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ACC arrests suspended Sichone

Headlines ACC arrests suspended Sichone

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested suspended Commissioner of Lands, Frighton Sichone.

According to a Press Statement released to Zambia News and Information Services –
ZANIS – by the ACC Public Relations Manager, Timothy Moono, the Joint Investigations
Team on the Ministry of Lands Inquiry has arrested Mr Sichone for Abuse of Authority
of Office.

Mr Sichone was arrested today, May 31, 2007 and charged with four counts of Abuse of
Authority of Office, contrary to section 37 (2) of the Anti-Corruption Commission
Act Number 42 of 1996.

Details of the first count are that on April 6 this year at Lusaka, Sichone did abuse the authority of his office by allocating property number LUS/35210, Mass Media on title number 49502 to Mizumbi farms limited, a company in which he is a co-director and majority shareholder without following procedure, thereby obtaining advantage.

On the second count, Sichone did abuse the authority of his office on April 21, 2006
at Lusaka by allocating property number LUS/35211, Mass Media on title number 50036 to Mizumbi Farms limited, a company in which he is co-director and majority
shareholder without following procedure, thereby obtaing advantage.

Particulars of the third count are that on January 20, 2006 at Lusaka, Sichone did
abuse authority of his office by allocating himself property number LUS/35178 Mass
Media on title number 57822 without following procedure.

Sichone has been released on police bond and will appear in court on June 1, this year.

Meanwhile, investigations into other cases involving Sichne and other officials at the Ministry of Lands have reached an advanced stage and some more arrests may be
effected soon.

The commission has so far restricted one hundred and fourteen (114) properties and
the process of ascertaining their value and how they were acquired is still continuing.

The Commission has also urged members of the public with information on the
malpractices at the Ministry of Lands to report to the ACC to help the team conclude
the investigations promptly.



  1. What a sad situation for my former neighbour at TP 4 Unza.

    Then he seemed a very reasonable and humble guy but that is what happens when you give success to stupid people.

  2. What a sad situation for my former neighbour at TP 4 Unza.

    Then he seemed a very reasonable and humble guy but that is what happens when you give success to stupid people.

    Hope he survives this but I sure he will. What with the current levels of corruption.

  3. Is anyone real?or are these people working for themselfs,this country is not working because of these hungry people.No doubt this will be another court case that will mount to nothing.Where would we all be if we didnt “OIL” I no am guilty but its the way this country works if your ever going to get anything done.Be it land etc etc.

  4. Why is there so much corruption in our country?
    We have had allegations starting from the former head of state to civil servants.It seems this is the worst time in the history of our nation.The trend can and must be reversed for the future of our children.
    I think and suggest that it is time to call for a national summit and come out with solutions to combat uncontrollable corruption in our nation.
    Our grand fathers and parents resolved, and sacrifised alot for us to be independent. I think we need to sacrifise too by working hard and earning wealth honestly. Alot of countries were much poor that Zambia at the time of independence, but now are very wealth because of due deligence and accountability.

  5. ..Why all the complaints…when LPM tries to root these greedy swines out..everybody is against him!!!!Well done Levy…bring them all down!!!!

  6. They should just arrest everyone at Lands starting from a sweeper to the Minister himself. The whole system is rotten. I have been trekking to that Ministry from as far back as 1997 covering a distance of 600km one way to obtain a title deed to my house but to no avail. I have lost money trying to buy favours but again to no avail. I am hurt and I think ACC is just playing around. Arrest everyone there. Starting from a sweeper to the highest authority, everyone has not less than two plots and in very expensive areas for that matter. This is when they are arresting Sichone. Too late heroes. Where were you all that time when we have been crying foul. Even if you concluded your investigations and further arrests were to be made, are you going to seize the buildings and un-developed plots were were aquired dubiously? It makes me bleed blood. What a government?

  7. Two in the the bag in 3 weeks from the same ministry. More to come. Not bad.

    A plot in the Mass Media area goes for more than K80m….thus in January and April last year Sichone potentially made K160m just by wearing ‘Commissionaer of Lands’ tag. From all that GRZ probably got only K6m in transfer fees (assuming the man even paid them). Now let’s see….that a profit of 2566%. A Guiness world record!!!!!

    There’s no justification for this. LPM hit them hard. Even if it means arresting everybody at MoL, so be it.

  8. Two in the the bag in 3 weeks from the same ministry. More to come. Not bad.

    A plot in the Mass Media area goes for more than K80m….thus in January and April last year Sichone potentially made K160m just by wearing ‘Commissionaer of Lands’ tag. From all that GRZ probably got only K6m in transfer fees (assuming the man even paid them). Now let’s see….thats a profit of 2566%. A Guiness world record!!!!!

    There’s no justification for this. LPM hit them hard. Even if it means arresting everybody at MoL, so be it.

  9. Greedy Greedy Greedy, was at work at MOL, how can one person get so many plots at the same area. It is greedy at its best. Nyirongo girl should be arrested for giving herself, husband and her many children plots, when most zambians dont have any. Muwelewele should also be investigated for grabbing UNZA plot when he was VP and how he got so much land for himself at Teka farm. Is that not abuse of office, corruption and greedy on the part Muwelewele. Come 2011 immunity out for you and ACC on u.

  10. I hope this won’t infuriate ‘President’ Sata even more. Another northerner at the hands of LPM’s anti-corruption drive! He should be consoled though to know that Wiseman Banda (Lands Valuation and Estates Officer), an Easterner, from the same ministry, graced this blog 3 wks ago.

    Watch the space, many more will follow.

    It’ll be interesting to see which province (by origin) will be leading at the end of it all. Perhaps this will help govt to sensitise people better by understanding why certain people are more akin to corruption than others even when they do not hail from the poorest provinces of Zambia. Will it be a question of ones genes and early socialisation in those communities?

  11. #7, Nkhataboy mwaice this excercise must be rewound far back as 1987 and all culprits be brought to book? Each province has a provincial lands resgistry you should not have been trekking all the way to Apostle Glady Nyirongo’s den but because the whole govt system is rotten no body paid attention to it because they the rulers that be were also beneficiaries of the same corrupt practices.Levy must expalin his UNZA land plot and many more characters so the tubena Sichone just capitalised on the manna.shaming and naming is the way to cubbing corruption Am sure Maureem Muwelewele wont escape the drag net.

  12. Kayata, ACC is using the law, not instructions from anybody. It investigates, and when there is sufficeint evidence, arrest and takes to court so that the court decides if one is guilty or innocent. Rember also that the commissioner is still innocent untill proven guilty BY THE COURT, not by ACC or any high office.

  13. I wonder why people who get a monthly salary has become so corrupted. Maybe there is need to punish those who are in office for being corrupt. The law should be extended to those who are giving the bribe. I dont understand why people in offices put at risk the jobs which are meant t feed their families. In 1997 I went to pay for our farm land for a lease of 99 years I was shocked that everyone was asking for money. I couldnt believe it. Anyway I refused to be corrupted in any form. I was termed selfish. But Iam happy for doing the right thing refusing corruption. When I asked of a staffs why all these everyone is asking for money. This boy was my junior at secondary andh he was working the Database department at the Ministry of lands. He told me if the president (Mr. Chibula) can declare if there is hunger there is no way corruption can be stopped. I was disgusted because I could believe this coming from my beloved country Zambia. Please stop corrupted.

  14. #13,Iwe Jean, kayata is right, what have they been doing all along ?It took levy to call the place ‘a stinking den’ that is when Nixon and his cohorts came out of abyss without clothes to go and champion what they have never heard of ,I would not be surprised if these chaps are not mentioned in the report because Zambia’s governance is on the blink of collapse no one seems to know what they are doing, the president is now the investigator general at Esco blowing offside ZDA, doesnot this man got other things to do? Iwe Jean give me his job description because its like all the presidential he finished them in 2005 now he has aquired some job enlargement or is it job enrichment? ACC is a hopeless unit,there is so much to be done , may be Annie Chifungulo should head both units

  15. I agee with Jean.There is no way ACC can arrest without concluding its investigations. They have to make sure they have sufficient evidence to bring the offenders to book. WELL DONE ACC

  16. Kuku dont start talking about things you have no idea how they work, and dont insult people. What do you mean ACC is a hopeless unit. You should understand things before making nasty comment.

