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Mwanawasa directs FRA to start buying maize

Headlines Mwanawasa directs FRA to start buying maize

 President Mwanawasa has directed the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to start purchasing maize  from farmers by next week .

And President Mwanawasa has expressed unhappiness at the pace at which  FRA is
proceeding with the crop marketing exercise.

President Mwanawasa  said  the delays by the Agency to commerce the maize purchasing exercise has subjected farmers to exploitation by briefcase businessmen.

The President has since asked  Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ben Kapita
to ensure that the FRA starts purchasing maize by  next week.

Mr. Mwanawasa  was speaking  at a public rally in Petauke , at Chief Nyanje headquarter grounds to drum up support for MMD candidate Fashion Phiri in the June 5
parliamentary  bye- elections.

Mr. Mwanawasa regretted that unscrupulous traders have taken advantage of the delay
to obtain maize from desperate farmers at unreasonable cheap prices.

”I’m not happy with the slow pace at which the FRA is progressing with the issue .
I therefore want it to start buying the grain as soon as possible,” he said.

Mr Mwanawasa  added that government wants to make the crop marketing exercise more efficient  hence the allocation of K205 billion for the exercise this season.

And President Mwanawasa has disclosed that government has negotiated for US$7
million from the Chinese government for the  rehabilitation of silos (food storage
facilities) in all parts of the country.

Mr Mwanawasa pointed out that the rehabilitation exercise for the silos which is
scheduled to commerce towards the end of this year is meant to improve the maize
grain storage in the country.

He said government is determined to implement programmes that focus on improving
performance in the agriculture sector and enhance overall national food security.

Meanwhile President Mwanawasa has disclosed  that government has approved K600
million for addressing the livestock diseases in affected areas.

The President  said government has put in place deliberate measures to address
animal diseases such as the large grain borer , east coast fever, and lamp diseases
reported in some  parts of the country.

And President Mwanawasa has  cautioned the people of  Kapoche constituency not to
entertain politicians promising to give free fertilizers to farmers because such
promises are unattainable.

He wondered where such politicians would source funds from to implement such a
policy when government is  struggling to find resources for the 60 percent farming
input subsides given to farmers.

And in another development, President Mwanawasa  says MMD is ready to work with
people from opposition political parties who are  willing to work with the government of the day in order to improve the country’s economy.

He  said the ruling MMD is the only party that can provide quality leadership
required for national development.

Mr. Mwanawasa said this when he received 134 Forum for Democracy and Development
(FDD) members  who defected to join the ruling MMD.

The President  further advised the people of Petauke not to listen to lies  from opposition leaders.

Others contesting in the Kapoche bye-elections are FDD’s Charles Banda, Patrotic Front’s Mike Tembo, All People’s Congress Party’s Sara Zulu and Former Health
minister Levison Mumba who is standing on UNIP ticket.

The Kapoche seat fell vacant after the high court nullified the election of MMD’s
Nicholas Banda.


  1. Can’t be sure whether the President’s politicking again or the FRA is irrelevant/inefficient. Maybe both. But I hope they make good use of these seemingly cheap chinese loans.

  2. I might be wrong, but I thought Mundia Sikatana had been doing a good job at the Ministry of Agriculture. Why was he moved to the useless (foreign affairs) ministry? Surely the key ministries in Zambia should be finance, agriculture, education, home affairs, health and mining. People at these ministries should not be moved around if they are doing a good job.

  3. #4, Chitapankwa,
    Don`t talk from without. Who told you that Mundia Sikatana was doing well at Ministry of Agriculture? The man didn’t know how to interprete policy. He led to the downfall of the Ministry. He is better of where he is. By the way that is a very sensitive Ministry where he is now. It is not useless. What is wrong with you. Are you an alien or a Zambian? If you do not know what you are talking about refrain from passing a comment.

    As for #1, Kuku. I think you are unbecoming in your remark. Why should he fire Ben Kapita? Give Ben Kapita a bit of time. He knows what he is doing. He found Mundia Sikatana had disturbed things in the Ministry. He is still in the process of putting them back accordingly. Have you forgotten that the man Ben is hard working? Where were you not a long time ago when he was a first black President of the Farmers Union? Don’t just bring you hopeless dreams like that to the open. No wonder you were no where to be seen yesterday. Wake up.

