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Finland contributes K52 bn towards PLARD

Economy Finland contributes K52 bn towards PLARD

The Finish government has contributed about 10 million Euros (K52 billion) towards the Program for  Luapula Agricultural and Rural Development (PLARD), a bilateral initiative by Zambia and Finland for the improved agricultural sector in Luapula Province.

At the launch of the program in Mansa last night, Finish Charge D’Affaires, Jorma
Suvanto said the PLARD program which would cover four years was aimed at supporting farmers in both Agro and Fishing sectors in Luapula.

Mr. Suvanto said Finland was committed to the development of an efficient, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector for increased income and food security in rural areas in line with Zambia’s and that country’s National Development Plans.

He said his government was dedicated to realizing the objectives of PLARD as evidenced from its past support spanning over 25 years to agricultural programs to alleviate the escalated levels of poverty in the province.

He called for collaborative management efforts of the program amongst all stakeholders.

And outgoing Luapula Province  Minister, John Chinyanta, said the Zambian government had also contributed over K1 billion to the implementation of the program.

He warned all officers who would be involved in the implementation of the program
against misapplication of resources and equipment and to follow the program document
on implementation.

Mr. Chinyanta has also called on the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MACO)
which will be the implementing ministry to provide strategic support and strong
monitoring backing for PLARD to succeed.

And Mr. Chinyanta has said there was need for development of a robust agriculture
system in Luapula province that is not only based on rain but on irrigation as well.

He noted that the province had numerous water bodies which can provide for
sustainable irrigation for ensured food security in the area.

And PLARD program director Mighty Mpiya said the initiative was aimed at ensuring
development in four components, namely sustainable fisheries, agriculture
sub-sector, agribusiness and policy regulation and institutional environment

He said in the implementation approach there will be stressed focus on sustainable
commercialization of the agriculture and fisheries sub sectors based on market
driven interventions and private partnership in line with the agricultural
commercialization paper and the national agricultural policy and the Fifth National
Development Plan (FNDP).


  1. Please PLARD make sure Sakeni is not on the board these chaps with insatiable appetite to steal dont learn.
    Make use of the Catholic peronnel not these born agains they are criminals they will bankrupt the PLARD before you know it and they will start wearing four cornered shoes.
    Findland Asante sana for the wonderful gesture, not those chinese loans with unknown strings on the Chambishi copper zone,they just make me sick.Iam actually interested in aquaculture(fishing farming in particular).
    Mr Suvano well done and GOd bless you abundantly

  2. Kuku Mukwai, first of all I wish to tell you that I am a Born Again Christian, spirit filled and tongue speaking. I am one of the Christians you are persecuting and am not ashamed to be a Born Again because those who trust in God will never be put to shame. Your comment that Born Again Christians are criminals is a lie from the bottomless pit. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the son of the living God. Some believers could have backsliden,but there are remanents who are still standing, to the glory of almighty Jehovah, the Holy One of Israel.

    Elsewhere on this blog, you stated that you are mixing Christianity and Islam and you thought Solomon was the one who was betrayed by Delilah. My dear Kuku Mukwai, you need to come to Jesus. Only then will you not use God’s name in vain. Repent and turn away from your wicked ways. After that find a bible believing church in your locality. You will never be the same again.

  3. #1. zebige wisakaman for the correction. I know u speak so much with temper sometimes. So it might have driven u to call pipo criminals. I know you have your basis, like that one pastor who was found with drugs…the blog can really be educating.

  4. I think it will be imperative for the Finish to put in place sound financial security system as they forge ahead with their so called contribution. And I hope they are doing it in good faith.