  17. #16 sisi, and #17 Jean, it is a pity that you can not see beyond the horizon.Aparently, that is where some of us start seeing from going beyond.ACC of course has to act when it concludes the investigations.As much as we appreciate your contribution, our concern is that it takes a very long time.If you have done methods of surveying you will learn among the disadvantages that the sample you stared with might not be the same at the end because some people will have moved to other places while others have died etc.So if you were 4 instance looking at fattening of individuals and you find that over 70% of the people you started with are not there and that is in the fifth year of yuor survey, will you say your survey was effective? If no, then ACC is not effective too.Let us disband it and find an institution that can deal with these issues promptly and with accuracy.We don’t condon laziness which is being perpetuated by the 2 of you.Let us fund the CID wing and results will be shown.

  18. #17 even if, we dont know how they work, but as the public, we have notice that they have being inactive for some time, especial where this ministry (MOL) is concern,yes I agree with kuku the ACC has being hopeless, because pipo have been complaint about corrupt practices and abuses at MOL for a long time, nobody took notice or action. It took Muwelewele’s voice (after he has abused the department by grabbing unza land)for them to start investigating the minstry. ACC have been sleeping or may be have being receiving kicks back from MOL officers.

  19. #17 Jean, Your comment sounds like you work for ACC and your intention is to intimidate #15 Kuku.I am sorry that hopeless is not an insult but a word that implies bleak.If one says I have no hope in you that implies you are not credible enough.Implying you are not competent enough to assist that person in that area.That is how I literary take it.I therefore’d like to urge #15 to express his opinion in this democratic country where intimidation is regarded to be the last existing thing in the peripherals.Abashi intimidation.Viva right thinking.Alota continua Kuku.Formation of these other instituions has been affecting the national budget -vely for no apparent reason. Results can’t be seen. If we strengthened our CID section I think all we are talking about would be of the past. I know tha the 2 ladies above are afraid of losing employment but of course you are doing nothing.It will take another 6 years to have somebody like Sichone arrested But talk about small scale farmers, everyday.

  20. I hope schone does not savive this as hoped by #2. Zambia is creating its own style of life moulded by its leaders it chooses.As selfish as it is,we live according to the river style of flow.When it hits a hard surface it diverts,hence corruption is a spiritual thing as well.Schone,what standards have you placed in your life to which pipo would remember you from? All zambia`s leaders lack laedership style of legacy.I say again;i hope you dont survive this, you must reap what you have been sowing unlike what your #2 FRIEND OF TP 4 UNZA hopes.

  21. #17 and 18 I understand your concern that it takes a long time foe cases to be concluded. There could be alot of factors leading to this,such as complexity of cases, manpower, logistics etc, and I doubt if laziness is part of it. The other thing is the fact that it had never been in the media that ACC was investigating MOL does not necessarilly mean they were not. I actually would not encourage publicity of investigations before they are concluded because evidence might be tempered with. I stronly think ACC is doing a very good job in as far as fighting corruption is concerened. Its a very small institution compared to what they need to handle, as I think their perfornmace so far is good.

  22. #20 my comments could sound like I work for ACC, am actually not even in Zambia, but I understand very well how systems in zambia work. I am not trying to intimidate anyone, am just expressing my opinion, which am very much entiled to. Every body is free to express their opinion. The only thing you should bear in mind is that it is also important to have a good understanding of issues before you express your opinion. What I meant my insult was this comment by Kuku :
    when Nixon and his cohorts came out of abyss without clothes to go and champion what they have never heard of ,…. I thought this was a very childish way of expressing dissapontment.

  23. I have been keenly following the views displayed especially against the ACC. I think most of the negative comments are beseless, they lack
    substance. The problem with most Zambians is that we love our voices to be heard even when we do not have any “VOICE”. In other words am tring to say most of us ignorantly contribute to national issues even when we are not well versed in that particular issue. ACC is an independent institution and operates on laws and not directives. You cant arrest someone because you have received directives to do so but because you have the evidence. The courts are also independent institutions who act on EVIDENCE and not instructions.so kayata and Kuku please learn to have facts before exposing your ignorance.

  24. There was a perception that LPM was shielding Sichone. If that was true, i wonder what has changed between these two fellows.

  25. #20 Its funny that one could talk about strngthening CID section in order to improve the fight against corruption. If you know the history of ACC you would have realise that ACC came up because corruption could not be fought by the police. The other thing you should also know is that cases such as sichone’s are not an everyday happening, that they should be compared to small scale/petty corruption such as traffic police. Its just common sense, such offices are very few and most if not all are difficult to invesigate because the pipo involved are very smart with all the lawyers to tell them the tricks of not being cought, so you cant compare their frequency to that of small cases which are happening everyday.

  26. #18 and 20, are you seriously talking about letting the criminal investigations department (CID) of the police to deal with corruption? I wish you had read the government baseline survey (government document) This talks about the Police being among the top 8 corrupt institutions in Zambia. How do you let a corrupt institution deal with corruption? At least the ACC still has integrity in as far as corruption in concerned. Maybe what they need is to be strengthened. ACC is one of the institutions were finding a corrupt officer is alomst impossible.

  27. May i join in by sayin that we really need to understand how ACC operates before we start judging them or passing baseless coments.From the knowledge that i have on corruption, i tend to believe that it is a complex crime which require concrete evidence to send someone to book.Lets not forget also that its a white collar crime which is mostly commited by intellectuals who destroy any evidence pointing to them. I dont think the Acc would have all the evidence needed and still wait for the so called “instructions” b4 arresting someone.Imagin what would happen if they rushd into arresting before having concrete evidence, for statars people’s images would be damaged and the Government would lose alot of money through lawsuits.

  28. #24 Jean, Thank you very much for making it clear to me over the qoute on Kuku’s remark.However, I still feel ACC regardless of the reasons you have given, is extremely slow in executing.It only makes sense if you were one of the complainants.But if you are one of the jurys seeing it from afar, all is rosy and ACC is very effective.How on earth is it that ACC is very effective in bringing pet chaps to book but very ineffective on the real muscles?How many times have we complined about MoL?At the time ACC was being formed, these complaints were already there.Officers have come to work at MoL and have stolen but only to be fired and go loose with the items. 2 or 3 yrs later another group comes and goes loose with items like that. Items referred to here are houses and plots in executive places. Sichone is unlucky otherwise he was also going to go with the items and another one was going to come and go. What is this? Is it a game of Kalambe? ACC, please pull up your socks and act.

  29. You people You never seem to learn or understand anything. Zambians need to be ashamed of themselves for their idiocy in the way they chose their leaders. Chiluba is the man at the center of making corruption-one of the things to do. This is evident in the way people started behaving when they started talking openly and boasting about their illegal deals. Corrpution and theft was openly celebrated and to an extent upheld in some areas. eg, Mwata Kazembe, Chief Puta who openly supported such vices as long as someone is their subject against the rest. So Zambians, Chiluba was stealing aginst others on behalf of his cronies according to his way of thinking which was abminable and anti One Zambia One nation. Tuleteka was a really bad bad idiocy of this Kafupi… To victimize the Northerners he even coined the term Mbala Mafias when they tried to expose him… What do you think happened to Penza, Mungomba, Now Mbita. he even had to change name. The story goes on!!

  30. Just to add a voice to comments on the ACC. People need to know that ACC is a public institution whose dooors are open to all. If they feel they know some one or rather suspects that spme one is corrupt, they need to take that information to the ACC. ACC officers amy at times not know what people know. And people need also to bear in mind the fact that to convict some one for corruption you need to prove in the courts of law that that some one raelly commited an offence. This requires witnesses who of course members of the public. ACC is a necessary instituion in Zambia though it can stil do more than it is doing currently.