  4. Ben Kapita is an expired farmer. Let him be fired, we have no time to waste on slow learners. We expected him to do better than Sikatana who had no experience in farming. Sikatana had never owned a bacyard b4 he became Agric Min. Actually he use to live upsatair at crossland flats, driving a defective Maruti.

  5. Guys lets observe to rule of demand and supply and dont let Govt leaders suppress it by monopolising buying using FRA. What will happen is that ,the Govt thru FRA will buy everything from the farmers and have the staff exported and leave citizens with expensive atlernatives from the shops . Right now no farmer is willing to take maize straight to market but rather keep it for FRA , hence the price of tin of maize remaining at high price. Let us not forget that very few Zambians buy processed staff form the shops . Most of us depend on maize from open markets and in the quantities we can afford . So if we allow a situation where FRA buys everything ,believe me you we will find ourselves failing to the commodity we ourseleves produced. Yes the arrangement worked well last year because there was room for competition in maize marketing.

  6. What is wrong with Decision makers in Zambia?do we have to wait for the president to order the FRA to function? what is the Agriculture minister’s mandate?

  7. Levy leave such issues to the technocrats. If you must Maize purchasing begins by first June In order to ensure that the moisture content in the Maize has reduced to the required levels for Silo storage.Maize granin that has not reached the required moisture content easily rots and does not store for a long time.

    You may wish to note that rains in some parts of the country ended in May.

    Don’t politic any how

  8. Goodmorning there, it appears levy is the final say in everything. we seem not to have a working system in zambia, hope no one again will point a finger to the hero Drftj. Levy’s govt has FAILED the people of zambia. It is only the chines people who are the happiest.After stayed here in the uk, good lessons have been learnt, as a govt, guys lets be real, we have no working system, not even a dead one at all.let levy and his cabinet know this.

  9. Contracting more loans, another $7m to rehabilitate the existing silos. If these were not ‘asset striped’ in the first place, this wouldn’t be happening. FTJ and his fast tracked privatisation, the effects of unguarded ‘climate change’ are on Zambia and will be felt for a long time to come!

  10. #5 Nkhataboy. Sir, don’t presume to know who I am and above all don’t dare ask anyone to shut up. You are exhibiting ignorance. All you should have done is put me straight, not ask me to shut up. I did qualify my statement by saying ‘I might have been wrong’. I still maintain that the foreign ministry is useless. Zambia opinion on anything does not matter to anyone outside Zambia. We are a begger nation with no viable military force to enforce our foreign policy. We cannot use economic or military might to influence anything outside our borders. By the way, this tendency to ask people whether or not they are aliens just because they contribute to what is a global forum is unfortunate. Of course I am going to leave you guessing. However, for a country that cannot exist as a viable state without foreign aid, if you became president you would turn Zambia into another failed state. Foreigner bashing is as ugly as tribalism.

  11. #6 HK, why are you so bitter with everyone? what’s problem your kanshi iwe doctor HK? Undwala chani? I think niwe doctor wafintumbi or specialise kuma abortion nomba utupopo natwikwimina that’s why ulesabayila. I know pastors you can cast out demons in you. yisho ingulu ukwete shimakumba shikakulenga ukuyiposa mu Zambezi river.HK, must change.

  12. #12, Chitapankwa,
    I still feel you lack something in your blog. There is no Ministry in this country that is useless. Perhaps what you are trying to say is the order of priority. By the way, do you know how much percentage of our national budget is being financed locally? And where do you think the rest is coming from? May be from your home. The rest of it has to come from foreign services and that is over 30% of the national budget. Considering just that, would you rate the Ministry of Forign Affairs to be useless? I would as well urge you to read abit on globalisation in order for you to appreciate further the imporatnce of that Ministry. It recommended to have someone who is an extrovert to run that Ministry. I do not mind whether you left me guessing or not but the truth will always remain the truth.

  13. #5 Nkataboy, don’t talk from memory recall, the rule of the game is to agree or disagree with your fellow comments noti ifwakuyilanga ati mwalishiba fonse. Dont behave nga “mutetema” tepapa nomba wasanguka jr chiwelewele TE? Mwaice be humble and mina amate and put pola panshi and u see, you are sweating like a fish.