  5. Mawemawe ,my adviser is on me, Nkataboy ,BaJoze Iam in trouble, hold on a second,Daka calm down, explain to me what you mean you are born again? Is your church born again or its the title assumed by bible fanatics like yourself? I have reasons why Iam calling the so called’BA’ criminals,this chap of bread of life was just walking in a datsun 120y but today he is stinking rich where did the money come from?One BA Pastor there in Luapula as Titus#4 put was locked up for dealing in sychotropic substances? 95% of STDs are pronounced in BA who like praying at nite,go to UTH there is data to that effect, Nervous Mumba is another confused BA, Apostle Gladys Nyirongo and his Bishop Husband,and so many Daka be careful clergy people have just let Zambia down when it comes to stealing,Do you have access to your church financial records, have a closer look and you will be shocked what you are going to find,I dont trust BA at all its only that FTJ also was quick to pronounce that christainity meant

  6. becoming a born again chap where he himself almost became a prophet,this how confused BA ca go,I rebuke mischief from BA’s hearts including you Daka my adviser, for your own information my research about Koran and bible has a basis there is nothing wrong with interfaith interaction that is why you BA’s assume to be holier than thou,today modern religion is calling for intergration not division.
    Catholics are more liberal in the way the handle issues especially when it comes to donor funds(CAFOD),another thing Daka ,I have Christ in my heart more than you do and I havenot comitted any sin by mixing Samson and Solomon its comon mistakes when names begin with ‘S’,So PALRD be werry of bron agains ina ddition to Sakeni, Please brethren GOd bless you abundantly, Sala maleko, musalamu sa

  7. First thing first about the donation. The system in Zambia starts at national, province and district regrdless of the ministry. Within the district there are regions which are categorised according to a particular Ministry. For example Minisrty of Local Govt is divided into wards, Ministry of Education according to grade of the school, Healthy according to catchment ares, Agriculture according to Camps. Appreciting this system, if a donor donates to a province through a particular Ministry, in which vote does the money go for control? Is it the provincial PS’s office or the PS national office for that particular Ministry? Once this is clarified then we would set a bsis on how well the funds can be controlled.Because we will have a starting point.

  8. Kuku Mukwai, there is everything wrong when you say you are a Christian and the next minute you say you are a Muslim. The two can not mix. It shows that you are lost and this led you to mention Solomon when you meant Samson. That is why I have invited you to come to Jesus. There is everything wrong when you say Born Again Christians are criminals. That is a general statement preaching against Christian believers. It means you would not want any one to be born again; to be a child of God. That is why I rebuked you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and Saviour. It was not because you mentioned Solomon when you meant to mention Samson.

    I have noted that you have used inverted quommas such as “BA”. Glory be to God. This is what you could have done earlier on and not to despise every Born Again Christian. Like I stated earlier, there are Born Again Christians who have backsliden and some who are not genuine Christians. There are however, many believers still standing.

  9. #7 Kuku and #10 Daka. Refrain from using God’s name in vain. On this blog people are sending abusive language and this is where you want to be discussing issues to do with thy holy name. NO! send each other either email adresses or mobile phone numbers and discuss that in a camera. We do not want pharisees on this blog. That said, I wish to say that I hope this money we have been given K52B by the Finnish government has no strings attached. We do not want to see 10+ Finnish Technical Advisors coming to Luapula. Because the whole package will go back to them through salaries and allowances.

  10. #9 What is it that makes one born again different from the other?Apostle Daka,if you are really spirit and tongue filled why did you choose for a while to ignore the greatest commandment Jesus left us after resurrection ‘love your neighbour as you love your self’, you are painting a picture of self pity, I only hope you dont go for these overnight prayers.You came out so strongly to attack FTJ and yet you are a keen follower of the lord who always preached love.Your hard hitting comments on FTJ are still fresh in my memory, CK,Truly Zambian,KC we tried hard to help you come out of that wolf posing in a sheep’s clothing but we never had joy.That is why you Born agains are full of dead mens bones,you pretend to be holy in the eyes of men as #11 as categorically ststed’Pharisees’,that is hwy Ghandi said , if people were to live like Christ himself not photocopy the world will be a pleasant place to live in but those who call themselves Xtians like yourself have taken a divergence from