  31. Most of you chaps don’t know what you are talking about. infact most of you may even be involved in corrupt practices at some level and today you want to come out like you championing the fight against corruption.

  32. Mutolilo’
    how come you sound vicious.am sure you are a also corrupt.this is a serios issue we are talking abt.we need serios contributions.

  33. #30 Nkhataboy, I understand your concern about pipo stealing and getting away with it. The problem is very complex, ACC may not be very efficient, but there are other issues, such as the law which makes it difficult for the culprits to go behind bars. White colar crime, such as corruption is very difficult to handle, and if the law is also not suffiencient, the crimials, who are already smart will take advantage of it and never get caught.

  34. I am extremely hapi wit the current fight agaist corruption, even our corporating partners can attest to this. Corruption has never been foght so vigorously like this in tha history of Zambia. I was reading today’s Times of Zambia, the ACC has taken the fight to the Institutions thru what they have called Integrity Committees. These committees have yielded good results in Tanzania were i worked for the last ten years up to 2006. ACC keep up the spirit, old as we are, we will give you the support. It is also good to note Plot One’s commitment to the cause.

  35. #32 mpeza ali nikelanka uwasupa bad and his death had nothing to do ba FTJ abakaele te? bane plz give respect kubafyashi bonse.
    Blog master plz dont bring anything pali ba FTJ, ala umusalula wacilamo kumimbulu like chi HK and gk

  36. Lets talk abt how best to strenghthen the ACC so that they can bring the criminals to book.e.g do they have all the resources they need to fight this vice

  37. I want also appaer to the ACC to bring on board clergymen in the fight against corruption becoz corruption is a moral issue.Clergymen need to spend time in church to talk about crome particulaly corruption. People need to be morally upright. It is sad that most of the people before the court on corruption charges “christains”. Christains they way i know them are not corrupt. Clergymen please help save the little remaining from plunder!

  38. #25 Mubs, it is a pity you are calling other people ignorant when infact you are displaying the worst ineptitude in your analysis. The principle is, ACC should operate according to the law, but there is also this animal called Political Interference which politicians in power use against their foes. Law enforcement agencies world wide have been largely interfered with by leaders of the day. This has made their work ever more difficult. It is the reason why other people call the ACC incompetent to handle it’s own cases. What would you have to say about Katele, Mabenga, Sakeni etc.

  39. MUBS… Please give us a break. You sound so naive, When the whole land saga stated Apostle Gladys reported Sichone and the PS to the Task Force becuase she suspected something was amiss. The result, Gladys got fired. LPM said “I have fired Gladys for reporting the PS” to the task force. If the Minister can’t report any one to the ACC that means only the president can do that. And when a president reports you to ACC its not reporting any more it becomes a directive. It doesnt matter how hard LPM and his ACC,Task force works. for as long as Katele Mabenga etc are walking freely no one will take the fight seriously so far it has been selective and you only get a visit from ACC when you are not part of the inner circle. LPM has to explain how Teka Farms got electricity and who payed for the project, Where did he get the K200M+ he paid FRA in 2001. These are serious issues that so far guarantees LPM atleast a day in jail. Make no mistake ,he will pay back.

  40. Nkhataboy # 7, is corrupt. He confessed he paid workers at Lands. Is there a way of reporting him? If some of you work for ACC, please find ways of tracking him….

  41. #24 Jean, You indicated that you were not in Zambia, May I please know the place you are communicating from? I need people who I can be exchanging views on the blog consistently unlike people like Long Joe who if he sends in one comment today then you have to wait for him to send another two days later.

  42. #45 Anonymous, am out side Zambia, you will definately be seeing me here, during weekdays, on topics that interest me offcourse….for today, this is the last one….

  43. #45 Anonymous, am out side Zambia, you will definately be seeing me here, during weekdays, on topics that interest me offcourse….for today, this is the last one….hope to be seeing you here often too…….

  44. Lusaka Don… Please change you name to “Lusaka Stupid” or “Lusaka Dumb” Or even “Lusaka Kaponya” Do even read what you are writting in this blog. Where have you been? We are talking about The fight against corruption in Zambia and Tanzania. In Tanzania the fight may not be selective like in Zambia, but we dont know that for sure. because we dont have the info and quite frankly we dont care. What we care about is the genuine fight against corruption where all men are treated equal before the law. All men should treated as innocent util proved guity. We have people at Lands being arrested yet Katele and magenga are right now enjoying tax payers money. That is not fair. So open your eyes and be real of stop displaying you stupidity in this blog.

  45. It si good that the ACC is working and now it is a court issue.Mr Nixon Banda Director General ACC,the zambia amateur athletics association executive committee led by Elias Adultery Mpondela was divssolved by the national sports council of zambia
    on allegations of having so many accounts and pocking
    the Inter company money by Elis for the pass 7 years. Sport PS also on behalf of the ministry agreed with this councils position.This abuse of office by Mpondela
    . Can you please get all the paper work from the ministry of sports and the national sports council and arrest this chaps here at ZAAA. Just this week he was telling as that the Inter company money is finished.He is the only one who sign on this account. It is not our association account.ACC arrest the man. You doing good at the ministry of lands,just do the same to zaaa.

  46. #44 Hey,I think you will never learn.I refer you to #13 Jean, #16 sisi. what evidence is there to prove that I paid those guys? Can you imagine how off target you are? On a serious note, I wish to inform you that it is painful. If at all you have been to MoL before, you would agree with. But from the look of things, you appear to be like somebody under the custody of someone with no major projects of your own which you are doing. For those that have been involved in major projects would agree with me about the way things are handled at MoL. People are forced to buy this one and that other one lunch in order to see that your papers are processed. Report the matter to ACC that I bought food for this one and that one for my title to be out. It will take 6 yeras b4 the issue is executed. I am of the view that you leave me alone. Don’t take me into temptation. Thank you for your careless suggestion. No one sensible can waste their precious time to folow up this. Pipo are busy building now..

  47. It is like you know every thing going at that place.
    But remember that chmbokaila is open not only to the poor,like Kalele and Stata one time said.To go to chimbokaila this uder Ba Mwanawansa SC is 99% and not
    to there it is 1%, so be carefull with what you write.

  48. #27 Kangwa and #28 Kenny, To begin with Kangwa, I am not referring to petty issues like road blocks. I am talking about small scale farmers whose livelihoods depend on what they grow. In addition Kenny, strengthening of an institution implies a lot. Capacity has to be built which is upgrading of human resource, funds have to be made available (salaries to be competitive), officers have to be motorized etc. With that background in mind, the internal and external corruption within the institution will be lessened. But now look, the police are the least paid officers among the civil servants in Zambia. Make a comparison of salaries between ACC and Police. You will realise why ACC’s corruption is not yet very high to warrant publicity. Otherwise the police are corrupt due to unnecessary poverty they are subjected too.

  49. #46, ok mr nkhataboy, we could have started off on the wrong foot, my apologe, am online 24\7,i just get cut off when some comments are in local languages, i will not tell what tribe am, it tkes me time to read like what kuku said about me, So said , why can`t the ACC or the state make first the workers at MoL TO declare the land each ahve and the council works,will be surprised to see how much land they give themselves and family, you find that some land are given in the names of their children as young as 18years old,they is enough land for all able zambian, but selfish has taken control, TO ACC make the them soft,if possible arrest everybody,chimbokaila can still take in standing prisoners,

  50. #52 MY, There you are again. Please I do not want to be associated with cowards. I consider that to be some form of intimidation. Zambia is a democratic nation. It allows therefore that one can contribute to the topic as much as one can without fear as long as one’s contributions do not interfere with state security.So what do you expect me to do. Stay numb like I was never cultured and schooled. Chimbokaila is yours if you steal and insult authority. I fight for my successes. Ask Kuku he will tell you that I warned him at one time about over sleeping.That is how hard working I am and not just talking from without.