  14. kuku, kayata and other thamks guys to handle gk mad boy and HK indoshi yamupamba. Am back with a bang. signing off for lunch ( 2 pizza, bowl of pasta, quarter chicken tanduri, 3 strawberry milk shakes .. M Daka you are invited)

  15. Generally, it is belived that towards the end of June to mid of July, the moisture content of maize in Zambia will have dropped to approximately 13%. This is recommended for storage as higher moisture content leads to mold formation in maize. In order to avoid this, FRA has deliberately been buying maize beginning of August. If FRA has to buy maize from farmers before August, it means that it has to have facilities for drying the produce to the recommended storage moisture content. If not, then the maize will rot a situation that can not be reversed. If that happened, what do you think would be the comment from his Excellency? Don’t you think he would fire the Minister of Agriculture instantly? Hon. Ben Kapita knows what he is doing. He has specilised officers who advise him in various fields. He would not make such a mistake of instituting such kind of a directive.#1 Kuku and #6 HK please observe your comments. I am pretty sure that if maize was to rot under the custody of FRA, you

  16. Ba Joze,in swahili they say “pombe”(beer),ku TZ yali shani,na ba mwenye pa Dar,elo mu chez bala shana ku fi rhumba na ndombolo,kabili fyani kulya nomba pa Dar akasuba, bushe bachili bala bofya generator for electricity.uyu HK nakolwa mabisi yakubu Tonga,Bols brandy na katata,kabili ni doctor ku Vet ku Kalomo.

  17. Continued from #18: would be the first ones to sing a song of exit to Hon. Ben Kapita. And you hopeless chap #15 Joze, What are you talking about. Have you just come back from smoking daga? Let me tell you that marketing has its own rules to follow. If politics will come into the game, FRA will go under. FRA can buy the maize now and if it rots,where will they get the money to do the replacement? His excellency with due respect used that as a campaign strategy which should not be taken seriously as a measure to implement without consultation from specialists and without proper analysis. Do you get it young man #12 Chitapankwa and you #16 Ka Joze?

  18. #14 Ba Khataboy, We will have to agree to disagree. Zambian embassies oversees are stuffed full of MMD cadres. Most African embassies around the world are struggling to pay their rents and other running costs. I doubt that Zambia is an exception. The best anyone can do at these ministries is to bring costs under control. The country only needs a few key embassies around the world. I wont bore you any more – I notice you are still contemptuous of me because you suspect I am an alien and, reading between the lines, you regard me as uneducated and uninformed. If you had your way you would censor the forum and get rid of comments you don’t like.

  19. Some of these sick chaps like ka #15 Ka Jose – he is one of these misplaced bemba chaps… better at Soweto as call boys…or need some mental re-balancing. Dont waste other peoples time reading your senseless blogs and ideas which can only emanate from a retarded reasoning capabilty. Go to school first and get some tools for analysis……naleka

  20. #20 Nkhataboy. I agree with a lot of what you have said about Levy here. He is obviously politicking and he should be ignored. The problem here is that Levy always makes statements that seem to attack the people he himself has appointed. It shows the whole government in bad light – like they are a bunch of incompetents. You express valid points in #18 and #20, but you also exhibit that village mentality which says ‘I know best and no one should be allowed an opinion’. You also sound like a spokesman for Ben Kapita. No one is beyond reproach.

  21. #22 Chipata boy. What have got against bemba people? Can we not have a discussion without resorting to name calling, tribalism and other forms of prejudices.

  22. #21, Chitapankwa,
    I mean not to say you are an uneducated. I thought earlier own you indicated that this forum is meant to assit each other where one is short off. It is not only embassies that we are talking about here. What of bilateral and multilateral organisations. Above all as a country we have tried to maintain a limited number of foreign offices. Reducing further might have an implication on the country. If you went to Passport office in Lusaka, you will find a chart showing the countries where we have links through ministry of Foreign Affairs. The number is limited. I realise the importance of your point of stream lining but which country or countries do you think we have to close the offices? Practical question which needs a practical answer. Not just speculating like a rapid dog. Which embassies are stffed with MMD cadres? Give an example do not just dream. I still stand to say MFA is a very vital instituion and therefore needs a Minister that is out going and hard working.

  23. #25 Nkhataboy. Again, I agree that you need hard working ministers in all ministries. But you started by stating that Mundia Sikatana did not know how to interprete policy (a polite way of saying he was incompetent). How then can you say he is fine at MFA if this was such a critical ministry? Of course all ministries are important and no incompetent people should be moved elsewhere when they have failed in one ministry. However, it is also true that some ministries are more important than others. If the ministry of Food and Agriculture allowed contaminated food to be circulated in the country, thousands would be affected. Similarly if the ministry of Health allowed contaminated medicines to slip through the net, thousands would be affected. However, the president can afford to park his less comptetent friends at less important ministries.

