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ZCTU calls for ‘cease fire’ on Chiluba’s corruption case

Headlines ZCTU calls for 'cease fire' on Chiluba's corruption case

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has declared that second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba, has been judged enough and cautioned politicians and members of the civil society to desist from commenting further on Dr. Chiluba’s health at the expense of development.

ZCTU Vice President Sam Phiri warned that the issue of the fomer president should be
left to the court and the medical doctors handling the matter.

Mr. Phiri, who is Acting ZCTU President, said there should be a ‘cease fire’ on the health of Dr. Chiuluba, advising technocrats, politicians and patriotic Zambians to channel their energies on developing the nation.

Mr. Phiri was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

He also accused the media of exarbating to the problem and appealed to the media
houses to highlight real issues of development to allow Dr. Chiluba have enough

”There should be some cease fire on the health of Dr. Chiluba. Let the nation put their energies on developmental issues than dwell so much on one thing. Dr. Chiluba has been judged enough and let the Court and Doctors charged with the responsibility of handle the matter adequately. He should have peaceful rest ahead of his corruption case,” Mr. Phiri said.

Dr. Chiluba and 19 others were found liable by the London High Court and were
ordered to pay back 85 per cent to the Zambian government of what he stole.



  1. Cease fire only when the money is paid back. At least he should acknowledge the wrong doings. This is supposed to be a lession to the current crop of politicians who may be thinking of helping themselves.

  2. Mr Phiri , i dont believe those words are coming from you. FTJ should not be pitied , he misappropriated our money. He was buying suits with our money. He must know that what he is going thru comes with the job

  3. That is the heavy price one pays when they aspire for leadership. By virtue of one being a leader or having been one in the past makes him/them newsmakers.

    Let us avoid gaging the flow of information. When it suits them they make/made headlines and when it suits the public you want to protect them from public scrutiny? Wake Mr Phiri, even though you meant well.

  4. If you spare FTJ then you must not punish that thief who is stealing one ngwee in cairo road. This is same man who deveted funds meant for maize for the hungry people with that canadian companies when people were starving in the whole country. He has to pay back the money so that we can use for repaying Vulture funds or invest in education, health, transport, communication. In some country my dear even if you are sick they will want to have you before the court or you have to pay fine.

  5. Mr. ZCTU Acting Vice-President, just who do you think you are fooling and perhaps I should ask….. What is your interest in the matter? A thief is a thief and FTJ is worse than a thief, he is a low-life scoundrel. He stole from the poor to enrich himself and his cohorts and he should be made to pay. By the way, who is paying for all that expensive medical care that he is undergoing??? Lock him up (in a sanitorium if need be).

  6. This Phiri character is disgusting!!!.. He is just acting and he is already acting pregnant(UP). This reminds me of how low calibre trade Unionist in Zambia are.



  8. Much as Zambia wants those vested with national resources accountable, care must be taken that people’s rights are not infringed. Zambia wants justice, but FTJ’s case is not the only issue in Zambia, there are a lot of issues that need attention. Think about the parliamentary nullifications and how they will affect developmental issues and many other issues.

  9. Abash Phiri! Abash ZCTU!!!! Iwe maliongo as you where. manje nichiani a phiri mufuna kutionesa? Is it because you and him have shared tables at ZCTU and want to show solidarity? baba akawawala ni kawalala what development is there to talk about because poverty is what we know now, we live it 24/7. He who steals from the poor is a killer. So think Phiri before you issue statements.By the way did Hikaumba agree with you the sympathiser of MMD and Co?

  10. Thats the problem with you people.You let your emotions do the talking for you.What Sam phiri is talking about is simply that this Chiluba issue should now be left to the courts and doctors.Public insults and begrudging of FTJ will not resolve anything.The London court has found him guilty,so the next best thing is for the gov. to register that stupid judgement and get the money.Sam Phiri is only concerned that all this is diverting attention away from the real issue of developing our country.The problem we have in Zambia is that even the media bodies are so shallow that they keep publishing old stories.There is nothing more that we can do about the conviction but let the guy pay.The Presidency in Zambia has really been reduced to rubles.LPM should have handled this in a more professional manner.I know there are some of you will open your mouths about this without thinking things through.The FTJ case will not develop our country.Let us not lose focus over this stupid issue

  11. Not only their emotins alone. They are big mouth and want to chart anyhow. Some of you are even using scripture for bad intention. Can any of you ask himself or herself if you never stolen. Indeed Chiluba will have to pay back and this will be a lesson. But this is not a reason of disrespecting him in public, making fan of him, wishing him more suffering. What kind of hearts do you have? Stones? What will become of Mwanawasa after his term of office? nobody knows. I hope we will respect him as our former president. You can’t scorn people like you would never do that in any way. You Don’t know what mistake you would make. Please be mercyful and God will mercyful to you.

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