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Carry on Mazoka’s vision, Kaunda tells HH

Headlines Carry on Mazoka's vision, Kaunda tells HH

kkpic.jpgFirst Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has implored United Party for National Development, UPND, president Hakainde Hichilema to carry on the vision of the party’s founder member the late Anderson Mazoka.

Dr. Kaunda described the late Mazoka as a great son, true Africanist and an internationalist who had a passion to serve the Zambian people.

Addressing hundreds of UPND party cardes, relatives and sympathisers at the burial
site and subsquent unveiling of Mazoka’s tombstone at Malenda farms, Dr. Kaunda said
he was sure that Hichilema would take the opposition party forward.

Dr. Kaunda commended the UPND for electing Hichilema as president for UPND.

And speaking earlier, UPND, president Hakainde Hichilema pledged to continue from
where the late Mazoka left.

Mr. Hichilema urged the people of Zambia to explore their talents beyond family
boundaries for the benefit of all Zambians.

Mr Hichilema described Mr. mazoka as a selfess, hardworking and a visionary politician who strived to better the welfare of Zambians.

The memorial of the late Mazoka was proceded by a church serivce at Cathedral of
Jesus the Child before proceeding to Ma-lenda where the opposition leader was burried.

First republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Finance Minister Peter Magande,
Zambia Development Conference, ZADECO, National Chairman Langtone Sichone, UPND Vice president Richard Kapita, serveral UPND Members of Parliament, MPs and patriotic Zambians attended the memorial service.

Mr. Mazoka died on May 24, 2006 in Morningside hospital in South Africa.


  1. MYSRIP Andy,Gone are the talented,they say the
    “Good ones die young”. You shared your vision with the rest of the Zambians, Andy was the only young generation politician that would have reformed the social and economical situation in Zambia. Now we are left with politicians who have no vision even for themselves apart from having a car loan from Parley and composing songs of praise for the leadership.

  2. Andy you left alot of confusion in your party. why did you do that , that is my sincere thruth searching question.i don`t like beating about the bush ,thruth is there is no strong opposition anymore,not because you are no more no!!!!!!!!!!!! but simply put, you did not read the signs on the wall and knew your days were numbered. rest in peace.

  3. The great Kambela Mazoka we greatly miss you.only pirated politicians playing the game of hide and seek with the blind Elenphant.(How long will they morn me).

  4. may your soul rest in peace. You showed the Zambians what courage and zeal you had in trying to help the Zambians. There are lot of lessons we have learnt from opposition politics in Zambia and its like you knew the secret of holding such a huge party together. The weaker and opportunists have now been exposed as they were desparate to get into authority and serve their selfish motives. What has remained is the True UPND. The fondest of all memories was what Chiluba and his fellow plunders stole victory from you in 2001.That we shall forever remember. Bye and Raest in peace son of the soil.

    Ras wadada still!!!!

  5. Andy, you made your mark in our political history. You were a brave soldier and your “kuyuma yuma” song made sense. May Your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  6. HH is a misfit in the party. Nothing can happen as long as he remains the party president.
    Chisanga or that UNZA lecturer HA-something would have carried Andy vision. HH you are still sleeping and expected to wake up in 2011.

  7. The opposition in Zambia will remain in very poor state as long as they continue to have ‘presidents for life’ like Sata, HH and others. These people own their parties. No one else has a say on how a presidential candidate is chosen, especially not ordinary members of the party. In a proper party, Mazoka would have been swept aside, just like Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. Parties like the British Tories, the Labour party and indeed the two American parties are financed by a large number of wealthy people who can never allow one person to hijack the party. These people are more powerful than the party leader. The selection of presidential candidate and the running of the party has to be trasparent. Otherwise the people behind the throne, i.e. ‘Men in grey suits’, will do a bit of arm twisting and clear all misfits from the party. The trick is to separate party ‘owners’ from the parliamentary party. In this regard, Mazoka was not a democrat. Neither are HH and Sata.