  24. #26, Chtapankwa,
    I salute you for I have realised that you have emptied your basket and particulary that you are now agreeing with my sentiments upon failing to answer two practical questions.

  25. #27 Nkhataboy. You sound like one of those people who have to be right all the time. I don’t wish to waste my time on someone whose other comment is derogatory. You sound like an MMD spokes person. Have a good day.

  26. #22 chipata boy, rats + mice = mbeba. Stupid *****, the answer is plague. thats why chipata boy is mad and wants to use a bloom to go Lusaka or hyena. iwe chipata boy wambala te? ulesoma inshi? i think you are studying ama chromosomes ya patila shabakonswe te? put pola panshi and dont behave like gk ingulube.

  27. Sometimes I can’t help thinking am a genius. Or is it because there are so many people whose thinking is below par in Zambia that makes some of us look geniuses.

    Honestly why should levy choose to politick over a small issue like this one as insinuated by some quarters on this blog. Let us be consistent with our arguments. Lets not argue for sake of it. Lets not get emotional over things that need to be dealt with calmness.

    Lets learn from our friends the Britons and Americans who agree on a number of issues despite their political affiliations.

    Being in the opposition does not mean opposing everything even good acts from the people in power.

    What Levy has done is to simply use his power in a positive way to try to speed the process of buying maize up. Honestly is there anything wrong with that? The trouble with most Zambians is we are very frustrated because of a number of problems we are experiencing so we tend to vent our anger at every slight opportunity that presents.

  28. 30#
    Genius is 99% perspiration and 01% inspiration.
    If you can,t deduce that Levy is politicking then I don’t know if you even qualify to have common sense.

    Levy was speaking at a political rally in Petauke while campeigning at a bye election.

    Levy is a farmer he knows that maize is normally purchased by end of June to August due to moisture content in the grain. As a farmer he has been selling maize for years and knows this fact.

    What a genius…….

  29. Guys calm down please, there is nothing to start wasting our time on to debate so much. We all know that LPM did not mean to say what he said on FRA. If he did, I would not be surprised because you see the man does not understand how agriculture is suppose to be taken as a business. FRA is run by professionals and there is no way they should start acting on orders from politicians who want votes and throw away their professionalism. The same LPM will send the ACC to FRA should things go wrong as a result of doing things in confusion. There are procedures to follow, technical aspects such moisture content thresholds etc need to be correct. Infrastructure and logistics needs to be prepared etc. In short things have to be done accordingly not just because there is an election. It amounts to cheating. FRA should simply be a buyer of the last resort to avoid market distortions.

  30. Nkataboy mwaice after nakucita applaud now you ahve started behaving like HK.Ben Kapita mwaice has let us the peasant farmer down,the commercial farmers dont grow stapple food.Ben Kapita and Co had actuals last year and they should have forecasted what the likely picture is likely to be this season and make financial provision for the purchase of the crop,using last year floor price plus reasonable % to carter for inflation and rise of inputs inorder to arrive at the accptable floor price.Bushe iwe mwaiche NKataboy us kaponyas have more knowledge than your idol Ben Kapita.The best levy can do is fire Ben, he is still living in the past.At ZNFU he was working with powerful knowledgeable persons that is how he was seen to be intelligent now he is in a ministry where 80% are pen pushers what do you expect?His ineptitude is being exposed at a much more faster pace.That is why BaJoze is telling you not to speak from memory recall.Be jecked up mwaice, this world is dynamic and people must be

  31. #33, Iwe Chikuku chimufana, What is wrong with you? Whether you applauded me or not I do not care. I follow issues of substances. If your material is not of quality I will tend to differ. Whether you invited me for a meal or not I will toss you down if what you are contributing is of low standard. To tell you the truth, we have officers who are qualified at FRA. Above all, the Board Chairman himself, Mr. A. Chilala is a seasoned farmer. Dr. Mwanaumo the Director General of FRA is a very qualified Agriculturist. That instituion FRA by law exists as a legal entity. It does not directly fall under MACO like any other department under MACO though MACO has a say at Ministerial level. I am not an ardent of Hon. Ben Kapita. All I am saying is that the President was politicking and what he said should not be taken seriously as there are technical mattaers which need to be addressed b4 commencing to buy maize. An investment of 2.5 billion kwacha is very massive and not a joke as you think.

