goats.Oh u pipo cant develop bcoz ur corrup

  46. …I thought this page was about kafupi going to see doctors to determine if he can stand trial???
    Long live Australia!!!!…down with Mugabe and his cricket team!!!!

  47. kafupi, could you please borrow me one of your expensive pair of shoes since we now know that you stole our money.You know i am a chongololo too, I wanna look nice man.

  48. Is this a new way of getting in touch?? #21 BORN RICH.Hear hear the man must be hanged PERIOD!Medical reviwes abroad?SOME PEOPLE ARE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON.WAKEUP PEOPLE HE IS STILL EATING OUR MONEY.

  49. Would rather give away the $10 to a guy begging on the street. Cant see anything worth a dime in that paper, now clearly pursuing a personal war against individuals. They have gone overboard and become stupidly biased because of personal hatred for FTJ.
    Only stupid people think all about FTJ was theft. Finally someone like CK can portray them as they are-sick *****s fueling a useless campaign of hatred against FTJ. What the …. do the majority of Zambians got to gain from all this drama.

  50. The amount of hatred this country is generating one against another is unprecedented. It is amazing to note that Zambia despite our enormous political, economical and ethnic differences coupled with poor management issues has still continued to be envy for many Southern African countries. This has been so, in my opinion due to the rare gift that the nation has been endowed with: tolerance. Undoubtedly, Zambia is one of the few peaceful nations in Africa if not the world. Her Christian beliefs have helped shape this nation’s rare gift of peace in this present turbulent world. Thanks to our founding father that despite all human imperfections (who has none?) that are often attributed to him (KK). His message has always been love. I am grateful Zambia is a unique place in Africa that should never be allowed to deteriorate with this amount of hate that is being propagated daily. Remember the sayings of our great, great grandfathers, “Ukucula kwenu, ninsansa shesu.” “Insasa shenu, bulanda bwesu.” “Icili pamunobe, ecili napaliwe.” Meaning, “Your suffering is our joy,” “Your joy makes us miserable,” and “That which is upon your friend, may soon be upon you.” The Lord said, “If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

  51. Two points- The Post is slowly becoming irrelevant. And yes people are more interested in discussing politics than economics. Like one philosopher said there is no economical redemption before political self determination. In Zambia and Africa as a whole the biggest struggle is to ride the continent of tyrants and to some point let the economists run the economy and let the politicians run the politics. Have you guys ever wondered who is the custodian of the Zambian money is? I think it should be Parliament. But it’s not. The act of presenting the budget in parliament is the biggest circus that takes place in Zambia every January. Imagine a situation where I’m keeping your money and I come to you to ask for some money which I’m already keeping. If you say no I will use it, if you say yes I will still use it. And by the way you don’t know how much I’m keeping for you. That is the relationship between Parliament and GRZ. Until that time when GRZ starts asking for money from parliament and they have no means to lay their dirty hands on the money until parliament approves the budget or writes them a check Zambia will remain poor.

  52. Zambians lost through FTJs thefts, they now stand a chance to gain alittle. Better still, whats more exciting than when justice is done.
    FTJ must pay back! I know the last weapon he has is insults, and his cohorts seem to be doing the same now.
    Its normal, the truth pains…..

  53. The post are doing a tremendous job, its common place in Zambia to find people who are wanting at odds with the post.
    Its been a long battle from the time they got petitions about FTJs thefts. Well meaning people are happy at least we are getting some decisions made.
    The Post should not relent but insure the man pays, they can help by keeping the story live….keep calling a spade a spade. Chiluba is a thief.
    And Oh yes, he can be forgiven if he confesses and repays like his short collegue Zaccheus.

  54. Let Bashi Tito go to Hospital.
    Human rights dudes?
    Actually ,he has been delayed for quite a while.
    Why does the coart take a decade to solve a single case.
    Efficiency and effectiveness are a major contributer to development.
    Who knows maybe the delay is the main factor in the increase of his heart proplems.?
    He is given more pressure and (the final result might even end up mubulwele in the sickness)

  55. You people should know that no one holds life in his hands.so i dont see any sense in people saying that FTJ is just faking his illness.so who are we to judge the man.

  56. Well,its not yet judgement day, so for now its only appropriate that men do it.I thought courts are run by men

Comments are closed.

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