  8. In as much as I agree that HH can not win an election, I beg to differ with the assertion that he is a tribalist. In my view I would rather say the UPND which HH heads is regional as its power base is concentrated in Southern Province where the Tongas are the majority. In fact, the largest oppositin political party we have, the PF is regional in that it has its support base in Luapula, Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces where the majority of the people are Bemba speaking. That does not make the old King Cobra a tribalist. This dependance on certain regions cost the PF the presidency and majority in parliament. Regionalism should be discouraged at all costs. However, if one were to regard regionalim as being tribalism, then both the Old King Cobra and HH may be regarded as tribalists. A look at the NMC of UPND will reveal that it full of Tongas and PF’s CC is full of Bemba speaking. In the case of PF, about 80% of the MPs in Lusaka urban are Bembas. Equally tribalism should be discouraged.

  9. Can you all please vote for me so that I can carry on Kapwepwe’s vision for Zambia.Kapwepwe intimited that the only way ou to prosperity was captalism until Kk sidelined him.
    Today KK is supporting a political failure HH to carry on Mazoka’s dream and yet HH cant even day dream.Regionalism is what will hamper political maturity in our country.Today Iam announcing my future Cabinet. M.Daka will be my political adviser on both judicial and cultural matters,BaZoe will be my press assistant,Kayata will be my economic adviser -investments,Chilya chi unkown who works24/7 will be my economic adviser-labour and safety,Chi Banda(Koswe) will be my Kapaso,Truly Zambian -will be my Vice President economic growth and policy implementation,Sylvester Mwanza will be my Health Minister,CK will be my Attoney General….this will be the most transparent govt Zambia will ever have.
    Mala mwaice ukaba ku sports na Kelvin Musanga.
    Anderson you are gone but not forgotten,your dream will one day come true.

  10. M. Daka, you have your facts twisted. PF is popular on the Copperbelt not becoz the majority of people are bemba speakers.There is a difference between being a Bemba and just being a speaker of the language. The Copperbelt is a mixture of all tribal groupings in Zambia largely becoz of the mines. You cannot attribute Sata’s popularity to your simple misleading facts. The reason why I would suspect HH is a tribalist is becoz of his ascendency to power. A statement was passed by senior party officials that only a Tonga could succeed Andy. If he truly is not a tribalist, he should have either accosted those tribal perpertrators or ceased any interest in the Presidency of the party. No one new HH as a political figure. Whether he was in the background or not, to me that is where he should have confined himself. He is just another opportunist trying to reap where he did not sow. RIP Andy,at least you tried your best. But you were going to be a true son of Zambia if you’d left a successor

  11. Daka for once let us not talk about tribalism.This subject makes me sick.In my cabinet they will be no tribes but zambians who will jump on the band wagon to serve Zambians.I have checked with the CRB for all of you Am appointing and Iam fully satisfied that no one exists by tribal inclination but by appreciation that they belong to one happy family zambia.KC#11 continue with your awareness campaign to remove this bitter word’tribalism’ from all peace loving zambians but like Daka has said we cannot completely ignore it but let it not pre ocuppy our mindsets.
    Iwe Chi unknown where have you been today? Were you beaten last nite by the patrons of your brothel? I will send Vat inspectors to just check if you are declaring all the incomes so that we can subject them to ( PAYE, VAT),
    So let us put a full stop to this tribal subject its for shallow minds like Ackson Senjani and Co.
    I will be away for a month and will not be able to write anything I wish you all the best of things

  12. Kuku, indeed we should not be talking about tribalism. Even in my commments at 9 above, I have condemned it. If you have read the sequence of the comments on this report, you will will note that I was reacting to truly Zambian who introduced the the tribal issue.

    KC, it is a fact that PF has concentrated and is popular in provinces that are Bemba speaking. This includes the copperbelt. You can not deny that fact. Like I stated in my earlier comments this does not mean that the old King Cobra is a tribalist. The sequel to this argument is that if this regionalim can be said to be tribalism, then both HH and your man the Old King Cobra can be said to be tribal. I am very much aware about the distinction between Bemba and Bemba Speaking. Nowhere in my comments have I mixed the two. In my earlier comments I did not mention Northern Province, which is predominately Bemba because PF got fewer seats than MMD in that province. LPM actually won in Chinsali the Bemba political heartland.