  51. Jean#17 and your aide dehench sis what is wrong with you?Stop interpreting the sentences I wrote about Nixon and cohorts in your mother language becoz obviously in your mother tongue they will tell you that someone is insulting and yet not, you cannot choose for me which expressions mean evil or good,my words meant to express the disugust ACC has brought to our country.Are you by the way the wife to Nixon who is inept?Shame on you and Nixon, the truth is this man’s ineptitude is un imaginable, he has got guts to go to Katete to declare it corrupt free when people at RDA are busy stealing billions?What is his job by the way?To me this man is rendandunt and not fit for purpose.Recently PAC revealed glaring financial abuse where was your idol? Jean put the ball down, if you are from ACC copy what other agents are doing in that country you are ,I hope its not Tanzania.Tell your hench girl ‘sisi’ to say something reasonable not lyonse ati ‘I agree with Jean’she is very hopeless

  52. I really enjoy your contributions gentmen.There is no place like home. in Bemba we say ‘Akabundi kafushisha amabula kundo na kashila kambushi kasengula pokekele.’ I live abroad and I came back to my sweet home to do the right thing by trying to buy a plot so that I can invest in a property. Just behind RNDC plots were costing K30.000 (THIRTY THOUSAND)from the council but i bought the same plot K14,000,000 (FOURTEEN MILLION)in 2004.There are alot of pipo who genuinely want to invest in Zambia but land is expensive. In Kenya there are places which are meant for Kenyans and not foreigners like you and I. This doesnot mean being racist but to encourage pipo to develop their country.
    Land is the greatest asset we all want whether rich or not rich and this will be the best way.

  53. #46 long joe, you are well come.They say bad beginning makes good ending.No bad feelings at all.That said, I wish to turn to #44 hey.At one time we were made to queue at Lsk Civic Centre paying K300,000 to qualify for the interviews in relation to the land near Baobab school in Makeni.The issue was so hot that the council was made to pay us back our monies. MoL ruled that it was incharge of that land and that the council had no powers to dimarcate and distribute it to the interested general public.Why?Just because the same Nyirongo and others at that level were intersted in the same piece of land.Now where is Nyirongo.#44 hey mwaiche becareful.Do not make such asuggestion.Let ACC work on issues that matter.This is what I am saying that they prosecute inocent small scale farmers and leave the actuals.And there you are.You want them to prosecute me.Amano ububi.If I was near u I think u were going to be the first one in my whole life to receive a good slap never to be forgotten.

  54. #56 Kuku, I am also surprised with the cartel that is going on between #13 Jean, #16 sisi, #17 Jean, #22Jean and #23 sisi. There is no way that Jane talks like she works for ACC and meanwhile sisi is there to only back her up like a yes bwana officer.What is it you sisi that you agree with that Jane has contributed sensibly on this blog? Did she hire you so that her comments can stand to block us to talk about the inefficiency and ineffetiveness of ACC? Please refrain from such kind of blog. You can not even write a three sentence paragragh to justify why you are agreeing with Jane. I am disappointed with such kind of tricks.

  55. Nkataboy#59, this is childshiness, Jean=sisi, she is not sure of herself when she contributes ,she wants to block by writing in again as ‘sisi’ this Jean is just as hopeless as Nixon.And if she is from ACC it explains why ACC cant tick?It got alot of dead wood in its drawers which are just there to harass people who steal petty cash leaving out PSs who spent K23m on Xmas cards, what sort of a country is this?There are rules and laws that govern civil servants no one must be above the other, but Jean there she is not even able to speak sense, if you are on a govt scholarship its better that scholarship is given to BaJoze of Kayata people who can make use of it not yes’I agree with sisi’ to hell with your agreements.
    Mwaice Nkataboy nafulwa sana pantu we expect women to be intelligent but they are just behaving like Emily Sikazwe or Esther Nakawala

  56. #60 Kuku, I even find it difficult to believe that Jean sisi is out of the country. If she is,then she is a disappointing factor at all costs wherever she is. She almost convinced me to believe that your contribution was wrong and vague. Now that you have explained your side, my scope is open. Beacuse of that, I wish to withdral my remark on #30. If she feels you are wrong let her explain further in detail using one name. Not this time she is Jean the other time she is sisi. What is wrong with you young lady? Crookedness will never end. We are talking about corruption here through your instituion ACC and you are the first one again to start impersonation. You are the people that go out of the country with many IDs. I think you are having more than one pasport.One bearing the name of Jean and the other sisi.

  57. Northerner’s and Easterner’s and yours is poaition number 2 VP.Late Kapwewe number 2 VP,Kamanga number 2 VP Minyanda number 2 VP, Gen Tembo number 2 VP, Mumba number 2 VP, Mwape number 2 – VP and it is now RB – BA BANDA. So what more do you want. Kunda was from Malawi and Chiluba Dr Congo, no one from the north or east will go mto plot one.Now it is up to you other provinces to work as one and get to plot one.You the up coming members from other province do not worry about RB because it is in written that this two provinces will never go to our plot 1. Abe Teta and
    Mulongoti,Dr Chituwo this you time men.

  58. Nga umusomali wa fuma kwisa. I don’t think you know what everyone else is contributing to. Wachilala bushe. Awe, umusomali wandasa mwe

  59. #62 Musomali, have you just come back from Chongwe where you had gone for you beer? What is this you are writting on? Sleep for you are very drunk. You will be refusing tomorrow morning that you are not the one who blogged.

  60. #63 sisi,
    You are now talking. That is proper analysis. I have also been pierced by the same wire nail. He is very drunk. I can smell him through the blog window.He was drinking the whole day in Chongwe. That is the problem with these boys whose villages are around Lusaka. They do not choose when to drink beer and when not to.

  61. #62 Musomali, are you sure you are on the right blog. Looks like you need to sleep and wake up fresh enough to be at par with the rest of us. It goes to show how seriously this country is in need of educated people.

  62. #62 is sufferring from serious Dyslexia,amnesia,dimentia,dyspraxia or Attention Deficit Disorder so this man Mr ‘Nail’ deserves sympthay but again this is the time this blog is infested with satanists.Uyu umusumali ni satanist.You are rebuked in the name of Allah. Salamaleko.
    #61 Nkataboy in life you must be bold when correcting a wrong and I was advising your friend Mwala about these women, never trust a woman, FTJ is undergoing pain today because of the data he unleashed to Vera who sold it to Levy, Solomon was sold by Delila so mwaice Nkataboy becareful with these ‘Jean’ of the world they have become sophisticated, that is why now some are assassins in Lusaka. Pasopo.Iwe musomali chibuku ingayakololoka come back and write sensibly waba umutwe ubukulu.
    Naya mutamba England Vs Brazil ku Lubuto

  63. Musomali i think its late take a nup. You bringing in encrypted tribalism here but we can see what you are trying to bring in this intellectually charged blog. There is another blog called Kaponya one i think you will blend in there.

  64. #69 CK nawishiba icipingo inga walasankanya na Koran bwafya, wacita bwino nomba inshakalabe ‘Samson maka yamu cunsu’ namuli Koran mwaliba umo umntu kwati Samson, Am trying to see who pirated whose data?
    #68 SAGE please spare him he needs your blessings , there are people like that in society who are always behind(statemented children with learning difficulties) musumali is one of them and its not his choice, I was checking his family tree even his grand father was like that but fortunately his father is okay so this chap is taking after his grand father who died in kwekwe during the 2nd world war.
    Musumali you are forgiven come back and write sense.stop smoking dagga that is why you are always absent minded.I have asked the blog to spare you no one will make negative comments about you , you are welcome.