  32. #34, chi Ntakaboy, you need to sleep now. see, you are now operating in memory recall. Kanshi ndiwe fwiti, ok you work 6 to 6 per day. Give yourself a break. Ntakaboy ulifuntu sana. Be real and sensible like Kuku. Kuku derseves respect at all cost.

    I think Ben Kapita is your young brother te? What a mistake!!! ndiwe error ya pa blog.wake up mufana and see Zed at real angle not under your armpit. thats why you smell like pig.

  33. #34 Chi Joze,Hon.Ben Kapita is not my young brother.All I am saying is that procedure needs to be followed in terms of maize marketing.And in order to do so, there should be an in-put from subject matter specialists.As such, when Hon.Ben Kapita receives such orders, he does not act there and then. He passes them to spcialised personnel who advise accordingly.If it were things to do with kantemba, he would not comment there and then but rather pass that kind of an issue to people like Mr. kuku who are qulified in that area.Once that happens that is when a recommendation is drawn.Surely do I really need to sink so low to explain this simple logic to you mad person #34 Chi joze?I had alot of respect for you but I have just relised that you are a fool, that will never appreciate and differentiate sense from nonsense.If I semll like a pig, I wish to thank you for that insult.Otherwise, they say water follows a particular gradient. Like father like son in terms of insults. Out!

  34. Iwe Joze,why are you calling your patriots they smell like pig,dont you know Zambia is an animal farm,and pigs make up the population.Pigs multiply faster than any other animal.Respect your fellow patriots because it is Patriotic Front.You have still not yet accounted for the missing funds your misappropriated in Monze pa Tooters and you diverted funds to Dar,and you are behaving like this. i’ll talk to kuku so they can coup you mwitobo.
    LPM is complaining Patriotic Front are full of insults,are you a supporter of Ba Sata?
    And you NkataBoy, if Kapita knows what he is doing by exporting maize out of Zambia,why are people still relying on relief maize? Do you give bread to your neighbour when you have no breakfast?You only export excess,what storage facilities has Kapita put in place to avoid shortages?Joze has advise you to see things from the real angle and hope you do.

  35. Thank you #37-Kayata.The maize that is being sold to the three countries is not from the current expected harvest.It is from last year’s carry over stocks.On relief food, If it is coming from within Zambia why should you complain. The areas that were affected by floods, had to be rescued by the Office of the Vice Predient by supplying relief maize under the emergency programme. We never cried foul to seek assistance from external sources it was from our own reserves.It is a question of logic here. If Hon. Ben Kapita has arrived at that decision of exporting maize, it simply means that he is basing his argument from the preliminary crop forecasting data which was already done. The final crop forecast which everyone is talking about is done in order to ascertain almost actual figures. But that does not mean that as a Minister you can not make a decision. You need to be ahead of everyone. The maize is being exported in order to raise income.Otherwise the money isn’t enough 4 buying maize.

  36. #38 and #37, ma-guys forgive me plz, I was taken by chi gk bad comments otherwise good day ma-guys.

  37. #39,you are entirely welcome in your apology.They say realisation comes after making a mistake.And it is thru making mistakes that we learn.No grudge Ba Jose.You are a good man.This is a window for agreeing and disagreeing. #37, Kayata, I would not say that Hon.Kapita has put up any storage facilities to evade shortages.What he found on the ground last year when he was appointed Minister of MACO is whhat is stil there.But you should realise that we have enough hard standings and storage houses though all the silos are non functional at the moment in the country.The storage facilities we have currently are able to handle more than 1.4 million tonnes of maize as a requirement for the country per year.Because we can not keep maize in these storage facilities for a long period, the government has appealled to the government of China to assist in revitilising all the silos across the country.Once that is done, we will be sure of keeping maize over a longer period as a reserver.

  38. #37, Kayata, the goodness of the silos is that temperature and humidity is regulated inside. The structure is also designed in such a way that it is able to retard insects and pests. Temperature and humidity are major parameters that determine the period that the produce can be stored. Otherwise in the stroge houses where FRA is currently keeping maize, fumigation has to be done after every three months. Independent private companies which are specialised in this field are hired as it can not be done by every Jim and Jack. Fumigation is highly dangerous because of the toxicity nature of the chemicals employed. At the moment there are only 12 of such companies in the whole country that deal in this technology. And to hire them to fumigate all the warehouses in the nine provinces of the country is very expensive. That is the reason why you find a big discrepancy between the price of a bag of maize and a bag of mealie meal. Out

  39. #41 Nkhataboy,you are correct,now is the time for the govt to revitalise all silo’s in the country. We need to think ahead and planning of tommorrow.