  13. Faustina Sinyangwe,Jean Kapata,Chilufya Phiri,Sampa Bredt were not adopted becoz they are BEMBA,but becoz they are women,Sata is gender sensitive,is any of these Given Lubinda,Henry Mtonga,and,Guy Scott Bemba? Anyway may Andy’s soul RIP.

  14. Lesap, gender sensitivity is appreciated but should not be one sided. Lubinda and Mtonga were at the time of elections ULP members. They just took advantage of the electoral package. As for Guy Scot, the closest I can link him with is Mpika Central, where he once stood as area MP. My dear Lesap, you will note that I stated that about 80% per cent of the PF MPs in Lusaka urban were Bembas. I did not state 100%.

    Anyway, that is PF’s policy and nobody can stop it, but PF members should not point at HH as being a tribalist before taking a critical look at their party.

  15. Scott was born in L/stone and does not speak Bemba better than Nyanja,Lubinda and Mtonga are PF,they even hold positions in the central com.

  16. Lesap, that is fine. By 80% I meant not all the PF MPs members are Bemba. You should have an issue if I stated that 100% of the PF members in Lusaka urban are Bemba. You can not deny this fact, honestly.

  17. #17, pipo forgive M Daka, she used to be my darling for good comments nomba nasanguka porridge yamugayiwa kuma bad comments. She’s too naive and full of blunders. Where is that M Daka with good comments?

  18. Lesap, almost 6 is not 7. This still does not take away my statement that the majority of the PF MPs in Lusaka urban are Bemba.

    Ba Joze, welcome back. How was your trip to Kariako?

  19. Lesap,

    There is no need to be academic, this gist of the matther is that PF power base is in the Bemba speaking regions and UPND in the Tonga speaking regions.The composition of the membership follows the same pattern. These are facts.

    Because of these you can’t qualify Sata and HH as tribalists.

    Give the lady hearing she debates rationally

  20. K.K man of the people,credible leader Zambia had.His advise and comments are free for individuals willing to learn and concur.

    Why divert the topic and hit on individuls trying to express their opinion???

  21. Pls cut the clap!! now that the man is dead every wants to say good things about Mazoka (MHSIP). When he was sick in hospital, most pipo wanted him dead, like you are now doing to Chiluba.

  22. #22 gk, pipo mwamona ama symptoms ya ingulu kuli gk te? kuti nayimya nemishipa kumukoshi pakusabaila alesabusha namate pakupakala. Awe, gk ulifyakubantu. you must seek doctor sansakuwa not dr HK.

    Kuku, come and see gk is sweating like a fish and smelling like pig and twisting the eyes like chameleon. mwaice dont come pa Zed coz we dont accept ndoshi ne ingulu isho wakwata shimakumba.

  23. #20 M Daka, thankyou, trip ya lifye yamu-jazz. nomba TZ fiko but food na tuyeye very cheap. I think ekwapwilile ama-half. Anyway limba ndepula Zim-Zim next month.

    M Daka, i have a question for you? Do you arrest someone for saying the truth? If no, then capt Solo (steven) is a freeman te? then arrest Chiluba and free Solo or free Chiluba and reatain solo in prison. Plz Mme Daka make some rich commnts. Bye Daka Good nite, Take care and sleep well.

  24. Ba so called Joze #25,may you be that kind as to communicate with your friends about personal issues via email.Limit your comments to the above subject.Otherwise,may Mazoka`s soul rest in peace.

  25. Anonymous says:
    Hi, this is Chris Muta from UK, Its good that Zambia is coming up. We need the all squad to be participating in friendlies. Good luck Chipolopolo boys. We need you to represent Zambia.

    May 27, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

    Mwaice mala ulya muntu ati unknown nimusanga ishina lyakwe ilipamulu.Mambala aba ku UK no wonder alenjebela ati I need two jobs.Satan ekala ubulaya pantu pa Zambia teti tubombe 24/7 kwati mashilu .
    So mwaice Mala take note of his name.