  65. #67 kuku, I have tried my best in life to be bold.As I indicated earlier on to you, I like associating myself with sense.This Jean sisi came in with alot of zeal pretending to be an angel with solutions to all our problems on the blog.Of course I had to agree with her.But it did not take me long to realise that she was a fake like Ukwa says.And now have you seen what she has done?Because she has realised that you are bemba she deliberately used very well constructed bemba sentences to denounce this drankard #62 musomali.Otherwise I am myself. As for Vera, the years in marriage they lived together with Chiluba were so long that it would be very difficult for one to hide one’s weakneses to someone one shares the bed with.Not even you Kuku would dare to hide your weakneses.Only someone who is abnormal can do that.The only bad thing is to take an advantage of someone’s weaknesses when the relationship is over and use them to burry that person alive by exposing all the weaknesses to others

  66. Twa unfwa ba Kuku. Uyu umwaiche Nkhataboy afuma kwi? He is making some sense, is he still in Zambia? May be kuti anchitilako organize plot yakwa LPM so that naba # 2 owner to the same plot, kaili efyo ivaya. Uwa kulapo bwangu ninshi emwine.

  67. #62 laughable, the bembas say ”ilyashi ushishibe litampula…….”. BA KUKU bakamba uyu mutulatula musumali wafumafye ku hujeni walasabaila, its your responsibility to counsel and initiate him propery.

  68. #Nkataboy mwaice iwe uli leader material not ba musomali na ba Jean they are just wasting govt money abroad which could have been used to put the platform at Soweto Market and Nakadoli Market.Continue with your principles and teach Dr HK and gk about good verbal reasoning , let them rewrite SP1&2.But mwaice pali data just be hard takuli ati ama years mucupo fyakale be sharp, Iam sure if it you already that farm you bought when you were in Hiroshima title is in her name ,come on things you are aquired alone are all yours full stop.Things she aquired alone are all hers , what you acquire together is both of you and the kids.But extra balance sheet items mwaice yobe weka pantu ingafyapwa ifyupo ukashala netoloshi limo kwati ni gk ingabwela ku zambia from USA.Mwaice ine that is why Iam a successful business man (Kantemba)type am very principled and believe in myself but very caring and helpful to the need not suckers

  69. #72, Ba SAGE uyu mwaice Nkhataboy he is very mature and he needs to take up politics the only problem he is not in Zambia, had he been I would have called him for Lunch but Ba SAGE I will make sure you link up you guys mulebwelako no kubwela kubulya uko Zambia naidiba bakaamba, but we need serious policies in poverty eradiction like what the Finish govt has done.my worry is Sakeni , I hope he wont find his way thru, he is a menace ku indalama.
    Nkataboy get in touch naba SAGE.Am trying to polish Musomali kuti ailasa eka, but I have just been told that he is still halucinating , when he wakes up I shall introduce him to blog manners-Brazil 0,UK 0

  70. #74 Kuku, I have noted the important issues from #74 blog. I am happy that tonight you have gone beyond 22.00 hours. Are you still at the Kantemba or muletubila kwa Senior compound? You are right, it is important to take a slightest self centerd attitude in marriage otherwise you can not only remain with one pair of trousers but to be greeted with sleeping on the floor as if you are in prison. And that is when ZRA will also come in and invade to the point where you end up being a destitute.

  71. #75 Kuku, How do you mean that I am not in zambia? I am on holiday here in the valley in Sinazongwe. I am now at Chipaila in Maamba enjoying myself as I am sending these blogs to you. Ba Sage, which part of bulaya is he? I might know because way back in the early 90s I worked there. Good lucky Ba Sage. Serve alot of euros. Its importance is noticed when the plan is about to terrace at Lsk or Ndola Int. Airport. That is when reality is seen. That side life is too cosmetic too mention. To little to worry about.

  72. Mwaice nomba kwaliba wireless, indi ku Lubuto ku internet cafe yandi so eko indetambila bola,not bakabwala aba ama land nalifilwa nokushita land ya genuine mu Lusaka katwishi ingaba fwaya inkafwile mu Ndola, inga cinshi elo ine to pay anybody for favours nalikana sana not even traffic police pantu I like paying for my sins so that the govt Treasury is sustained so that when I need medicine for my ring worms I just go to ndola central hospital not those over priced surgeries which inject you saline water and you pay K300pins cibi sana mwaice.Patriotism must be allover, school, hospital, fun(lubuto based) everything,so mwaice not ubulaya bukapwishe amano ukabe inga gk cibi sana.

  73. #78 Kuku, you seem to have done good investment in Ndola. GOD BLESS YOU. Keep it up. I agree with you it is not necessary to oil these people’s hands. Stick to your principles. Whatever you do to them, they never appreciate. No matter how much you pay them they take it as if they are doing you a favour not realising that it is you who is doing them a great favour. Because of that, I can not reverse my words to see the whole spectrum of MoL organogram be caged at Chimbokaila. Thereafter the government should reposes the property. At this point, even Kapijipanga should not be let to go escort free. She should also be investigated at all costs.

  74. Nkataboy bushe nabakushimisha line uko ku Maamba? Nomba nayamwikwisala aka temba ,UK 0 Brasil 0, tukamonana mailo,JEAN, Sisi no hard shoulders,musomali wake up and drink alot of water,stop imitating snoopy dog kanshi baice imwe kubulaya mwaya bushe nimukucita inshi?I wish I had such an opportune time pantu nefiincula 04-22hrs I would not have been going thru these agonies,risks pa musebo bakabolala abena Finton Sichone,GLady Nyirongo,civil servants ,you cant even enjoy life now you kids (Evelyn, musomali and that one)your parents take you to UK all you do is play with IPOds,ukesa la la muli ipod if you are playing, mind you nowadays people are marrying educated women, iwe with your yoyo english …..lobe olo pay particular attention to school if you are in scholl moreover abroad school is free not here at Simba we pay through our eyes? Shame on you all kids who cant take school seriously

  75. KUKU, there is corrupt free land you can acquire at Former Galaun Farms near the Airport and Chamba Valley. This guy swindled Zed land(Cheaply) long time and he is now selling legally. You can get a house plot for about K6million and a 1 Acre for 36million. Stop drolling, and get moving.

  76. #81 talk of the devil, HK efi kala abana bankashi meaning( this what brothers are supposed to live)God has answered my prayers please HK keep it up dont go back to that delusion.Give me the details either phone/email and will be on my way to Lusaka at 04 hrs.
    Well done HK

  77. #81 HK, you are right. That is an area where you Kuku can get good land and build a descent apartment and live happily. Particularly the plots near the Airport. Although almsot full but there is still room emanating from those that failed to pay and the plots are being repossesed. Look at it from a long term point of view. The airport will eventually be developed to include a shopping mal where even the hotel will be sited. As such there will be no need to come towards Lusaka city for business unless u want something special. Enterpreneurs like Kuku, have a chance of finding space within the shopping mall and start trading at a higher level. There is an opening for you Kuku. Go on and pay for the plot now to the agent whose offices are in Luska City Southern end and Northmead shopping Centre. Good idea HK. Keep on discovering.

  78. Please details Nkataboy,dont operate on memory recall, balikosoka BaJOZE.Iam very excited but I remember some one telling me to go to MEANWood is that the place?

  79. HK … You right on target. I, too blame the zambian people ( too docile). zambia needs to implement stiffer laws to deter corruption in public offices. our leaders are scared to implement such laws as they are the biggest theives. civil work hard and demand respect! our greedy leaders do not care about your welfare! fight for what you deserve! the moment you decide to keep quite on matters that pertain to your survivor is the moment you cease exist. speak out or kept quite and simply accept the consquences! rember everything has a price…! this is what we get for a poor judgement in the selection of leaders? we need to vote for individuals that understand true leadership. n

  80. #85 Tonga bull dont look for other to do it join politics yourself and prove yourself that you mean what you say,now if you are alwys looking for people where will you get them?Stop day dreaming and make yourself available for the next leadership, if Namulambe and Kazala participated why cant you Mr TONGA BULL? you are the future trees KK used to talk about,have you seen my cabinet?It will be one of the most prosperous Zambia has ver produced, no day dreamers like HH nothing , it will be men and women with the stamina to take Zambia where it belongs,not always talking about ESCO tenants when people in nabwalya have no roads, food ,water, diseases are mbwee, Chorela in Kanyama is perenial,wake up Tonga Bull(TB)

  81. I do not understand why some people would rather vote for sata…pa bwaato! in this era.. come on people! don’t you appreciate the leadership qualities in my man ( he doesn’t even know me)Muhabi Lungu. He is one principled guy, with the required experience and education. after levy who’s next… God help us? another man in high stilettos… God forbid!

