Nkana FC remained unbeaten for a 13th successive league match after a 1-0 away win at 4th placed Lime Hotspurs in Ndola on Saturday in a Faz division 1 north week 13 game.

The Kitwe side move to 39 points after this weekends victory and maintain a 16-point lead at the top of the division 1 north table.

2nd placed Chambishi FC stay put on 23 points after going down 2-1 away at Mufulira Blackpool today.

3rd placed Afrisports on 22 points also lost in what has been a weekend of carnage in the top 5 when they were beaten 1-0 away to 14th placed Medical Stars in Ndola yesterday.

5th positioned INDENI are stuck on 21 points tied with Lime and they too also failed to win when 4th from bottom Kitwe United beat them 1-0 at Garden Park in Kitwe this afternoon.

Prison Leopards stayed 6th after drawing 1-1 in Kabwe with Konkola Mine Police.

Mufulira Wanderers remained unbeaten for a 5th successive game and are slowly swimming away from the relegation zone but stay 11th on 16 points, one less than their rivals Blackpool in 10th after their home win over Chambishi today.

In the days others game, Kalewa and Chindwin drew 1-1 in Ndola in this mid-table clash.


  1. Continue your hard worl Nkana – Itimu lya chalo! We mis Nkana’s contributions to the National Team! I hope Mighty can pull up its performance as well.

  2. Umwela ba kalampa umwela!!
    Ba Nkana twachula pafula!! please come back to the super league where you belong.

  3. The dreaded Nkana Red Devils are back!!!
    Soon it will be

    Nkana Vs ZAMALEK
    Nkana Vs National of Egypt
    Nkana Vs Mouloudia of Morocco
    Nkana vs Accra Hearts of Oak
    NKana vs Asante Kotoko
    Nkana Vs AFS leopards of Kenya

    Nalelo eee ba Nkana ba wina…..

  4. Unbeaten? This is not a new word for Nkana Kalampa. We are used to that. A good performing Nkana IS a good performing NATIONAL TEAM – look back and you will agree!

  5. Ba Nkana teti bafilwe. We are on operation tubachene. By the way I agree with Chanda Kaunda-USA, Nkana won the league in 1982 without losing a single game. Abakali bakali.

  6. I can see all you Nkana supporters are still living in the past… Did you guys read that Mighty is fighting relegation? This is divion one. Unless Mopani stops passing us and starts really sponsoring Nkana Kalampa is we know it will continue to be no more. I feel for you guys. But Money talks.

  7. Well all those thinking that Nkana is back and blur blur should hold your hoses. I will see how they perform in cup games where Div 1 teams meet Premier League teams..until then dream on ..they could just go up only to go back again

  8. come on people ,nkana supporters ,dont be fooled nkana is in division 1,playing against fellow division 1 teams .Their performance is based on divsion i standards. only when they bounce back and play like kabwe warriors of 1991 who won the charity sheild cup,then i will believe in them,as at i wish them all the best.kabwe warriors forever.

  9. (#13) Bernard Phiri

    I am sure you used to relish the clashes between Nkana and Kabwe Warriors. We were worthwhile opponents.
    I hope you are following closely progress of your club, it is aple shadow of it self.

    Lekeni naifwe tusasnsamuke pa Chilata, twachula pafula!!!

  10. Nangu balende shani Nkana naisa.

    They rejoiced when we were relegated so how can they be happy when we doing well enough to bounce back.The good thing is that they wont stop us now. It is a Tsunami on the rise. Say what you can but you are not stopping us, the cream of Zambian football. The most successful team in Zambian football(11 league championships) what do you say now eh?

  11. its worth to appreciate the performance of Nkana…go mwebana pacilata,go Nkana we need you in the top elite

  12. its so painful to see hear that the Chingalika boyz are almost crushing into the lowest division. Whats happening to kitwe united? help this team go back to top division.

  13. (#14)citizen
    hey man listen and listen carefully,i dont care wheather warriors is not playig good right now, it took as only a season in the lower ranks and we bounced back.look at your team nkana ,3 seasons playing division one soccer.

  14. (19#) Bernard Phiri

    Your team was relegated to division one because of a conspiracy by two teams and compounded by a suspect decision within the FAZ boardroom.

    In our case we are in Division one due to loss of sponsorship by Mopani copper mines.The same fate is about to before your team since the sponsors Railway System of Zambian are planning to withdraw sponsorship next season.When that happens that will be the end of Warriors since one in KABWE has the finacial muscle to take up Sponsorship.

  15. Just leave us Nkana supporters. This is the team of the nation. Look at the performance of the nation team without copperbelt based players. Privatisation of mines affected performance of copperbelt teams. Copperbelt used to contribute bulk of players to the nation team. That why we used to have a strong national squad. The resurrection of Kalampa will help resucitate the national team.
    Viva Red Devils

  16. The score lines leave much to be to be desired at least if you are winning by 4-0 or 7-0 margins then i would belive Nkana is back not the 1-0 margins against oponents like police blue eagles ,guys face the facts you are still division one marterial, mukese namulya pantu tukamibwekeshamo,

  17. #22. Paul Kabwe

    We do not need your belief!!! Tuleke fwebene tusansamuke na Nkana yesu.

    As far as we are concerned we are doing fine. We have scored 20 goals and only allowed 2 so far. We are won ALL the 13 games we have played.

    Nkana Mwela Weka Weka.

  18. Good luck devil devil. However, as a former Mafken chap, can someone please sort out the mess at Muf. Wanderers. Mighty iwinechungulo!

  19. #22 Iwe Kabwe,

    Twala amasangalatoni ukutali !!!

    We have won all the games, no draw no lose.

    Whether you win by ONE ZERO or TEN ZERO you still gain Three points

    Mwila ponta kuti twamilila umulilo

  20. The ponit i was trying to put across is that if you strugling to score against indeni then how will it be when you start facing the likes of Zanaco, Power , Buffaloes and so on anyway ichisungu chalilanda ati some times you have to look reality in the eye and deny it.

  21. even if kabwe is a ghost i believe we have a few business individuals (private) who love warriors and will try to sponsor the team.

  22. even if kabwe is a ghost town i believe we have a few business individuals (private) who love warriors and will try to sponsor the team.

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