  26. M.Daka my Darling please continue drafting the political and cultural policies, we shall look at them when I come back from Chinsali(mukusefya pa ngwena).As for now rehearse with BaJoze and Kayata about the way forward, let us work hard to meet the deadline August 2007.Strealine Gender ministry to be an all inclusive ministry not just focusing on women.Delete that Mothers Day(18th March) not to be a public holiday but include fathers day(June 17)to be a respectful day for all.Its in the bible a woman was made from a mans rib meaning the life the woman enjoys belongs to a man that is why I want 17th June to be respected.Ba Joze please regulate the bog ,suspend all those with foul mouths and they engage their mouths before their brains like their boss on independence avenue plot 171717 Mainasoko Hospital.CK continue with Smith’s judgement lets us if it will fit in our one Zambia one Nation.Kumulu Lesa, panshi abena Zambia aba Christian

  27. Smith’ judgment #28 Kaku, we did conclude already this is a very serious precedent established by LM and company. It is a breach of trust and betrayal of the independent state called Zambia. Majority of MPs chosen because of patronage, some financial ability to contest in an election or self agenda lack the technical know-how required and expectations of that of an MP vis-à-vis the law. Very few understand the breach that has happened and the negative impact it will render to the future of our constitution and sovereignty of our nation. Even America, despite being an ally to GB unapologetically resent appearing to be under the monarchy, the very reason they are not members of the commonwealth, drive on the wrong side, have different English spellings etc. Yes, FTJ, Francis Kaunda, Stella Chibanda, Xavier Chungu and Attan Shansonga have rightly so, disagreed to appeal Smith’s ruling, a conviction that I could not recant either assuming I were in the same circumstances. Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu however, possibly despite smelling a rat believing they are small fishes that may be caught regardless, have chosen to contest the ruling out of principle but as you and I know, they cannot win or overturn his master’s voice or the ruling. After all, the post and other unofficial judges have come up with the verdict: guilty. Even the president (FTJ) and his co-defenders will unlikely escape the conspiracy: the chief justice under the constitution determines the rules (or how the ball is to be played) for the High Court of Zambia to follow! He too, is under his master’s voice. As government prepares to enter the case into the High Court, my heart bleeds for Zambia, my heart bleeds for FTJ, the president that received no justice as enshrined in constitution and the president that was betrayed by his hand-picked man. How about the Law Association of Zambia? “Irrelevant,” after all someone does not trust a lawyer! (By the way Kuku, this is not fair; I had rested on this case!)

  28. HH must NOT carry Mazoka’s Vision. What he must do is this:
    1. MAKE Mazoka’s Vision, HIS(HH)Vision.
    2. or Carry His OWN Vision!

  29. Andy musankwa mubotu!!nkuyumayuma mudala.We shall forever remember you for the courage and stance you took to standup for a common Zambian! Goen forever to rest my man.I hope the UPND will carry on your dreams.

  30. #31 Busy praising the dead person, thats what we zambians are speciasized in. A person is good when he dies says zambians.

  31. AM # 31, right observation. “If a man deserves praise give it to him while he is alive, he will never be able to read his tombstone!” I am awaiting (not wishing them to die), for the deaths of our pioneers, KK, FTJ and you will see how many will offer accolades! Please give praise, inspire and correct your friends in love while they are alive and do not kill their vision, morale or souls. Accolades offered in death too late, too insincere!

  32. zambia has lost men that could have changed this country ie mazoka.but like #33 has stated was it not mazoka a self confessed satanist.i wonder how this nation could have been with satanist ruling.coutry men &women count ita blessing that the lord directed us from the devil.as for hh stop coming out as an angel,restructure that tribal party & learn some political strategies 2011 is very near.

  33. AM and Jay,
    you chaps don’t understand,this doesn’t talk about people that are living.don’t discuss HH,KK or Kafupi here.if you don’t have anything to say about Mazoka shup up *****s.

  34. No bemba will openly accept he is a tribalist.they just think it is practised by other tribes.how can a man like sata be popular in the copperbelt?there are alot of bembas worhing for the mines they are the ones who influenced their relatives from their regions to vote for him.