  82. #84 Kuku, I am not joking because that is where I am doing some project as well. The Agent is Meanwood you are right. You can get them at southern end in the building where there was an office for the Unionised Civil Servants. The cost of plots ranges from K3.5 to K4M. And for the range of K7M to K8M you are talking of getting two plots that if they are side by side you can combine in terms of building so that the yard is at least reasonbly big. Meanwood will process all the necessary papers as soon as you pay them total cash. Using there own barrister, a tittle deed will be pursued and done for you on a silver plate. You then give them your plan if you want to start building which should be approved by their contractors. Wake up Kuku. What are you doing there?

  83. We donot celebrity leaders ,being fast talker doesnot always mean you will make a good leader, Gordon Brown my idol speaks less but acts a lot that what we need to see in our next leader? Not talking about monkies and maize,its rubbish,others becoming round in their collarless suits like its belt wrapped over a pumpkin, no, we need the madiba type leaders.Dont you know that ubwato can take any form, a bath tub, for example and can sink even on high ground? Shame Iwe TB waisa pa wrong time Am doing stock take will continue tomorrow

  84. 1.His real name is Jacob titus ‘Mpundu’ Kafupi. He stole the name FC for a Certificate.
    2. He stole K10,000.00 which KK warned us about and Chiluba does not dispute this
    3. He holds a Masters of Philosophy on Democracy, which his aids wrote, especially Doanld Chanda..he just had to read the paper and answer user friendly questions from glamour professor wanting a prsident to be one otheir alumni.
    4. his PHD was a hook and crooks confired by his fello demagogue from Malawai University of something like that
    5.He stole a Wife he currently hold to ransom
    6. We had to stop him from stealing our democracy
    Verdict :Chiluba is a thief.

  85. Umusumali, niwe kapenta ya shani? Chi marllet na chi kuti dlilnga that wafilwa ukwingila pachi bumba cha concrete? any zambian can take plot 1. remember also that intermarriages have mixed all zambians including indians , that why na ba mwenye balengila mu top grz okey.

  86. you right Kuku! if the late christopher chawiinga warrant officer class two, vera chiluba, manjata, willie nsanda, webby chipili have done it … why should i fail? i will challenge Request Mutanga for the kalomo seat or the current MP for mapatizya. Request is the weakest link as he lacks both (education and vision). do you still have room in your cabinet!

  87. #91 wafuma kwisa kanshi after scoring one point you are back to your usual self.
    #88 Nkataboy mwaice you went mute I was waiting for that data, well done,but a phone number will be idea, mwaice pa Zambia nomba pali napo online banking you dont need to be moving with cash kwati ni Tonga bull after he sells bulls he is always scared to bank the money thinking bembas will nub him.
    HK please for once be a good boy, look at the way we have been debating with Nkataboy, that is brilliant not ifiwatampa pa mid night.This man you hate is your father and deserves love.I will speak with Dr Garg so that you go back to conventional medicine pantu walapena mwaice HK
    Today Nkataboy I have scored a first Am online till 2

  88. Sorry i have not taken any beer and don’t stay in chongwe.Just tell which which president has come from
    the north or east. Dr Kaunda half from Malawi and Dr Chiluba half Dr Congo. We the lozi,tonga, kalubale,
    kaonde, lamba, soli,tokaleya,mbunda, kajokwe,tonga hila
    lenje and many more is plot 1 come 2011.You the east,north we give you VP 2 years 6month’s each and the send you Ku China like Mwape .China ni yanu bafana.

  89. #87 Tonga Bull, I am very disappointed with you that you have a zeal to make reference to Muhabi Lungu as your man. Now I hare a picture of kind of a man you are. That young man during Kaunda regime cruicified his colleagues at UNZA. He was a shushu who would report his fellow students who had progressive ideas. he would go and stay in the UNZASU demonstrations and immediately the information would be leaked to plot 1. And all what the students were intending to do KK was already aware.No sooner had he completed his studies than he was asorbed to be an Advisor to KK. That chap was a seller out so are you. Please spare me by not mentioning him again. With his experience of working with KK, he became adamant and thought he would go through the just ended elections. Where do you think he would get another job like the one he sacrificed at MFNP?

  90. Kuku… you are now on the same wave length! madiba… that is what I am talking about ( servant leadership). sacrifice and service! They say a good leader is one who indentifies and meets the legimate needs of his constituency….do any of our leaders meet this criteria… zero! … good day people!

  91. Tonga Bull. These are issues you need to consider before you stand and incude them in your SWOT analysis.

    1. The party you stand on
    2.The power of the incumbance in the regional safe seat.
    3.Would you be adopted to rpelace RM on a popular party in the region called UPND.

    The following applies:
    If you stand on PF in Kalomo, You will get close to Zero votes, almost equal to SATA
    IF you stand on MMD ticket, you will come a distant second.
    If you stand as an independent or any other fringe parties, You may not even get a chance to address a mass rally, though you may get sympathy votes.

    You are man..I am sure you can put up a plan to climb the above mountains and conquer.

  92. Nkhataboy… i must admit ! i have no respect for traitors! i thought he was a principled chap! then to hell with him. thanks for the information.

  93. In addition to the 114 land parcels restricted by ACC, a land audit should be done. Call it operation ‘who owns what’ . Start with Lusaka. Kapijimpanga, Nyirongo advised LPM that Lusaka is full; all the land has been allocated. There will be a lot of revelations in there. Time frame: 1990 to date. ACC be pro active for once.

  94. #97 HK, Where do you want to go? Stay on upto 2AM as Kuku is doing. Do not start what you can not complete. You are setting a bad precedence. We have great leaders around. But the only problem is fear. Once you start seeing things from the point where others stop seein just know that you will make it. Otherwise you are cheating yourself.

  95. For those wishing to stand for next 2011 Elections and want a chance to be MP regardless of being a Member of the winning Party. Feel free to consult this forum

  96. NkhataBoy..I am on leave, I am researching on some ARV’s and best approach for patients with diminished CD4, with poor nutrition and living conditions.

  97. I would prefer to stand as an independent as i would rather lose with diginity than associate myself with unprincipled people. my conscience would not allow me to stand along side with individuals that do not have the sincere desire to bring about the much needed change in our poor communities. i would rather donate my car loan money towards a community project in my area … if elected! that is the kind of man i truely am! i have a BA in community work and to me…humanity comes first. nothing is more fundalmental than the human element! i went to school to function as a change agent and that is what i intend to do!

  98. HK…. guess what ! we are in the same line of work! kaletra, sustiva, Atripla, epivor, combivir name it! i connect individuals without coverage to access these drugs!

  99. #100 MK(Windhoek), We know that you have served enough. Your advice is not well intended. You want to be the first beneficiary to access these plots. Well, Land audit is really paramount but accessibility should be given an order of priority to those who are in the country first. Those that are willing to stay on and suffer for mother Zambia until when the econmy will turn round. Not jumping on the band wagon when the plots will be advertised vacant for sell. Wherever you will conme from with a foreign number plate.