  40. #Nkataboy mwaice, ucili umwaice with the management of the country.Have you had a look at the budget? You cant support the idea of exporting to earn money whilst other people distressed by natural causes are living on donor assistance, this is retrogressive,its like making one step forward and 23 backwards.Crop marketing is paramount and deserves the great care it deserves.You have expounded so much on Ben Kapita’s standing is he your boss?To me this chap has outlived his usefulness and not fit for purpose

  41. #43, Kuku, wel-come back from mukuseya. How are you? First and foremost, Hon. Ben Kapita is not my boss. In fact he should be related to you because you come from the same area there in Ndola. Matters to do with the budget, yes I know them very well. Over forty percent of the budget is from pledges from donors. K2.5 billion meant for maize purchases is part of that money. Not all of it is available. Hence the need to export the maize and raise income to pay the farmers once maize purchasing takes off. No farmer is willing to wait 4 months for the donor to fulfil the pledge in order to be paid. Farmers have a lot of pressing issues that need to be solved quickly.mind you they receive income only once per year. Secondly, one of our sources of revenue from second hand vehicles coming in thru DURBAN is going to reduce drastically because of the courrier service that South Africa has introduced. This is going to affect our budget in real terms. Mind you we are operating a cash budget. With

  42. Continued #43, Kuku- With only two items isolated as hindernces in achieving the planned activities in the budget, tell me where you think the money will come from? As for people living in distress while others normally is a fact that requires viewing the whole management aspect in a bigger picture way and not only maize. Otherwise we will be failing ourselves. Let me pause here and give you time to respond if you are not clear to these simple and straight forward points. Once more, wel-come back. I missed you. Ba Jose had started insulting but he has given an apology of high order which I have vehemently acknowledged.

  43. #45,Many thanks Nkataboy , twalisefya and now we have a new Chitimukulu,back to the drawing board,The budget has alot of lines with allocation but not all of them require that urgency,secondly we have been dealing with this problem far too long before you were born under Namboard,ZCF now we have FRA,it doesnt make sense that people running the show did not know that another season will be coming for them to make plans, this is what I would call at my Katemba, micro managing,effective planning and excution of duties are very important in any business,what are we seeing today is ineptitude of the higest order.Funds for such an excerice must commence atmost immediately harvesting so that you are not caught napping.Its just like planning for inputs where does the govt get money?There is alot of laxity in the way things are being done,Chilala yes is a seasoned farmer but the Minister is a politician and the two can be miles apart.So in my view Kapita has failed both in planning and

  44. effective resource management.I would not be shocked to learn that the money meant for maize buying is the one they are using in by elections because we have seen this many times.Kapita must have made a difference to the old malaise culture but like Kayata, said you can remove someone from the bush but cant remove the bush from the person.With effects of global warming rains can come in at anytime what happens there after? The crop becomes sub standard and who do you blame it will obviously be Kapita.
    Mwaice Nkataboy ,with your great intellect, Am staright way appoint you as my Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries plus Storage rehabilitation exercise.Well done , first inweko chibuku nawishiba Katata na Katubi yalitucita over,I will catch up with and Daka.Am has been a wonderful contributor what has gone wrong? I will certainly have a word with him to bring him to the fore.

  45. #28 Chitapankwa, #39 Ba Jose, #42 Kayata and #47 Kuku, I wish to thank you guys for your very profound remarks on this topic. It was a tough race. I have learnt quite alot from the discussion. I am not under mining other contributors as I also wish to acknowledge thier contributions. Please keep it up. I really enjoyed your comments which required detailed reasoning before contributing anything. No bad feelings, you are good people. Thank you and out.

  46. #48 Anonymous.
    Sorry gentlemen, I posted the item on the blog before I attached my name. It is me Nkhataboy expressing my gratitude to you. No any relationship with the other Anonymous who was undermining Mr. Kuku.

  47. #49 Nkhataboy,in German they say “Du bist willkommen” meaning You are welcome.
    But you are saying “Auf Wiedersehen”(German) meaning Goodbye,are you preparing for the harvest in Katete after it was declared “money-free” by Comrade Kuku or you are planning on how to catch those “animals” that have invaded your field? See,now why we need those silos,to avoid those “animals” which eat up our maize.
    Kapita has no regard for his fellow farmers or is it because he is a poultry farmer and just know how to count and catch chickens and eggs.