  35. Ms Daka, well i will agree to disagree with you on your assetion that PF is a regional party. PF controls Lusaka, Luapula Northen and Copperbelt. That is half the country and you still call it a regional part?. On HH i agree with you , he may not be a tribalist we dont know that for sure. But the way HH injected himself as UPND president leaves a lot to be desired. He came in on a tribal ticket and that will stay with him until he dies. If Saki was tonga he would be UPND president, probably Zambian president today. The drums of tribalism shouldnt be ecouraged. Sata is a guy who can work with anyone willing to work. He has proved that time and again. With HH we dont know. Zambia right now is experiencing a high level of neportism pepetrated by the president which has forced other tribes to start ganging up to try and counter what LPM is doing.If you are not from Bantu botatwe tapali ichobe. That means when Sata becomes president he will have to fire all LPM’s inept relatives.


  37. great expressions except for the bad language.If you all set up a movement it would be a great one.

  38. Sage (no. 39), point of correction. PF is not in control of Northern Province. Fact: PF has MPs in 9 Constituences of Northern Province namely; Chilubi, Chinsali, Shiwang’andu, Kasama Central, Lukashya, Lubansenshi, Kanchibiya, Mfuwe and Mpika Central. The MMD has MPs in 10 Constituences namely; Isoka East, Isoka West, Chimbamilonga, Kaputa, Lupososhi, Senga Hill, Lunte, Mporokoso, Nakonde and Mpulungu. In fact the MMD had 11 MPs but the results for one, Mbala Constituence has been nullified. There is an independent candidate in Malole.

  39. zedian may the lord grant u the ability to use your head.such thinking & acts are the ones that have led zambia to be were it is.

  40. Ms Daka, What i mean by being in control is in reference to the fact that they run the city and district councils in all the four provinces. If that is not being in control what do you call it.

  41. #36 Zedian, those two Am and Jay were merely expressing their opinions which of course you did well to differ with by expressing your own opinion.But why did you have to insult them?That implies failure to reason.Only people with limited knowledge rush to insulting.Why did you not go on and on arguing about the topic.That is how we make each other understand the topic fairly well on this blog other than resorting to insults.What kind of a home are you coming from? It apperas in your home when one visits you intead of saying how are you, you end up insulting them as a greeting.You do not even know the people you are insulting like that.Suppossing they are your uncles what will you do?I thought you were going to be uselful on this blog when I read the first sentence of your contribution but only to discover that you were worse than a chainama case. I refer the whole thing to Kuku to deal with you.

  42. Sage (no.44), If we are to go District by District,PF does not run the majority of Councils in Northern Province. They run Kasama, Mungwi, Chilubi, Luwingu, Chinsali and Mpika. This makes it six, the same number as MMD which runs Mporokoso, Kaputa, Mbala, Mpulungu, Nakonde and Isoka.

    I would have agreed with you if you said PF runs the majority of Councils in three provinces, namely Luapula, Copperbelt and Lusaka, or runs the majority of City Councils. MMD is national as they have councilors in all the Provinces. This is mainly due encumbance.
    The attribution of regional comes in because, these three provinces are Bemba speaking regions. UPND is also regional in the sense that it is dorminant in Tonga speaking Southern province. This in my view does not make HH and the old Cobra tribalist. To me this regionalism is a strategy which cost both HH and PF the elections. But this happens even in the USA. There are regions where the Republicans are very popular, while in others they not

  43. The postings that we have witnessed lately exemplify the caliber of would-be leaders that Zambia could still have in the event the current ones were to be replaced. The average person that posts comments on this site by my assessment has an average of a grade 12 certificate, or holds a diploma. Most likely they may have or are doing their first degree. If this were the case, I am afraid that we are still not ready for the most fought and sought for: democracy. The type of cursing that we are witnessing is of bad example to our nation that many people outside admire so much about and is definitely embarrassing. I am not sure if it is the movies or the American culture of some of those spoiled children that we are emulating by even writing those unpalatable and unprintable words. It is a shame for most of you to parade your ignorance the way you are doing and making many a visitor to this site infer that you are a reflection of your upbringing or possibly of your innocent parents. I implore you to try Jesus and he is going to take away your vaguer language and show you love unspeakable even for people that you do not agree with. It is really a shame for some of you.