  100. #103 HK what is your CD4 count yourself dont leave yourself out, this what is causing your cephalophathy,and dont use TEtrasil by Dr Ngoma kabili mwalinganafye ukushumfwa.
    #98 you cant be a leader, just continue with your ARV’s, your analysis is paralysed as to mean anything.Its unfortunate that in Africa we have assumed to take up politics when you are over 40, our collegues in developed world take politics as early as they leave University and that is why there are where they today,not imwe ba HK nama CD4 ati you can be a politician you are a dreamer man,Let us reorient the approach to politics, we need education inorder to understand things, we need exposure in order to interpret and apply things, we need responsibility (leadership) these three things we will make you a beter politician not just eating ARVs and dreaming about regional states, nonsense HK, if you want to have regional sates let your federal govt become buyount with resources otherwise you will sleeping ARv’s,

  101. Kuku… have some decency! the man is merely expressing his opinion! don’t worry people that participate in these discussions aren’t that stupid….. bakaponya are not user friendly… nobody will take the regional states seriously? no offence!

  102. #103 HK and 104 Tonga Bull, I am sorry to deviate from you thinking. Let us continue to post comments in incognito. Have you seen #103 what Kuku has told you because of foolishly exposing yourself without realising the consequences. Trully, I think that you are a wrong man to discuss politics. We can not waste our resources to educate you for 7 years to get that degree in medicine and some extra years for professional training only to turn around and be a politician. You need to be on the operating table.Please serve us from an unnecessary deaths.And you #104, you go to Community and Social Welfare and articulate in assisting the orphans and the adged.We need your valuable experience there. Please get into the right shoes young men I now understnd why your arguments are not exhaustive to the point. I thought you did political science. Well, that is not what I did.

  103. #95 Musumali,
    After Kuku had stood on your side for us to forgive you, you are coming back from slumber with the same cofusion. Please sleep. If you mixed chibuku and chamba it takes two days before you get well. So what makes you think that you can rule when every sensible person who saw your rubbish you wrote at first sight they were condeming it. Scroll back and see how many pepole condemed your unbecoming and archaic ideas. Funny that even Jean sisi from ACC was equally furious that you pierced her with your bad remarks. So when you wake up reconsider yourself and post sense on the blog. Hopeless young man lacking mannaers.

  104. #105 Tonga bull I rekon you are a doctor or a nurse no wonder you are so shallow in articulating issues, where are you this time?Dont sit on the Pc leaving patients un attended to ,get up and finish your rounds that is why you are paid its not to browse the internet and get excited with LusakaTimes.com ati nafipwalala.I will tell Dr Lambart about your idle time, that is why you keep day dreaming ati mulima politicians yapa blog, get to work man,my corporation tax must be put to good use.

  105. Nkhataboy….. i do not need a political degree to talk politics. bill clinton was lawyer and yet he became the president of the USA. no wonder you voted pa bwaato….! That is the problem with democracy even foolish people such as yourself are allowed to participate…. calm down, and learn to tolerate other views…think all ways, always.

  106. #95,can you tell us what you really want to say? You can write in a language you feel comfortable with, it appears this thing is blocking your throat and your brain is starved of oxygen thereby depriving your brain with the required oxygen.
    You need serious resuscitation atleast.Dr.HK and Tonga Bull you have a patient online can you please help?Am told during early hours people have low metabolic rate may be musumali is about to expire, can you two Drs please intervene, Iam watching the blog

  107. #84 Kuku, When you get to Lusaka do not go and buy land behind Garden Motel along Mumbwa road. That land is illegaly being sold by MMD cadres. The guy in the fore front is Mr. Daka. Meanwhile that land belongs to certain individuals who have since taken the case to the court. The court has ruled in favour of the initial owners and not Mr Daka and his fellow MMD cadres. It is very bad in that alot of people have built big mansions in the same area. it appears the verdict is heading to demolition. I warn you. Be careful.

  108. I am simply waiting for my date to arrive. i have already put in day’s work ($21 per hour)do the math. i lead a simple life and I am happy with it. i respect the golden rule, ” do unto others as you would like others to do unto you”. excuse me if i have offended anyone. you win! are you happy now..for once do the right thing and make you father proud!

  109. Awe Nkataboy mwaice Iam going to MEANwood after you well analysed future regenration in the area am game with MEANwood, moreover I dont like that Lusaka West because of proximities with high density areas kuti banjipaya .Ku Airport kulifye bwino mune.Thanks for your warning.We must arrest this DAKa for cheating and defrauding innocent people like Tonga Bull.

  110. ooh Kuku !I did a double major ( public health and community work)at IUPU in indianapolis indiana. I am working on my MPH.

  111. #115 Iwe Tonga bull kanshi you are not in Zambia?Kanshi uliwandalama sana , give us some ($21*8=$168/day) by 20 days you are in money, but which part of America are you in? I want the USA constitution do you have any idea as to how I can get it? Its not there on ebay, amazon etc you have not offended anyone that is how politics go , its not soft for soft its hard for soft and vice versa, so be ready for that jargon each time you are deleberating

  112. Well done Tonga bull that is what I want to hear not people like Evelyn they go abroad all they start doing is listening to ipods, emulate Tonga bull, work hard my dear and get that MPH and come back as country cordinator on one of those donor funded projects from USA, that is what we want not just imitating TUPAK, smoking dagga like Musomali , sagging trousers,gang crime-knives abash, early teenager pregnacy abash, but education and exposure P1.

  113. #115 Tonga Bull, that amount is on a higher side. When I was working in Europe I was getting far less than that when you convert to euro per hour. What kind of work is this that is giving you such kind of money? You should count yourself very luck. I think you will soon be opening your own company. Keep it up.However, personal exalting on the blog is a sign of lacking sriousness. This blog is open to the 11 million + people of Zambia as a country population plus plus others from other countries through out the world. If all of them were to talk about themselves where would you rate yourself. Be careful with these open forms of media to limit telling out about what you are. You might find individuals who are netting $250+/hr. And when you see that you might end up suffering from un necesary pressures.

  114. #117 Tonga Bull,
    If you hear some body tell you that they are doing post doctoral degree or they have already done it as compred to where you are what will happen? Please that is your thing. keep it to your self otherwise you will start suffering from amnesia soon. All those achievements have been attained already by various individuals. People are now out to make money and not relying on that allowance of $21/day. Which when you remove food costs it comes to $10/day/ Grocerries and other expenses $5/day. Your wife and parents back here in Zambia $5/day . When coming back to Zambia, you haven’t even served a single ngwee. To make matters worse, If you are not in employment you even languish to the point of finding yourself at Chainama. keep your achievement to yourself and gradually you will see people recognising you. Do not push for recognition.

  115. Nkataboy go to Finish govt donates to Luapula, I have been hammered by my adviser, ala nalishama pa blog.
    Nkataboy spare this Tonga Bull am sure by now he is regreting for his discloures but he is only 21 what do you expect?
    Let us leave some energy for the morning ,my dearest rest well am off now

  116. The start off pay per hour for an LPN (ZEN) is $20-21 in indiana state, the rate for RN (registered nurse) is above $25. since you have access to the net ..check out lakeland hosiptal in michigan or Arnett clinic in indianapolis and do the math. Health care workers are even offered sign on bonuses! RN make money than people with BA or BS.

  117. My advice on land to all our chief’s ,is please don’t
    listen to any one coming to ask for land from you bonse
    nibakabwalala.They have to pay you consultation fees
    fees before seeing you.This should be between K200,000 and K1000,000 depending on the size of the land.For you subjects give them at K 10,000 the poor free.
    Land is the only business in the world now.

  118. #124 musomali, Good morning and well come back to reality. How old are you by the way? You do not give advice like that. Consultation fee for land should not only depend on the size. How big is that siz for K200,000. Is it from your village in Mungule to Lusaka City. Please indicate whether it is an acre or a hactare. What is wrong with you young man? Take a fresh shower and relax in bed the whole day as I will be waiting for your favourable contribution tommorrow.