  11. the main core business of christianity.with the bible today alot of sins are being committed why? Iam a more level headed God fearing person not the KK or Nervous Mumba type a genuine true christian who preach love , reconciliation, forgiveness, and above all sharing and fellowshiping.This must help you Daka to live like Christ and Am continuing with the Holy Koran just to see why Muslims have been allowed to marry 4 wives as my chapter for today.What you ‘BA’are doing is abominable in the eyes of God.this morning Daka ,read Jeremiah10:23,Luke23:43,John5:28,29,Acts24:15
    We shall meet at the cabinet meeting since NKhataboy says this is not the right fora for this issue its about K52bn donated to Luapula, all the same BA must be treated with caution when it comes to finances.Dont allow a BA to be financial Accountant, they are criminals who steal with no shame

  12. Tuesday, May 29, 2007
    Pule apologises for unGodly behaviour

    DUNAMIS Church founder, Dan Pule, has apologised to his followers for divorcing his first wife and the recent controversy surrounding his new marriage.

    As a man of God, he said, people looked up to him as a role model, admitting that his behaviour in the recent past had been ungodly.

    Dr Pule was speaking at an Empowerment Conference at Dunamis Church in Lusaka yesterday.

    “Many people looked to me as a role model.

    They looked to me for inspiration and guidance.

    I apologise for the divorce, and these failures have disappointed you.

    You have been let down and offended,” Dr Pule said tearfully.

    Many congregants shed tears as their clergyman apologised sorrowfully.

    He said he was also sorry to his four children and the Church in the country.

    Dr Pule also apologised to management and staff at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and asked them to accept his apologies.

    “I am sorry to the Church in Zambia and sorry to the country.

    Zambians looked to me for guidance,” Dr Pule said.

    He likened himself to David in the Bible and read the book of Psalms Chapter 51 in which David asked for forgiveness from God.

    Speaking at the same conference, visiting clergyman, Bishop Elias Emmanuel, said Dr Pule was a person of high standing in society.

    He said since God had accepted his apology, the people should as well forgive the Church leader and allow him to continue with his Godly work.

    “This man is an institution. He is a gift to this nation but Satan wanted to destroy him,? Bishop Emmanuel said.

  13. Daka, which bible is this man following?Is it the one Jesus left or he is trying to follow me into Koran?This is a scandal and there is no place for such abominable acts(divorce) in the bible.This chap must be swallowed by the fish like Jonah of ninive.Shame on you born again apostle Dan Pule for you shall be punished by God

  14. #15 Kuku, How are you doing today after going on upto 2.30am this morning?I am fine but of course wondering the mistakes that we Zambians make.I was trying to put Tonga Bull in line on the other topic involving the Commissioner of Lands.But before you (Kuku) went to bed you directed me to also look at this topic of K52B that the Finnish government has donated to Zambia.Only to be surprised that you are arguing with Daka on Godly matters.Meanwhile the issue of this K52B has lost relevnce because it is being donated now.But should the heading have read “The donated K52B gone missing” you could have seen scud missiles rising like in Iraq.Let us be serious people by suggesting measures that will ensure that this money will reach that fisherman, that artisan, that farmer and not the pockets of Sakeni as kuku righlty put it.This is alot of money that if properly used with the seriuosness it deserves can change the livlihoods of our farmers and other concerned beneficiaries.

  15. Kuku Mukwai, the best love one can show to any one is to invite to you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord. This I have done. The ability to quote scriputure, in itself, is in vain if one has not accepted Jesus as his or her personal saviour. You see, even the Devil himself was able to quote scripture(Matthew 4:1-17). It is not for me to convince you to accept Christ, but the Holy Spirit Himself in the fullness of time will convict you. On FJT, the fact that I insist on justice to be done does not take away my christian belief. This is because I do not support corruption. If draconian laws where being applied to prosecute him, I could be one of those speaking against it. FJT is saying he is innocent, so forgiveness does not arise as at now. In the event that he is convicted, then such issues may arise. On your attack of my christian faith, I need not defend myself. I surrender everything to God. Only the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, my God, will rescue me