  44. M. Daka, I still think you have missed the point about HH or Sata being tribalistic. Of course regionalism has played a big part in politics. However, the point is HH ascended to the UPND leadership under very tribal circumstances. Like I intimated earlier, HH should have shown some class by either rebuking UPND officials calling for only a Tonga to succeed Andy, or he could have ended his interest in the Presidency after those remarks were made. He did not do any of the above. Which convinces me that he is tribal. A principled man like Mr. Chisanga quit UPND citing tribalism. M. Daka, let’s call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Let HH counter that earlier assertion about a Tonga succeeding Andy. Regionalism will always be a part of our politics today, but leaders should not silently preach it. It is dangerous for them to do so.

  45. I want dispute this tribal nonsense by one Mkilupe, Daka nad Kuku. HH is never and has never been a tribalist.HH has acended on the UPND presidency on merit. Antway, what is tribalism? To be a Tonga then u a tribalist! What nonsense! For youe own onformation, yes UPND is strong in South, and that does not make it tribal.There are many facxtors which made UPND/UDA perform badly last election. The concept(UDA) was still new in the minds of most voters, especially rural people.

    Back to this tribal nonsense, Daka, Mkulupe and Kuku are tribalists themselves. Just like Dan sang in one of his new songs, how can u tell that one is a ‘Hule’ or prostitute if you are not one yourself. Simly put, those who call others tribalists are tribalists themselves. We are a country of diversse ethnic and tribal backgrounds, so lets respect one another.

    This tribal talk if not checked will breed civil strife like in Rwnada. Finally, HH is the man KK is rightm come 2011 Viva HH.

  46. Bo Kelyson, you seem to exhibit die hard support for the young man HH. Try to see reason in Daka’s contribution and others’. Seems to me you have not read or understood the debate properly. Pipo you are condeming like Daka are inteligently putting their points across and infact saying HH just like MCS are to the contrary not tribalists. But you come here get away with smoke and vent your ill conceived anger on innocent pipo. Be reasonable. Why do you pipo want to so vigorous in protecting one HH. Let pipo debate issues and if one has a divergent view respond in a sober manner by putting your substantiated arguments across and not just emotional responses. Just a piece of advice for you lest we you are driven to suicide because you insist everyone take your views as correct.

  47. Sorry bo annonymous, me i am not hiding my identity, come out in the open. Well, i mistakenly included Daka, actually we are in the same line of thought. The pipo i was attaking on this tribal nonsense is one Kuku and Mklupe.

    Oce more, sorry to Dakam but i dont agree with him that HH can’t win electiosn. Give him time. Problem with Zambians is that most us are used to ‘dirty’ poltics, insults and so on.

    No suicide here, this tribal talk is nonsense, come out in the open you annony,ous man. Why hiding your name?

  48. Halo Daka,

    If people want to debate isues without reason and merely on speculation and prejudices, people, including you Daka and me are bound to be emotional.

    I am not protecting HH in any way, but if victimise and prejudice people wrongly, it is unfair.I love debating issues intelligebly for am a an intellctual, But all of us lose their emotions once in a while.

    So lets comtinue bedating HH, Sata and others intelligibly and fairly and NOT Tribal NONSENSE. This is my arguement.I still satand by earelier views that if this enthnic or tribal talk is not checked, it can slide the country in internal strife. Examples are numerous, you do not need to be a historian

  49. Firstly, i must say to whoever is behinde this intiative – thumbs up. I think lets get things straight. What is tribalism? can someone define tribalism. I want to agree with Kelyson that if now well handled this whole issue with put this country on fire.
    It seems the concept of tribalism is being used by political enemies of my cousins – the Tongas to cow them. I for one do not agree that HH is a tribalist neither can you say that UPND is tribal.
    Tribalism is in the mind of tribalists themselves. For me as a Zambian i never ask myself what tribe i am when making any decsion. I think we must define what is tribalism.
    We shouldn’t rubbish leaders just like that. For now it is very clear that Zambia is headed for a leadership crisis. For heaven’s sake, lets get Sata out of our mouths, he belongs to the old generation. Lets move with time. We need a person of our generation to take over from Mr. Mwanawasa. This is just the right time for a man of HH’s caliber. Lets give him a chace

  50. ViVa HH ,fellow Zambians it is time to support the new generation in politics of our country. Give HH time to explore his talent .Abash recycled and tribalist politicians

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