  48. #40 Nkata boy, I didnt appologise.I just say i have to forgive myself for you didnt see my valuable points coming from real angles from from armpit …remember that te? I want you do appologise to Mr Kuku now. You insulted him from head to toes te? Mufana repent now.

  49. #51 Ba Joze,bushe Vumba na Nyirenda epo bachili pa Chiwala Sec? I think “those madala” ni ma “torturer’s”.

  50. #50 Kayata, Ogenki desu ka. That is Japanes meaning How are you? Sayonara means goodbye. I am going to Chipata now to reduce the population of rats so that we can have a bumper harvest. C u when I come back. Kuku ensure that Ba joze behaves. It is a pity that he gets to blog after coming back from kwa senior compound. Relax ba joze there is alot more to come. it is too early.”Auf Wiedersehen” Goodbye in Germany.

  51. #53 Nkhataboy,Am very fine.
    Germans say “Deine Reise genieben,Kapital wie Ba Joze nicht veruntreuen” meaning “Enjoy your trip,do not misappropriate funds like Ba Joze”.
    Beware of Chipata Motel,remember what the Mongu Mayor has just said, they have disappeared or reduced in Mongu,they could be in Chipata or Lundazi on your way there or maybe they are at Tooters,Monze. Who knows.
    Actually when are you guys replacing that “One way” Bridge in Luangwa?

  52. #52 nyerenda is sick i think ni plague from rats and the other mundunyundundu ( meaning useless chap like gk) i dont know where he is.

    Nkataboy when are you coming back? take care and dont drink pombilo mufana yama dizzy sana. Any words for chi gk mufana? dont forget to come with medicine for gk plz.

    Kayata, next week nishi napula queque, manje you will be my care take with kuku te? plz kayas instal sanity pa lusakatimes te? show red cards to chaps like chi gk te?

  53. Its a pity that our president could give such a statement, that the people in Kapoche would not get relief food if they elected the opposition MPs’.
    How can a president start threatening people, he is forgetting that they are the ones who made him to be in state house. Just a few months ago he was sweating,pleading on knees for their votes, now that he is in power he has forgotten all that.THESE PËOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO THAT FOOD. RIGHT NOW THEY ARE STRUCK WITH POVERTY? AND THEY NEED HIS HELP NOT THREATS. THE RESULTS OF THE KAPOCHE BY ELECTIONS WOULD NOT BE A TRUE REFLECTION OF THE PEOPLE’S WILL.

  54. #55,Ba Joze,next week if you disappear,dont misappropriate the funds because naizanda pa zed,first kwa haye kwandu kwa bulozi meaning our village(lozi) has been attacked with the announcement of the mayor,it is not good news to hear.In Kalabo,it’s serious too,so mind pa Tooters or if you are going with the Tazara up north,mind pa Kasama,baleiba nangu train ilenda abali panse,pa Kasama bukabwalala bamambala.and mu train ubuchende nangu train ilenda ntabatina,iyo up north kwaliba braveness,no wonder the statistics are not declining, elo pa nakonde,mbeya na tunduma they pay customs in the form of “ngwila pamene apo” yakumbuyo. Take care

  55. #53 Nkhataboy,In Tumbuka they say “makora” or “muli wuli” anyway,Why is it that everytime you are making a trip you only go to Chipata? There are other places in Africa and Zambia too.Across Chipata,there is Lilongwe,Zomba & Blantyre and have some tobacco and fish.When there is Kuomboka,visit Mongu and see how Lozi’s dance and you’ll agree with the mayor why the women have disappeared and they all have been taken after the ceremony,but they’ll soon return cos bad habits die hard.Visit L/Stone and be proud of Zambia,let not other people tell you about your country,you only find whites at vic falls,blacks are only tour guides,make a change.ask Joze if you could travel with him to Dar and see how light those women are there despite the heat and move in a ship too,only a few shillings from Dar. You said French is only spoken in France,DRC they speak french too.You laugh at zambians abroad,rhodes,colombus,livingstone were not laughed at by their patriots when they left on those ships.

  56. ctd…..so Nkhataboy, in french they say “nous avons un ans” meaning “we are one”,in spanish they say “ser bueno y tomar cuidado” meaning “be good and take care”

Comments are closed.

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