  119. #123,Should I change my career to nursing?That sounds marvellous?Get me a Visa asap.
    #124 Mwaiche musomali what is really wrong with you?The figures you are quoting are they in dollars or Kwachas? Stop buying dagga from columbia the effects and after math are quite to strong for you.Let gk and HK continue on that one.Please musomali stop it.I rebuke it in the name of Jesus.Between 02 and 05 this is all that kept you awake?You need deliverance sure,we shall convene a prayer meeting online.
    Mwaice Nkataboy tell LusakaTimes.com to introduce religious corner the way they have done with ‘life style’musomali needs urgent help, things are not right in his oblangata

  120. # 106, Nkataboy ( or is it Nkataman, since you’re of majority age and not a minor?), don’t feel threatened by my proposal @ # 100. My intentions are honourable. You ‘ve posted a lot of stuff and are starting to contradict yourself. I see you skipped Zambia for Europe – comment # 120 but earlier on claimed you’ve lived in Zed all your life; through thick and thin, so you should be #1 contender for corruptly possessed repossessed plots. Which is which? A bit of hypocrisy perhaps!

    You also seem like a person who feels intimidated by other peoples earnings – see how you’ve dressed down Tonga Bull @ # 120 & 121. Is it necessary? Let Tonga Bull have his day on the blog. After all, a good proportion of those earnings find there way to Tongaland for cattle restocking, after that deadly foot & mouth devastation . Talk about ‘direct foreign investment’ at best. This is what most Zedians in the diaspora are doing, whereas some of u @ home’ve dirty corrupt hands!

    Good day.

  121. Nkhata boy..! I have already indicated that I am comfortable with the simple life i lead. I am not trying to show off or anything, i was simply qouting the basic rate for a professional in the health sector (usa). i understand there are millions of people out there that make more than I do?

  122. 121#….Nkhataboy again! Yes my friend you absolutely right! the amount sounds great on paper….but in reality it is hand to mouth. I am a self sponsored student ….! once all the bills have been paid… i even have to borrow money for gas!

  123. Magani yabija musankwa, but dont let these huddles impede you in your success, the fact that you are sponsoring yourself is a plus initself cos you know what is in store for you.There is no sweat without success.Last nite I was up til 02 just doing stock taking and net chatting, I suffer because I didnt go far in school but greatly gifted with entrepreneural abilities that is how I survive.But you people with stamina to advance in school please keep the flame burning not the UNIP type but the gain type.
    Well done Tonga Calf

  124. #131 Just curious, so bakamba ba kuku what kind of business are you engaged in? You never know you may just inspire one or chaps on this blog e.g jobless ‘vulgar’ Titus and myself. And probably jombolola you as i come for my holiday in a few months time. Finally dont work so late, live a bit of time for your wife/girlfriend.

  125. #128, We are figting corruption alone here. You cowards ran away. If those plots are floated, all I am saying is that first priority should be given to first hand Zambians and not second hand ones. Though the country is poor, we are existing not necessary on corruption. Surprisingly, when those who are in diasporra return, they find we are comfrotably settled with connections and networks across the country. For them it is like starting all over again. We know people that have served aroad and over seas who come to regret when it is too late depite a few investment they cud have done thru remote control. Count yourself out of the plots we will grub from Sichone. That was not undressing Tonga Bull but giving simple analysis according to what I would call carelessly revealing of one’s wage on the internet. That was to show u that although we are in Zambia we know what is happening down there. How you are suffering to let ends meet.

  126. #130, It is a pity that we have to be discussing personalities here. You made me divert from the topic because of your revealance about yourself.I feel more comfortable discussing ideas because by discussing u there is nothing I will get.

  127. #132 mala musana wandalama mwaice I like people who say the truth and for this I will give you alot of support if at all you want to be self employed.In any case your attitude and determination are P1.Mwaice pa blog we dont disclose our line of business its patentened with special rights but if you want more data indicate your email and you will dealt with accordingly.
    Nkhataboy mwaice , welcome back I got worried, twaciyamukatamba Zambia pa konkola 3-0 was quite a result so nomba twafuma mukusefya.I have seen you had a field day with Tonga bull.Keep it up.Nomba mwaice aba ama Matric bafuma kwisa , that is why LusakaTimes must sift these insulting blogs if they want to enjoy credible contributions otherwise we shall retire very soon.Its lost its popularity and the Zeal it had in the last 3 months, knowledgeable contributors have backed out, until these kids change their behaviour we are calling it quits tuciteko fimbi mwaice, nayamukutusha see you tommorrow and have fu with Tonga Bull

  128. Jean and sis are jst within the same category. You are not abroad or overseas.Bakashana I we jst meet in misisi comp. It seems you know more about the ACC than anyone. MK Pls leave Nkataboy give him enough rope to tie himself.Kuku calm down the constributions have reached the climax point.Is he like a repeating broken record like Muwelewele on the costitution making process.LPM promised much before elections now he has forgotten that he muwelewele promised saying our hopes and aspirations have been shuttered by the old costitution. Now he want to shutter our hopes and aspiratios more by denying us our rights to drive this costitution making process thru CA.If this is expensive Muwelewele must cut down trips abroad and overseas inclusive other pipo within his circle going for medical treatment abroad. we need our hosps to function at a full capacity. Khataboy and baJoez any news about oil deposits in N/Western as per muwelewele and Tetamashimba bossing or was it a campaign hoax.

  129. HK any research has ethical guidlines and pipo must know who is /are sponsoring your research. I cant believe you can bring this on the blog.Get real and if you are a health practitioner you can be suspended bcoz where is confidentiality and patients rights? Anyway.I need to finish my reports b4 you ans me.
    God bless you HK and my dear beloved contributors. Thanks A million to Lusaka times for having created this website.We are able to discuss issues in a broader and comphensive manners.Whether disagree or agree. Signing off.Gud morning Zambia. Cherio

  130. Kocha Mitanda, Being a doctor does not make you immune to suffering . Most of our suffering is by letting *****s in name of Call boys like Chiluba who take politics as a Job. I am a conscious man, and hate that our best brains in Doctors, Engineer, Scientist, Accountants etc are being censored by Kaponyas like KUKU. If our partially demented president (due to stress in the brain) can lead us into recognisable achievement in an economy by not stealing alone..what can a well articulated Zedian do for the whole nation.

    I am encouraging all Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Scientist and other well documented professional to wage battle against mediocre. I have Sata, Chiluba, moonga, nakawala, Mulongoti out of political arena.

  131. Hk…keep talking my friend….I for one is listening! good day …continue later in the evening after work 5pm.

  132. Dont give up on me, I agree with you. I just wanted to prolong the debate. I agree the ACC is doing a very good job, they should keep it up.

  133. #142 obviously not authoured by Real ‘Kuku’some ***** has continued to scandalise his name.STOP IT and be man enough.thi sblog has gone to the pit you wonder for what reason.Chaps be reasonable and just contribute without using other people’s i.ds

  134. #144 what happend kuku? That wasnt you on #142? Too bad….I also had another Jean #63 Anyway its been great learning from each other and getting different views.

  135. #145 there are sick boys from outside Zambia who have just sprung up like they eaten wasps.Its a shame ,LusakaTimes.com must start sifting rogue messages and ban IP addresses from unreasonable bloggers because they will serve as a deterent to would violaters , not at this rate things are going this whole thing will ground to a halt as more credible persons will shy away due to high level of maturity being exhibited

  136. I think that if if we’r going to have wrong chaps like nkhata bog and kuku our nation wont develop.Young men be serious.Hope to see your serious contributions soon.

  137. SICHONE’S case goes a long way in dispelling the notion that Levy’s corruption crusade is selective.

    We are seeing action


  138. SICHONE’S case goes a long way in dispelling the notion that Levy’s corruption crusade is selective.

    We are seeing action

  139. well thanks jean, but i was just trying to ensure that people bring forth seriuos contributions.

  140. Hello, Neat post. There is an issue along with your website in internet explorer, would check this? IE nonetheless is the market chief and a big component of people will miss your wonderful writing due to this problem.

  141. Wow, incredible weblog format! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The full look of your web site is fantastic, let alone the content!

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