  16. #17 Daka,you are a hypocrite just like the Pharisees,go back in the archives and see how you justify your beliefs,CK gave a very good parable about the woman who was caught committing adultery and your response to that was beyond comprehension that you have got guts to stand out and claim to be Godly.Firstly judge not for you shall not be judged, you have already judged me that Iam a sinner I need Jesus, who the hell are you to determine my destiny?God forbid,I received Jesus as my personal saviour many moons away even before you were born,this nonsense of being saying you are born again has been the source of evil in some of you.You have opted to be BA because of your dirt past life history.I have been a consistent christian since birth and would not want half baked fanatics in the guise of Born again to confuse my faith.Woe to you all who proclaim the name of God in vain for you shall be dealt with at the judgement day.
    But Daka atleast the consolation is you read those scriptures

  17. #16 Nkataboy , how are you today?It was worth sitting on the net and chatting with wonderful people like you.Tonga bull is coming up, I will put you incharge of grooming this youngman.Since you have had foreign exposure Am sure you will be of great benefit.forget about that chap from Namibia who is saying something else.Help tonga bull to take life seriously and invest back home.He should not start going to watch lap dancers like Jean and finish all his savings before coming back.
    Daka, what can you say about Dan Pule?Has he accepted Jesus as his personal saviour or he is worse off than me the man of God?
    Which church were you saved from?I want to come over and receive another christ from your church, since

  18. Zebige kuku, ilyashi lya money management pa luapula ya leta ifya religion sure. I have a friend, a very good friend who is muslim, who made me realize that christians and muslims are supposed to be friends. So ama Daka should take it cool and realise that u did not mean that all BA’s are swindlers. They might not steal but swindle, or in another lay man’s lingo-misappropriation. Uyu Nyirongo ama plot agetele, how can that be called? Many zambians fear God and there is no doubt that both of you are sons of Jehovah wonderfully and fearly made. so lets talk about the country’s way foward now. By the way, mum is a BA, my grandma is a BA, and my wife is a BA too. Im not BA, but i feel free to attend their services at times with my mum, and my wife. When you say something u find wrong in someone, its not always supposed to be understood as persecution of someones beliefs, its talking about what someone might be prone to do, based on certain facts that u already indicated plainly.

  19. “Finland contributes K52bn towards PLARD”.This is a good topic that required big minds to discuss it unfortunately it has been undermined.There is another topic which I feel should have been put on the blog and that was about the side effects of growing jatropha.It has also been sidelined.These two topics are to do with production investment which is required in Zambia.Issues to do with lip service will not take us any where.If this money will be serviced through the office of Provincial Accounting Unity and the Resident Permanent Secretary, I would suggest that one column of signatories should be of the Finnish Technical Advisor and his Associate from Finland.The other column should be for Luapula Provincial Agricultural Coodinator and Luapula Senior Field Services Coordinator.In that way we will bring about transparency and accountability.Accountability in that the two Zambian staff will be accounatble to the Zambian government while the others will be accountable to the Finnish govt

  20. #20&21 Tito, you see the difficult element in this so called’BA’ is to define what it really means.Marjority of these think by speaking in tongues is what makes them BA and yet born again is wholly centred on Baptism and this what must be the centre of faith, Nocidemus was told that unless he is born gain he will not see the kingdom of GOd.Jesus meant this man needed baptism to wash away his sins but today everyone wants to put ‘born again ‘ slogan like its the only way to heaven, it has been grossly misconstrued and FTJ excebated the whole thing thru his USA friends and him wnating to be a prophet, how dare, Koran is an interesting Holy book but it does not mean to say you give up your faith.
    Daka like many other BA can not be blamed since already she judged me that I dont have Christ as my personal saviour , this is the extreme side of them until they leverage themselves they never intergrate with other faiths.

  21. #22,Nkhataboy you are spot on,challenging topics are always sidelined in preference for simple issues like ‘Kashiwa appeals for bail’,This donation by Finish govt must have attracted alot of contributions bacause K52bn is from the tax payers of Finland which must be put to good use and as such we need a strong financial system to safe guard such an investment.My mentioning Sakeni and BA was deliberate, because I know Finland has been supporting projects in Luapula for a long time and at one point they almost pulled out because there was no resource accounatbility by govt and the faith groups in that area and we need preventive measures, cos already govt wings are not credible anymore, you are right Nkataboy to have signatories from the Donors.

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